Braves have widened their focus

Now that the Giants have Carlos Beltran and the Phillies have Hunter Pence how will the Braves answer?  While they might not make an acquisition that creates as much attention as Beltran and Pence, it seems quite certain they will add an outfielder before Sunday’s 4 p.m. ET Trade Deadline.

When this week began, it seemed more likely that the Braves would add a right-handed hitting corner outfielder.  Their focus has widened since they  put two centerfielders  — Jordan Schafer and Nate McLouth —  and All-Star catcher Brian McCann on the disabled list this week.

The Braves’ wish list now includes the Rays’ B.J. Upton, the A’s Coco Crisp and the Astros’ Michael Bourn.  Each could play center and bat leadoff.

While the Braves and Astros have briefly discussed Bourn, it doesn’t sound like those talks have progressed past the preliminary stage.  With Crisp, the Braves have some concerns about his ability to stay healthy.

The Braves have continued to show interest in Upton, but it does not seem they are willing to get him in exchange for any of their top four pitching prospects  —  Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado, Arodys Vizcaino and Mike Minor.

Because the Braves have a surplus of young pitching talent in their organization, fans and even some of their players (off the record) have questioned why they are not willing to deal Minor or some of their other pitching prospects.

The Braves showed some late interest in Pence but were never interested in him enough to use any of their pitching prospects to acquire him.    The Astros asked the Braves for two of their top pitching prospects in exchange for the outfielder.

The Braves were much more interested in Beltran than they were in Pence.  But they were not willing to part with their pitching prospects to simply have him in their outfield for two months.


honestly we need a Bourn type player. We have Freeman, Uggla, and Mac that can drive him in. That is like getting ahead almost every game, it would just benefit us more to bring in a speed guy. We have the HR power with the names listed, but we’ve got to be able to manufacture runs without the long ball and that’s where Bourn comes into play while playing an A+ CF

Bourn is a game changer. He is the complete version of Jordan Schafer. Get it done Wren. We need this.

Sources say Houston wants Major League ready prospects for Bourn.

Minor and Delgado are both ready let them take their pick of one of them.

Braves aren’t even after Bourn.

Heard from several sources that they are, but are not the frontrunner. But we certainly could be. Bourn>Pence any day of the week.

They are done with Houston. Spreading rumors about them as we speak.

So who does that leave? No one here seems to like B.J. Upton.

Look for an outfielder from ATL area.

I have a sick feeling inside that we might just leave our team as the way it is…

(reposting on the new thread)
Once again, it’s easy to say “we weren’t going to win it all that year” after everything is done and we didn’t. Just like the Phils and Yanks were shoe ins last year to the WS, right? Once you make the playoffs, it’s a crapshoot. Tex gave us a chance.

“Widened their Focus” Is that like Jumbo Shrimp or Highly Rated Mountaineers. :>

We didn’t even make the playoffs. You know the saying pitching wins championship? That’s what we didn’t have that year.
Smoltz and Huddy were a 2 man rotation as I remember. With Chuck James giving up around 5 runs a game, Kyle Davis being Kyle Davis, and Buddy Carlyle finishing out the dismal rotation. Oh, and our bullpen wasn’t even near average.
You could say there was a chance, but in hindsight, there was never a chance for us to make the playoffs/ go deep into the playoffs with the type of pitching we had last year.

i mean THAT. Not last on the 2nd to the last word..

I’m not saying we had a good chance, but we had an outside shot in my opinion. As we all know, baseball can sometimes be a weird game, and things happen. The fact of the matter is, the front office went out and did what they had to do in order to try to win. This year, it’s as if they’re trying not to lose. It’s like playing a prevent defense. They wanna make a deal, but just an average one to make sure they don’t look like fools. If anything, the argument could be made that this would be the year to do another deal similar to the Tex one. Since our chances of winning this year are astronomically better than that year. If we traded 2 of our big 4 prospects for a rental, but won the series, how sweet would it feel (not that I think it would be a good idea to do that…but if it worked, it wouldn’t matter what we spent). The way things are going now, we’re always going to have a bright future…and that’s about it.

Talks heating up for Bourn. ATL is now frontrunner.

Ross divulges Hinske’s secret @2:30 of clip 21

If you can get Bourn at reasonable price (not two top prospects) then Wren needs to make it happen. Otherwise, Braves should try and get Upton or no one at all. Getting Ludwick would be worse than doing nothing. Sends the message that Wren actually believes Ludwick is a decent player that improves upon the current roster.

