Braves acquire Bourn

The Braves have acquired center fielder Michael Bourn from the Astros in exchange for Jordan Schafer and three Minor League pitchers —  left-hander Brett Oberholtzer and right-handersPaul Clemens and Juan Abreu.

Bourn will play center field and bat leadoff for the Braves for the remainder of the season.  He has hit .303 with a .363 on-base percentage and 39 stolen base attempts in 105 games for the Astros this year.

“Michael Bourn is a perfect fit for our club, which focuses on speed and defense to match up with our strong pitching,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said. “This trade gives us the first true leadoff hitter we’ve had in a number of years.”

Once Schafer and Nate McLouth went on the disabled list this past week, the Braves’ began searching for a center fielder.  The 28-year-old Bourn has one more arbitration-eligible season remaining and could make somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 million next year.

Schafer spent most of the past two months as Atlanta’s starting center fielder.  Once considered the organization’s top prospect, he has missed time the past three years due to suspension and a left wrist injury.

Clemens has established himself as a strong prospect while going 6-5 with a 3.73 ERA in 20 starts for Double-A Mississippi this year.  Oberholtzer gained attention during Spring Training and has posted  a 3.74 ERA in 21 starts for Mississippi.

Abreu is a strong-armed right-handed reliever who recorded 68 strikeouts in 48 innings for Triple-A Gwinnett this year.


I thought you couldn’t trade a player on the DL. Thought I read that the other day.

Of all the players the Braves were rumored to be pursuing, Bourn is by far my first choice. He fills multiple holes on our team and I’ve never heard anything negative about his attitude. I would have been happy with Pence, but would have been sorely disappointed if we had gotten Upton.

Perfect pick-up in my opinion. This adds a dynamic that we have been missing for years (since the Furcal days). Love me some Braves and super excited for the remainder of the season!!

Sorry for your Schafer loss, Bill. At least we still have Brooksy for you🙂
Great move without giving up too much. I think it’s Wren’s best in season move by far. First true leadoff hitter since Furcal and he’s leading the majors in stolen bases since 2008. He really fills a huge need. When Chipper/McCann come back our lineup I feel will be complete. Especially with Freddie and Uggs raking.

Yes, but let’s hope mabe we could still get infante back witout giving up too much. Only problem with that though is he’s good enough by far to start every day, where would he play? Could he play short?

Looks like a great move for the Braves. They fill a huge hole in the lineup and they don’t have tpo part with any of their big prospects.

The wonder that this leaves me with is if the Braves will go after any bullpen help? With some of the recent remarks about Oberholtzer I thought he may have a chance to get some work in, however with Moylan being close to returning…is this still considered an immediate need?

If we could get rid of Gonzo and bring in Infante. It would be a deal made in heaven for our team.

Yes, please get Infante back! We need a great everyday player who can move around the infield since injuries keep hitting us; Chipper, etc. We also need to be prepared for losing a player or two going into the post-season. It killed us last year.

Probably all things considered, this was a good move. We did like Schafer’s hustle and contributions to the team. Jordon will excel in Houston. Very glad that the Braves top minor league starting prospects were left out of the equation.
(Keeping our fingers crossed that this will not be a Derek Lee type bust!)

I’ve been reading Bourn’s comments on the Hunter Pence trade and he really sounds like a quality guy. This was a very good trade for the Braves. Michael Bourn should be a big help at the top of the lineup.

Feels a bit like too little too late for Frank Wren

Love it. And I called it. Goodbye Schafer. #TeamMcLouth

Is Ms. BilliBob sitting shiva for the loss of Schafer?

Yea as it shows how little anyone thinks of Mclackarm

bourn is great but i think they should also get also get mike adams and maybe coco crisp

I’m back now that Upton is no possibility…..thank you Wren for a good pickup, you ha me very worried. I would have rather seen McLouth go but we really didn’t give up too much in this trade. As for infante and bullpen help. I have read Florida doesn’t want to move Omar, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we claim a bullpen arm off waivers. We might want to see what we have in Moylan before we go trading off guys.

