All-Star snubs and a look back at Sunday’s events

It’s very understandable to know many of you awoke on this 4th of July still upset about the fact that Tommy Hanson and Craig Kimbrel were among the most notable snubs during this year’s initial All-Star roster selection process.

Hanson leads the NL with a .193 opponent’s batting average allowed and ranks fourth in the senior circuit with a 2.62 ERA.  Kimbrel has notched 10 more strikeouts than any other Major League reliever and his 24 saves is tied for the Major League high with three All-Star selections (Joel Hanrahan, Brian Wilson and Heath Bell) and a Rockies closer Huston Street, who will be at Turner Field tonight to begin a four-game series.

Both of these Braves hurlers had great credentials and if you ask Brian McCann Eric O’Flaherty should be considered an All-Star snub.  Of course there were also outcries from the D-backs, whose case for Final Vote candidate Ian Kennedy was hurt with yesterday’s start, and the Pirates, whose case for outfielder Andrew McCutchen was discussed by manager Clint Hurdle this morning.

It’s fine to complain about these snubs.  But don’t forget that last year, while Braves fans were enjoying Omar Infante’s selection others were doing what you were doing yesterday when you were screaming, “What in the Ryan Vogelsong is going on around here?”

Giants manager Bruce Bochy was given nine selections to complete his National League roster and he used three of them on Giants’ pitchers  —  Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Vogelsong.   While Lincecum and Cain helped him win the World Series last year, Bochy’s selection of Vogelsong provided this year’s All-Star selection a feel-good story for some.

Yeah, there will be plenty of people who might be happy to hear about how Vogelsong has gone from being a Phillies’ Minor League castoff to All-Star in a year.   But there will also be plenty of fans in Atlanta and elsewhere who will remain outraged that this 33-year-old hurler, who pitched in Japan from 2007-09, benefited from the last of the three errors Brooks Conrad committed in Game 3 of last year’s National League Divison Series against the Giants.

OK, you’re right, there was no reason for me to bring up bad memories from last year’s postseason.   Yeah, the Giants still might have won the Division Series even if the Braves had held on to win Game 3.

Regardless, Kimbrel and Hanson were both much more deserving All-Star selections than Vogelsong, who has gone 6-1 with a 2.26 ERA in the 13 starts he has made since entering the third inning of an April 22 game against the Braves as a long reliever.

There’s a good chance Vogelsong will only be utilized if necessary in an extra-inning situation.   But this doesn’t diminish the disappointment felt by Hanson, Kimbrel or any other NL pitcher who felt they were more deserving.

As we discuss these snubs, there’s seemingly a good chance that either Hanson or Kimbrel will end up being a part of this year’s All-Star team.   Roster spots could open up courtesy of injury.    There’s also the cases of Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels and Cain, who will not be allowed to pitch in the All-Star Game if they make their scheduled starts Sunday.

Because Hamels was selected via the player’s ballot, a roster void created by his inability to pitch would be filled by Pirates right-hander Kevin Correia, who was the first player not to make the cut via the player’s ballot.

As long as Cain makes his scheduled start Sunday,  there is seemingly a good chance his roster spot will be filled by one of the Braves.  Because there are already plenty of starters on the roster, I’m going to guess the nod would go to Kimbrel.

Looking back:  Once Scott Proctor allowed the decisive two-run, seventh-inning homer in yesterday’s loss to the Orioles it was easy to second guess manager Fredi Gonzalez’s decision to go with Proctor.    There is definitely a need to provide more rest for Eric O’Flaherty, Jonny Venters and even Scott Linebrink.

But the decision not to use any of these relievers was not what should have stirred debate.  The question was why was Proctor utilized instead of Cory Gearrin, who just happened to retire the only two batters he faced while cleaning up Proctor’s eighth-inning mess.

Proctor worked just five full innings while posting  4.70 ERA in 11 June appearances.    Maybe the Braves felt like they owed the veteran another chance to prove himself before giving Gearrin a shot to preserve their one-run seventh-inning lead.   That’s all part of the game.  I mean, where would the Giants be if they hadn’t at least given Vogelsong a chance, right?

If nothing else, yesterday’s game provided more reason to believe the Braves will attempt to at least acquire a reliever before the deadline.  I wouldn’t say this is a pressing need. But you can’t let July 31 pass simply assuming  Peter Moylan and Kris Medlen are going to return from the long absences and be key contributors in the bullpen. There is seemingly a need to create some insurance.

