Braves mulling leadoff options

Like many Major League clubs, the White Sox seem  interested in the Braves’ wealth of young pitching talent.  But those fans hoping this means outfielder Carlos Quentin could be headed to Atlanta should be prepared for disappointment.

White Sox advance scout Bill Scherrer was at Turner Field for this past weekend’s series against the Orioles and he stuck around for this week’s series against the Rockies.  Given the White Sox and Orioles will not meet again until Aug. 8,  Scherrer has likely focused most of his attention toward the Braves’ pitchers.

While the Braves might be in the market for an outfielder, their primary focus will likely not be aimed toward corner outfielders like Quentin.  Instead they will continue to evaluate what Jordan Schafer can provide in the leadoff spot and  determine whether they need to increase their efforts to find a proven leadoff hitter like the White Sox have in Juan Pierre.

When I simply used this as a tease to link to a blog post on Twitter, a number of fans attacked me like I was a juror from the Casey Anthony trial. Really the blog was written to simply point out the White Sox have been in town all week and they are interested in Major League-ready pitchers who are not yet eligible for arbitration.

Obviously the Braves have a few arms that fit this description.

Look Pierre probably isn’t answer.  He has batted .261 with a .322 on-base percentage and been successful with just 12 of his 22 stolen base attempts.   In other words, he hasn’t been the same guy who was successful with 68 of 86 stolen base attempts last year.  But since May 1, he has hit .270 with a .340 on-base percentage and been successful with seven of his 10 stolen base attempts.

Still whether you’re a member of #Team Schafer or #Team Nate you might be saying you argue your guy is a better fit.

Coming off Tuesday’s four-strikeout game,  Jordan Schafer returned last night and recorded one hit in four at-bats.  In the 28 games he has played since getting struck in the face by a fouled bunt attempt, Schafer  has hit .223 with a .263 on-base percentage and nine stolen bases in 11 attempts.

McLouth has batted .205 with a .404 on-base percentage in the 15 games he has played since missing more than a month with a strained right oblique muscle.

Now is the time for many of you to begin chiming in about the need to get Michael Bourn, who has has hit .292 with a .355 on-base percentage and 35 stolen bases this year.  But if the Astros are going to give up Bourn or Hunter Pence, they are certainly going to be asking for a much greater return than the White Sox would in exchange for Pierre.

While it would be great to find a legitimate leadoff hitter, maybe the Braves should just stick with what they have and put Martin Prado back at the top of their lineup when he returns, likely after the break.   He did hit .314 with a .352 on-base percentage and .512 slugging percentage while serving as the Braves’ leadoff hitter from May 15-July 30 last year.

Prado will begin his Minor League rehab assignment tonight in Charlotte with Triple-A Gwinnett and will likely spend this weekend playing for the G-Braves, who will be hosting Charlotte.

More on Chipper and the ump:   It did not look good when plate umpire Mark Ripperger ended Sunday’s game with two very, very questionable strike calls against Chipper Jones and then stared at Jones as he walked in disgusted fashion toward the dugout.  But it has since been brought to my attention that Ripperger felt his job was to watch Jones to make sure he didn’t throw any of equipment in a manner that warranted a fine.

As he sat at his locker Tuesday, Jones laughed when thought about the fact that midway through Sunday’s game he had told Eric Hinske that the Minor League umpire was doing a good job with his strike zone.

Safe to say, Jones will be careful to not jinx himself with many more in-game compliments.  After the game, he said “the officiating in this game is substandard.”

When Jones issued an apology Monday, he said it was unfair to direct his displeasure toward some of the game’s top umpires like Tim McClelland, the crew chief from this past weekend’s series.


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If Pierre is the option, I say we just stand pat. One of our young pitching prospects is not worth the slight upgrade Pierre might be over the two players we have now. He is getting old as well and will only continue to decline. The bench and the BP could use some upgrading, although Meds and Moylan should be coming back soon. We could use a better option than Brooks Conrad on the bench. I know some fans have a love affair with him, but the fact is, he usually strikes out and is a defensive nightmare.

Michael Bourne would be perfect for this team. I wouldn’t be upset if they dealt a Mike Minor or Randall Delgado to Houston for him. Teheran is obviously off limits.

If you think they were there scouting MLB ready pitchers not eligible for arb why in the world do you think the return piece would be Pierre? That’d be Beachy, Hanson, Venters, Kimbrel and Gearrin. Gearrin is worth 5 Pierres at this point. If their target is Beachy, I am sure they are prepared to offer Quentin or Beckham.

I am not on TeamSchafer, but he’s been worth 1.5 more WAR than Pierre in 114 less PAs.

Thats because McClelland is reknowned for screwing teams when they complaining about the umpire though isnt it? Anyway, please no juan pierre. Anyone but him, I would rather we kept schafer at lead off than made a move for pierre.

Just give Schafer some PEDs and he will be fine.

It is true the only good year schafer has had in the minors or majors was when he was on HGH. Strip out his PED aided season and we are talking about a guy who cant even hit .250 in the minors.

