Odds and ends from Denver

Attempting to match the emotional reaction to yesterday’s entries, we’ll begin this entry by examining why it is so important for the Braves to give Jordan Schafer a multi-year contract RIGHT NOW!!!.

Now that the blood is boiling for those of you who aren’t a part of TEAM SCHAFER, I guess I can greet you with a good morning from Denver, where Scott Proctor and Cory Gearrin have not surrendered a run in more than 12 hours.

While last night’s 12-3 loss was ugly in many ways, it seemed to at least strengthen some opinions about what the Braves should do between now and the trade deadline.

It still seems quite obvious that they would greatly benefit from the addition of a right-handed reliever.    Gearrin has struggled mightily against left-handed hitters and Proctor has simply struggled.  Adding at least another arm out there will lessen the strain placed on Jonny Venters and Eric O’Flaherty down the stretch.

During last night’s game the idea of trading the experienced Derek Lowe might have become a little less appealing as rookie right-hander Brandon Beachy experienced the roughest start of his young career.

Before evaluating these two trade angles, it must be noted that Beachy once again managed to impress with the way he handled last night’s outing.    After hanging a pair of sliders that led to Troy Tulowitzki’s three-run, first-inning homer and Carlos Gonzalez’s two-run, second-inning homer, Beachy refused to blame the thin Rocky Mountain air at Coors Field.

Instead he quickly pointed out that he had also struggled with his slider during his previous start on July 8 in Philadelphia.   When asked about the career-high five walks he issued,  Beachy said he was simply being stubborn with his attempts to paint the outside corner with fastballs against left-handed hitters.

Never did he say, “there were some borderline calls” or anything like that.  Instead the 24-year-old hurler once again proved accountable and in the process showed why he gained immediate respect when he was welcomed to the Braves clubhouse late last season.

Since Beachy wouldn’t say it, I’ll describe last night’s outing as simply a learning experience.   While allowing six earned runs in 4 2/3 innings, he recorded just one groundball out and three strikeouts  (two against Ubaldo Jimenez).   Still his line might not have been so ugly had he not become the latest pitcher to learn breaking balls often react a little different in the thin Rocky Mountain air.

Beachy should return to form over the course of his next few starts and continue serving as a valuable piece of the rotation.  But the fact that he and any of the Major League-ready prospects in the Minor League system are bound to endure growing pains should at least lessen the urge to trade Lowe.

Since becoming a starter in 2002, Lowe has gone 78-67 with a 4.02 ERA before the All-Star break and 65-37 with a 3.81 after the break.  Given that he’s now 38 years-old, maybe it’s more appropriate to show his splits since the start of 2008  —   29-30, 4.20 ERA before the break and 22-10, 3.67 ERA after the break.

Say what you want about the way Lowe has pitched this year.  You were probably saying some of the same negative things last year.  But in September and October, you came to appreciate what he provided on the mound.

Since we’re talking about splits, this seems to be a good time to show just how consistent Dan Uggla has been during his career.   And to think it was just a couple weeks ago when it seemed ridiculous to put Uggla and consistent in the same sentence.

During his career, Uggla has hit .255 with a .336 on-base percentage and .478 slugging percentage before the All-Star break.  After the break, he has hit .257 with a .346 on-base percentage and .474 slugging percentage.

With his first multi-homer performance of the year last night, Uggla provided another reason to believe he is escaping his early-season nightmare.   During his 11-game hitting streak, he has batted .341 with five homers, a .438 on-base percentage and .805 slugging percentage.    His batting average has improved from .173 to .192.

I would expect Fredi Gonzalez will put Jason Heyward back in the lineup for tonight’s game against the Rockies.   The 21-year-old right fielder removed himself from Monday’s lineup because of a sore left foot and was told he needed another day to rest Tuesday.

Obviously yesterday’s entry about Heyward’s struggles stirred a lot of emotions.   Some of you agreed, others described me as an idiot.

Some of you couldn’t understand why I wrote there’s a chance Heyward could be sent to the Minors or that he could lose his everyday role in right field.   These weren’t simply my opinions.  This information was gathered through conversations with scouts, players, associates and members of team management.

It’s very easy to understand why some of you have asked how can you say this about Heyward and not Schafer.  Both have struggled mightily and truth be told, I always felt Schafer needed to stay in the Minors for at least the first four months of this season.

That possibility was erased when Nate McLouth went on the disabled list in May and Schafer suddenly became the team’s starting centerfielder and leadoff hitter.   Even as Schafer has endured growing pains and shown the effects of the significant time he’s missed the past three years, the club has provided every reason to believe they feel his athleticism makes him the best fit for that leadoff spot.

So there has been no reason to even suggest Schafer could return to the Minors.

With Heyward, the Braves possess one of the game’s most physically-gifted young players.   It’s their responsibility to provide him whatever he needs to develop and maximize his skills.

Truth be told, the Braves probably weren’t wise to bring Heyward back to the Majors so soon after he rested his sore shoulder for nearly a month this year.   He probably should have spent more than just a couple days on a Minor League rehab assignment attempting to fix his swing and approach at the plate.

What’s done is done.  But if the Braves do eventually opt to send Heyward back to the Minors for a week or two, it shouldn’t simply be viewed as a demotion.  It should be viewed as a decision aimed toward the best interests of a 21-year-old kid with a world of talent.

