News and Notes from Citizens Bank Park

Welcome to a sunny Sunday in  Philadelphia where the Braves will attempt to enter the All-Star break on a positive note and also notch the franchise’s 10,000th victory.

Before Derek Lowe opposes Cole Hamels in this series finale, I’ll throw a couple notes your way.  We’re going to keep this brief.  But while working on some features this week, I’ve neglected this blog.

Over the past six years it has been great to get to know Brian McCann’s father, Howie,  and hear him tell a lot of different baseball tales.   Some of the most recent tales were detailed in this feature.   After writing this story, it’s going to be hard to watch him sitting behind the plate as the National League’s starting catcher Tuesday night and not think about how much fun he and his dad probably had during that month they slept in an office at a hitting facility in suburban Atlanta.

Speaking of All-Star stuff, McCann, Jonny Venters and Jair Jurrjens will take a commercial flight to Phoenix after today’s game.  Chipper Jones was going to provide the transportation via a private jet.  But the plans changed when he returned to Atlanta Saturday to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee.

Unfortunately Tommy Hanson and Craig Kimbrel came to Citizens Bank Park today not knowing whether they’ll be added to the NL’s roster for Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

When Hamels starts this afternoon, the Pirates’ Kevin Correia will likely take his roster spot because he was the pitcher who received the most votes via the player’s ballot who has not received a selection.  When Matt Cain starts for the Giants tonight, his spot could be assume by Hanson, Kimbrel or quite possibly a pitcher from another team.

Because they’ve both pitched each of the past three days, Venters and Eric O’Flaherty will only appear in an emergency situation today.   Thus the Braves might need Lowe to last at least seven innings for just the third time this year and first since May 17.

Lowe has lasted at least eight innings in just four of the 86 starts he’s made since the Braves gave him a four-year, $60 million contract before the 2009 season.

TIDBITS:  Julio Teheran and Arodys Vizcaino will represent the Braves during this afternoon’s Futures Game…Martin Prado has progressed well through his rehab assignment and is still expected to be activated when the club returns after the All-Star break to host the Nationals Friday night…Prado and Jones,  who will likely be sidelined until the end of this month or first week of August, will both be present for Thursday’s team workout at Turner Field.


I can’t believe Scott Rolen of all people is replacing Chipper. I don’t think Chipper was all that deserving, but how can you call a guy with a .244/.277/.409 line with only 5 homers an All-Star? He might make it due to Polanco sitting out the ASG, but Aramis Ramirez should have gotten the call to replace Chipper.

DLowe better tighten up.

Doesnt really matter who is an all star. Its an exhibition game so who cares. The only stupid thing is that it decides WS home field advantage.

It has nothing to do with winning the game. Being an All-Star is an honor. Wouldn’t you like to be honored for doing well at your job? I’d bet you’d care if Schafer was an All-Star. You’d complain your way into oblivion.

Schafer hasnt walked yet in July. This isnt what a lead off guy should do.

Wow nate! I know I rag on schafer but I dont think the pitchers are looking forward to the outfield not being nate, schafer and heyward when chipper and prado are back.


Has a player player making $15 million ever been given an outright release?? Lowe adds nothing to the Braves right now except a strain on their finances. He can’t even give them innings…. Next month, we may see Monor or Tehran manning the 5th spot of the rotation… 10 hits in less than 4 innings?? cummon.

Double play – thank god. It was hit like a bullet though.

What are the possibilities of getting rid of drunk Lowe. I have yet to see a game in which he has not been hit hard. I really don’t think the Braves have a chance of getting to the play-offs with players like Lowe. He is a detriment to this team.Makes a person wonder how he could get away with having a DUI dropped.He deserves to be punished like ant other person.

****ing Derek Lowe.

I will give you my critique after the game.

Hamels outpitched Derek Lowe, plain and simple. Nothing to critique.

Plenty to critique. Only want to have to do it with one post. Oops! 10-1 Philles, 10 runs, 15 hits. How many Clowns now for the Braves? Will get back to you with a critique of that as well. Remember I predicted 17 for the series. But it seems Freddie, in his true Bobby Cox fashion, might have already thrown in the towel. .

