Interesting tidbits from Monday’s win

As Brian McCann was extending his power barrage and Freddie Freeman was once again proving left-handed pitchers don’t bother him,  Craig Kimbrel and Brandon Beachy spent last night proving they are not your run-of-the-mill rookie hurlers.

Last night’s 3-1 win over the Mariners created a number of interesting topics of discussion.    The Braves have now recorded five hits or fewer in three of their first four games of this trip and a total of 18 times this season.  Last night’s five-hit attack proved sufficient for Beachy, who notched his third career win with the support provided by the homers hit by McCann and Freeman.

Then to cap the evening Kimbrel recorded three strikeouts in a perfect 12-pitch ninth inning.  The rookie closer has now recorded three strikeouts in eight of the one-inning appearances he has made this year.   This also marked the fourth time that he has recorded three strikeouts in a perfect inning this year.

Kimbrel leads all Major League relievers in strikeouts (61) and ranks fourth with 14.08 strikeouts per nine innings.    His career statistics through 61 appearances and 59 1/3 innings, include 101 strikeouts and 15.2 K/9IP.

Kimbrel’s strikeout ratios are certainly going to even out over time.   But to put his accomplishments in perspective Cubs closer Carlos Marmol’s 12.77 K/IP rank as the most by a reliever in Major League history.  Through his first 65 career appearances, Marmol registered 12.5  K/9Ip.

Speaking of strikeouts, Beachy notched nine more while limiting the Mariners to one run over six innings last night.   He has recorded 20 strikeouts while totaling 12 innings in the two victorious starts he has made since returning from the disabled list last week.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Beachy is the first Braves rookie since 1900 to record 20 or more strikeouts while winning consecutive starts.

I apologize for an erroneous stat that was included in yesterday’s entry about Kimbrel and Beachy’s strikeout totals through the first 70 innings of their career.  It seemed ridiculous and while I was writing the game story last night, I looked at the parameters again and realized it was only accounting for pitchers who had thrown 70 or fewer innings, not what they had done in their first 70 innings or fewer.

With this being said, even after missing a little more than a month with an oblique strain, Beachy ranks second among Major League rookies with 66 strikeouts  (56 1/3 IP).   The only rookie with more is the Mariners’  Michael Pineda, who has recorded 94 (95 2/3 IP) entering tonight’s showdown with Tommy Hanson and the Braves.

Each of the seven homers Pineda allowed this year came in an eight start span that stretched from May 4-June 11.   Tonight the 6-foot-7 right-hander will draw the task of attempting to keep McCann in the yard.

McCann’s first-inning shot last night was his 14th of the season and 12th over his past 32 games, dating back to May 17.   The only Major Leaguers who have hit more during this stretch are Matt Kemp (15), Mark Teixeira (14) and Mike Morse (13).  Each has compiled at least 15 more at-bats than McCann during this stretch.

McCann’s .724 slugging percentage has only been bettered by Kemp’s .779 mark during this span.

After hitting just two homers in the first 43 games played by the Braves this year, McCann is now on pace to hit a career-high 28 this year year.

McCann’s homer Monday night came in his 286th plate appearance of the season.  The only other time he hit his 14th homer in fewer plate appearances was in 2008, when he hit No. 14 in his 285th plate appearance against….the Mariners (Carlos Silva).

You can’t make this stuff  up.  It’s not like the Braves and Mariners play every day.  This is just the third time they have met in a three-game series and McCann was playing for Class A Rome the first time they met back in 2003.

McCann and Freeman now lead the Braves with four homers against left-handed pitchers.  Alex Gonzalez (3) and Chipper Jones (2) are the only others who have hit more than one off southpaws this year.

McCann hit eight of his 18 homers against left-handed pitchers in 2007.  But over the previous three seasons he has struggled  to generate power against them.  He hit three homers against southpaws in 2008, four in 2009 and five in 2010.





Let’s see an article about Larry Parrish and what he actually DOES? What is he actually telling players? Why is a change apparently not going to be made until the end of the season? We have a chance to win it all THIS SEASON. I for one am so sick of how much the Braves wait around, and how they are so complacent most of the time. What ever happened to setting your sights high? It’s a business. If he isn’t doing his job, fire him. Who cares. Maybe it’s not completely his “fault” that our offense blows, but what IS his fault as that is he isn’t helping them IMPROVE. He may not have made them all suck, but he isn’t making them better either. Cox is gone, so we don’t have to worry about sucking it up with whatever coaches he wants. A change needs to be made. If anything, just so the players and fans can see that the front office wants it as much as they do.

True but you cant just go around firing guys because he can create a bad atmosphere within any business. With that being said, as I posted in the previous article, the fact mccann had his swing fixed by his brother (after 1-2 months of no power) really doesnt reflect well on parrish. Surely parrish should of spotted what was wrong with mccann himself?

You are completely wrong. It creates an atmosphere where people know they better do their damn job, and they better do it well. People get fired all the time out in the real world. Why should Braves Baseball be any different?

And I didn’t say we need to “go around firing guys”. We need to fire one guy. The guy that can’t do his job.