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Bowman…..i couldn’t agree with you more…..after last nights “learning experience” there is more of a reason not to trade Lowe and look for another RH for the bullpen…..its obvious we need Moylo and Medlen back, but till then we need someone to pick up Proctor who I feel will be gone soon and Cory who still has room to grow….Heyward has hit rock bottom, sophomore funk or whatever he needs a week or 2 in “rehab” the minors to get things back on track…he is just not the same guy from last year……..the pieces are there we just need to get them to fit better…..

I have a question I just saw Pastornicky on the G-Braves Roster does that mean that a deal in the works for Alex Gonzalez to be heading out of town to say like SF or Cincy?

Lucas was moved to AA hence the roster move. I’m watching him tonight in Jacksonville

I agree in lots of ways. I feel our coaching is lacking right now, but not in the way u may think. The staff’s decision making during the games is overall fine. Its about playing the odds. Somtimes ur gamble right sometimes wrong. However the lacking part for me is related to the literal coaching of the players, also known as teaching them. We have a lot of talent that I feel just needs the right guidance and they should be set up for success. Heyward and shafer have the talent to be both hall of famer’s but there is something little we are missing. Freddie has it, whatever it is but let’s pray he keeps it. Any of them can have the biggest talent in the world but with one small critical thing missing they will never live up to the potential. The coaching staff needs to determine very quickly whether its a drive issue, work ethic, simple mechanics issue, or a teachability issue. If its not teachability the coaches have to fix the issue or the talent is wasted.

Haha Mark if you were referring to me and the Heyward remark, I said it’s “idiotic” to compare Franceour’s struggles with Heyward’s. Different than saying you’re an idiot, which I wasn’t implying. Heyward’s plate discipline is brilliant and at the moment seems slightly damaged. Frenchy excelled to a point because of his athleticism, which wasn’t enough once pitchers started to exploit the fact the he has some of the worst plate discipline in the majors. I wouldn’t argue much against a 1-2 week stint in Gwinnett for J-Hey.. but I do think that it is folly for a world series contender to bat a guy with a sub-300 OBP in the spot which gets the most at-bats in every single game. Speed doesn’t matter much if you don’t walk and can’t hit the ball out of the infield.

At least Fredi moved Gonzo to 8th and finally got it through his head that batting two players with OBPs close to the league’s worst in the 1-2 spots was ultimately not a very good idea.

viva, please don’t take over Zippy’s Schafer bashing OBP role, please. If you do, you will be considered with the same high regard that has been given to that monkey.

DOB says we are close to getting our RH_OF bat.

Hunter Pence and Matt Downs is the word. They are still working on some of the 4 Braves prospects. This is a blockbuster boys and girls.

OMG, now Johnny Gomes is being floated. That sounds more like a QTip trade.

Bill , I am keeping up with all the chatter too. Where are you hearing the Pence/Downs talk though?

Couple of places, Buster has just now changed his tune from 24 hours ago. He went from Houston is looking for major overpay, to rival execs think Pence will move, Braves have the prospects.

I heard the same thing. And the Phillies have the prospects as well.

Phillies can’t pay Pence, they are 2 million away from Luxury tax. Mets are carrying beltrans salary for Frillies.

That is crap regardless of what Ken Rosenthal writes. But I guess the Braves do have their hopes.

Heyward back to minors, Pence in RF. Prado back to LF when the crippled one returns.

from ESPN
“Fredi Gonzalez told us today on our show that they are looking at RH OF Bat that can play all 3 OF pos..so..Beltran?Pence?” This has to be Pence, it’s the language they were using when talking about Pence a week ago.

I hope it’s Pence and not a 4th outfielder they are looking to platoon for LHP. Pence is the right move. Much more reliable and consistent than Beltran. I’d take Beltran too… but Pence is the right move. As long as it doesn’t cost us Tehran/Beachy I’m all for it. Any other prospect and it would be well worth it.

I don’t really want to see viscaino leave either. If it makes you feel better Delgado is pitching tonight for Mississippi.

Bill, the difference is that I know what I’m talking about. I’m not anti-schafer and pro-mclouth. i’m anti-both of them because cf is once again the weakest link.

Schafer is at the point where Freddie was 2 months ago. CF is fine. You’re not one of those fickle fans that were ready to dump Freddie, are you?

The Andruw curse lives……


Haha no way. I never gave up on Uggla either. But Freddie is 21.. Schafer is an average defender and has looked awful at the plate. I LIKE THE GUY. I really wish he was excelling the way he could, but do we really want to wait until September to let him figure his shit out?

And yes, Speedy.. the Andruw curse does indeed live on. Though Kotsay wasn’t bad when he was here.

Thank you for remembering Kotsay. He was pretty solid for us and I was disappointed to see them trade him.

Your not a closet HGH hater are you viva? Cause nether of the things you said about Schafer is true. Not in my eyes, not in Mgmt’s eyes, not in the eyes of every team that has seen him play.

You speak for every team who has seen him play do you? You asked them all or something?

HGH doesn’t make you a good baseball player.

.230 / .298 / .310 isn’t a good line no matter how you shake it.

You really had to pour a big steaming bowl of Purina Idiot Chow, didn’t you?

How bout this slash line .178/.250/.344 /.594. That’s Dan Uggla’s totals until 2 weeks ago. Would you have shit canned him and a salary that’s 30 times what schafer makes? I don’t like schafer’s stats, but you really have to look past that. I mean, he changed his whole approach at the plate this spring at the request of the team, he has been robbed on line drives since he came up(that will correct) and someone has got him free swinging since about after his 2nd week up(he was taking pitches when he came up). Coaching staff see this differently than you do, they see the potential of JS, so do I.