Schafers career AAA line – .227/.279/.575

Is it just me or do we see Zidane make the same point about 57 times on each thread? We get it dude…you don’t like Jordan in the leadoff spot. We know his Major and Minor league batting average, since you’ve told us 100 times. Every time someone makes a post, you don’t have to remind us of this stuff. The thing to remember is that nobody important cares about what you think. Wren isn’t checking the blogs to see if Zidane approves of who is batting leadoff. Make your point and move on, that’s what the comment section is for, but to continue with the SAME posts containing the SAME information, Jeeeeesus. We’re 15 games over .500, just enjoy it man. Let the guys go to work. If Jordan can’t get the job done, they’ll find someone else who can, or they’ll stick Prado back into the leadoff spot and he’ll do fine. And you constantly bitching about him isn’t going to change where he bets in the lineup.

Touchy, touchy aren’t we? Now tell us, what is really bothering you?

Wow, im shocked you didn’t try to impress us all with your thesaurus this time.

Another nice bullpen collapse. Who has clowns in their pen?

Wait that’s what he’s talking about? The whole time I thought he was confessing his bromance/love for McBlondie.

isn’t going to change where he bats, either.

Every time the monkey boys start really coming down hard on Schafer, he comes up with a big night. Starts tonight with a triple and scores. Nice start

Man, how long has it been since McLouth ever tripled?

Quick Suggestion. At this point, I see the value that Chipper and Prado add to the Braves to be equal. Chipper draws more walks and Prado adds slightly higher average and more pop. If Chipper needs surgery, do it right when Prado comes back and leave the OF in tact. I would hate to sit McClouth or Shafer as they are both playing very well. Bill – check out McClouth OBP. Let Chipper get well and then the Braves will be on offensive machine. Big mistake trading for mid level CF like Bourne or Pierre. Remember Rick Ankiel from last year?? What did he really add. Things are looking really good now. Too bad the Phillies refuse to lose also.. I assume Braves/Phillies will be on FOX and ESPN Sunday as they are the two best teams in baseball.

As I posted this, Chipper goes deep. Maybe he should continue to play on one leg.

Final comment. Has anyone seen the stats the CF at Gwinette is compiling. Jose Constanza – 336 Avg with 382 OBP. He also has 20 SBs. Seems like he deserves some press as well. He also hit 319 last year with 34 SBs. His strikeouts are not high either… Can someone help me understand why I have not heard of this guy.

It’s not about Schafer vs McLouth. It’s Schafer vs Schafer and McLouth vs McLouth and both of them vs whoever we can get that is better before the break.

I was just about to mention the same thing. I don’t know why everyone thinks knocking on Schafer means McLouth is the answer, or vice versa.

How the hell can you ground into an inning ending DP as an 8 hole hitter. Awful…you just HAVE to clear the pitcher. Just strikeout if you’re gonna do that.

I am sure he meant to koovon. Also I am sure you could of done better. O wait, no your just some nobody on the internet whilst nate is a proven major leaguer. haha

The thing is, I dont claim to be a major leaguer… but I definitely could have done better. I could have struck out. Nate hasn’t proven anything, by the way, except his lack of ability to perform. This isn’t to say Schafer is the answer, either. But Nate clearly isn’t, and I can assure you the front office can’t wait to get rid of him.

Keep talking your trash Zidane, he is now 3-4. Heyward just hit into a DP, I guess we should trade him too. Afterall, he sucks has a pinch hitter. Schafer just stole his 11th base. That’s like almost the entire teams total. Yeah he sucks. We don’t need him at all.

Ya 1 game is so important. Forgot his .220 average in AAA and the fact he only ever decent yr in the minors was when he was juiced up. He is 3 for 4 so he must be awesome. Right?

Hmmmm, sounds kinda hypocritical…weren’t you one of the ones with a hard on when Nate went 5 for 5 with 3 walks in the double header???

I bet your favourite 3 players are schafer, barry bonds and sammy sosa? Maybe manny ramirez too? Am i right??? hahaha, you americans love your PED’s!

I bet your favo(urite) learn how to spell, are McLouth, Kelly Johnson, and Casey Kotchman. Maybe Yunel Escobar too? Am I right??? Hahaha, you Europeans (or whatever the heck you are) love your low-tier players!

You’re kidding me, right? I’ve never once claimed I even liked Schafer one bit. In fact, I agree that his performance offensively has been sub par, and I’m not sure if he is the answer. However, this by no means makes McLouth any less lousy than he is. What is it with you people and trying to pick fights all the time, with these weird accusations and stereotypical remarks?

That was aimed at Katjam, who has been attacking me his last few posts, and who seems to think schafer is some sort of legend

Your comment was still stereotypical oh mighty Know-It-All.

You could of done better? Of course you could you giant retard. Whenever Albert Pujols grounds into a dbl play I could of done better than him. I could of gone up there and taken 3 strikes and sat down. How is this an argument? Its called risk/reward you clown, you swing the bat and take a risk that you might ground into a double play but the reward is you might drive in some runs. haha!