QUICK HITS:  This is my 11th season covering the Braves and I’ve never seen any umpire other than Bob Davidson infuriate Chipper Jones like Minor League umpire Mark Ripperger did yesterday.  You’ve all likely seen Jones’ comments that may lead to a fine.  But what shouldn’t be forgotten is the fact that he proved to be the better man by simply walking away as Ripperger was staring him down after calling the last strike of the game…Martin Prado was not ready to begin his Minor League rehab assignment today.  But if he feels stronger today and can begin it by tomorrow, I think there’s still a chance he could be activated for at least the final portion of this weekend’s series in Philadelphia.


You are absolutely right!!! I’m curious though about the comments made by Chipper Jones. I don’t know what you’re refering to. Could you please let me know what was said? I know one thing for sure this season the umpires at Turner Field (and really all across the MLB) leave a lot to be desired. I mean really, where did they find these guys this season? I’ve seen more horrible (not just bad, but truly HORRIBLE) calls this season than I think I’ve seen in all my 32 years of life. It’s sad. It’s almost as bad the referees in the SEC football last year. Speaking of football, do you think they will ever impliment a replay system in MLB? I’ve often thought it would be benificial. Yes, it would make the games take a bit longer, but good grief when you’re paying the kind of money one must pay to go the games, I’m totally ok with staying a little longer at the field. At least I’d feel like I was getting my money’s worth. lol Anyway, if it MLB had some type of replay some of the horrendous calls made the last few season could have been made right. For example: the call that cost a pitcher and team/franchise their first ever perfect game last year. The umpire made a HORRIBLE WRONG call, knew he was wrong but he couldn’t change his call (or rather WOULDN’T change his call). But if they had replay he would have been justified in reversing a call…just like in football. And then there have been SEVERAL calls this season on the Braves that have ultimately cost the Braves a game…all because the umpires don’t seem to know what the crap they are doing. It’s a shame really. You would think with as much as the umps get paid, they would at least know what the heck they are doing out there and they would at least know how to make the right call. Are there going to be mistakes made?! ABSOLUTELY. It happens even with replay in other sports. However, it’s a lot less frequent in sports that allow replay. Anyway, I really was just wondering about the Chipper Jones comment you mentioned and got off on my little soapbox! =) sorry. Thanks, in advance, for any information you give me!! I love your blog even if I never leave comments! LOL

Melinda M.
Cleveland, TN by way of Atlanta, GA!!

Should Go Back Voting that Was Used Before Fans Started Voting..
I Believe Was Was Sports writers in US.. Too Many Players Having Great Season
Not On All-Star team Every Year!

There is another ump the has gotten to Chipper, Bill Hohn.

Mark, what is your gut feeling on where prado is going to play when he comes back? Will he be our full time second baseman or left fielder? WIll nate or schafer be our first choice centre fielder? With prado play every day at different postions like 3b when chipper is out, 2b to rest uggla and lf to rest nate?

Well let’s see, I thought the uugla trade was going to be a huge benefit fr our offense, and it still could be. I do think that a real shake up needs to happen in the line up at least for a week or so. Sit uggs or give him a chance to go bck to the minors to work on his swing. Martin could come back and nott hit at all and we aren’t really losing anything. We may even gain better defense at the spot. Its by no means time to give up on uggla though. He is worth nothing in trade right now and we would owe a crap ton. Kinda the same deal with gonzo. Seems almost like a couple of guys who feel like, hey I’ve paid my dues I’ve done this well before. Anyone with that mentality tends to not really look at making major changes because, hey, I know what I’m doing. I don’t think that will happen honestly, but if changes aren’t made it wll end up being just a waste of far too much talent.

I have the same question. McClouth and Schafer have both looked much better at the blate than Uggs. Unfortunately, it is going to be hard to sit Uggla and his large contract. Has anyone noticed that it is not just the outside sliders that Uggs is missing? He is also missing mistakes by the pitcher. I recall two very hitable pitches from yesterday. One he popped out and the other he swung through. I am thinking Prado will play all the positions, including first in his return. Wilken will go down and Nate and Shafer will continue to play, almost every day. Any chance Brooks can get some time at second tonight? I keep waiting for you Dan, but at some point, the Braves need you tp produce.. No trades at the deadline necessary, unless they can dump Uggla for Reyes (not gonna happen). Time to start a new winning streak guys. Can’t believe those two Giants pitchers made it over Kimbrel and Hanson. Linceman is 6 -6 with a 3.0 ERA. I am confident at least one will get in with the last minute subs,

Any chance Terry Pendleton feels vindicated. With the exception of McCann and Freeman, who is hitting to their full potential?