You could use that arguement with anyone though couldnt you Bill. Your not very clever are you. Let me spell it out for you. Schafer has no track record of performing, in the majors or in the minors. Therefore waiting for him to “come around” like you would with a proven major leaguer is just delusional. And schafer ranks in the middle of the majors by most defensive measures that exist.

Whats next, we say Tim lincecum was struggling earlier this year so we should stick with scott proctor? Do you see how ridiculous almost everything you say is yet?

Wow, a Brave starter makes it through 5 innings.

Good play by Prado. I guess he forgot to take his ritalin today.

You wish you had MP, you wish. Instead your gonna get Beltran.

You are such a hoot. You want to quote Rosenthal as to why the Phillies might not get Pence. but ignore Rosenthal as to why the Phillies will not get Beltran. I bet you listen to Faux News as well.

Only the Braves can have 2nd and 3rd with no outs and so effortlessly screw it up. All talent aside, the approach our offense takes in certain situations is so pathetic. Heyward grounds to second right on queue.

And now McLouth goes up and tries to draw a walk w/ the pitcher behind. That 3rd strike was fugly.

Pherris thats how bills world works. Ignore all evidence which doesnt agree with his ignorant rants and embrace all evidence which does.

Viva, I’m blaming the fact that “it’ came back on you.

The Monkey and his Penis. This gonna be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…..apology to Bogie.

You do have a penis fixation. Don’t you?

I’m not the one who made my name one. I’m just observant.

Schafer 2 singles. Doesn’t look like much of a struggle to me.

Only you and your fixation could get penis out of PherrisPhain. You see them everywhere.

And Freddie got pitches to hit because Schafer was on 1st.

I love it. The Frillies are looking at the Flying Burrito.They are so out of money.

Schafer steals the run again. Great read on the steal. This is the stuff that doesn’t show up in your OBP stat.

damn. stop the presses. Gonzo took 2 pitches in a row and then, Barumpbump, kills the rally. His OBP, wait for it, .259, 40 points below Schafer. OBP isn’t correlatable, don’t you guys know that?

Martín… no…

Let’s hope the splits on Gonzalez hold true…

Nope, that was meat

Shouldn’t have had to come to him.

Buck up Brave fans. If you win tomorrow, you might cut the Phillies lead since the Phillies have an off day.

Prado with a base running mistake and a game-losing error. I would not want to be a water cooler in the clubhouse right now. Dude gets pissed when he makes an out in the first inning. Would hate to see what he is doing right now.
You know what – when you’re Martin Prado, you can have the occasional bad game. He will more than make up for it.

Yeah Bill, Jonny Gomes does seem like more of a Wren type deal. But, you can’t argue with it; he’s hitting like .340/.460/..560 against lefties. We have no room for a full time Pence player unless Prado plays short and gets Sea Bass’ sorry ass of the field.

Of course there is room for Pence, do we have an OF hitting over .250?? (Prado excluded)… There is always room for someone like Pence.

If we get Gomes, we better not be giving up much….

Gomes=Farnsworth, Lee, Ankiel, Church, Lugo Proctor. Guys got an eye for talent kind of like my grandmother dresses. it’s functional it’s just not all that beautiful.

Bill – you’d be proud of me. I just got banned from Pwj’s Capitol Avenue blog for this comment: “…of course, I am talking to a bunch of people in here who still think Kelly Johnson should be playing outfield for the Braves….”

I think I pushed a button…

Peter’s love child KJ. Ah, the good old days. Peter had to go start his own blog because of that argument. He was insisting that Martin was just a Backup INF and KJ would come around soon. Whoops. Yea, Peter banned me from CAC before it even got up I think. I’ve been banned from better web sites than that.

Wow, you got banned? I wonder why. Maybe because you are the biggest troll I have ever come across online. You dont even care about baseball you just like to argue. Then you claim its because I am so stupid, whereas in reality we all know you were trying to argue with everyone before I even posted here. You are a troll. WHy dont you quit being a troll and leave this blog so we can talk baseball without you trolling it.

I hope we dont see another game like that out of prado. Base running error cost us at least 1 run. Terrible error in the 9th cost us the game. He didnt move schafer over when he was at 2nd with nobody out twice. Terrible. And no, I am not ragging on prado. He is amazing. But he has a shocking game last night. I expect him to rebound tonight and have a big game. that is what a gamer like prado does….I hope!

How many times is this clown going to say he is gone forever, but then come back the next day. Nobody likes a quiter, but they dislike a flip flopper even more.

I would like to see us get Pence, but at what cost? I’m sure NCbravesfan could work out a trade for a bat boy and a case of maple bats, but in reality I’m a little concerned about what Houston would be taking from us. If we were to get HP, how long would we have control of him?

So if that is what a gamer like Prado does, then why are you bashing him for last night? Big deal. He made an error. That’s not the norm for him and as you said he will rebound tonight. So why even bring it up? Why don’t you stick to soccer or badminton. I think those sports would be more your speed.

So it makes him above critisim? I didnt say prado is terrible. I just stated the fact that he pretty much had the worst game you can imagine. Maybe you should try reading what I write rather than just abusing me to try and impress billreef. Or do you think I am wrong to say prado pretty much cost of that game? Get a grip you clown.

Pence is worth the cost as long as it’s not Tehran. He is incredibly consistent. .300 hitter with 25 home runes every year. Career average of .291 and he’ll steal 15-20 bases. Career .340 OBP and he’s on pace to drive in over 100 runs this year. Career .290 hitter against lefties. He’d be a game changer to our lineup. As far as prospects go, if the name on the back of the jersey isn’t Tehran/Beachy – it is worth the cost.