Ok, to Larry’s Defense, it takes time in order to develop a system and teach players your ideas and more time for them to have confidence in that. Those who are against him so much right now, are probaly teh same ones who were bashing mcdowell his first season as pitching coach. That was the year we had smoltz and glavine and both of them got hurt and we brought up hanson and jurrjens came into the show that year… somethings you cant control, but when you’re down and you finally turn to the coach and put yoru trust into that, thats when things happen. A coach cannot just see a player and be like ohh, do this and you can hit.. wrong..he has to watch and study that player during their struggles, and then find a way to get thru to them and find somethin that the player feels comfortable with enough to try. yes our offense is down, but uggla is comin around.. he’s never been a average hitter, his power numbers are comin up, prado is almost back.. have some faith ppl, we do have the 2nd best record in the NL!!

Good post

Its too soon to fire someone after 3 months. That sets a terrible precedent. It will mean all the staff within the organisation are short termist, and wont be doing whats best for the organisation. It might make fredi feel less safe i his job and make him abuse some of our young arms for short term results. DO you not agree with this view point?

So almost half the season has gone by, and that’s not enough time for Parrish to get his job done? I’ve never been one to blame a coach, but this is ridiculous. All the evidence points to it being Parrish’s fault. Our entire offensive approach has changed, for the worse. Our two best hitters get advice outside of the organization. Prado coming back isn’t going to “fix” anything. Firing someone for not doing their job is not setting a terrible precedent. Settling for mediocrity and allowing our players to continue to underperform is setting a terrible precedent. And you know what? Why should Fredi feel safe with his job? I don’t see why you think it’s such a terrible thing to expect people you pay to do the job you pay them for. If they aren’t getting it done, send ’em packing. That’s how the world works. You don’t get a year or two to figure things out, meanwhile letting the best staff/bullpen combo in the Majors go to waste because you can’t score runs. And, it’s pretty funny that “AtlantasTrueBraves” doesn’t think a coach should be able to see a player and be able to tell him what he is doing wrong. Especially after 3 months. That is his job! McCann’s brother figured something out and told him what to do. Boom, look what happened. If out hitting coach can’t fix our hitters, then what is he here for? I’m not saying everyone should turn it around as quickly as McCann did. But, give me a break, nothing is changing for anyone else. Uggla is NOT coming out of his slump, I don’t know where you get that idea from. Because he has a couple multi-hit games in the same week, and belted a home run or two? That’s called variance. There has been no change in his approach. I mean, I really hope you guys never own and operate a business of your own. The “sit and wait” approach really doesn’t get it done. There are times where actions need to take place, and this is one of those times. Do you REALLY think we have a shot at winning a 5 game or 7 game series against top tier teams? I mean, it’s possible, but we’re going to have to toss some shutouts, that’s for damn sure. If we can make a change, alter our approach, and get someone in here that actually knows a thing or two about hitting, it would make the road a LOT easier. Maybe Wren is okay with mediocrity. Maybe you guys are, too. I dunno, I was raised to be the best I can be at what I do. And I’m pretty sure that’s how our players feel. Parrish isn’t giving them a chance to be the best they can be. Our team is hurting because of it. When something this important is on the line, it’s time to put feelings aside. I don’t care if he is your brother that saved you from drowning when you were 5 years old. Fire him and win a championship.

Has it ever entered your mind that this is as good as it gets for the Braves? By the way, the Phillies, not trusting their bullpen, allowed Cliff Lee to throw his third straight complete game shutout tonight. We all know Lee struggled having to throw 113 pitches. But, hey, what are going to do? Didn’t Beachy use 106 pitches through 6 innings last night? Lee has started 5 games in June during which he has pitched 42 innings and allowed one earned run. Think about it – 42 out of 45 innings. Three other pitchers handled the other three innings. Take the Braves best 5 games in the same period. I would be surprised if the Braves used less than 20 pitchers not counting the starters. Yes, the Braves have the best pitching staff in the world – for six innings per game.

Yo Penis, no one here gives a rats ass about LEE.

So it’s too early to fire Parrish but it’s not too soon to trade Uggla, Zidane? I do not understand your logic. Please explain. Also I am not typically a guy who wants to fire a guy quickly but in this case someone has to take the heat. In this case, it’s the guy named the hitting coach. If all of our guys were not hitting so terribly bad, this would not be an issue. The only two hitters we have right now that have a clue are McCann and Freeman.

Also, I hate the DH rule. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Think of how much better Chipper would have done as a DH. We would have never traded Elvis Andrus if that was the case. Baseball is now designed around offense and AL teams have the upper hand. NL teams (like the Phils) have to obtain shutdown pitching staffs just to compete. NL is real baseball, and no one will ever convince me of any different.

Denial abounds on this board. Particularly regarding Dan Uggla. When Martin Prado comes back, Uggla needs to be riding the pine.

On a side note, we’re up 8-4 in the series as it stands. If we hold tonight, looks like my prediction of a sweep with 11-6 total runs is looking pretty good😀

Someone needs to teach that pussy, Heyward how to run over the catcher. Could Mac be any hotter?

You been drinking tonight?

Welp, so much for Seattle taking that series.
Score should have been 6-4, but a win’s still a win.

Damn Papi, don’t sound disappointed. I kind of like going for the sweep, even if Bmac has to drive in and score all the runs.

