Runs could once again be at a premium in Seattle

When the Braves were last in Seattle eight years ago, pitching enthusiasts were treated to a delightful three-game series.  The pitching matchups that weekend were  Russ Ortiz vs. Freddy Garcia, Mike Hampton vs. Jamie Moyer and Greg Maddux vs. Gil Meche.  The Mariners claimed a pair of 2-1 victories and John Smoltz notched a two-inning save to give Hampton credit for a 3-1 win.

Both teams combined to score five runs during that enjoyable three-game series.   Given the current state of these two offenses, this week’s series winner might not have to score more than five runs.

You’ve already heard plenty about the Braves’ offensive struggles.   To give you a glimpse of what the Seattle fans have been dealing with, the Mariners have split their past 10 games while the pitchers have combined to post a 1.63 ERA.  Taking that one step further, the Mariners have gone 11-13 this month while posting a very respectable 2.85 ERA.

As maddening as the Atlanta offense has been, the Braves have gone 14-9 this month while posting a 3.28 ERA.

While the Braves have hit .221 with a .288 on-base percentage and .396 slugging percentage this month, I’m quite sure some of you have asked, ‘can it get any worse?’   If you were standing around a Mariners fan at the time, you may have received a quick response.

The Mariners have batted .220 with a .277 on-base percentage and .352 slugging percentage this month.   Their only player to record a double-digit RBI total in June has been veteran catcher Miguel Olivo, who has batted .190 with  eight homers 24 strikeouts and 19 RBIs.

So as Brandon Beachy takes the mound tonight, he’ll obviously attempt to keep Ichiro off the bases and prevent Olivo from generating any more of his boom-or-bust production.

When Braves media relations director Brad Hainje was preparing today’s notes, he researched where Beachy’s strikeout total ranks all time among pitchers who have thrown 70 innings or fewer in their career.

Through the first 65 1/3 innings of his career, Beachy has recorded 72 strikeouts.  That ranks as the fifth-highest total in Major League history.   Those in front of him are Dodgers’ reliever Kenley Jansen (83 Ks in 52 2/3 IP), Stephen Strasburg (92 Ks in 68 IP) and a couple of guys who spent most of last year with Triple-A Gwinnett.

Mike Dunn, who the Braves sent to the Marlins in the Dan Uggla deal, ranks fourth on this list with 78 strikeouts in his first 60 innings.

Braves rookie closer Craig Kimbrel owns the distinction of recording more strikeouts than any other pitcher in Major League history through the first 70 innings of his career.  Kimbrel has notched 98 strikeouts in his first 58 2/3 innings.

Speaking of strikeouts, the Braves have compiled 603 — fourth-most in the Majors  —  through this season’s first 79 games. This puts them on pace for 1,236, which would break the franchise record 1,169 set in 2006.    Don’t get too consumed with this though.  Last year’s team compiled the fifth-most strikeouts (1,140) in franchise history.

As you might have seen in the game story, yesterday marked the fifth time this season that the Braves have been held to two hits or fewer.  This equals their combined total of the past two years.

The only other Major League clubs to be held to two hits or fewer four times this year are the Marlins and Blue Jays.  These just happen to be the two teams the Braves have swept this month.

When I posted this stat on Twitter (@mlbbowman) last night, multiple fans once again responded with the Fire Larry Parrish refrain.  As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

In case you were wondering, the Marlins have been held to two hits or fewer twice since firing their hitting coach during the early portion of this month.

Before we wrap this up, Braves fans have until Thursday night to make sure Brian McCann is elected to serve as the National League’s starting catcher in this year’s All-Star Game.  Click here to look at the most recent results and to cast your vote.





Mac, Fielder, Weeks, Reyes, Polanco, Berkman, Kemp, and Holliday get my votes for the ASG.

AWESOME! By predicting (guaranteeing) that we would lose 2 of 3 in Seattle at the end of the last thread, Bravo has single-handedly given us the series, and maybe even a sweep! Just heard Schafer has the night off and Heyward is batting lead off!

Reposting here. We’ll sweep with 11 runs total to their 6.😀

We will not score more than 6 runs in this series and we will lose 2 of 3.

It’ll be nice to have someone with an OBP above .300 in the leadoff spot for once.

I think heyward at lead off is a good move by fredi. Gives me hope we can get a result today.

Bravo is 1 for 1 so far. He said Heyward would ground out to second, uggla and gonzo would pop up and freddie would strike out!

That’s like saying Santa comes at Christmas.