I love how now that uggla is hitting like he can evry time u see him after a big hit or homer the look on his face says “just another day, noting special to see here”!

Maybe Dan Uggla is the right handed midseason acquisition we needed.

Freddie and Dan are on fire.

I think I’ll go back and find some of the more egregious comments that were made about Uggla. Any one want to confess their sins before I go? I won’t have to look for your quotes if you confess fully.

Who would have thought that with all our hitting woes we’d have the two players with the longest active hitting streaks in the majors in our lineup at 21 and 14 games?

Yeah Bill, I fell victim to that man in disguise manning second base and hitting 180 for three months. I am now a believer. Sorry Dan..

Uggs has never really hit for a great average, but if he had been hitting like this all year he would take the batting title by far. And probably hit 30-35 homers easy.

Just to be clear, Uggs was a 250/260 hitter, not 180. Had he hit 250 the first half, he would have had 20 more RBIs easy. Keep in mind that he has chipper and McCann hitting in front of him who are good OBP players. I think I saw a stat that he had 25% more RBI opportunities then everyone else on the team.

Ok. It’s 4-1. All we have to do is hope than Fredi doesn’t bring on the subject of his man-on-man love, Scott the Proctologist.

Freeman in July .361/.438/.619/1.056
Uggla in July .297/.379/.582/.961
Gonzo in July .194/.218/.255/.473

Freddie is NL Player of the month

Tribe adds Jimenez. Seems every contender out there is adding something except Atlanta. Team has reason to be optimistic if they don’t do anything of merit before the deadline. Despite string of injuries, still well in control of the wild card spot and one of the best rotations in the bigs. They should still make the playoffs and may even advance to NLCS this year. I don’t see them making the World Series, and especially not winning it without adding a significant bat though.

Kimbrel is just sick right now. I think he actually benefits from all the appearances. His control keeps getting better and better. Walks in successive months 4/9/5/3. That was the only question mark about him and I think he has answered it emphatically.

Trading off Gonzo would be a help to the team.

Oh and Kimbrel hasn’t given up a run since June 11. 21 appearances, 21 innings, 0 runs. How bout them apples Weinus? Oh and a fun stat I found while looking at the number EOF’s ERA in the last 2 months? 0.39. Sick.

Ms. BillyBob, good for second place in any league, most deservedly so.

Weinus nice to see you back. We drove up the price for Six Pence None the Richer and now we are gonna go get what we want. Thanks for stopping by.

Lol Six Pence None The Richer. Nice reference Bill.

Worried about not making a move. regardless of where we are right now, getting to the post season is NOT the goal. Winning when there is. If we do manage to get healthy and keep our spot and make our way in then the first stop is going to be the Giants. They got better and just took 2 of 3 from the Phils. The Phils responded and also made a move and got better.

Now I am against going out and giving away multiple top guys for just anyone. But there are quaility at bats that this team can get that will make them better now and in the future. Even the players want a move.

When the trade gate opened up we needed a righty reliever and a righty bat (or CF). We are hours away from the deadline and Wren has gotten neither. If we dont, then I will be worried, because our acquisitions will have come down to Anthony Vervarro (sp?) and Jose Costanza…….yipee!

If we get no one of impact. Wren will have failed his team and the fans.

I’m starting to think Ed Wade is in Phillies pocket.

I say Delgado, Bethancourt, and a throw in for Bourn. Bethancourt is blocked and Delgado is one of the big 4. Astros should bite.

Agreed but Delgado and Vizcaino in the same deal they’re either nuts or in Phillies pocket.

Lost my best bud from HS today. He was a standout BB player at Lakeside HS and went to UGA on a full ride BB scholarship. Blew out his ankles and couldn’t play past a Freshman year in which he played full time for the team. His name was Pete Fusi, a nicer guy you would never know. He lived in Athens until his passing. I am sure there will be an announcement in the AJC tomorrow. He will be missed.

I wish Wren get off his ass quit being such a p*ssy and give up who ever they want bc we want to beat the Phillies. IF it was me in the Frong Office I’d say ok you want Minor and Deldago. why not make that trade then u can sign Bourne to a 3 year extention.

Now, that is why????? Friends don’t let friends text drunk.

I hear DelDago is quite the player. I agree, our FronG office needs to say ok. Wren sure is a passy. I wish he get off his donkey, too. We should give up the farm for BournE, for sure. I think he is even better than Bourn.

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