It’s official, Freddie Freeman is a stud.

I think Tommy decided to have a little fun with this AS snub.He looks mean on that mound tonite.

Damn, Nate got a hit. Well I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

mlbbowman Mark Bowman
Conrad has played a great 3B tonight. Last week Chipper said, “whenever I’ve been out of there, Brooksie has always produced.”

here’s Jonny. His 1st 2 pitches were 97 mph. Guess he enjoyed his days off.

You know we could have signed Lance Berkman to a 1 yr. 8 million dollat contract and put him in LF and left Martin at 2nd. His OPS right now 1.020. Danny Uggla, not so much.

Who knew?………………I DID!

Yeah, I remember you clambering for us to sign Berkman. Sure, right, yeah , that’s the ticket. Guffaw.

No, but you read me complaining about the Uggla deal. This is the biggest waste of salary money since Mike Hampton. (and K. K. of course).

Thank you Tommy, Jonny, Craig, and Freddie.. that’s with an “ie” not just an “i”. Thank you FREDI for constructing the lineup like a drunk child. What an imposing threat we pose with the OBP of our #1 and #2 hitters at .296 and .273.. Just throw Uggla in the 3 spot and just get them all out of the way at once and start fresh in the 2nd inning. We won the game solely on the backs of the aforementioned players, and McCann for getting on base before Freddie’s homer. Our manager once again failed to put his team in the best position to win.. say.. like putting in the 1 and 2 spots the 2 worst guys at getting on base on the team, besides Uggla who Fredi also loves to bat second.. also.. like pitching Proctor (mop up guy) in a one run game.. pitching Venters with a 4 run lead (Proctor time) in multiple occasions.. calling hit and runs with a 2 strike count and the slower guys on base.. Mark, is he really this f*cking stupid or is he just playing a big prank because he thinks we’re gonna win 70 games in the second half?

My point exactly. It makes no sense viva. Great post. We should have Nate leading off for his OBP. If they want to leave schafer at 1 then at least put nate at 2. I dont care if that makes it left handed heavy because gonzo is a waste.

Jesus Viva, please don’t feed the idiot.

Nate has a .349 obp. WHo do you want in front of your guys who can hit 20-30 hr a season. Option 1- schafer and his .288 obp + gonzo and his .270 obp or nate and his .349 obp. Makes no sense. O sorry I forgot schafer is the greatest according to bill. His .288 obp at lead off is really helping us alot according to bill

You know it was a good day for the Braves when they only had to trot out two of the Clowns in support of Hanson.

You mean the same Hanson who leads the NL in opponents’ batting average and is 4th in the league in ERA and 3rd in WHIP? Yeah, I can see where he often struggles quite a bit….

And the clowns of which he speaks are the best 8th and 9th inning combo in the majors!

I am talking about that one-two combination which has blown 7 saves thus far.

As far as “sending in the clowns” goes……… “Don’t bother, they’re here.”

McWeakBat is hitting .158 and .273 OBP for the last 60 days. During that same period he has stolen 1 base. Great lead off guy.

Nates OBP is .470 in his last 10 games. Damn these pesky stats! I accept that you want your lead off guy to get 1 walk and strike out 14 times in his last 10 game span. But I would much rather have a guy with an OBP of .470 in his last 10 games leading off. Each to their own I guess.

Bill, Jordan schafer cant even tear up the minors. He had a .633 OPS in the minors this year with a terrible .309 OBP. He is not even good enough to play well in the minors. He is simply not good enough bill. And haha at you for critising nate recently. Nate has been exceptional since he came off the dl. He has been seeing alot of pitches, working good counts and hitting balls hard. He has been getting onbase alot and played great defense. Jordan Scahfer is not a major league talent. Get over it. If you have stats to prove me wrong I would love to see them. .589 OPS is truely awful Bill. He is basically second in the NL to uggla in terms of worst offsensive players. He will qualify to take his spot with a few more at bats!