Giant retard…clown…pretty mature remarks imo. My point is that he may not have intentionally GIDP, but he could have intentionally NOT done it. Perhaps by trying to elevate the ball in that situation?

I am officially retiring from these blog comments. Bye

I guess Christmas is coming twice this year.

Not gonna try to start any more playground brawls?

Well sorry for calling you a clown Koovoon. Anyway, have fun cheering for people who cheated with PED’s. If I ran a club I would never sign anyone who ever did PED’s. I believe organisations should have class in these matters. That is my last post. Bye people. It was a pleasure.

Since apparently, our organization does not have any class. I might as well not show any to you right now.
Go stick your hand in a bucket of water and pull it out. The hole that’s left is how much most of us will miss you.

Haha…apology accepted?? I guess we finally know what your deal is with Schafer. If we really knew the full story behind who actually used those drugs, im sure we’d all be shocked by some of the names. No reason to hate a guy. Ever heard of second chances? He was young and made a mistake.

Malins walk off vs Phils. 3 games back. Let’s do this.

WE just gotta hope Schafer and Uggla are turning it around.

Be kind of Nice to have Nate and Gonzo join them, too.

God, if you really got of him, I’ll have to contribute to your favorite charity, I don’t believe him though.He’ll be back, like one of those antibiotic resistant infections.

One can only hope.

I don’t know how you couldn’t be excited about this team right now. And I don’t know how the Phillies could look at anyone with a straight face and say they aren’t worried. Our offense has so many question marks, we’ve battled through injuries, yet we are playing our best baseball of the year? I can’t wait to see us go into Philly this weekend.

Curious that Pherris isn’t here to blab. 3 games too close for comfort?

Nah, I threw him a stick.

Not really. Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

He is too busy trying to come up with some way refute the fact that their bullpen blew the game tonight.

Guess he wishes those “clowns” at the back end of our bullpen played in the 215 area code, huh…

Wouldn’t do that because it defies the facts. Bullpen blew it for the third time this season. Makes me chuckle to think that if the Braves vaunted bullpen had not blown 14 saves the Braves would be comfortably in 1st place. But you what? Welcome to the real world.

Interesting how a blown save can occur as early as the 6th inning, before the game’s even in a “true” save situation. Also interesting is how a pitcher can blow a save but his team still wins.

Even more interesting is the fact that the Braves have been in 98 save situations, whereas the Phillies have been in 55. Of course numbers across the board will be higher in the Braves’ case.

LAG, do you hear yourself? Braves being in 98 save situations is good thing as compared to the Phillies 55 situations? Braves blowing 15% of save opportunities is good compared to Phillies blowing 5% of save opportunities? Must be Braves math.

I never said one was better than the other. Just shared the stats and provided a possible explanation as to why the Braves may have had more blown saves… and that reason was because they’ve had more chances to do so.
Your starters have thrown 80 more innings than ours. That is why there haven’t been as many save opportunities for your pen as opposed to ours.
That’s all I’m saying. No more, no less.

Wow, if I would have known it would be that easy to run Zidane off I would have posted a long time ago. I’ve always kept an eye on this board, but stopped posting when I was sick of seeing the posts from NCbravesfan (ya’ll know which one I’m talking about, there are two people with that similar name. One’s posts are inteligent and the other is a babbling idiot) that started every sentence with “I mean”.

Just to clarify, I am not necessarily a Jordan Schafer fan. What I do know is that he is a huge defensive upgrade over McClouth in CF. This team is now 16 games over .500 and sniffing the lead in the NL East. Bringing someone else in may not be the answer. Schafer is still a rookieTrying to make an argement against him by saying he has done something his entire career is absurd. Just give the guy a chance. Even with his offense not being where we would like it, his defense is clearly saving runs, so it does balance out.

Don’t worry Pherris, when you guys get Lidge back and he starts blowing saves again, we will be comfortably in first place. So it’s all good.

You may be right about Lidge considering that Charlie seems to be from the Bobby Cox school of managing pitching staffs, a trait, I might add seemingly inherited by Freddy Gonzalez. But I don’t think so. Phillies are on their 4th closer due to injury and they have still only blown 3 saves. But in the case of Braves fans, hope springs eternal.

You gotta respect Dan Uggla. He is having the worst year of his career… and really a monumental bust to this point… and he has done nothing but keep his head up and , hustle, and keep working hard. I am really pulling for him to turn it around. Not only because it would help our team, but because I really respect how he is handling everything. His response to all the boos in Atlanta: “I’d be booing me too.” He’s a great teammate and he wants to be here.

Uggla is ….. And I guess that includes being a hustle guy and a good team mate to go along with his .220 average, 24 homers and 75 RBI and 60 million salary dollars.

Dan is a plain out baseball player. No one can argue that. We hustles, works, and has a good attitude about things. Everyone hits slumps and every fan gets emotionally tied to the game especially when we know we should be at the top of our division. I’m sure him hearing the boos are probably going to motivate him more. Hell. if going 2 for 3 with a 2 run HR and a run scored means anything, maybe he’s turning things around in the nick of time. Knock on wood.
I’m not going to lie, I want Schafer to succeed. I’m sure hearing rumors about the Braves acquiring a new CF is beginning to light a fire under his ass. Lets just hope if that fire does light up, that it lights up for the rest of his career.