Well we got Bourn for 1 1/3 years for Schafer and some scrubs. LH for LH. Speed for Speed. Schafer with a decent batting coach is gonna become an all star. He is the lucky one. Bourn will do all right in ATL but he wasn’t what we needed (RH Batter), once again. He will be back in TX in a little over a year. I guess we couldn’t get a bag of peanuts for McOuchMyTummyHurts?

Licking your wounds, Ms, BilliBob? Now you will have to get a man crush on someone else.

Looks like the Pirates may get Ludwick?? Not too bad. Does this make Matt Diaz expendable? Will he be DFA if this goes through? I would not mind seeing him platoon with Heyward until heyward learns to hit lefties. His stats were pretty good when he had a chance to play.

Jesus, Does Gonzalez hit anything but pop ups any more? He needs to get his head out of his ass.

Great trade!

Bye Jordan!


Are you honestly surprised? Should change his name from Zidane to Favre.

“Too little too late”.. “also get Coco Crisp”… what are you people smoking? Why would we need another outfielder on the bench? In Bourn we got what Schafer could have been for what he turned out to be. Bourn is a much better defender, faster, and can actually hit the ball out of the infield. AND we didn’t give up any of the big 4. Previous reports said the Braves wouldn’t give up Vizcaino AND Delgado in a deal for Bourn and Wren gave up neither. Oberholtzer and Clemens are good looking pitchers, but we don’t need any more starters with the insane wealth of them at the top of the list. Oh and Bourn’s numbers against lefties isn’t too bad this year. This is a bigger improvement in center than the Phillies got in right field and they gave up MUCH more than we did. We have enough power in our lineup already. What we needed was a guy who can get on base in the top of the lineup and play superb defense. Wren got us that and we can still look forward to seeing the 4 headed monster of Minor / Teheran / Delgado / Vizcaino on the club somewhere in the near future. Oh and that righty bullpen guy we desperately need? He’s already warming up down in Gwinnett. Name is Arodys.

Don’t forget about Moylan

Oh and if we get Infante he will be for us what he was last season– a super utility guy. Look at his numbers as an everyday starter and you will see why he should not be used as such. Hinske is an amazing bench bat, but used regularly and his numbers will show the same. Omar can play shortstop but he is pretty awful at it, though it wouldn’t be that much of an issue if he plays there occasionally. Gonzo can’t hit a lick at the moment, but now with the offensive hole in center filled, it won’t be as glaring an issue as it has been as he will continue to flash the leather.

You can’t expect too much out of Moylan when he returns. He will definitely be a welcome upgrade to our weak bullpen once you get past the Oventbrel boys, but he should be used as a ROOGY upon his return assuming that Vizcaino gets the job done as the go to righty.

Bourns career vs LHP is .258. We still didn’t get what we needed.

Bourn 2011 vs lefties: .284 / .341 / .397 / .738

Schafer 2011 vs lefties: .190 / .254 / .241 / .495

Looks like a pretty good improvement to me.

His career numbers are a little skewed because he kinda sucked in his first two seasons. I wish Schafer well in Houston, but Bourn is a gold glove upgrade in every possible department. And he’ll be roaming center for at least another year, and possibly longer with an extension. This might shoo away the ghost of Andruw in center field, and dramatically help our pitchers defensively. The move is being praised as brilliant pretty much across the board, as it should be.

Boras clients don’t sign extensions. He is gone after next year.

He’ll probably get 10 million in arb as well.

Oh and the McLouth trade was “brilliant” as well.

McLouth had an epic nosedive that no one could have predicted. I’ve read from several sources that Bourn will probably receive around $7 million in arbitration. He won’t get a Pence-like deal because he’s not a home run, RBI guy. Bill, how do you not like this trade? You’re really the only person who seems down on it. I know Schafer is gone, but the club is dramatically improved. He isn’t a lefty masher, but he is decent against them. If he performs well for us, I don’t see why we couldn’t resign him after 2012 once Chipper and Lowe are off the books, we probably trade JJ and have one of the best, cheapest rotations of something like: Hanson, Teheran, Beachy, Minor, Hudson, Delgado, etc etc. Medlen, Venters, Kimbrell, Vizcaino will make for a very cheap bullpen, and Pastornicky possibly starting at SS making league minimum.