With Pence – think long term. Prado moves to 3B next year as Chipper retires. Pence is in left Schafer in Center, and Heyward in Right.

Line up would look something like this:


Papa – I don’t think Chipper is retiring next year. I think he will fulfill his contract. As long as he knee holds up and he’s contributing… he will be there. Especially if the team keeps winning. The only way I see him retiring is if we win it all this year and he decides to go out on top.

Took the words out of my mouth Bravo. Band I highly doubt Gonzo will be with us next year. At least I hope not.

Ok – but my point was the balanced line up – look at it. I think everyone would be helping everyone. Very balanced and potentially powerful lineup.

As much as it pains me to even think about believing anything a Fox News broadcaster in any capacity says, looks like Ken Rosenthal is saying Braves aren’t willing to pay the price for Pence. I may be the only one, but I am relieved. And there is no guarantee that Chipper retires next year.

No way chipper is retiring. And as usual, Brandon is right that pence would cost too much.

How would it cost too much if it significantly puts us in a realistic championship season? We’re talking prospects that are 2 – 3 years away from making any real impact. What if the window to winning was right now? Hanson and JJ will both be gone in 2-3 years with Boras as their agent. Tehran and Beachy will be anchoring the rotation by then. Huddy will resign with the Braves. Minor/Viz/Delgado are all worth Hunter Pence under team control for the next 2.5 seasons. Our one true weakness is our offensive production against LHP’s and from the right handed side of the plate. Why not improve our one weakness in a championship run to give us the best possible opportunity to win now?

I should clarify – I do not believe it would be wise to trade all 3 of Minor/Viz/Delgado. But one or two of them would be worth it. What’s the point of having pitching depth if you don’t utilize it to put your team in the best opportunity to win. I believe Pence is the kind of player that would put this team on another level. Think of a playoff scenario in which you face Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee 4 times. With our awful stats against LHP, are you saying you are comfortable going up against those guys in a best of 7 series 4 times? Not addressing our biggest need in the middle of a pennant race would be a crime.

I think you’re valuing Pence just too much. 20 HR’s is not really that big of a feat anymore. Look at people who have done it in the recent years(Lyle Overbay, Bengie Molina, hell, even Alex Gonzalez). His career OBP of .339 is extremely… average. His power is even down this year; through 400 PA’s, he only has 11 home runs. Barring an Adam LaRoche like August and September, he won’t hit that illustrious 25 benchmark he’s set for himself. And a big thing is; he’s having a career year average wise, no one should expect him to always hit .330. But all the arbitration judge is going to see is what he did last year; the guy won arbitration this year at somewhere near $7MM, so with this All-Star highlighted career year, he’s setting himself up for north of $10MM for next year and higher the yea after that. so we’d be taking on 2.3 years of Pence for a top pitching prospect, another good prospect, and a decent prospect, plus somewhere around $25MM. At than price for a player lie Pence that we really would have to do something drastic to just get him at-bats, I say hold him. We should not go and make a Texieria-esque deal with someone who is only half the hitter Texieria is.

Uggla’s slash line was way worse than Schafer’s, yeah. But when did Schafer has multiple season’s with numbers like the Uggla of old (and present).

I wasn’t even ragging on Uggla. If we had to /demote/trade/bench evryone on this team who a’nt hitting we wouldn’t be able to field a team. At least Schafer brings additional tools to the table, while he is slumping.

Also – this needs to be a defensive move. Buster Olney just tweeted that the Phillies are putting together an offer for Pence that center around Vance Worley. We can’t let the Phils get that much better. Especially when we have the same need.

On this note, f**king trade for Hunter Pence now!

This is exactly what the Yankees do to the Red Sox to drive up the price on a particular player. Hope it works here because I would not trade Worley after what he has shown so far..

I for one, think it would be wise to go after a better shortstop. There, I said it.

Well I would be OK with that.. as long as he can hit and make an impact against LHP’s. I don’t think I am overvaluing Pence. This year he is batting .386 with runners in RISP and .356 with 2 outs nad runners in RISP. He’s .500 with the bases loaded. Career wise he is .303 with RISP and close to .300 with 2 outs and RISP. He’s no Tex… but I don’t think he will come at a Tex price. Maybe in prospects… but Tex cost us more simply by leaving after one season. Pence will be contributing the next 2-3 years. ATL payroll will be 62 mil in 2012. Even with Arbitration there should be plenty of flexibility.

I agree with Bravo, especially if we will have him for 2+ years. It’s a fine line between trying to win now and preserving the teams competitiveness in the future. If you hold onto too many pieces for the future you could end up not winning at all, because the future never turns into now. Pence is defintely a guy that could put us over the top and make this team a serious World Series contender this year. If nothing changes, we are currently a wild card winner and possibly playing in the NL championship at best. Which isn’t bad, but if there is a chance to do better, we have to take it right?

As for you Zippy. Just because he is not above criticism, doesn’t mean you are justified in doing it. The guy plays his butt off for this team everyday. When he has a month of games like last night, then feel free to complain.

Why isnt it justified? I wasnt saying he is bad. I wasnt saying damn prado is hurting us. All I said was: Fact: Prado had a terrible game last night. Do you dispute this? Can’t blog commentators make comments about the games? You just jumped down my throat to make yourself feel like a big man, but all you did was make yourself look like a tool. Sorry.

Zippy there’s only one tool in here and you is it.

I tend to agree Brandon. A better hitting short stop anyways, but who is available that would fit that bill?