Braves regulars by OPS this year:
1, Mccann
2, Freeman
3, Chipper
4, Prado
5, Heyward
6, McLouth
7, Uggla
8, Agon
9, schafer

Yet we hit schafer and agon 1,2? They are statistically the worst hitters on the team. Heck they are hitting even worse than uggla who is having a terrible year

This team is a joke. LOL

We house the best starter and closer in the league, own the best 2nd best record in the league, 3rd in the MLB, and have yet to even halfway put together a consistent offense outside of Prado, McCann, or Freeman carrying the rest of their team on their backs at certain times of the year, and because of one game that got away, but the Atlanta Braves are a joke? I think your pure, unadulterated, stupidity based ignorance is the funniest joke you could ever speak of.

Forgot to add best set-up man and catcher.

Schafer cracks the .600 mark. His OPS is back under .600 for the year now. Only 1 qualified player in the national league, ian desmond, has a worse OPS.

Sixty-seven-year-old Raúl Ibáñez making plays like that?
This is just the Phillies’ afternoon, plain and simple.

Damn straight. No one scores 13 runs against us ever. Tip your hat to the Phills. But now you see why the victory against Proctor was nothing special, Pherris.

It is the Phillies decade.

Hard to say “decade” after only five years of being relevant.

A decade and yet only 1 World Series?

Sixty-seven-year-old Raúl Ibáñez has one less RBI than your team-leading, all-star catcher. But he has 25 less than the Phillies team leader, so there’s that.

Look who each of Howard/Ibanez and McCann has in front of him. RBI’s are a useless stat. .892 OPS for McCann vs. Ibanez’s .703 and Howard’s .828. If you’re going to insult the Braves at least do it right.

All-Star catcher who does not seem to be able to throw out base runners. The last catcher to carry a team was named Johnny Bench. Ever hear about him?

Nah, who’s Johnny Bench? … Sheesh!

Wow Proctor needs sending down.

As much as we would like to place all blame on Lowe for giving up four runs on ten hits, Gearrin really poured gas on this fire… and as I type this, Proctor is looking to trade regular gas for high-octane.

Yes, Brandon a decade and only one WS. How about the Braves, one WS in 19 or 20 years? When was the last one, 15 0r 16 years ago after 5 tries?

Phillies – first in MLB in pitching, tied for first in MLB in fielding and better than the Braves in hitting. Is there any wonder why they lead the division by 3.5 games? How many clowns today?

And yet you still haven’t run away with the division.

The Phillies defense is actually pretty bad this year if you look at advanced metrics like UZR & DRS – 2nd to last in DRS and bottom quartile in UZR (from Fangraphs). Fielding percentage is an overrated stat – in the case of the Phillies, it hides the fact that they have poor range for the most part (i.e., you can’t make an error on a ball you don’t get to).

Where are the Brave fans today? Home licking their wounds?

Doing something other than shit talking on blog sites. Does your obsessive nature with trying to put down a rival sports team stem from not being good enough to ever play on any yourself?

Nah, just glad that Proctor might have finally pitched his way out of our bullpen. Never have I been more glad that a Phillie hit a HR – at least this time it didn’t cost us the game.

Where is Little Lord PhountLeroy, formerly known as BillyBobReefer? The Braves produced a steaming pile on CBP. How come the Little Lord isn’t emerging out of it licking his chops at such an opportunity to eat?

Kimble replaces Cain at the All Star game

This is all he needs, abuse by another manager.

Every Braves pitcher who took the ball in the finale against Philly needs to be given their outright release. Proctor been a liability all year and Lowe is holding the rotation back from being the best in the bigs. Call up Teheran again and designate Lowe for assignment or demote him to the pen.

Philly fan needs to get a grip too. The two games featuring capable starters for Atlanta went to extras. Our rookie went pitch for pitch with your top ace. You put your number 2 up against our worst pitcher (who shouldn’t even be in the rotation with talent ATL has down in the minors) to take the rubber match. Any other Braves starter in there and finale probably goes to extras too. You pick up a game in the standings pre-break. Philly offense is not what it was two or three years ago. They have 3 great starting pitchers, Atlanta has four. Pens uncomparable. Phillies hopelessly average at best. Atlanta has best setup and closer in MLB.

You throw the word “great” around pretty cavalierly. Four “great” starters? Who are you kidding besides yourself? I suggest you get a dictionary before you start using words you don’t understand.

Cliff Lee on Braves’ Hanson: “Tommy Hanson should be here. He’s pitched as well as anybody in here.”

Atlanta gets rid of Proctor and Linebrink, moves Lowe to long relief, promotes Teheran and gets Prado back, best team in NL. Not to mention the team will probably move a lesser arm from their talent pool and pick up another bat.