Heck last year in the minors he hit .201 with a .268 obp and a .524 ops. He is awful.

With people over 100 AB. Braves OBP stats: 1, Mccann, 2, Nate, 3, Freddi, 4, Chipper, 5, Prado, 6, Heyward, 7, Hinske, 8, Schafer, 9, gonzo, 10, Uggla. And we have schafer at 1 and gonzo at 2. Just to make sure there is nobody on base for brian mccann? Very stupid. The order should be: Nate, heyward, chipper, mac, freddie, uggs, gonzo, schafer. I know that means we have possibly the 3 worst hitters in baseball in a row, but at least then they only screw us for a few innings a game.

You completely glazed over everything I wrote and just picked out the one point which lent itself to your little slap fight. Anyone should lead off instead of Schafer, Nate, Gonzo, or Uggla. Speed doesn’t matter if your OBP is lower than 300, and Jordan’s numbers are not much different than they were in 09. If you take away his 4 hit day a week or so ago, his numbers are pretty damn grim. We have Ramirez and Constanza as options, but I don’t see either of them doing any better. Average to above average defense can keep you in the majors for a short while but a sub-300 OBP is just unacceptable unless you’re Griffey with a jet pack out there. Hitting leadoff might be hurting Jordan, or maybe he just can’t hit a breaking ball. But just like pitching Proctor in high leverage situations, Fredi is hurting his team by asking certain players to assume roles that they are not fit for.

Is it me, or has Viva gotten grumpy?

Viva I think all that time spent at the Capitol Avenue blog has made you a bitter angry man. Where’s the Viva we all knew and loved? You’ve changed. We don’t even know you anymore!!! **runs away crying**

Haha. Oh I’m loving this season so far. It’s just sad for me to watch the incompetence unfold which is hurting the best team we have rolled out in years. The “he’s a major league manager for a reason” excuse doesn’t fly when Fredi’s decisions defy basic logic.

His use of the bullpen/ lineup have had me scratching my head lately. Case in point – our two worst hitters batting #1 and #2 last night. I’m not sure what inning it was, but #7 and #8 get on with back to back singles making it runners at first and third with nobody out. #9 (Hanson) sacrifices leaving RISP with 1 out for the #1 and #2 hitters (usually your best hitters and OBP guys). Schafer contirbutes to what would eventually be a golden sombrero (the LAST thing you do is strikeout in that situation) and Seabass completes the difficult task of stranding the runners. I hate the fact that our two worst OBP/BA guys were at the top of the lineup last night. Meaning they get the most AB’s and in crucial situations.
I’m not ready to jump on the “Fire Fat Fredi” bandwagon… but …

After reading the blog for quite a while, bill has times when he’s right on, and sometimes when he makes some questionable statements. But Zidane, if you would really want Nate to be the lead off hitter/CF in front of Jordan, you need to learn the dynamics of a baseball team. We NEED a lead off guy, McLouth has shown he can’t produce or even hit in the lead off spot for the past two years, but Jordan’s shown glimpses of being our future lead off guy. Stop being so statically driven in all your opinions.
You wanna know a 2nd baseman worse then Uggla? And could of been OUR 2nd baseman?
80 306 47 66 16 3 14 36 31 98 8 2 .216 .294 .425 .719

not a great line is it? It belongs to Kelly Johnson.
You have to look towards to the positive that Dan has been producing at times and has semi-good games at times.

No, look. McClouth wa ragged on for hitting .190 in 240 AB last year. Not alot of AB. And he is a proven above average major league hitter. He just had a slump like every other hitter in baseball history has. It wasnt “the last two years”. He had a 240 AB slump. No big deal. Seriously get a grip of your mind. Nate McLouth is a proven major leaguer with a .770 career OPS over 700 games. He had a 240 AB slump and you want to throw him under the bus? Bill is biassed and hates him for some reason. If you want to ignore stats and just hate nate then fine, be a hater, but dont try and dress it up like you arent just being a hater. Heck, last year nate even managed a .620 OPS. SO IN NATES MASSIVE SLUMP YEAR HIS OPS WAS HIGHER THAN SCHAFER HAS SO FAR IN HIS CAREER. Nate also has an 85% sb %. Not bad. Get a grip seriously. In nates worst year, where you all threw him under the bus, he had a better OPS than Schafer has in his entire frigging career. You guys amaze me sometimes. You see what you want to see I guess. I