Bill you are a troll. Get a life.

Weren’t you leaving for good? AGAIN?

A better hitting ss would be great but not at the expense of a major lack of defense. I think we could downgrade defensively at that posistion very slightly and it still be worth it. Too many important plays a ss is involved in. The majority of double plays involve the ss, not to mention how may balls are hit directly to short.this is all why I suggest p7utting martin at short, picking up an of’er who can play at least left and right, see what we can get out of lowe, gonzo, and one pitching prospect and bring minor up. I knowthe dangers of puttng minor out there in the post season as opposed to lowe but I think its worth it. Or if we get lucky and get medlin back, he was much better in the rotation than out of the pen in my opinion but still strong in either spot. Many options, the front office could consider. Let’s hope they chooe well.

Medlen is shut down for the season.

Do we really want such a delicate flower like Reyes? ESPN reported this morning that the Met’s wouldn’t trade him before the deadline anways. A guy like that isn’t going to make it through waivers.

Whatever soccer player. You are a whiner. Everybody has to pull for everybody, unless they are named Schafer, ooh ra ra…. Then you are negative about the best hustle guy on the team. There are things you just don’t talk about. Kind of like a perfect game in the 5th inning. Sure you think it, but you don’t speak about it. Everybody already knows Prado didn’t have a great game last night. Again, big freakin deal. Everyone wins 60 and everybody loses 60.
Isn’t it time for you to quit this blog today and then surprise us all with your return tomorrow?

Uggla’s career numbers would allow you to make an assumption that his slump was temporary, and it seems that it was. Schafer’s “slump” is on par w his numbers for the past 3 years. i’m not saying he doesn’t have the ability to improve, i’m saying that it would be very dangerous to not go after a better option in center and hope that does indeed improve for september.

And Martin is not a “slight downgrade” at SS. The difference is Alex is above average at short, and Martin is below average.

Coors field sucks. Its not real baseball.

That’s the Heyward I like to see. Good that he didn’t bounce that pitch to second.

Brooksie did well there to hustle to stop that double play there.

I dont even think nate can hit the ball hard anymore. I would probably pick schafer over him right now. Although I would ideally pick mr. outside hire in centre field. Nate gets walks which is great but he cant even hit a fastball now.

And I was wrong about keeping gonzo for his defense. That guy has to go unless he sorts it out asap.

Schafgonzlouth is killing this team offensively. We need help.

and just like that a Gonzo walk and a McClouth RBI… I need to keep making predictions and accusations…

You really are priceless, Bravo. You are so right, you are wrong! Keep up the good work.

Finally nate hits a ball hard.

According to Bill, Nate McLouth must be the luckiest blind squirrel in the world this week. Ties the game against the Nats, puts us ahead here…

He needs to be more aggresive sometimes. Its a delicate balance though. Anyway, nice to see him get a big 2 out hit there.

Hey man, even Zippy had turned on him. 2 hits in a week isn’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball.

I havent turned on him bill. I still want him to suceed, but we really need better in the outfield. Having siad that his OPS is still a.678 which isnt that bad.

He’s not tearing any covers, but he is becoming McClutch!

Also I also want to admit I was probably wrong about defending parrish/TP. There is alot of evidence to suggest there is something seriously wrong with the way the braves coach their hitters. Why cant McLouth hit a fast ball anymore? Why cant gonzo do anything anymore? Why does every bat we pick up come to atlatna and die?

So basically you admit that you were wrong about everything you’ve ever said…


I wasn’t high on Gonzo coming to Atlanta unless he brought his power with him. We always suffer when we trade players in order to get rid of their attitudes.

I really wish everyone would re-evaluate. There is a LOT of whining going on. Seriously guys, look where we are. Our team is playing well. We are in the hunt. Let the players do what they do, the coaches do what they do, and the front office do what it does. See what happens. But let’s reflect, and be glad that we are approaching August in a pennant race!

And having just said that, may I just say – McNOARM!


At a boy Brooksie, it is the 7th inning.

Brooks in the 7th…Like clockwork.

Wow Nate boy! Coming around? Hitting the ball hard

That’ll make up for the throw.

It was the release time not the throw. The throw was good. But for some reason he didnt think he would tag up maybe I dont know?

Nate, great slide and hustle!

THAT is why you slide, gentlemen.

Great to have Brooks to fill in while Danny’s hurt. Way to get it going Brooks.

Yup, nice to see him get a hit right handed too

Great play there, brooks is really contributing today.

And THAT was a great DP all around.

Another defensive gem by Brooks, makes the turn after getting taken out, to complete the DP.

We all know brooks stunk it up in that series with san fran last yr but he is the epitome of how hard work can overcome a talent deficit. The whole clubhouse loves his attitude, how great of a teammate he is, and hey, he comes up in the clutch with the bat more often than not. Raw dawg conrad! He is the guy tha so may of us wish we were. I know if I had kept working on it i’d be in the majors right now. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS!

As someone who has played sport with my hands at a resonably high level, I can tell you that finger injuries are a bitch. I would be surprised if schafer is back tomorrow, and they have a nasty habit of taking a long long time to truely clear up.

Ping pong can be rough on the hands, huh?

Is spanking the Monkey, considered a sport now? And how high were you when you were doing it. Don’t usually pry into these things, but since you “whipped it out” on a braves blog, I felt compelled to at least ask. It seems you want to share your experience with us, but I am pretty sure we can put that puppy away.

Oh, and i hope whatever that is about clears up soon.

Schafer in for defense, whoops.