So what are the Braves going to do? Run Kimbrel out there every night? No mention is ever made here of Kimbrel’s five blown saves or the other 9 by Braves’ relief pitchers. Extol the virtues of your pen all you want but realize you are going to need it more and more as the season wears on. Yes, Kimbrel set some obscure rookie record for saves before the All-Star break, so what? The Braves are 54-38 this year after 92 games. The Braves were 54-38 last year after 92 games and 5 games in first place at which time the Phillies were 6 games out. The Phillies have made a 9.5 game gain as compared to last year when they eventually finished with a 6 game lead. The Phillies better pitching has more than made up for their decrease in hitting. How are the Braves going to improve? How many more phenoms are down on the farm?

Yes, your right, it will weaken our bullpen to run guys out there so many times. But u forget that it saves ur starters and increases their strength compared to others at the end of the season. Every pitch is a strain or tommy john waiting to happen. Spread the load save the arms.

We don’t worry about the five blown saves because the kid is a rookie. When was his last blown save? It sure wasn’t against your Phillies. They looked uterly clueless against him on Saturday. Back to the point though. The kid is learning, but has still managed to set the save record for a rookie before the all-star break. I would be willing to bet he doesn’t have five blown saves in the second half.

I’m not quite sure why you are so worried about how the Braves are going to improve. Where do you think your team is going to improve? What get Lidge back? I can’t wait for you to get him back, so he can’t start blowing saves again. I sure hope none of your pitchers stub their toe or anything in the second half. The phillies can’t afford it.

The Phillies are set.They do not need to improve. Get Lidge back? Where have you been this season? Lidge has been gone the entire year and the most work he is going to get is a mop up role once he does return. And, not_the_old_nc , what do you not understand about the math on pitch counts? Game after game Braves pitchers are at or over 100 pitches before the 6th inning is done. Game after game Phillies pitchers go at least 7 innings on the same amount of pitches a Braves pitcher makes in 5 or 6. It is the number of pitches thrown. In fact, Phillies pitchers lead the league in fewest batters faced and have thrown fewer pitches than all teams except Pittsburgh…

Simple fact is, anyone can twist facts or embellish them to try to support their argument. As u said, the phillies are the better team, for now. The braves are sticking with them without many of our biggest talents living up to their abilities. We will get prado back, chipper, uggla is starting to heat up big time, heyward and freeman are getting in the groove. No u guys don’t need to improve unless u actually want to win the divison. Please be complacent. Just what we ned u idiot.

Sorry about the spelling. Kinda hard to type driving down the interstate with your knee. So, who of your guys aren’t really preforming very close to their talent ceiling? Halladay, hamels, and lee are damn good. They can’t do too much better. Tell me who is still trying to really improve and is going to make the difference in the second half. Naah really I don’t care, keep spouting ur ignorance and idiotic statements. I respect the phillies, maybe show a little yourself. You will be taken much more seriously and not look like such a moron.

So, if I’m dumb enough to understand your argument: Braves<Phillies<Pirates?

Bochy screws the Braves yet again; Halladay named starter.

I would start Halladay too. Nothing to slam JJ on. Halladay should get the nod.

How many games does Proctor have to give up before Fred realizes he is minor league quality, and if we can get a quarter for him, SELL. We had the best bull pen in the league before Proctor took the mound. Ouch, that really hurt the pen’s ERA.

not_the_old_nc, you would admit that you are driving and texting at the same time? You are a piece of work.

why yes, I would admit that. I’m sort of busy living life instead of constantly sitting in frnt of a computer screen. Too much to do,too little time.

But not too little time to chime in here while endangering everyone else on the road? A very southern thing. But I get it, it is personal freedom without regard to others. How do you flip those burgers at 65mph?

That’s so cute, u pretend like u care about anyone other than youself. And I’m happy to admit what I do for a living. After 13 years as a restaurant general manager I have started delivering pizzas. Ofcourse that’s to keep me busy and provide some income while I go back to school for my masters in archaeology. You know what I find really interesteng? Why is it that the sports teams in philly have the largest and most used jail facilities in their respective stadiums? Hmm, maybe its the fact that so many of u have the “I’m better than u” mentality that u display on our blog page. I can see how that would cause many drunken idiot fights. But hey,I might be wrong.

it took u that longto come up with that little bit of nothing? Hey that’s ok though. I’m actually proud of u. It was the most intelligent hing u have said on here. And yes I know its not the smartest thing to do, but hey, shit to do.

maybe it took me so long because I spend less time at the computer than you spend texting while driving.