Stats are facts bro. You can’t have opinions of stats, that’s completely contradictory. But here is an interesting stat you can use; in 84 less plate appearances, Jordan Schafer has struck out 31 of those times(a hair over 20% of the times he comes up to bat) compared to Nate McLouth’s 36. No one is going to argue that Schafer has the potential to be a great leadoff hitter, and that his dynamics are perfect for the leadoff role, but none of that matters at all if he can’t HIT THE BALL CONSISTENTLY. I’ve heard Bill use that over an over again “Martin Prados consistency has carried this team”, “Larry Parish managed to mess up one of the most consistent hitters in baseball”, etc etc. On a team full of inconsistent hitters, Jordan Schafer might be the most inconsistent. I’m not campaigning for Nate McLouth to be the full time leadoff guy here, but it couldn’t hurt to try him up there a couple of times while he’s on this on base heater. Since he came off the DL, his OBP has been hovering around .400, you cannot argue that he has been getting on base as of late. Ride the streak, play em if their hot, and so on and so forth. Nate McLouth is getting on base, put him in front of BMac and Freeman, see if we score more runs. If we don’t after 2-3 games, revert back. The world will not end(Bills world doesn’t count here) if Nate McLouth leads off for a couple of games.

For someone who says “you need to learn the dynamics of a baseball team,” you well.. don’t seem to handle simple logic in the realm of the game. If you have a “speedy leadoff guy” who doesn’t get on base, then what is the point? You seem to want a Nyjer Morgan type of guy who has no power, doesn’t get on base, can steal a decent amount of bases, but strikes out a lot and doesn’t walk. I would prefer Bob Wickman to be my leadoff guy as long as he had an OBP of 340+. Just like in 09, Jordan’s defensive upside and his speed aren’t making up for his offensive downside. If Uggla, Heyward, Prado (hurt), and Gonzo were getting on base and performing to expectations, it wouldn’t be a big deal.. but that is not the case.

Well said. Who cares if he can steal 50 bases if he can’t find first base once every 7 plate appearances? That’s not how Jose Reyes became an all star.

You are aware that Morgan is hitting .333 with an obp of .365 and a .879 OPS aren’t you ?

Nate should lead off tonight. I hope Fredi makes the move. With Big mac and Freddie so hot it makes absolute sense to put our on base guys at the top of the order so Mac and Freddie come up with people on base. This is “understanding the dynamic of baseball”. When the giants had barry bonds they didnt TRY and put their worst hitters in front of him so nobody was ever on base did they.

Sorry Zidane – Lineup for tonight – Schafer 8 Gonzalez 6 McCann 2 Chipper 5 Freeman 3 Heyward 9 Uggla 4 McLouth 7 Lowe 1

A combined .279 OBP and .609 OPS from our table setters tonight (1 and 2). Let’s hope McCann and Freeman just keep hitting bombs.

Bravo that makes no sense does it! I am glad other people like you see it my way. Schafer and Gonzo at 1,2. Irrational.

Brandon you got a fair point there.
Zidane, you wanna start talking about throwing people under the bus? Who’s the worst hitter in the majors according to you because of a 318 AB slump? Really?
And did you honestly just call MCLOUTH an above average hitter?
Let’s go to the stats for this. A career .250 BA with a .338 OBP? That’s not an above average hitter, that’s an average hitter at best. And FYI, more than half of his SB totals in his career happened when in Pittsburgh. 21 steals in 781 ABs doesn’t exactly scream out LEAD OFF MAN to me. Yeah McLouth does look like he is coming out of his funk, but the stats doesn’t quite prove now does it? In June, he went 5/26 with a .192 AB. (Bring on the argument about him being injured)
Look, I’m not screaming out Jordan is our savor or that he is lighting it up on the field, but he’s the closest to a lead off man we have. I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t want a player like Prado back in the lead off spot wasting his offensive talent.
– Another option is to bring up Jose Constanza, a CF that has a minor league career OBP of .340+ with a good speed. According to Zidane’s logic, if your good in the minors, you’re going to be good in the Majors. -sarcasm-

Name a major leaguer who was awful in the minors and then crushed the majors then? You really think a guy hitting .230 with a sub .300 obp in the minors for the last two years is the answer?