I think someone said on the earlier blog that we would lose the series. Couldn’t remember who it was though.
Today’s game looks pretty good, with the Braves coming to work against King Felix… and Felix giving us some support of his own.

What happened last time Lee pitched against the Braves? While we’re at it, what has happened the majority of the times the Phillies have played the Braves this season?

In either case, has it really mattered? Who is in 1st place?

You been drinking tonight, Little Lord PhountLeroy?

“Dear teammates, since you all suck and forgot how to hit, I have taken it upon myself to carry you on my shoulders. You’re welcome.

Sincerely, Brian McCann

Thanks for your GREAT prediction Bravo! Going for the SWEEP today. Go ahead – say it! “We will lose 10 – 0!”

PHERRIS – I find it funny how McCann has put up MVP numbers and has carried this team ever since you started with your ignorant banter on him. All your crap about how he calls a bad game and is sub-par defensively is completely off base. To put an end to this discussion and silence you, here are some quotes taken in the last week from McCann’s teammates that have NOTHING to do with his offense.
TOMMY HANSON – (on his leadership) “He’s unbelievable. The game today pretty much showed it. I got off to a slow start and he told me, ‘Stay right there, we’re going to win this game.’ And that’s exactly what happened. He got those hits. He got me through that game somehow; I honestly don’t know how.”
BRIAN MCCANN – (On his clutch defensive play) “I had a feeling that Ichiro was going to try to steal there, and we had the right play on throwing down to second. Looking at Kennedy, I knew he was going to go, just the way he was set up. So we had the right play on, and luckily I put the ball where it needed to be.”
BRANDON BEACHY – (On his confidence) “He’s unbelievable. He’s the best there is, isn’t he? Not even with the bat; behind the plate. Especially that pitch to Ichiro. It’s a ball with a guy at third, a pitch I know I can make because I know I’m throwing it in the dirt and I know he’s going to stop it.”
DAVID ROSS – (On McCann’s defense) “He’s unbelievable. He’s the best there is, isn’t he? Not even with the bat; behind the plate. Especially that pitch to Ichiro. It’s a ball with a guy at third, a pitch I know I can make because I know I’m throwing it in the dirt and I know he’s going to stop it.” “I think Mac is an All-Star not just because of his bat. He calls a great game. We have one of the best pitching staffs in the game, and catching is a huge part of that. “Year to year, every player is different. But [for example], Javy Vazquez had a subpar year before he came over here and had one of the best years of his careers. And then left, and was just kind of average. Just logically, that could have something to do with Mac and the way he calls a game. I don’t know that, but….“His mind, as such a great hitter, helps him call a game, too. I watch the way he calls a game and it helps my game-calling, just watching him on the days that I have off. He does have a hitter’s mindset, whereas sometimes I have more of a pitcher and defensive mindset, he knows more what the hitter’s looking for sometimes, because he’s such a good hitter.”

GREAT post Bravo.

I double-quoted Beachy in that post. Either way – it shows the kind of confidence McCann has instilled in his teammates behind the plate. He is the best hitting catcher in the majors and they are talking just as much about how he calls games and plays defense. He is in the MVP discussion,

McCann’s fellow Braves can say what ever they want. What are they going to say? When you can say he is just one of the best offensive players rather than the best offensive catcher then you are saying something. Besides I never questioned his offensive ability. I questioned his role in regard to the high number of pitches thrown by the Braves pitchers and the resultant early exits.

Pherris, you ignorant slut. If the Frillies had our pen, their starters would be exiting earlier too.

None of those quotes have anything to do with his bat and everything to do with how he manages a game, handles rookie pitchers, and plays defense. His teammates don’t have to say any of it and if they didn’t think those things they wouldn’t say them. He is better defensively and manages games better than anyone gives him credit for. I think what his teammates choose to say about him publicly is very telling of the special talent his is as a CATCHER… not just a hitter.

… and what Cliff Lee is doing is ridiculous. It pains me to say it… but just ridiculous. 30 scoreless innings and shutting out the Red Sox is pretty impressive.

If Mccann calls a bad game and our pitchers are still putting up sick numbers then surely that makes our pitching staff the greatest of all time? I mean if JJ and hansen have 2.5 era’s even with big mac behind the plate then surely those guys are having the greatest seasons of all time and with a good defensive catcher they would be having era’s of around 1? Mccann is above average defensively, and unlike some catchers he calls the games himself, which is the right thing to do. Anyway, hope we get another win tonight. And on larry parrish, he should not get fired because it will lead to short termism. Koovon is wrong. There must be stability in the coaching department if the club is going to be managed for the long term. I feel this is obvious. If fredi feels insecure in his job then we might see venters going two innings every game and his career being over in a year or two. The Nats coach resigned because he didnt have the backing behind him that he needed to build the club up for the long term. This is a similar issue, parrish should get to the end of the season and then we should reevaluate.

Firing one person mid season, which I can’t recall EVER happening in the Braves system, will not lead to “short termism”. I don’t know where you get this stuff. Keeping him around will lead to “short termism” in the playoffs (if we even make it).