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that a Mets scout was watching Minor in Gwinnett last night. They also quoted Beltran as saying pitching is important in considering his next team. MAN I hope we’re not going to send our #1 draft pick and second best pitching prospect to a team in our own division for a 2 month rental…

It gets even worse. Beltran’s contract specifies he can not be offered arbitration. Therefore, he can not decline arbitration. Hence, no compensatory draft pick. He is the true rental player.

agreed. Hence is the guy. Beltran is a desperate move.


Thanks Hillreef

Your welcome Havo.

I hope we pick up some bull pen help and someone like reed johnson. A right handed bat who can play centre to spell schafer/nate.

I hope Nate and Heyward can continue on last nights game and produce in cincy.

It would sure be nice if Chipper would travel with Gwinnett to start his rehab here in Norfolk this weekend. I’m sure he will stay close to Atlanta and just do it with Rome. If he gets started at all this weekend.

So it sounds like whoever loses out on Pence (us or the Phillies) gets stuck with Beltran. That sucks. I hope it’s not us.

Glad we got out of Colorado with a split. After Tuesday and Wednesday, that looks outstanding.

Buster Olney now tweeting Braves are front runner for Beltran. I will not be happy if we send a top pitching prospect to a rival team for a 2 month rental on a injury plagued over the hill switch hitter batting .232 against left handed pitching.

He said that was an “educated guess” i.e no real info

If we send a top pitching prospect to the Mets for Beltran, Izzy better be coming with him and not for Minor. We have enough problems with facing left handed pitching to give them Minor.

“Houston?s Michael Bourn would give the Braves a legitimate top-of-the-order game-changer who led the NL in steals the last two years and is leading the league again this year. He has a .350 OBP and can run the ball down in center field with phenomenal range. The Braves could offer the Astros left-handed starter Mike Minor, outfielder Jordan Schafer and pitching prospect J.J. Hoover in a blockbuster. The Astros need to build for the future, and the chance to get two pitching prospects and a good defensive center fielder with a strong arm would give them a big boost.”

That coment was by Jim Bowden.

Boy JJ has been tossing some high meat the last couple games. Wonder if he is tiring?

Anyone else understand hitting Alex 6th?

What Gonzo is doing is called batting, hitting has nothing to do with it.


But Gonzo’s not doing much of either, Bill…

When you have Alex, Conrad, and Nate to round out the bottom of your order, you just gotta put everyone somewhere…

Well conrad and nate arent the people most likely to make an out in the whol NL (Alex is 73 out of 73 of qualified players)

To quote my wife after Heyward and McCann went back-to-back: “Batting practice!”

Come on San Diego, give us a hand.

More hanging meat from JJ.

Welcome to Great American Ballpark, gentlemen.

We been hitting the ball hard all day. At last we get some luck. Stubbs should of had that ball.

Someone needs to email the Capital Avenue club and ask if Peter still likes Kelly Johnson over Martin. I am pretty sure he is STILL singing that same old song.

Why does everything have to be confrontational with you? I have never known anyone watch sport like you do. You want certain players to do well so you can prove yourself to be right and then say I told you so to people.

No Zippy Monkey, I want to talk to people intelligent enough to see what is obvious.

He probably has a stat to back him up as well.

EOF, Vent and Kimby have a combined 47 gAME STREAK W/O GIVING UP A RUN. Phenomenal.

Brooksie flashing some leather.


Oh Danny Boy. The pipes…..

Uh oh… Is Uggla rising from the dead??? Back to back games with homers from Heyward. Could this offense be turning the corner? I’m not claiming that just a couple of games says it is, I’m just seeing some signs that the pieces that really weren’t producing the entire first half may be getting it going. This is going to get fun!

Ok, Dan let me be the first to apologize to you for the 76 negative comments I have made about you in this blog. You have proven quite capable of helping this team. Great game – let’s not take venters and kimbel for granted. They are amazing. Anybody else laugh when Proctor was warming up in the 7th – nice one Freddie.

Anyhow, let’s continue to show the same patience with Heyward that we showed with Uggs. He has hit the ball very well lately and his 230 average is still better than half the starting lineup – gonzo, uggs, mcclouth and shafer are all lower or the same.

Anyhow, tomorrow they are the game of the week and I will be watching. Don’t think they need Pence. Statistically, he is going to be similar to heyward and heyward will eventually learn how to hit lefties. He is just finding a grove. I don’t know why Wilkin can’t play against the lefties. I guess he may get sent down when chipper comes back so may not be possible.

Mr. Bowman, Odds and Ends From Denver? Sorry to disturb your soiree or what ever you southerns do in your spare time in your genteel manner but it would be nice to have a more recent entry.

Just because you come from the Twighlight Zo Zone, Weinus, doesn’t mean we have to expect the thoughtful Mr. Bowman to regurgitate his every bowel movement like Frillies bloggers. Just sit quietly and someone will be with you shortly.

Here we go, Mr. Penis fixation himself. Maybe if you had listened to your mother and left it alone, your’s would have grown.

Hey, I’m not the one with the Phallic reference in everything I do. You root for the Phillies, and your name is Pherris and you call yourself a Phan. And I have a penis fixation? Ha!!!!

Oh and before you label Mr. Bowman a Southerner you might want to consider that he is a huge WVU fan. I’m pretty sure he is a hillbilly just like you Weinus. Only thing is, he had a school in his county, unlike you who was home schooled by your very friendly Aunt Mary. I guess its true, you can have a child AND a cousin all in one fell swoop.