OOO. Bad choice of words…
I’m sure you’ve heard of this guy named Jonny Venters? You know, the lefty with that nasty hard sinker? The one that goes out there almost everyday? You know, the one that’s an all-star.
Wanna know his ERA in the minors? In 6 years, his ERA was .411. Pretty good huh?
Gave up 422 hits in 421 innings pitched, a 4.1 /9 BB, and a below average 1.45 WHIP. Only thing he had going for him was his SO /9 which was a solid 6.6.
Wnna know his ERA, Hits Allowed, BB and his WHIP?
ERA- 1.80, Hits allowed- 91 in 135 innings pitched, BB 3.9/9 and his WHIP is 1.10. Pretty big turn around huh?
The Braves organization knew he had potential and saw him becoming a future left handed specialist. Good thing they weren’t like you and after seeing his stats that he was going to be a bust.
You’ve seen Jordan play, and are you really going to say in a straight face that you don’t think he can turn out to be an average to and above average lead off man with defensive upside?

Are youse guys finished rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic yet?

I see that pain in the arse has set special times in his day to humiliate himself in public. Good for you!

Bill, I meant to say Nyjer Morgan 2010.

It’s still accurate no matter what. Morgan is just having another flash in the pan like he did for 2 months in 2009, only this time as mainly a 4th OF. Plus his OBP is only like 30 points above his average, which means as soon as he hits a skid and starts hitting .280, that .310 OBP is going to make McLouth look like Daric Barton.

Yes but venters has a major league era of under 2 and jordan schafer has a major league OPS of .600. Heck, if you want to play schafer I dont disagree with that. Play him by all means. Give him even more of a chance to achieve. But why in the world would you hit him lead off when he has done NOTHING in the minors or the majors to prove he should be the lead off man. Hit him 8th whilst you are trying him out.

Welp, Schafer got his hit out of the way early, and Sea Bass made sure it was well worth it.

Sea bass. What a great nickname! Sea Bass just had to make sure there was nobody on base for big Mac. Its tradition.

Phillies up 5-0. What are you going to do except keep rearranging those chairs.

Go up 4-0. Anyone notice who scored those runs? It begins with not Schafer and Gonzalez and ends with McLouth.

I am just gonna quit posting on any subject the moron twins care about. It’s like kindergarten in here. They just post so they can see their words on the screen.It’s like one of those really dumb girls who talks on the phone about absolutely nothing all day.

Yes, clearly anything bill disagrees with (like stats and facts) is retarded and we only say it to see our words on the screen. Gonzo may be bad with the bat but his glove work is so good that I really hope he is on the club down the stretch.

Bill displays his obliviousness to irony. Keep that hypocritical act coming guy.

Phillies up 7-0. Didn’t have to rely on pitcher. Hope Lowe makes it beyond his usual 5 innings.

Uhppps, Phillies now up 7-2.

God, what I love in Freeman’s tear is that he is hitting it out in all fields. Man, he has got his head down on the ball on every AB. After watching how messed up Uggla and gonzo’s swings are right now, watching FrFr is like the most beautiful thing. god, I love baseball.

Who’d have thought the supposed no power 1B prospect would have as many homers as Dan The 30 Homerun Man?

Damn, that hurt me.

Hit him right in McCann’s Cans. I can’t believe he is staying in. Tough SOB.

I actually hope brooks starts getting more playing time now he has had a few games whilst making some good plays with the glove. The only thing is that then means we dont have his bat off the bench, and he is a good pinch hitter.

The Parade of Clowns for the Braves begins.

Six innings, 3 pitchers for Braves. Hope youse guys don’t run out of pitchers.

Seven innings, 4 pitchers for Braves. Hope youse guys don’t run out of pitchers.

How is Laz Diaz still employed by Major League Baseball?

5 Braves pitchers so far in the parade of clowns, Break out the short bus.

What are you even talking about pherris? Yes the braves have a ton of good arms they are happy to use in tight games. Big deal. God you are boring sorry!

A ton of good arms they are required to use every game. Happy about using them? I don’t think so. But, whatever!

9 innings, 1 Braves win. 15 games above .500, won 12 of 15, bring your A game Friday Philly.

Games gained on the Phillies – o. Priceless.