True. Uggla just popped up for the 1000th time this year.


I know we are only 2 batters in, but you can’t help be impressed by Brandon Beachy.

Who are those braves fans in 134?

5th inning of uggla, gonzo and nate. Basically might as well not bother making bedard pitch that inning. We will never score a run. Uggla’s obp is .240. That is amazingly terrible.

As long as Fredo is gonna play crazy manager, why not hire Mac’s dad as our new hitting coach. What do we got to lose? This offense couldn’t be any worse.

Julio has the worst looking swing I have ever seen in a no 2 hitter in MLB. Much less a team that is in contention. Where are we finding these guys? Why don’t we just raid Cuban schoolyards, we would be doing better than this. QTip is an idiot. He has an eye for talent kind of like Yogi Berra speaks plain English.

Its not fredis fault. what order can you hit these bunch of clowns in that would make any difference. Its not so much the lack of runs but the lack of hits. Seems like every week we have 2/3 times where we just get no-hit basically. You expect to get shut out occasionally as the big hits wont come every night. But we dont even get a guy to second base most games. Except the odd solo homer. I have never seen a team get shut down so badly so often. Our stats look better than they are because of the occasional big game

Shut up Zippy. You don’t have a clue about anything you say. You just talk to hear your own lips move. STFU!!!!!!

Man, Beachy deserves better than this.

Very mature bill well done. You should coach the team maybe, you seem to know so much.

O I forgot, begginning of the season you were all over heyward, uggla, schafer and brooks. How are those guys doing Bill? Any of them hitting over .230 yet?

Looks like I’m on pace for +1 in the prediction department

Way to go Fredo, George Sherrill and Linebrink almost choke it again. Zippy, does your mama know your still up? Remember you have a book report due tomorrow.

Bill, you talk a good game, but in reality you know far less than wren about baseball. WE are lucky he is the gm and not you. Remember how you proclaimed schafer to be the solution to all the braves problems after about 3 games? Well his obp is about .300 and his average about .220. Terrible. He has never done it in the majors yet you are happy to love him and belittle proven major league performers. Or how about your love for brooks. You know, the guy who is so bad defensively that we cant even use him the spell chipper and uggla because he is such a liability? As I said, we are lucky you are not the gm. now that would be a disaster.

Heck of a play. (But Schafer gets there standing up.)

Meh, I think it was because of his positioning more than lack of speed. LOok when Olivo initially hits he ball; he’s shaded seriously towards right center.

I love his throw on the play. It’s almost makes it halfway out of the outfield and was directed at no one in particular. McScrub.

If they ever invent a sport where the aim is to high towering pop outs as often as possible then Uggla will be in that hall of fame

Hey Bravo – 1 down!!!! Would you mind predicting now that we won’t win the division?

Yeah and if they ever invent a sport where the most bush league plays of all time are revered, your namesake Zidane will be the captain of the team. Go to bed now zippy, mama has told you twice.

Bill you are the laughing stock of this blog. Your views are proved wrong on a nightly basis, and your bias to certain players is boring. Why cant you just get behind the team? I agree the offense sucks and we should moan about it, but you just make rude comments about people you dont like. Funny you still rag on sherril/linebrink. When they are pitching amazingly. Shows how little you know about anything. You ignore the facts all the time.

Bmac’s OPS for the last 30 days is 1.210. That is effing sick. The league leader right now is Kemp at 1.059. Again, what a crazy ass stat. He is killing it.

Yes Brandon. And he got an amazing jump off too.

Papa – Technically I’m still on track. Braves – 0, Mariners – 0, McCann – 1

Mac is still a Brave is he not? And what about Beachy. He was AWESOME!

New fan group at Turner Field. “Beachy’s Bitches”. Fans will be dressed in oppossing players uni’s.

I’m liking this idea.

“Hoping for the Yanks to acquire Jair Jurrjens or Derek Lowe? We’re not sure if either is available, but Sherman says ‘the Yankees’ policy has become pretty much to run away from Atlanta pitching after having successful Braves hurlers blow up on them.’ ” From MLB Trade Rumors

It still blows my freaking mind that Vasquez imploded with the Yanks, and now Marlins, after the year he had with us in 2009. Do I feel bad? No. I love sticking it to the Yankees.

I would consider trading JJ if we could get something huge in return. I would want Gardner (what stage is his contract at?) and some top notch prospects. JJ is amazing, and he will get better so if we shop him (which I wouldnt mind) then we better get some top prospects and a starter in return.