These sketchy calls are pissing me off.

And Schafer was so picked off. Sketchy calls for sketchy calls I guess.

Missed the tag, on the replay

This is the worst AB I have ever seen from no 2 hitter, Gonzo is up there swinging for the fences with Schafer on 2nd nobody out. He redeems himself slightly with the RBI but that is just b ad fundamantaqls.

Freddie Effing Freeman

F.F.F. I thought this guy had no power?

Schafer and Danny Boy seem to be turning it around. If Heyward can get consistent, we won’t even need o worry about Gonzo or McLouths production.

Yeah, but Fredo keeps batting Gonzo 2nd, against all known forms of reason.

And, you would like to get a little production out of your corner outfield spots.

Where did Venters find those extra MPH on his fastball?

Clown College, according to Pherris.

He found them in high leverage alley.

How many Clowns were used today?

1 2/3rds innings worth. Boy our bullpen is tired.

Pherris tried to get into clown college but his grades weren’t good enough. That and that face kept scaring the kids.

How would you know, Little Lord PhountLeroy, the dog second in line only has one view.

Yes, but the man who has nothing better to do but spend too much time in the rival team’s beat writer’s blog finishes near the bottom in life.

What does this say about you who has to respond to the person who spends too much time on the rival team’s beat writer’s blog?

Weinus, that’s the problem, we can’t ever tell if your coming or going. Both ends kind of look the same. Hey since you only have 1 stat left. “how Many blown saves…..blah,blah,blah” Why don’t you try and find something equally as meaningless? Maybe like games which the opposing team lead after 6 , came back after 7 and lost in the 8th. Or like Kimbrel breaks rookie records for saves. Or like best ERA for starters and Bullpen. And hey, how’s that “best rotation of all time” thing working out for you?

How about the the Phillies being 44-1 after leading after 8 innings? Does that fit your bill? Better yet, Little Lord PhountLeroy, how about you attending some games? Braves attendance today 22,000. Unbelievable.

Little PenisPain, can’t you at least come up with one original thought per day? This attendance thing is a year old now.

If Uggla turns it around in the second half, we will be a very dangerous team. We will also have Martin coming back around. At least that will fix half of our lineup….The question is, do we keep Schafer at leadoff and bat Martin in the 2 hole, or do we bat Martin leadoff and someone else 2nd?

Speedy, that’s a tough choice. Leave the worst 2 hole hitter in baseball(Gonzo) in, or put Prado who is one of the best at it there. Hmmmmmmm. Martin is amazing in the 2 hole because he has that natural inside out to the right side(moves runner over), he always makes contact (for hit and run) and works the count(Schafer can steal 2nd). They will be an amazing tandem in the 1-2.

Lineup after the break: Schafer, Prado, Chipper, McCann, Uggla, Heyward, Freeman, Gonzo, Pitcher. I know it sounds a little crazy looking at Ugglas stats and the way Freeman has been mashing, but that lineup could score so many runs it’s hard to imagine what would happen if Uggla was hitting like normal.

Brandie, The only thing I would change in your lineup, would be having Freddie higher up. He is absolutely raking right now.

Yes its going to be exciting to watch a guy with an OPS of .631 (the same as nate’s last year in his worst year ever) leading off.

Zippy, I thought your mama told you get off of here. I know we all did. And yes it is really exciting to watch someone like.Schafer leadoff. Braves record since Schafer moved into leadoff role, 26-13, exciting enough for me.He makes everyone on this team better. If you knew ANYTHING about baseball you would know that. Isn’t there a soccer blog somewhere that needs your powers of observation?

And that 26-13 record has been without prado. So according to Bill’s logic we should trade Prado. Afterall we are 9-1 in the last 10 with nate, schafer and heyward in the OF. Of course that 26-13 record could be because freddie, Mccann, bullpen, rotation has been absolutly carrying the side during that peroid. God its boring proving you wrong. Here is a trivia question. What do jordan schafer and Jason Gimabi have in common? It begins with P, then E, then D.

Back so soon.

Sorry guys, apparently I failed, he’s already back.

I agree with what has been said about Uggla. It drives me nuts how he has struggled at the plate, but at the same time how can you not like how carries himself and plays the game. Good things seem to happen to good people, so let’s hope he is over the hump and get’s hot in the second half.

It would be fun to see how good this team could be if all these guys could get going at once.

Has anyone else noticed that the closer we get to the Phillies the more Pherris posts here? Before, he would pop in occasionally to dumb us all down with his presence, but now that the lead has been cut to 2.5 he is blowing the place up. I think someone is getting scared. Maybe after a sweep this weekend and we take over the NL east he will just go away altogether.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have just been sick to my stomach all day thinking about the father that lost his life trying to do what all dads do… trying to get a ball for his little boy. Prayers to the family, and Josh Hamilton.