So what if Parrish is doing something to some of our players which will make them worse in the short term but will have beneficial long term effects? You dont want this? Sometimes with any sport you have to take 1 step back to take two steps foward. Take a golf swing for example. When a player changes his swing then he usually gets worse, and then once he gets used to the new swing his game will progress to be better than it was before he made the change to the swing. And you dont want people to sell out the organisation, or their assetts (i.e. their players) for short term results. You want people who have the long term interests of the braves and their players as coaches. If you fire people after 3 months then you are basically sending a message saying if you want to keep your job then you should forget the long term and just go all out to win the next ball game.

Lol, there are a lot of what if’s there. And what if’s don’t win championships…if you think any longterm results are going to be good coming from Parrish as our hitting coach, you’re nuts. And once again, the entire perception of an organization will not change because one person is fired. Give me a break with that argument. Ludicrous.

PapaBear you are one thick dude you are. Going to the bullpen every game is not a good thing. Using 5 pitchers every game is not a good thing. Beachy threw 107 pitches in 6 innings on Monday and the next 4 Braves pitchers threw 40 more pitches for a total of 147 pitches. Cliff Lee threw 113 pitches in 9 innings last night all by his lonesome. Besides, the Braves bullpen has blown one out of every three save opportunities. I wonder why? Your dog don’t hunt.

Pherris – do you have anything new to say? Teams go to their bull pens over 95% of the time in this era of baseball. Best you have a good one and a deep one. We have BOTH. So quit concerning yourself with the number of innings our pen is throwing and start concerning yourself with the number of innings your starters are having to throw.

Kimbrel, Venters, Moylan, EOF are better than any of your bullpen. Learn to know when you are beaten pherris, and if you think your bullpen is even in the braves bullpen’s league then you are delluded. Unlike you we can actually produce good arms through our farm system.

Pherris doesn’t care about BMacs teammates comments because they’re biased? Here’s a hint; we don’t give a damn about your comments because your biased. As much as you don’t seem to get how much we don’t give a shit about your opinion on any subject, does it really mean that much to you to try and reiterate bullshit points to try and sway our support of our team? It really is a sad existence you live Pherris.

Brooks is starting at 3rd. Lets hope they dont hit it there. I dont really understand using brooks at 3rd when Lowe the ground ball pitcher is pitching. This could hurt us alot.

Clutch Conrad get’s the twon out hit to get the Brasves on the board. I love when you go all negative Zippy, cause you are always wrong.

He hasnt had to make a play yet bill. I do not deny he is a good hitter. Anyway, I dont want to argue with you, its boring. All you seem to want to do is argue and I am just going to ignore everything you write from now on because its pointless. Good small ball from the braves so far, McSpeed, schafer and uggs doing some good small ball work.

We will lose at least 2 of 3 to the Mariners.
Anyone really think we’ll win this series?
By Bravo on June 27, 2011 2:14 pm – Reply

Bravo, can you predict that we will get swept by the Orioles, please?

Haha – When I wrote that I was thinking that it would be the best crow I’ve ever eaten. And you know what? It tastes pretty good. I’ll eat this kind of crow any day!
In my defense, after losing 2 of 3 to the Padres did anyone really blame me for saying that? Don’t think so.
I have a man crush on Brian McCann.

“AWESOME! By predicting (guaranteeing) that we would lose 2 of 3 in Seattle at the end of the last thread, Bravo has single-handedly given us the series, and maybe even a sweep! Just heard Schafer has the night off and Heyward is batting lead off!” By me, same day.

And be sure to Guarantee it.

Is Freddie really going to go Venters/Kimbrel with a 4 run lead against an offense even more anemic than ours?

I think the innings are starting to catch up with johhny. He has looked very hittable recently

I hate being right😦

I think the problem with nate and schafer is that nate has great range for a lf and schafer has great range for a cf. Anyone agree?

Nate would run over a fire hydrant if it was calling for the ball.

Jesus, that clown McLouth almost just ran over schafer. Could he maybe run another couple of players this year or what?

Well Fredo has finally killed the golden egg goose. Another 2 runs from Venters.

Great work going into the off day with a sweep… and keeping the pressure on the Phils.

I think we’ll get a game on the Phils tonight with Worley going against the Red Sox. Therefore I am predicting a Phillies win.

you’re welcome.

Damn it, Bravo!! NOOOOOOO!

Why would you do that?

It was a good win, but i hated seeing Venters being used with a 4 run lead. Linebrink has come on as of late, and has contributed to our already strong bullpen. It will be exciting to see how Moylan and Medlen figure in at the end of the year. With Freddie and our poor offense, it may be the only way to get some rest for the the two headed monster.

Kimbrels strike out stats are just nasty. He is just lights out. Whoever comes up he seems to just overpower them. Its obvious how he will do as soon as he comes in. If he isnt walking guys then he is basically the dirtiest reliever in the majors. His K’s are just sick

13-8 overall…Damn, I was off by 2 runs for each team lol. Still got the sweep right.

Kimbrel is great as long as he places his fastball. If he is on, the hitters don’t have a chance. He really is the right handed Billy Wagner

Am I missing something or do the Braves have 6 all stars.

McCann and JJ – obvious
Venters and Kimbrel – have to be in the pen, Kimbrel will have 25 saves by the break and VEnters will still have sub 2,0 ERA after today.
Hanson – may have 11 wins in and a 2.5 ERA. Seems like a no brainer.
Uggla – playing good defense and hitting a sizzling 220 over the past week. Sorry Dan. You do appear to be coming around.