I always felt we should have gotten Gardner instead of Cabrera in the Vazquez deal anyway.

Also, Ryan Madson hit the DL. Lets see if this Bastardo cat is as good as his 30 innings show.

Pitching and long ball, such a winning combination.

It’s worked for the Yankees for 1… 2… 3… 27 championships.

The only thing new is the history you don’t know. Obviously, you do not know too much about baseball history to believe that the Yankees did what they did based on anything similar to what the Braves can only dream of doing this year. In a nutshell, the Braves do not have the horses.

The Braves have horses, Pherris. They’re just all under-acheiving at once. You guys have a 4.5 game lead… but don’t expect it to stay. The Phils are playing great and the Braves are playing average. That lead should be at 10 games.

Aww, Bills sad McLouth made a good play. And yes, criticize a throw he made from his back. Jeff Francouer couldn’t have made it into the infield throwing from his back you dolt. Apparently you have never played outfield.

Brandie, I have played , recruited and coached outfielders. Hell, 6 months ago, you were still arguing that Nate had a great arm. In all your soccer games how many cutoff men have you hit, moron?

About as many as the number of your arguments that haven’t been proven wrong. By the way, how is Schafer doing? You could write a mathematical equation to predict your comments. Pointless defense sentence + almost irrelevant and mostly false accusations + very bad insult and/or homophobic name calling like that of a 7th grader = Bill’s wanna be bully banter. My guess is you do this because you were on the receiving end of the bullying during your years as a child and have taken solace by attempting to replicate you boyhood pain to others by comments of a blog.

How many of these comments are truly about the Braves in contrast to people on this blog putting each other down??

In response to Zidane’s comment about Sherrill pitching “amazingly”. I’ll disagree with you there. The league is hitting .260 against him. I think Sherrill’s numbers lie a little just because he only pitches to one batter per game. The good part of Sherrill’s game is that he does not walk batters. He has had a good year, I just can not proclaim it “amazing”. I think we should speak more of O’Flaherty’s work than Sherrill. EOF has been a welcomed surprise. He keeps getting better every year. It is very nice to have him, Venters, and Kimbrel all in the same bullpen. I’m not positive, but they might cost less combined that KK.

As for everyone that swings a bat, holy cow, just get on base. McCann is hot as anyone in the league and no one is on base to score when he is hitting. It’s sad that Jason Heyward is one of our hotter hitters and he is only hitting about .250 over his past 10 games. Freddie Freeman has had a very solid season and I am excited to see him progress over his rookie year. He has been good so far, and I expect to see very good years of production from Freddie.

-Martin’s condition
-Hanson’s inability to get deep into games
-McLouth’s range and arm in CF (There should be no argument between Schafer and McLouth in CF because neither man is hitting, Schafer deserves CF just because of his range and arm).
-Inability to steal bases (if you can’t hit you need to get runs in another way)
-overuse of bullpen (can we go a game without Kimbrel,Venters?)
-Medlen, Moylan? What can they produce? (does the return of Medlen make Lowe expendable? Can Moylan help eat innings in the bullpen?)
-Does Parrish do anything? Or does he belong with KK as people who are getting paid to do nothing. A team slump as long as this MUST be directly attributed to the hitting coach (nature of the job). <– sorry said nothing about offense, but i couldn't help myself

-I agree prados condition is a concern.
-Hansen doesnt go deep because he gets alot of strike outs. If you watch cliff lee or halladay then even at 0-2 they are throwing strikes, or at least balls which look like strikes. Too often the braves pitchers seem to get to 0-2 and then “waste” a few before making a good pitch again at 2-2 or 3-2. Hence their pitch count increases.
-Mcclouth has great range in CF, but I agree on the arm. Mcclouth is better offensively, there can be little doubt about this, schafer is a minor leaguer till he proves otherwise.
– Yes inabilty to steal bases sucks but this team isnt built around speed. In theory it is built around hitting good hitters back to back to back. Unfortunatly our good hitters arent hitting.
– Overuse of the pen is a problem, but with the emergence of sherril, EOF, linebrink all looking to be dependable guys then I think Fredi will have more faith using them in 3 run games.
-Moylan and medlen will be huge for this club, and yes it does make lowe expendable. I would even eat up to 8-10m of what he is still owed to get rid of him and give minor/medlen the job.
– I am not one to blame hitting coaches, but its a bit terrible mccann had his swing fixed by his brother. He said his brother noticed he was tying himself up and removing his power. Well surely parrish should of seen this and made the change. That is his job afterall.

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