I just read about it. Extremely unfortunate for all involved.

Hey Bravo, can you predict that we get swept this series? At least say we lose 2 of 3 and say that we don’t stand a chance against Halladay for starters.

I just glanced over the Phillies blog to see if people over there actually respect Pherris’ opinion on anything. I didn’t get an answer to that, but I did see that someone said they believe the Bravos are a fraud. Apparently we’ve been bottom-feeders the past 3 weeks (kinda similar to the Phillies the first month of the season?). I guess the unquestionable #1 pitching staff/bullpen combo in all of baseball is made up of frauds. And the offense that is strikingly similar to that of the Phillies’ in production is also made up of Frauds. I understand being proud of your team, but to say the team with the 2nd best record in the NL and that is right on your heels, is a fraud, is pretty delusional. I mean, that’s essentially like us calling the Phillies pretenders. I don’t think any of us are claiming that.

Delusional? Perseverate much, Koovon? Can you just picture your amigos here trying to figure out what that even means? Do you even know? Regardless. looking forward to the Parade of Clowns this evening. Just hope the Braves bring their short bus. Neither the scooter nor the car is going to cut it this trip. My money is on 17 pitcher appearances for the Braves this 3 game series. Any takers?

You better hope you guys have the lead after 6 innings, else it’s over my friend.

It’s over after 6 innings with the Braves crew that blows one out of every three saves? With no blown saves in the Braves 4 game sweep against the hobbled Rockies, the Braves are due to blow 2 saves, if not 3.

You’re all about trying to predict things because of numbers. That must mean Shane Victorino is going to be put on the 15 day DL at least twice a year every year right? Martin Prado’s going to hit .307 each year? Phillies are going to fail to make the World Series again because of last year? I’m cool with that. You are the epitome of delusional if you think you can predict anything in baseball.

It’s funny how you can twist stats however you want to. How about this route: blowing 1/3 of the saves was simply variance and that clump of data is an outlier. We’re now we’re regressing towards the mean. If you really think this bullpen will blow 1/3 of their save opportunities, you’re a lunatic.

obvious typo, omit one of the “we’re”

Ahhhh, yes, I am a lunatic. Blowing one of three saves was just a variance. How convenient! And, Brandon, a team built around McCann and Prado is doomed for failure. It is what it is. And before we even get into Freeman for ROY, checkout Espinosa of the Nats. Another tough break for the Grits.

We need a leadoff hitter i got two words for u, Drew Stubbs.

Most people on this blog would like the following line up: Harriston, schafer, manny, barry bonds, palmero, sosa, a-roid, giambi, clemens. Makes me ashamed to be a braves fan.

You forgot Larry.

No most people, just want you STFU.

Oh please Weinus, you really don’t want to go throwing too many rocks living in the Frilly glass house. The only difference between Frilly and Braves PED use in the 80’s and 90’s is that we won games during that time.

And one of five WS. Nothing for the last 15 years.

The AJC reports that the fillie pitching coach does not want Doc to start the All Star games because of the large number of innings he has pitched this year

And your point is? Let the Braves pitchers do the light lifting since they have been doing it all year anyway.

“Oh, those grapes are sour anyway” Roy Halladay after finding out Jurrjens was going to get All Star start.

I believe any organisation with any credability would terminate the contract of anyone convicted of using PED’s. I dont think that is an american attitude though. You guys seem to think PED’s are ok.

Blanket statements ftw

Waaaaait a second. How many championships have the Phillies won in the past 20 years? A bit hypocritical?

20 years? Yes it is one but one more than the Braves in the last 16 years and the same number the Braves could manage under the “great” Bobby Cox. What a loser that guy was. But it is a southern thing, sticking with losers. When does he get carved on Stone Mountain with Lee, Jefferson, and Jackson? My bad. Cox wasn’t a terrorist like Lee, Jefferson and Jackson.

Penis, What happened someone clean up the horse manure in your yard so you had nothing to do today.

Yes, your mother.

Zidane, many minor leaguers get busted for HGH every year because the don’t read the bottle for vitamins or the pamphlet MLB hands them. HGH is cominly used to rehab from injury and stll allowed in MLB with prior approval, although it’s very rare. Lumping Schafer in with Bonds and other staroid users is stupid. If he was busted in the majors or taking it for years it would be a different story. They were vitamins that he just started takeing and found out the hard way that it was the wrong one.

You clearly dont know what happened with schafer

I am sick over what happenned in Texas. Josh Hamilton has nothing to feel bad about. It is just a tragic accident. It could have just as easily happenned with a batted ball. I hope that this does not deter players from throwing balls into the stands.

Condolesences to the Family.

Condolences Junior, but really nice sentiment. It reminds me of the McCann-Salazar incident and how devastating these accidents are for the players.

Yeah and you have some truth Oracle and do, eh Zippy? You know it’s always the ones with skeletons in their own closet who are the first to judge and condemn others. Go look in your own closet and leave the Brave’s players alone, it was clear you were never a fan to start with. You’re just a 12 year old county soccer player with not much going on.