Wow, even with those devastating 5 blown saves, Craig Kimbrel is named an All Star in his rookie season. How about them apples, Weinus?

Wow, where have you been, Little Lord PhountLeroy? But whatever it takes to give the Phillies home field advantage for the WS I am down with it. Besides, someone should get as much out of Kimbrel as possible before Freddie pulls his Bobby Cox and blows out the young man’s arm.

My favorite observation about u pherris is still the fact that as smart of a guy asu may be u still fel the need to constantly make personal attacks on others here. I can only comeup with two reasons for such behavior. Yours: intimidated in some wa shape or form. Mine: annoyed, irritated, pissed off, or however else u would like to reference it, by someone elses words or actions.

Maybe you consider them personal attacks because you are thin skinned or maybe you realize texting while zipping down the highway is not a good thing for anyone? Which is it? What kind of dope admits they are doing it in the first place?

Well, let’s see. First of all, very few of my posts are made while drivng. Second, I really don’t care what u think of me in any way shape or form. And to deny your faults just makes them worse. I’m not perfect. I don’t try to project that image either. And even though I do something so dangerous as to text and drive I can still guarantee that I’m a better human being than u. Of course I cantp prove that, nor do I think I should have to. Just admitting my faults does that on itsown since at least I think about the fact that I can improve. Its ok though, you’re perfect aren’t u!?

Oh no. I forgot to articulate my actual point. I have witnessed u do it mny times before. Howis that a personal attack? Oh, let me count the ways friend. U totally took no time to actually refute the point of the post, instead u commented on your opinion of something I do. If that’s not personal I don’t know what is. But now that I’m satisfied my point has been made ill leave u with a couple things to mull over. As a said before, I think u probably are a very smart idividual, male or female as the case may be. Bring respect, take respect back with you. And as the say in the movies, “He’s not worth it”. So I’m going to leave it at that for now and my posts will be for discussion and not derogatory toward u anymore. Untill u irritate the crap out of me again!

not_the_old_nc , it is obvious that I ring your bell in some way, shape or form. Why else would you be responding? Perhaps the idiocy of texting while driving down the road? Other than with Little Lord PhountLeroy, I need only the facts. Facts, science, history, such liberal concepts.

There is always a gray area with every fact. Whether that fact changes due to the gray area can be subject to interpretaton. I would be very happy to have u here discussing things in the appropriate manner. But the key word there is discussion. In a discussion u share your opinion ad discuss, not try to force ur opinion on others. If u want to discuss please feel free to stick around, but quit acting like ur so called facts are the end all be all. U may be right at times and u may not. Being that we both have a love for our teams we may never agree. The value of a stat is different to everyone interpreting said stat therefore unless u are leading in every stat imaginable there is that dreaded gray area.

Facts. They are pesky things. Kind’a get in the way of a good yarn.

Penis, Don’t you have a hobby? Go get of breath of air or something. Eat a Cheese Steak, you guys seem to like that.

I don’t think they breathe air there – they live off the stench of stupidity.

NO I would Trade Lowe bring up Teheran in is spot and when Minor gets well use him in long relief and as a left hander in the pen. I have a feeling that maybe Boston could take on Lowe due to all the injures on thier pithcing staff maybe get someone like Mcdonald or some cash or maybe to the Yankees for Gardner and Justin Maxwell.

Pherris, do you actually live in Philadelphia?

And, your point would be?

Wowwwww, Brandon, the “stench of stupidity”? A little alliteration? Now your getting with the program. Don’t get left behind like Little Lord PhountLeroy.

Uhhh, I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that Pherris lives along in his small condo with a litter of cats and a fridge full of cheesesteaks.

Too many freaks up North, not enough circuses.

Too true. And yet have u noticed how many northerners are constantly moving to the south. The little town I live in used to have a pop of about 10-15k in the early 90’s. Now you can’t ask someone where they are fromwithout hearing them say a state from up north. The pop starting in about ’01 grewat such a staggering rate we are around 200-300k. Some of them aren’t too bad but others ………. not so much.

I’m guessing you’re somewhere near Raleigh. You don’t have to name the town if you don’t want to, just let me know if I’m close.

Negative sir, I live in race city usa. Mooresville nc. Unfortunately I despise nascar so that race city reference was a bit sarcastic.