5 Braves all stars – Kimbrel, Venters, JJ, Hanson, and Mac. You called it.

Hanson will get left out. Can’t put 4 Braves pitchers on the staff, no matter how deserving. Kimbrel may get left home, too. He’s been phenomenal but as always we will be underrepresented because of media bias.

Welp. The Phillies are good. There’s just no way around it. I still think we can overtake them. Call me crazy.

They are good, but we are a better team firing on all cylinders. Head-on-head we take em down. I would beat them with a stick, while Qtip is a dick, and Chipper is a hick. We will have a Venters flick, McCann will throw a pick and for sure O’Flaherty’s a mick. Feddie can definitely hit a lick, Uggla’s comeback will stick and Heyward won’t get any more sick. Kimbrel is certainly slick, Schafer can run mighty quick and Moylan wil be back lickety split. After all that, I am out of wit, my fingers have quit and we all know Zippy’s a twit.

I would say that Bill left out “prick” but I am sure he just wanted to leave himself out of the conversation.

All things considered, a Braves’ fan has to be fairly pleased with the results (overall) of the first half. We are VERY fortunate to be where we are, considering the performance of 7/8s of our offense. In grading the offense, I consider the following grades:

Jordan Schafer – C+ Average not where it needs to be, but has done a good job getting on base, running the bases, and has hit in the clutch.

Nate McClouth – C A big improvement from his Failing performance of last year, but still not hitting where he is capable.

Freddie Freeman – B- Has gone through stretches of brilliance, and stretches of futility. This is typical for a rookie, and we are looking for BIG things from him in the 2nd half.

Martin Prado – B This kid expects a hit in every at bat, and is royally ticked if he doesn’t get one. The nagging injuries and now the infection – he has not been the Prado that we came to know and love last year. Here’s hoping the 2nd half is kinder to him.

Chipper Jones – C+ A sub standard season for the hall of famer. His skills (especially from the left side of the plate) are diminishing. Chipper, just maintain 260 and get us some clutch ABs in there against the Phils and Mets.

Alex Gonzalez – C- Inconsistent at best. Has shown signs of contracting Andruw Jones disease. Tough time laying off unhitable sliders out of the zone.

Dan Uggla – F – Some would point to his home runs and cry for a D. In reality, even those numbers are down (as predicted). Dan is who Dan is. He has skills, and would serve himself well to recreate himself by slowing down his approach, and focusing on contact. (Still can’t believe we dropped 60 million on him)

Jason Heyward – D What an enigma J Hey is? Is it the SI Jinx? Is it a sophomore Jinx? Did TP mess him up beyond repair last year? Did Larry Parish do it this year? Is it the injuries? It is so frustrating to watch him take meat balls, and then swing at crap. Where is the power? Way too many ground balls to second base. Very little elevation of the ball on contact. Who is this guy? And what have they done with the real Jason Heyward?

Brian McCann – A++ Brian is carrying this team on his back. This is BMac’s team now, and the leadership he is showing is remarkable. Follow the leader boys!

Can’t say I disagree with any of that, Papa. The good news is that based on the players career #’s they will all improve. It really can’t be this bad fr this long for so many players. Those “C’s” will become B’s.

MLBTR is quoting Buster Olney on the possibility of trading JJ. “The Braves are checking out available hitters. Some rival executives have speculated on the possibility that the Braves will consider trading Jair Jurrjens, whose stock has never been higher.”
I agree that JJ’s stock is peaking. But seriously, who is out there who would demand the kind of value that JJ would? Kemp? Don’t think so. I don’t think anyone available in trade market this year is JJ worthy. Don’t see it happening at all.

I agree, we should only trade JJ if the bat is a BIG bat… but to be honest we probably couldnt afford that bat anyways. Honestly I dont see a bigg move coming our way. Our offense cant be this bad all season….. can they?

Nice effort by Braves in Seattle: 3 games; 445 pitches; 14 pitchers.

3 wins, 3 converted, beat the reigning AL Cy Young award winner(much like we beat the NL Cy Young winner earlier this year). Any other half baked points you’d like to use to make it seem like a sweep was a bad thing?

Brandon, if that is what floats your boat, sail on.

Why so defensive, 445 pitches, 14 pitchers utilized, 3 wins. What is there not to like about this?

Well, Mike Cameron has been DFA’d by the Red Sox. I don’t know if he’s worth trading anyone for, but he would certainly be worth signing for the league minimum. Maybe if it was lie Wilkin Ramirez for Mike Cameron straight up. He’s a great defensive 4th OF with great pop, AND he’s right handed. The Frills might jump on this too.

Not at that age with those numbers. I’d pass.

Johnny Peralta is having a decent year with the Tigers and they are in need of starting pitching (Verlander and that’s it). I wonder if they’d be willing to eat up half of Lowe’s salary and a SS prospect for him… A Gon is down to .240. His defense is awesome but he looks lost at the plate.