Cheap rotation and bullpen? In 2013? You’re dreaming, dude, How many of your young players are up for arbitration in the next two years? Prado, Hanson, Bourn, Conrad, Jurrjens, O’Flaherty, Venters Kimbrel, Heyward, etc., not to mention that McCann will be due a raise. Knowing the way your front office works, half those guys might be gone in 2013. And you are banking on prospects to be the workhorses of your rotation? Good luck with that. Wren’s got his work cut out to make all that work.

Of course this is all barring injuries, nosedives, etc. But with Wren not trading our blue chip prospects, this team has the ability in the near future to create a hybrid system of ones such as the Rays, where the team is built on great, cheap players but also gives the monetary flexibility to sign star free agents.

Don’t forget we will have McLouth and KK off the books soon…..I hope. As far as Moylan, he should be back up to speed by late September which is when we will need him most. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see us pick up an arm through waivers….

Our offense is also hard to evaluate at this point because Uggla finally became Uggla. Throw in McCann, Chipper, and Bourne and we are looking ok. Having someone (Bourne) on base with Martin hitting second will be a big advantage as well. Our biggest concern is right now is how horrible Heyward is swinging the stick right now. He looks almost as bad as Gonzo at this point…

Wow I don’t think I would go that far. Heyward does have some holes in his swing and needs to make some adjustments but with gonzo has a lot more than just holes in his swing.

I think Heyward’s dismal batting average speaks for itself….

After this season, the arbitration raises that many of the players will receive will pretty much fill the payroll space that KK and McLouth’s contract will free up.

Now if we could put a couple of aging horses out to pasture.

Only bill could say this trade isnt absolutly amazing. This is the best trade the braves could of done. Well done frank wren. Amazing trade. Finally we have a lead off hitter.

Looks like wren and Fredi talked up schafer so that someone would trade for him. Good work from them two. Now everything they said seems to make sense. Very clever.

And anyone see fredi said nate has been injured since the first few days of the season. He is a team guy.

Good to see contanza get a chance. Really pulling for the guy. Bout time the braves reward good numbers in the minors – rather than mr. 220 jordan schafer

Enjoyed watching Costantanza for a few games. I think this is Michael Borne, less polished. Some of you question his base running today, but Infante made a magnificent throw and only got him by an eyelash. They needed someone to make something happen before Gonzo popped up. The other play was bad, but it happens to everyone at times. He may stay with the club a little longer as I assume they are going to STOP carrying 2 bench players. Yes, one catcher and two back-ups on the bench. Chipper can only hit then get a pinch runner. Very disappointing that Chipper is back on the shelf. At times, he has looked fantastic in the order. Right now, they have three good hitters in the lineup – UGGs, Freeman and Prado. I hope Chipper comes back tomorrow.

So much for being “Gone Forever” Zidane. No wonder no one here can take you seriously. Does “gone forever” have a different meaning across the pond? Do you need me to post a dictionary definition of Forever?

I think your mistaking me for someone who cares what you think jim. Calm down and try talking baseball maybe?

You mean as opposed to trash talking down a player, who everyone on the team had great things to say about. Zippy your worse than just stupid. Your nasty and stupid. Go away forever again!!!!!

I do talk about baseball when I’m on here Zidane. You’re the one who has a little girl tantrum and runs off screaming “I’m never coming back! GOODBYE!” every time Mark updates his blog. And yet you KEEP COMING BACK. So my question to you again…since nobody here can take you seriously, do I need to post a definition?

Integrity means nothing to the Zippy Monkey.

Well, when I first heard that we had traded for Bourn this morning, they had not yet announced who the players from the Braves were. My first thought was of Jordan Schafer. I thought – poor guy, can’t catch a break. So, I am very happy for Schafer that he is going to Houston. Hope that he is able to play everyday and establish himself as a bona fide major league player.

As for the deal, I think that Bourn will work out nicely as a Brave for a couple of years. He is 28, so I think we might be getting his best couple of seasons. Here’s hoping this team can enjoy some good health through the end of the season. Once we get everyone well, it should be a heck of a chase to the finish line. GO BRAVES!