If you lived in Philly or NJ you would want to get out of that sh*thole, too.

Cliff Lee’s bum ass kept us from a shutout.

wow, 2 days since zippy has posted. If we could just get rid on the PenisPain we would be well on our way back to a normal blog, even with Brandie’s common foray into the absurd.

How is your love child schafer doing? Still the worst hitter in baseball??

If I throw you a stick, will you go away forever?

And if the Zo Zone could get rid of BillyBobReefer we would be back to a normal blog, too.

Braves are shutting down Medlen for 6 weeks. Likely won’t make it back in time for minor league rehab… meaning he might not make it back this year. Very sad.

Anyone besides me believe we should bring up minor or another good young arm and ship off lowe for maybe another bat or utility guy? Oh, and release or send proctor back to myrtle beach. Idk if he should even be in gwinett. If medlin does make it back he made a great addition to the rotation last year snd no one complains about having too much good pitching. Minor in my opinion gives us a better chance than lowe at this point. What do u guys think?

So it looks like Medlen might not be coming back this year at all. These voters are idiots. Not talking about the Halladay over Jurrjens thing, that can go either way and I’d think it was fine, but because Kimbrel just barley edges over a guy who can’t put up an OBP of over .320, and Freeman isn’t even in the top 3 in ROY voting.

What about you and bill loving schafer when he cant even put an OBP above .290 up. Or an OPS over .600??

Did I say Schafer was a ROY candidate? Alright then.

GO AWAY. Go to a “respectable” organization. WE. DO. NOT. WANT. YOU. HERE.

That was just done for fun. Who gives a damn?

Because it shows the sports writers of Major League Baseball are no better than these Phillie trolls; the only thing they see is homeruns and starpower, not actual good baseball players. I mean, they picked Adrian Gonzalez over Jose Bautista because of 20 more RBI’s. I believe Pherris was just arguing about how many RBI’s Ryan Howard had the other day. It’s sad whenever people try to gauge a players talent by using RBI’s. I mean, Jeff Francoeur has back to back 100 RBI seasons, super star right?

Ryan Howard has played in 965 games over parts of 8 seasons including this year. He now has 72 RBIs with 73 games to go. The man has produced 820 RBIs over the course of his career or 0.85 for every game he has played . His average for a 162 game season is 138 RBIs per season. This will be his 6th full season and the 6th straight season he will drive in 100 runs. See what happens when you are not paying attention? And how are his accomplishment diminished by the fact that Jeff Francoeur managed to get 100 RBIs for two seasons? I would be remiss it I did not mention that for the average 162 games, Ryan has hit an average of 45 HRs as well. In short Brandon, you and Ryan actually have something in common, you are both guaranteed homers.

and how many times does he strike out?

Usual red herring we can expect from a Braves fan. No matter how many times he has struck out he has led the MLB in RBIs for the last 6 years. Next question? Oh, that’s right, in Bravesland RBIs don’t count

Seriously Weinus, you need a hobby.

I am really starting to believe that Pherris actually lives in a mental institution. The way he became a Phillie fan is because the asylum has field trip days to Citizens Bank Park.

Striking out is sort of a good trait for a power hitter. It means that they’re picking their spots. Uggla wasn’t taking fringe pitches and swinging at crap for most of the year which resulted in lazy pop ups and infield dribblers. Howard is going to strike out maybe 160-170 times but he’s going to walk about 65-75 times and his OBP is around .350, where his career OBP is at .370. In 2006 Howard struck out 181 times and had an OBP of… wait for it.. .425. AND had 149 RBIs. His OPS was over ONE THOUSAND. Ryan is on a slight decline and probably will never have those numbers again, but he’s a fantastic baseball player. You can’t necessarily gauge talent with RBI stats, but you’re a fool if you think Howard isn’t one of the best in the league. If he played with Atlanta we would have won the East these past several years, though we would have also gone to the WS and won it each time.