Braves/Phillies Starting Rotation Innings Pitched Comparison

Halladay – Games 17 – IP 127.1 (7.48 innings per start)
Lee – Games 17 – IP 122 (7.18 innings per start)
Hamels – Games 16 – IP 112 (7 innings per start)
Oswalt – Games 13 – IP 71.1 (5.46 innings per start)
Worley – GS 7 – IP (starts) 40 (5.71 innings per start)

Hudson – Games – 16 – IP 100 (6.25 innings per start)
Hanson – Games – 15 – IP 89.1 (5.94 innings per start)
Jurrjens – Games – 14 – IP 95.2 (6.8 innings per start)
Lowe – Games – 18 – IP 101.2 (5.62 innings per start)
Beachy – Games – 10 – IP 56.1 (5.61 innings per start)

Let’s hope those Frillies have some arms left in September so we can beat them at their best!

I would rather spare my starting arms than my relief arms. Hopefully our starters will have the stamina to go deeper in games as the season progresses. With Moylan and Medlen returning, we will have dependable arms to spread the workload as the season gets deep. Our starters will be able to pitch into the 7th and 8th because their arms are being preserved.
When Halladay, Hamels, Lee run out of gas in the 6-7-8 innings our pitchers will be in there.

If we can offload Lowe an pay a little of his salary then we obviously should do this. I knwo you will all berate me but I would trade JJ for a CF with speed and some top prospects. I dont think we have to go all out to win this year. But that trade wouldnt hurt our chances this year either. We all know JJ will move to a big market team when he is eligible for Free agency so why not just trade him now and pick up someone who we have more chance of signing long term.

Great homer by Varitek !!

Great hit by AGon. 😉

I’m enjoying this game quite a bit, with the one hitter by Lester.

I understand that every Phillie Phans “go to” line is mentioning consecutive sellouts whenever we are talking trash. However – has anyone stopped to consider that all of the Philly fans are concentrated in one place? Would anyone disagree with Braves country outnumbering Phillie fans? I would. When you take a look at Braves country sweeping GA, FL, TN, MS, AL, SC, NC I would argue that the Braves have a much more loyal following and fan base. Did you guys see the turnout of Braves fans in Seattle? Also – Brian McCann, Tim Hudson, and Brooks Conrad have all “trended” on twitter at some point this season. I would love to see a statistic of traveling Braves fans vs. Philly fans. Do I wish that Turner Field sold out every night? Of course. I just attribute that to their being less to do in Philly than in Atlanta. They have put a more exciting product on the field in the last 5 years, no doubt. However – Braves country is alive and nationwide. I can’t say the same thing for Phans

Bravo, of course you would attribute there being less to do in what ever pest hole you happen to live in than in Philly. The problem is that you probably have never been out of the pest hole in which you live. On what basis do you make a comparison? I have lived in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia in the south. Where have you lived? Loyal following and putting asses in the seats are two different things. But I get it, you can’t venture to Atlanta too much considering there are a lot of them there colored folks living in Atlanta.

What color are they Penis?

Wow. Pulling the “every southerner must be a racist card”? Really?
I’ve never been to Philly, but judging by it’s recent naming of #2 in “America’s Dirtiest Cities” (here’s a link for reference and the fact that grown men vomit on little girls (here’s a link for reference… I’m going out on a limb that it’s not the most pleasant place to be.

Come on, BillyBobReefer, you good old boys know what color them folks are.

Sign Mike Cameron? Are you guys drinking the spiked punch? Half of you commenters on here want Chipper to retire at his age and save the ballclub some money. Cameron is as old is Chipper, recovering from a double hernia, double groin surgery, and was batting .149 for the season with 2 HR and 9 RBIs….THIS is supposed to be the savior of our centerfield woes? Add to the fact that his contract was a 2 year deal of 15.5 million dollars? Hmm…lets think this though some. We have a speedy kid, cheap and really has bottomed out after the last two years, no where to go but up in Scha

Schafer. If you really want us to sign Mike Cameron…go ahead and save yourself the trouble by imagining Chipper playing CF. No thanks. Ill take Schafer. He’s produced more for us than Cameron ever would. And he’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

And Bill, a hypothetical question for you. Seriously. I’ve been mulling over some of what you have said about ‘Q-Tip’ and I gotta ask. When we had Schafer doing not so hot when he was brought up, so we traded for a former All-Star, gold glove winner with lots of stolen bases in Mclouth. When Escobar was a dud at the plate, and showing he did not have the attitude of a Braves player, Wren traded for a SS who provides dynamite defense and at the time of the trade had the 2nd (or maybe it was the hightest I dunno) HR totals in the league at the time. Sure in hidsight, the trades could be picked apart as “dumb” moves, but are you serious that at the same time, you wouldn’t have done the same thing?