So…one championship. Okay. I woulda thought you were the Yankees or something the way you talk.

Apparently Freddie Freeman in his short career just sees Roy Halladay as a mere mortal.

The rookie of the Year is gonna be a tough battle between Freeman and Kimbrel.

Not if Danny “.249/.331” Espinosa has anything to say about it. And by if, I mean doesn’t, just sharing another opportunity to laugh at Pherris.

Zid, please be quiet. We don’t care about your personal vendetta against HGH users; it obviously didn’t affect his playing too much And is that almost 70 pitches through 5 innings for Halladay? :O

Ooops, 4 innings, even worse than I thought. Looks like it might be a “battle of the clowns” tonight. Hope you guys have another arm in the pen besides Bastardo.

I am going to be pissed if we lose because Freddi though it might be a good idea for Gonzo to bat second again.

QAlex gonzalez is missing some pitches by a foot or better.

I wonder how tight Pherris’ sphincter is right now. Are we toe to toe with Halladay, about to battle it out with bullpens? Scary thought for the Phils. Win or lose, the Phillies know we’re here for the long haul.

Two points,
Freeman has made halladay throw almost 20 pitches to him exclusively, along with his RBI.
Zidane, technically, red bull is a PED, don’t your little futbol teams use them as a sponsor? As long as there will be sports there will be people trying to cheat. For instance, show me one soccer game where a player doesn’t take a dive to try and get a call….

Lieutenant Nate with his new legs!

Look at the way they mad Halladay labor through the 7th. Tell me they’re not scared to use their middle relievers.

Bring on the Clowns.

Likewise moron.

O’Flarety first Clown off the bus. Who is next?.

Venters, the second Clown off the bus.

Dear Jonny Venters, the extra 1-2 MPH is impressive, but if you could get the sinker to sink a little less,, that would be great. – Braves fans.

Clown #1: 1.10 ERA, 1K, 0H, 0BB, 0R
Clown #2: 1.50 ERA, 1K, 1H, 1BB

Clown #2 is also on the All Star team.

Who is the next Clown?

LOL at the Phillie phags trying to do the “LAAARYYYYY” call. They all sound like drunken idiots.

Go figure.

Linebrink, the third Clown.

Yo, Penis. If the Braves bullpen, best in baseball, are clowns, what are those Frillies relievers? Drunken Carnies?

McCann the gun. How you like that lil weinus?

What is that? The second runner he has thrown out all year

Sit your ass down JRoll.

Let’s get Linebrink and Sherril out of the way now. I don’t wanna see them in extras. I don’t mind Pherris calling these two clowns.

Sherril, the third Clown.

Poor kid, he can’t spell or count.

Caught stealing this year on McCann? 17.

Proctor, the fourth Clown. Fifth if counting Beachy.

MY God you’re stupid.


I always have that feeling when Proctor comes into a game…

God QTip what is this unnatural love affair with Proctor. He sux

Mystery of the year, Bill. Mystery of the year.

Ok, what is this, I mean really… ANYONE, I repeat, ANYONE but Proctor. Enjoy your win against Proctor and Fredi Gonzalez Pherris, the Braves will be back again at 4.

Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You humps! The second dog in line only has one view. Ain’t that right. Little Lord PhountLeroy. What was that, 5 Clowns?

Yep, you guys beat our worst pitcher. Who, incidentally, will still have a better ERA than three of your relievers that we didn’t see tonight.

But, but but, whom won?

“Whom” won? That’s that Philadelphia grammar, isn’t it?
The Phils walking off against Scott Proctor is like beating the LeBron-less Cavaliers. You know the outcome before it starts.

Alright, I’m packing my things and going to Philadelphia. For $414,000, I can pitch better than Scott Proctor. Suit me up, Frank Wren.

It doesn’t count if you do it against Scott Proctor. I would rather see Chipper pitch.

Proctor won’t be there in the postseason. Moylan and Medlen will, though. Long season.

I called 17 Clowns for this series.. Am I far off the mark? 5 down and twelve to go.

By the way Frank, my jersey size is XL, with a long torso. I wear size 36 pants, size 15 1/2 cleats, and the biggest size socks you have. I’ll wear number 9.

Slightly off topic, Brandon, but when’s the last time a pitcher wore a single-digit jersey number? Only one I can think of is Josh Towers when he was with the Blue Jays years ago.

I actually have no idea.

By the way, I wouldn’t even call myself a pitcher. I think my title would be “keeping the spot on the bench where Moylan should be warm a lot better than Scott Proctor.”

My name is Scott Proctor. I give up home runs.

2 lefties coming up.. Sherrill threw what? 3 pitches? no one on.. 2 outs.. Wilken Ramirez will save the day! No.. so… instead of keeping Georgy Boy in, Fredo puts the worst reliever in another high leverage situation in the biggest series yet this year. Can’t put our best reliever in the game.. No no no it’s not a close situation. I 100% knew what was going to happen.

Was Nunez that filthy or did we remember we were the Atlanta Braves and look clueless at the plate?