Bill, not that I have a problem with u giving a phillies fan crap, but pherrishas been rather peaceful lately. No need to instigate stuff. And please tell me u don’t believe the crap u spouted about his penis fixation. It seems to me that by ur logic anyone who has ever been to a PHarmacy must have a penis fixation too.

NC, R U really sure u want to get in a battle of words with the reef? r u sure?

There is no war, nor will there ever be one wth u. Just wondering though, do u have an inferiority complex or neurosis? U attack everone who doesn’t agre with u like napoleon! Hell, I had a friend who is truly phsycopathic,literally, and he doesn’t try to pick a fight asoften as u do.

NC, you might want to learn to spell psychopath if you want to use it in a sentence.

The more I hear of Beltran, the less excited I get. Let’s just get rid of Nate and pick Frenchy back up. His occassional power and cannon of an arm could help us at a low cost.

Idk man, I was kindahoping he would hurry and post something new too.

Daggone open HTML tags…
Good AB by Heyward, going the other way. Already a better approach than he’s had earlier in the year.

I like the idea of Frenchy speedy. I like the Reed Johnson idea more.

Why isn’t gonzo bunting, wtf?: And pops it up. What a selfish little man.

Derek does it again

How anyone EVER seen anyone hit as badly as gonzo has the last 2 months? his OBP must be about .150. Why the heck isnt nate (obp =.340) hitting above gonzo? No sense fredi you fool. I no longer want an OF. I want a SS in the trade. I am fine with schafer and nate out there. Get us a SS who can actually hit/walk/do anything

OBP last two months for Gonzo: .213.
BA last two months for Gonzo? .174.

None of his numbers are good except for his fielding percentage.

Lag isnt his OPS in june and july about .350?

.493. OBP – .213, SLG – .280.

Its not just that though – its the fact he never makes productive outs either.

I think even bill would want nate to hit about alex.

You know who Gonzalez is reminding me of now at the plate with his utter lack or productivity? Raul Mondesi when he was a Brave.

Nobody comes close to gonzo though. You could bet on him not getting those runners over with runners on 1st and 2nd and 0 outs!

Their numbers are VERY similar though. Mondesi was just as unproductive in his time in Atlanta.

“Lack *of.*”

Nate seems like he is heating up. Starting to hit the ball hard and has a very good eye. Even in his 0 for 4 last night he hit the ball hard twice and ok twice.

Christ, is there anyone McCrash hasn’t run into over the last year? He is dangerous to himself and others on the field. They need to find a position on the field where he can’t run into people. Maybe like, left out?

Get ready. Here comes the Proctolgist.

The Proctologist slams the door!

Slammed the door? More like left it open, invited the burglars in, made them sandwiches and showed them where his wife’s diaphragm was.

P’Nicky is tearing up AAA. Let’s make the switch.


I ALMOST agreed. But I won’t say he’s tearing anything up based on just four games played.

I was just looking for an excuse to get him up here. How could he be any worse than gonzo right noiw. I think coming off that canadian juice has really been tough on him.

Truth be told, the only part I disagreed with was the “tearing AAA up” part. Everything else you’ve said, I agree with.
Matter of fact, they called McCann up from AA. Why NOT bring up Tyler?

How about lets start by releasing proctor. He has no value on the field. I don’t even believe we could get the afore mentioned pin ball machine for him. Time to move on. And I agree, bring up pastornicky. I haven’t seen anything on him defensively but he has to be at least servicable in the field, and it would be vry difficult for him to be any more inept at the plate than gonzo.

OK, no pinball machine. A deck of cards, then? It doesn’t even have to include the jokers. Or the box.

It’s time to clean house in the Bullpen..First off, all the minor leaguers have gotten as much work as they need by now. End the Gearrin, Proctor, Martinez experiment. Trade em drop em leave em in the minors, I don’t care. bring up Minor and Teheran. Let em get some long relief work at the show. It ain’t gonna ruin em. Hell, they’ll learn more about the game in the next 2 months of a pennant race than they did all year in the bus circuit. They are for sure better than what we blow leads with every night in the middle innings. I mean someone needs to explain to Braves mgmt what the ATL does to starters in the middle of the summer. You shouldn’t be expecting more than 5 from these guys. This ain’t SF. You have to have Middle relief to win in ATL. I give Bobby credit for one thing. When his bullpen had 3 big holes in it, he wen’t and got 3 new arms. It’s time for a little of that style of housekeeping.

Haha, bring up tehran to be in the pen and do long relief? Thankfully I dont think the braves are that stupid to stunt the development of one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

What do you think is going to happen when the 40 man rosters open up, there’s a good chance that Minor, Teheran or both gets added to the pen. Bill is just suggesting doing it a little earlier. A little extra exposure in the Majors is good for both of them even if they have a rough outing or two.

Like all the little Nancy boys, you think bringing a pitcher up to compete in a playoff run is gonna stunt their development. It’s probably the biggest problem with pitchers today is that they get mollycoddled and aren’t ready when they get put into situational baseball. Once again, Monkey, you have shown that you know nothing about the game.

I hear the bravos are interested in BJ Upton. I hope this is just a rumor….

Anyone who disagrees with you knows nothing then Bill? Nice one!!

No Zip, just you.

Ok, Gonzo plays every day because of his defense, I get that. However,why is he consistently hitting 6th and 7th and not 8th? I remember he actually was hitting second for a week or so. He is an offensive disater. Even worse than Nate Bill, sorry. Nate can at least take a pitch or two and turn the lineup over quicker. I just read on MLB that with Uggla and Heyward picking it up, it is almost the equivalent of trading for an impact bat. They don’t feel as if Wren will trade any of the big 4 for Beltran – Minor, Tehran, Vizciano, or Delgado. I was a little surprised by this, but not disappointed. I like the team with Schafer and McClouth manning center now.