Well Jim, I agree and disagree with you on a number of points. I agree with your Schafer sentiments. That kid is gonna get nothing but better as he settles in. If only we had a batting coach to really assist him with his approach, it would happen a lot faster. As to QTip, The Vazquez trade was what it was, a salary dump. It was necessitated by the salaries we had taken on in Lowe, Chipper, McLouth and KK. I mean you can argue that Chippers deal came on the heels of his batting title, but we signed a half crippled vet for 4 years, until he was 40 years old? the Lowe deal is simple, we overpaid because we were desperate, never a great position in negotiating. KK, who knew WTF that was about, but it has been a boat anchor around our neck. McLouth was another desperation move because we didn’t have any strong position players in the minors. The reason I have been on McLouth from the start is that exaggerated swing of his. Good scouting would have seen the holes in it. Don’t know how we missed it with our scouts, but I suspect it was an overrule by the FO. We also missed the lack of defense despite his Gold Glove. Major fail.When we screw up salary deals this way, we wind up having to try creative signings. The Troy Glaus experiment, Gonzo at short(nobody really ever gave any credence to that HR number from last year). Even the Dan Uggla signing, while it looked good on paper moved our MVP out of his position.I mean how hard can it be to find a RHed bat to play LF? He doesn’t have to play great defense. We couldn’t find one because we are Liberty Media poor and because of the salary fails noted above. Now it all boils down to this batting coach situation. I mean LP had never been a batting coach at any level. This is the one coaching position on the staff that is really a technical job. TP and LP aren’t the kind of guy who can help a young player out of a funk. It’s obvious that the guys who don’t rely on our batting coaches are the ones who are succeeding(BMAC,Prado, Freddie and Chip) in the batters box. Heyward has been a mess for much of his time in the majors, Schafer and Mclouth looked a lot better before they got here. Uggla looks worse now than he did 2 months ago. Even Gonzo is a mess with his swing and approach at the plate right now. QTip needs to go. He is not an effective manager for all the reasons I have stated. We have some changes that need to be made, and he ain’t getting it.

And after unsuccessfully shopping a veteran ground ball pitcher in Lowe, traded Vasquez for a highly touted prospect (who in all respects could be our ace in a year or two, or three). So we got a very high prospect for a pitcher who became a dud after he left us. Ok, I’ll grant you, I wish we had gotten better outfield help in the trade than Melky, and that the other reliever was traded to the Marlins for Uggla, but doesn’t that mean we got the better deal? And not such a ‘dumb’ trade? I agree, Wren might got votes for GM of the year, but I think he’s done a pretty good job pulling off trades to help us instead of hindering us with a lot of bad trades? Who besides me is happy that the deal for Peavy or AJ Burnett never happened for us? Lowe has certainly pitched more innings for us than either of the other two guys have pitched in the last two years. Watching Lowe pitch is kinda like playing golf sometimes. You look so good, you can take on Tiger Woods, or times it looks like you couldn’t hit a softball sized golfball.

Whoops, that should real “I agree, Wren might not get votes for GM of the year…”

Dammit….should read….damn blog window.

Ok, that makes some sense Bill. I know I really didn’t know much about McLouth before the trade. Hell, only time I remember seeing him in action really was the All-Star game at Yankee stadium when it seemed the entire NL East conspired to lose the game in the 15th or 16th inning. That was the same game that Uggla had 3 errors in the same inning. To me, I agree that McLouth’s defense is a big flaw. I still hate how he just hops, steps pauses and then lollipops the throw to the infield while the runner takes hims time going from first to tthird.Personally, I do think we could have done a lot worse than signing Lowe, and yeah, KK was just a failed following the example of other failed Japanese pitching ‘stars’ like the Red Sox and yankees tried with Wang and Dice-K. Well, if not ‘Q-Tip’ or LP, who would be your next choice that we could have as a hitting coach? Somehown I don’t think that Mccann or Chippers’ dad wants the job. I’ve heard some talk about bringing up the AAA hitting instructor as a ‘special’ asisstant. Is there any truth to these rumors?

And who to replace Q-Tip? I kinda think that JS’ legacy is somewhat tarnished because of the last trade of his–the Texieria deal which drained some critical pieces from our farm system for what amounted to an extended rental of two half seasons. Which seems to be what some of the posters on here want by trading JJ now. Our best pitcher….to be traded for some half a season rental. Didn’t that Texieria trade teach some of you guys anything? We need someone who would stick around for a few years, not be gone that soon. Who knows, its entirely possible that JJ would give us the Tim Hudson style discount (not hometown but hey, we’rre competitive and we’ve been home and a proud tradition).

I think Jamie Dismuke is a true swing coach who worked with original and retooled Schafer, McLouth after the the fall, Freddie and Jason. He worked with these guys and helped them be the best they could be coming up in the Minors. As far as GM, it’s hard to say, because you never know who will be available when you want to make the change. Would Bobby be GM again? He put together the worst to first team as GM. And as to JJ, I think that hometown hope died the day he signed with BORASS.I think those who think we should trade him are looking at that decision as stating he wants to go the FA route no matter what. If we wait will will get a Type A draft pick, If we trade we will likely get a prize prospect.A lot of it depends on whether you think JJ will have a great second half or not, IMHO.Another issue is how Medlen is progressing. IF JJ left, he would assume that starting role. I don’t know the day-to-day on him, but last I heard he had a setback and was shutdown for a little bit(not uncommon in TJ recovery).

He has been throwing from a mound, mostly fastballs, last I heard. He was trying to throw curveballs when scar tissue tore, shut down for about a week, but has resumed.

Wow a great post by Bill here. This is exactly what I meant by trading JJ, jimphelps has got it backwards. I have learnt from the tex trade and would trade JJ now whilst his stock is high. We have ZERO chance of ever signing him once he is FA eligible so why not trade him for some top notch prospects now. And add in some outfield help who is resignable for now. But the focus of the trade would be to improve long term.