Nunez? You mean Perez?

Schafer no walks in last 9 games. Great for a lead off hitter. His OBP is .293. 1 good game a few nights ago and you all fell in love with him. Maybe you will start to look at the stats and realise what a liability out machine he is.

Did I hear incorrectly or did throwing Rollins out as 2nd end a streak of 14 steals against the Braves?

You heard incorrectly. That was “overall,” not “against the Braves.” Rollins hadn’t been caught since May 1.

Yes, no one on this Blog(except Pheris) wants to see Proctor in crucial situations. Sorry guys, but this is what 12 guys on pitching staffs usually do. Hopefully, he can turn it around, but he is not Craig Kimbrel or even Scott Limebrank. The key is not having to use him in key situations, which only happenned because they only scored 2 runs. Uggs strikeouts still drive me crazy, but he has been better lately. Trading a top prospect for a reliver that you may not even need but once a week is a big mistake, especially when you have two top relievers coming back soon. Moylan has been great for years and Medlen was a very consistent performer (starting and relief) over the past 3 years. Also, stick with Shafer and McClouth in CF as they are adequate and Shafer is great defensively. Quick example of good defense. Remember McClouth triple to LCF that Mayberry could not catch?? Victorino would have made that play easily. Right Pheris??

Yeah Pherris, I meant Perez and not Nunez. My wife was 38 weeks pregnant last night and began having severe contractions. I ended up driving her to the hospital after Wilkin struck out so I missed the end of the game. Thank God! On the bright side, we welcomed our 2nd son into the world last night. I was very flustered. God knows why I thought his name was Nunez. Anyways, either he was down right filfthy or we just can’t it lefty pitching. I think it’s a combination of both. I’ll be sure to be watching from the hospital today!

Congrats from here, Bravo. I type this as my 12-day-old daughter is sleeping on my chest. I didn’t miss games while at the hospital either!

Congratulations and hope all is well with your wife, your sons, and yourself. And please while at the hospital, forget the game, don’t turn on the television and absorb the moment.

Congrats Bravo – 2 kids myself. they are the best. they make marraige bearable – lol…

Congrats, Bravo! The second one is always easier! I have two little Braves fans myself.

Now, get Alex out of the #2 spot! No doubt Proctor sucks, but we had opportunities to win that game last night. We’ll get ’em today and shut Pherris up!

Chipper to the DL, Hicks called up. So do we start him, Conrad, or Lugo today?

Apparently Lugo was the obvious choice. So was Gonzo in the 2 spot. Only guy for the job.

That confirms that prado will play 3rd when he returns then. It will take chipper longer than 2-3 weeks to get back in my view.

Which gives the braves more time to decide between .351 OBP Nate and .290 OBP schafer for CF and lead off.

I but I forgot, you all seem to think its good to have your low OBP guys (schafer and Gzono) hitting front of your home run guys dont you? Very intelligent. Nate should hit lead off.

Although hitting schafer lead off looks like a stroke of genius when compared with hitting gonzo second. Gonzo never even makes productive outs. Schafer at lead off wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt coupled with gonzo behind him.

You’re slowly getting the point…

I really don’t think so, He is still arguing the same point he was a month ago. No one agrees with him. He is more than a little dense. Typical 12 yr old.

Isn’t Hanson getting close to his pitch limit? Is the bus being warmed up yet?.

The beauty in Cliff’s at-bat wasn’t the HR as much as it was Hanson throwing 10 pitches. I can hear the bus reving now.

Uggla, ouch!

So a un-drafted free agent rookie holds his own and has a similar line as the Cy Young winner one night, the next night All-Star snub Tommy Hanson goes toe to toe with the former Cy Young award winner. Combined 2011 salary’s for Hanson + Beachy = $873,000. Lee + Halladay 2011 salary’s = $31MM.

!st Place – Priceless!

No 2010 World Series = $138,178,379MM

If Freddi brings in Proctor here, I will punch my TV.

Next inning.

man howard is pathetic vs leftys…

surprised we are pinch running for hinske here. Doesnt seem to make sense


Pherris, the phillies are a great team, but the braves are just as good. I really cant see anything between these sides.

OMFG did he just have Schafer sac bunt to set up Sea Bass for an RBI attempt? Fredi has lost it.

But by God did it work.

Ops Brandon! Sea bass got a hit!

Guess they showed me! Wow, pherris, you are now behind to a hit from sea bass! How does that feel?

Is anyone else worried about matching up to the frillies in the playoffs. I mean we are left handed heavy and dont hit lefties well. In the playoffs we will face lee and hamels twice. Those games are going to hard to win.

Should be fixed when Prado comes back.

depends if uggla ends his suckatude vs lefties or not. But ya, nate and schafer really look bad vs lefties

Pherris, all joking aside, we’re even. If we win off of a hit by our worst hitter, that’s just as bad for you guys as losing to the Phils because of our worst pitcher.

This. Brandon, you beat me to it.

Pherris I think ryan howard needs catching lessons

If fredi doesnt sit one of nate or schafer tomorrow vs hamels I will be mad because thats where to give our righty 4th of a game.