I hate to jump ahead, but I am very curious what will happen next year. Here is my prediction – JJ, Huddy, Beachy, Tehran, and Minor will be the rotation. Hanson and Lowe will be traded. Medlen will be in the bullpen and provide the rotation with insurance as well Delgado in AAA. Just a thought, but they may choose not to move Hanson or Lowe. They definitely need to move one as Tehran is ready and serves no purpose in AAA. Minor should be ready as well, but the AAA stats are not quite as good,

I agree, Gonzo looks worse than Nate at the plate, but Nate still takes the prize as worst defensive player on club. I like Minor for long relief next year. Would be good to have a LH reliever in that role with our RHed rotation. If Medlen gets back to 100% he is a better starter than Minor.

The awesom thing is tha medlen was great out of the pen and yet even more exceptonal in the rotation last year. I know it may be apipe dream but I would love to have huddy, jj, hanson, medlen, and beachy starting next year. Gives us minor and teheran in case of injuries. And one could step in when hudd hangs em up.

Please no BJ Upton, I don’t care if we get a bat or not as long as we don’t get Upton. That’s the last time I will state my distaste for Upton….

If Schafer could learn to use his speed offensively like Stubbs he would be much more effective.

It’s a shame Gonzo hit into the DP there, he was actually having a good at bat.

Bobby Valentine just trashed Heyward’s swing. Said it was not “functional” at the Major League level.

Bobby V. has to be the most obnoxious human being on a baseball field anywhere. That being said, Heyward’s approach at the plate is major league fucked up right now.

Where is Bobby Cox when you need him? That is the second weak grounder I’ve seen Gonzo not even try to run down the line on… regardless of whether he would have been safe or not, it’s nice to know the guys you are paying to play for your team still want to win. Screw Alex Gonzalez, I wish the season would end already so he would be a free agent. Call Boston, they seem to like him, tell them we’ll trade him for Scutaro straight up.

Gonzo comes through in the clutch once again(2 runners, dribbler in front of the mound). Gonzo horrific numbers actaully don’t tell the story of how badly he is hitting right now. His slash line in the last 30 days,147 /173/200/373. He has 24 SO’s to 3 walks!!!!!! He runs the bases like crap. I am sick of watching that show. Somebody get me a SS, please get me a SS.

Based on what just happened, I now like Julio Lugo more than Alex Gonzalez.

And yes, trade for a SS not an OF. Sea Bass has to go.

Who would a thunk it, Julio Lugo offensive hero.

Don’t forget McClutch!

McClutch strikes again. He seems to be hitting well now. The results are starting to come again…..be interesting what fredi does when chipper and schafer come back monday.

Yeah has his BA up to .193 for July. Do you really think about what you are saying before you say it, Monk?

Your seriosuly not still stuck on BA are you Bill?

Your not seriously stuck on trying to convince anyone here that you know anything, about anything, are you Zippy Monkey?

Heck what about benching that fool out in right for mondays game

Eric O’Flaherty now has an ERA under 1. The most underrated reliever in baseball. He also has 50 appearances. I meaan everyone want to talk about about KimVent(deservedly), but what about some love for the Irish?

Yes they are all amazing

They call them O’Ventbrel.

Nice to see that ESPN is following my posts.

I think maybe mark was right about jason. Maybe send him down for a few weeks when chip comes back. Then he can coe back to the bigs for september/october and really carry us?

Man, it was so nice and rational here all night.

Wow! It was an out, but did you see Freddie turn on that 100 mph fastball?

Does anyone else get progressively more nervous as we burn our pitchers and then end up with proctor left?

Gonzo almost did something… almost. Tough break Brooksie.

Tough break? Well, can’t drive ’em in every time.

It was the ninth inning, thats where Brooks earns his money! lol.

That was quick.

We need 1 or 2 dependable relievers before we pick up a bat.

We could have albert pujols in the middle of our line up and we wont get anywhere in the postseason with our current bullpen of clowns. Even worse is that 1 of the big three will probably go down before the end of the year. Wren get us pen help I dont care about hitters.

Our bullpen will consist of plenty of good arms come postseason…assuming we add them to the roster in time for them to qualify for the playoff roster

Prado and Hurtward sucked it up tonight. It seems whoever hits at the top of the order automatically becomes a joker. If prado makes that play in the first we win that game. If he gets in those runners with 2 out on 2nd and 3rd we win the game.

Alex Gonzalez for Tim Collins plz?

Scott Linebrink is not as bad as everyone makes him out to be. With a 3.20 ERA, would you rather have him or Proctor? He’s shaky but a dependable arm in the bullpen. The Proctor experiment needs to end; Frank Wren must owe him money or something.

No, I think wren had a bet with another gm that proctor wouldn’t go more than 2 games without giving up a homer.

Can’t put the closer in if it’s not a save situation can you, Fredi? Man is he stupid. You can’t save the game in the 10th if you lose it in the 9th, moron.

Agreed. God forbid you actually look at him as a “reliever” instead of the title of “closer”, right? I mean, that’s the way the game is played, has been for a long time, how in the world could it be wrong??? It’s a sin for you to pitch your closer unless it’s a close situation, right? Why on earth would you want to jeopardize someone’s stupid title in order to WIN MORE GAMES?

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