Why am i reading bout the Braves are thinking bout going to the deadline and trading JJ? Are you high FW bc if u are I want the number of ur dealing bc ur smoking some good stuff. The only way i can see trading JJ is for either Ryan Braun BJ or Justin Upton or Matt Kemp. Those guys are the only way i can see it plausible to trade him. I mean we dont want another Texieria deal and get something for nothing. I swear to God Mr Wren you screw us on this I will picket outside ur Office in front of The Ted to prove how much of a lousy GM you are that i compair ur tenery to that of G.W Bush 8 years as President.

Wow. Just wow. Who ARE you?

Well, there is still a chance we can have some money freed up in time to sign him. This is McLouth’s last year under contract (we know he isn’t gonna have his option picked up), KK’s contract comes off the books after this season, …Im not sure which guys are arbritation eligble. Moylan,….but he shouldn’t be able to get much of a raise since he hasn’t pitched much this year. I’m not sure who else. Unless he’s looking for a Burnett, Sabathia or Lackey sized money.

Oh yeah, THAT’ll make Wren quiver in his boots Nobravesfan. What a confused post from him.

Whoever he is, he got the Bush thing right.

Nice effort by Braves in Seattle: 3 games; 445 pitches; 14 pitchers. What didn’t occur to me until today watching Kyle Kendrick go 97 pitches in 7 innings in the Phillies win over the BlueJays is the fact that playing with a DH in Seattle, no Braves starter went beyond 6 innings even under AL rules.

you are SO Asstute. No, I spelled it correctly. Pherris, we would have NEVER known we were playing an American League team if you hadn’t brought this to our attention. I for one am SO grateful for your tirades about how we are resting are starting pitching so they are not worn out by the end of the year. I hope you are repeating these points on the Frillies blog. They need to know it too. I am quite sure they do not know an AL team from …. well thanks for being SO ASStute.

Thank you PapaBear, it is dark and dirty work but someone has to lead the blind.

Jim – Even if we “could” resign him we wouldnt. Why would we want to give a player such a high % of our payroll. It is unrealistic. And yes I expect he will get huge money.

Anyone else understand hitting big mac 3rd and chipper 4th. I mean the one think chipper has left is his obp, so why not hit him in front of the only guy on the team who can actually hit at all

Only that it seems to have worked well at other times when its been done.

Wow nate is playing good baseball right now. He keep driving the ball deep and has been unlucky to just miss a few homers, playing great d and getting on base a ton. Go nate

Hey guys, I don’t know why this just came to me, but are ya’ll aware that our starting pitching is only averaging 6 innings while the Phillies’ staff is averaging 6 and 2/3? This is a MAJOR development, and I sure hope that Pherris doesn’t find out!

Pherris is right mccan and JJ are being so innefficient so far today. 63 pitches through 6 I mean what the heck is going on. A phillie pitcher/catcher would only throw 22 pitches to get through 6 inning. JJ and Mccann are doing badly.

Correction, Phillies averaging 6.75

Braves averaging 6.08

Uggla starting July how he played in june may and april. 4 strikeouts. Nice.

Yes, I was wondering if we might be able to come up with a 60 day DL injury for him. With Prado getting ready to come back, would be nice to see him at 2B.

You know, I must confess. This team may be turning a corner right now. I mean the offense is not a big run producing offense, but the pitching is so good that we are winning a bunch of games in a lot of different scenarios. I kind of think our lineup is finally settling into a rhythm. I think the consistency is starting to assist our big bats in producing and very soon now we are going to inject our WMD, Martin, into the mix. This lineup may catch fire for the 1st time this season. I mean Martin literally carried this team to it’s playoff berth last season. I expect no less when he comes back. When we get ready to spend new FA money, McCann and Prado are going to get all the bucks or I will boycott the team. Go Braves,

Well Bill, whenever Martin comes back at least someone will be on base for Bmac. I like the top of the order with Schafer, Prado, and McCann. I have not been a fan of hitting Chipper 3rd for a while now. At least Fredi hasn’t fallen victim to “it’s his spot” idea. However, the rest of our lineup is a mess except maybe Freeman.
And to hit on a point earlier, didn’t we send Francouer down for a week to get work with JD at Gwinnett? Why wasn’t this guy first choice for new hitting coach??

Good question my fleet footed first basemen friend.Sometimes the white hairs in mgmt don’t see the forest, the trees or even the swamp. The right answer may only be an arms length away.

It’s settled; Jurrjens should start the AS game. Venters, Kimbrel, Jurrjens, and Hanson better make it along with BMac.

A scintillating performance by young Jurrjens tonight.

Scintillating? Really, what are you overcompensating for. It’s pathetic that you’re trying to impress fans of an opposing team with the language you use on a blog. It’s completely obvious that this is your main goal.

So, it wasn’t scintillating?

Scintillating, eh? Is that why your avatar changed from BS Brown to Frilly Purple.Little light in the knickers there, Weinus? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that except to a homophobic such as yourself, Little Lord Phountleroy.

I ain’t afraid of you……Some of my best friends are gay.

Little Lord Phountlery, you homophobic, you don’t have any friends.

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