Hey harrypenis, if I throw a stick will you go away?

good serendipity? Redundant much?

In an effort to return the discussion on this blog into semi-intelligent baseball talk, I have noticed quite a logjam of SS prospects the Braves have in the system. Salcedo is having a very solid year with 9 homers, 39 RBI’s, .345 OBP and 13 stolen bases. I wonder if they will groom him to play 3rd base and possibly replace Chipper in a couple of years. Also – Tyler Pastornicky is sporting a .298 BA with 6 home runs, 36 RBI’s, .344 OBP, and 19 stolen bases. Simmons is batting .301 with 34 RBI’s and 10 stolen bases.
Matt Lipka is not having a good year but he’s 18 and will get better. He will be given every opportunity as the #1 pick to prove himself.

Looked at this the other day.Bravo, I don’t think that’s a logjam, more like a cluster of little sticks, pun intended. I really don’t think any of these is a particularly great option. I would like to see us go after a real SS prospect with some of our trade bait. Maybe nc could whip up a trade where we get a really good prospect for KK, (just kidding). The problem is Pastornicky is about a career .255 hitter in A Ball, never played above AA. Salcedo has an even lower BA and has never hit much. What about bringing Furcal back? He is one injury riddled year away from a .300 BA 23 steal season. He plays slick defense and gives us base path speed from a position that should be giving us speed. Let the young guys grow up and differentiate themselves. Furky should be available for a short term reasonably priced contract.

So, if am catching on to the theme here, it is why isn’t McClouth batting leadoff? It’s because we have heard that song already and it wasn’t a particularly catchy tune. I do not care what the “stats” say his OBP is. If he is not comfortable hitting in the one hole, then it does not matter. He was not a leadoff hitter before he came to the Braves and you can’t just wave a magic wand and make him one now. Even if the “stats” say he should.

Schafer will be fine. His defense is outstanding and the offense will come. When Prado is back and in the two hole, things will turn around for Schafer.

I just hope the break does wonders for Uggla and he comes back in the second half a new man. He does seem to be laying off the offspeed stuff better, but I wish he would calm the swing down some. Everything doesn’t have to be a three run homer. We get it Dan, you are built like a brick sh*thouse, but stop coming out of your spikes with every swing of the bat.

His offense will come? What basis do you have for saying this? Why will Schafer’s offense come? He can even produce in the minor leagues. Yet you think it will come? HAHA, he will never produce because he cant. Because he isnt very good. Sad but true fact. My back up for saying this: his whole career thus far. Your basis for saying it will come: delusion.

I don’t think Jordan’s offense will come around. He hasn’t looked good at the plate since 2009, game 4 of the regular season. A deal will be made for an outfielder and he will probably be included in it, with Nate becoming the 4th outfielder.. though Jordan could stick around as a late inning defensive replacement. I would rather see Constanza get a shot in CF at this point, at least as a temporary experiment.

Mark just tweeted that White Sox are interested in our pitching and have been scouting our games. Juan Pierre would be a terrible move and I hope we NEVER even think about it. I liked Pierre in 2009 when he was batting .300 and stealing 40+ bases. However – he sucks now. Would not be an upgrade over Schafer/McClouth and would be a total waste to let go of top level pitching for him. Here’s the link –

Zidane, you keep saying his whole career like he has been in the league for five years. Give me a break. He played all of two or three games before injuring that wrist in 2009, so this is the first real stretch of seeing him healthy. I suggest you get a larger sample size when you want to say what someone has done for their “whole” career. Actually what it is, is you just want something to bitch about. I’m sure you are sitting there stewing because he is 2-3 so far tonight. Oh by the way all McClouth has done is gone 0-2 with an inning ending double play. Yeah let’s put that in the leadoff spot. That’s a fair judgement in all right?? Since clearly you are a fan of small sample sizes. Hell based on your logic that’s his whole career.

Again, Schafer is right where he needs to be and he will be just fine!

You can tell that JS has joined the LP school of “SWING FIRST AND SORT OUT THE BODIES LATER”. Fortunately he has the bat skills to make up for a lot of that, but he is a lot less selective than he was when he first came up. This team has to get a real batting coach who can work with our very young team. If we don’t we are going to wind up with some more failed prospects. Zippy, go shoot some more drugs and let the adults talk.

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