I am sure that everyone will be concerned at how mad you are. Brandie can you put your little dog back in his box?

why is every post you make a personal attack? Grow up.

Hey Penis. how did that well rested BPen work out for you today?

Great win. How about that bullpen, 4 deep with no runs. That doesn’t ever count Limebreck who have been lights out to two months or the two guys coming back. The only run the offensive juggernot came from an American league pitcher (a bit flukey??). Anyhow, for those of you who did not know this, remember how tough Chipper is – FOX reported the Dr. does not know how Chipper played on such a messed up knee. Prado will fill the void nicely until Chipper comes back, then we can worry about who goes to the bench or minors. It would be nice to get a series win tomorrow. Unfortunately, Lowe has been the weak link at times.

Lowe is a phillie killer. Chipper wont be back in 2/3 weeks as is said right now. He will take longer to heal IMO

Zippy Monkey, You promised you were leaving. Why don’t you go do some more of your roids?

According to Pherris, for his prediction of our bullpen use to be correct, we have to use eight relievers tomorrow. Only way that happens is if we throw a position player out there in an extra-inning game. I hear Freeman used to throw mid-90s in HS…

The silence is so soothing…

Man I don’t know how we could ever stand up to Philly. They are just such a vastly superior team, right? Pfffft. Looks to me like we’re even in just every aspect of the game, and that INCLUDES starting pitching. The announcers realize this, the teams realize this, and from what I can tell most Braves fans realize this. For some reason, one recent WS Title has clouded the minds of Phillies fan to the point where they think they are lightyears ahead of everyone else. I have news for ya, though…add in a healthy Chipper and Prado, and add Medlen and Moylan to the ‘pen, and we’re in business. Those additions are far superior to the Phillies adding Victorino, Lidge, and whatever other bullpen hacks they are missing.

Am I the only one who wouldnt play a player convicted of using ped’s? Seriously, if the braves have a list of those 200 players who were juiced up or players were implicated in the mitchell report i wouldnt play them. Some things are more important than winning. I would hope the braves would make a statement on ped use. Sadly they arent. It is infuriating. How can you guys not agree with me. I dont understand.

Because you are an ignorant little guy, who doesn’t know anything about that which he speaks. You don’t know anything about Schafer’s suspension, You certainly don’t know anything about what you call PED’s. BTW HGH is not considered a PED by anyone in the medical community. It is readily for sale by prescription and has many legitimate uses. It is however a banned substance and subject to MLB rules. Schafer unlike the anabolic steroid users who denied ever using actual PED’s, never tested positive but was associated with parties who were distributing it. He took his punishment, without comment and paid for his lapse in judgment. You don’t know anything more than that and based on my experience those who usually cast the 1st stone are guilty of similar or greater transgressions. Why don’t you take your petty little rants and go find a home where someone actually wants to listen to a childish tirade rather than a reasoned discussion. See ya.

Right, he just ‘fessed up to doing something he didn’t do so he could take it like a man? No he ‘fessed up to taking HGH so as to deflect attention from either how much he was taking or what else he was taking. He didn’t want them scratching to deep. And, by the way, steroids are legal as well. Ask anyone who has Lupus. Always blowing smoke.

for once we are on the same page pherris.

And to follow up with bill’s comment. Jordan was suspected BY A TEAMMATE in the minors for using HGH. Nothing more. He got suspended just from people thinking he used it.
Zidane, Didn’t you say you were “retiring” from the boards? Or are you pulling a Brett Farve on us?

“surprised we are pinch running for hinske here. Doesnt seem to make sense”

Are you f’n kidding me?? It doesn’t make sense to pinch run for one of the slowest players on the team, in extra innings with no outs? Dude, you show your ignorance of this game with each and every post. Oh let me guess, now you were just being sarcastic right??

Do you guys remember a few years ago when the Braves were holding their own and then Kelly Johnson dropped a pop up in foul territory that extended an inning and cost us a game. Didn’t we lose like 18 out of the next 20 or so after that happened. Hopefully, Ryan Howard has cast a similar hoax on the Phillies with his gift to us yesterday.

Anyways, has been a great two games so far. Can’t wait for today’s game. Both these teams are equally matched. I don’t think anyone can deny that at this point and that’s why they have the two best records in the NL and I believe are top four in all of baseball. This division is going to go to whichever team the baseball gods favor the most or whichever team fixes their offense first🙂

You’re obviously wrong…the Phillies are God’s gift to the baseball world. They destroy everyone, every game, especially the Braves, right? Don’t point out the Braves winning record vs the Phils, because the Braves have lower attendance so they suck. Phillies skillfully won game 1 vs Proctor (who is definitely the Braves best BP arm), and the Braves got lucky to win game 2, duh. Don’t you get it…if the Phillies win, they were supposed to, but if the Braves win, then the Phillies obviously “let one get away” (as if they had complete control over it). Phillies are definitely the best team ever, and the Braves have no business being on the same field. Yawwwwwwn.

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