I thought baseball is a team sport where the collective goal is to win games. Games are won by one team when it produces more runs than the opponent. An RBI definitively shows that a player has helped his team reach that goal. OBP, SLG, and OPS are great stats when it comes to contract negotiations but in and of themselves do not show a players contribution to the ultimate goal of scoring runs. Batter comes to bat bottom of ninth, game tied, less than two outs, runners at 2nd and 3rd. Batter has an OBP of .500 and batter walks, no impact on his OBP and team does not score a run. Same batter strikes out. Team does not score a run but batters OBP declines. Second situation rather than walking or striking out batter hits a sac fly, runner scoring from third, team wins and batter gets an RBI. Except by getting a sac fly, the batters OBP actually decreases. Fans wanting bragging rights come along and want to praise a player with a good OBP while denigrating a player with a lot of RBIs but who strikes out a lot despite the fact that RBIs are definitive proof of a players contribution to the ultimate goal of scoring runs while OBP, SLG, and OPS are suggestive of this but not definitive? Go figure.

Insofar as Howard’s decline is concerned, has he declined more than the general decline in offensive baseball we are always hearing about? Offer me the proof and I will consider it. Any diminution he has shown in RBIs is not near those reflected in other stats.

A cleanup hitter having over 100 RBI is expected. You can get RBis through groundouts, flyouts, and sac bunts too. RBIs can be slowly collected to gather a huge amount, but RBIs are really a bigger testament to how well the guys in front of you are getting on base or setting up runners to have a chance to score runs.

So a clean up hitter having over 100 RBI is expected? So who is the Brave in the last 4 years who hasn’t lived up to expectations: Jones or McCann? And, who I might add is not going to do it again this year. I am just using your criteria.

Alex Gonzalez Mike Minor and Jordan Schafer for Stubbs Cario and Homer Bailey. theres ur RH bat and leadoff hitter

Duh, Penis.Scenario 1- If a batter walks it definitely DOES affect his OBP. Learn what the stats mean before going into another long winded diatribe.

LittleLordPhountLeroy, you better check again and learn the formula, a walk has no impact on OBP.

Oh my, you really are a huge idiot. (H+BB+HBP)/(AB+BB+SF+HBP). Try out the formula on your very own Ryan Howard and see if it doesn’t round to .353. Man you’re dumb.

Take BB out of both sides of the equation, your boy Howard is only getting on base at a .266 clip. So the math, which doesn’t lie and is not and ignorant fanboy, says that walks make a .087 point difference in on base percentage. Thanks for playing.

Ok, so having a 100 RBI guy is what makes a winning team is what you’re getting at? Tell that to the 2010 San Francisco Giants.

Did he really say walks have no effect on OBP? Wow! I bet schafer wishes that was the case seen as he hasnt walked in about 12 games

Brandon, or Little Little Lord PhountLeroy as the case may be. take out BB from the equation of all baseball players, recalculate their OBP under these new parameters and then tell me how Howard stacks up. Thanks for playing. Some children have been left behind. Could we have expected less from Shrub territory?

Pherris, your baseball IQ has long been held in question on this board because of idiotic statements you have made. We now discover that if we remove Base on Balls from your baseball IQ that it is actually non existent. Please don’t bother saying anything else here. There is nothing else you can actually say.

PapaBear, this is a really, really good retort. I laugh thinking about it as I respond . You do come up with some hilarious one-liners I have to admit even if they are at my expense.

pherris what are you talking about. You are embarrassing yourself. Time to retire for you me thinks. You have surpassed Bill as the guy who posts the most rubbish on this blog.

Some second half schedule advantages for the Bravos.

The Braves have just 10 games remaining against teams that presently qualify for the playoffs, 6 with the Phillies, and 4 with the Giants. Of those games, the Braves have 7 of those 10 games at home. The Phillies have 17 games remaining with teams that presently qualify for the playoffs. They have 6 with the Braves, and 11 against the Giants and the Brewers. The Phils have only 6 of those 17 games at home. May be an edge to the Braves.

Back to business. PapaBear, why don’t you break down the remainder of the Braves schedule remaining within the division and tell us what the crystal ball says. Considering this is currently at 17-16, my crystal ball says the Braves goose is already cooked as far as the division title is concerned and while the Braves can help themselves by beating teams out of the division for the wildcard, they will need help as they did last year.

hmmm. must have struck a nerve with that one. He didn’t even mention clowns in the bullpen.

Hey Weinus, Maybe if you don’t count the runs in RBI’s you will invent another whole new stat. Better stick to that sandwich making gig , I think that is job security.

Making shit sandwiches does have job security as long as you are around, Little Lord PhountLeroy. It has been ever since I got word that you do like bread.

Not helping PenisPain, but Zidane, I think it’s time for you to re-retire again. You have suproassed Penis as the guy who posts the most-biased posts on this blog.

I think Pherris is made to wear a bicycle helmet in public.

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