I could be wrong, but has Moylan already begun throwing off of a mound?? His progression is key. If he can’t come back effectively, we need to pick up an arm off of waivers if they opportunity arises.
Also, good for Schafer, he can develop on a young team looking to start over. He will be a good fit for them. I agree with papa, hopefully we catch Bourne in his prime and benefit greatly from his services. He seems like a stand up guy.
As for the future, this isn’t a bad lineup…Especially if the real Jason Heyward stands up…
If it were me filling out the card…
1. Bourne (duh)
2. Prado (duh)
3. Freeman (the kid has made great adjustments, reward the kid)
4. McCann (best hitter on the team)
5. Uggla (thank you for showing us the real Dan Uggla)
6. Chipper (should be done, I respect the h*ll out of Chipper, but its time)
7. Heyward (what happened to his swing, and that “sound”)
8. Gonzalez (always has been streaky, hopefully he gets hot at the right time)

smart lineup speedy, only change I would make would be to drop Ugs between Freddie and Mac. And yes. I love the moments Chipper has given me for the last 18 years, but those bones are getting really creaky.

Zidane. You can’t call this trade amazing when Bourne hasn’t even gone onto the fields yet with a Brave’s uniform. On paper, it’s GREAT trade, NOT AMAZING. Only way our team could of been much more improved is by getting rid of Gonzalez. Is he a defensive boost? -Yes. But does he help our team? – No. He is what you call a rally killer, always up with guys on base; always ends up ending the inning. Getting someone like Orlando Cabrera from the Indians would of been a improvement from Gonzalez being our SS.
ALSO- Zidane, change your name to Brett Farve, its a better fit.

I kind of knew Schafer would be part of this deal all along. Houston’s public comment about major league ready was a tip off to me, that and Houston was gonna need a bona fide CF to build with. I think Schafer will flourish with a new batting coach, he has already proven his work ethic, skills and he is obviously a cherished teammate if you read the quotes from DOB’s comments on the trade. I wish him well. As to Bourn I think he will be what he has proven himself to be. My biggest problem with this is that he is a LHB and we were after a RHB, that and the fact that he is a rental player. Before you disagree, remember that we got Texeira with exactly this amount of time left on his team control. I know that with Danny’s resurgence the RHB is slightly less critical, but still needed. Welcome to the Braves Michael Bourn. I know that you will play hard while you are here. I know that you will test the FA waters a year from now, but you know, a man’s gotta eat.

I think you may have hit the nail on the head there Bill. Seems pretty much like the Texieria deal, but on a smaller scale. Who knows, after Schafer comes back off the DL for the ‘stros, he might actually start hitting the ball with more authority than he was in Atlanta. But there is one big difference, he’s gonna have to cover a lot more territory in the spacious CF that is Minute Maid Park than he had to at the Ted. But at any rate, should we start taking bets on what team we will be trading Bourn to at the deadline next year? But, until I see him play in ATL uniform, here’s hoping he brings nothing but his best stuff with him when he joins us.

“You mean as opposed to trash talking down a player, who everyone on the team had great things to say about. Zippy your worse than just stupid. Your nasty and stupid. Go away forever again!!!!!”

Nasty and stupid? Just saying things doesnt make them true bill, sorry. Nasty and stupid….o dear. Niether of the above unels syou want to try and prove it? O but you cant so never mind.

Monkey, I can’t even read your post. You need to lay off the pain pills. I guess we know now why you came down so hard on your idea of “performance enhancing drugs”. You’re not into PEDs your more into performance diminishing drugs.

I really don’t see Bourn being a rental player. If he continues to play like he has, we will try to sign him long term. He doesn’t hit home runs, so he’ll probably be a 9-10 mil a year guy. Atlanta is a place where players want to stay, as long as he can live with the ideas of our moronic manager.

Not when Scott Boras is whispering his sweet nothings in his ear. he’s gonna be looking for Jose Reyes money and someone will pay it. I predict Bourn will be a 1 year addition to the team unless we are fighting tooth and nail for a playoff berth next July and he is killing it.

Well Bill lets have a truce and talk baseball ok?

Zippy, a truce with you is like kissing a cottonmouth. You know you’re gonna get kissed, but you know it’s gonna make you feel really bad. Now, go look up Cottonmouth in your English to American Dictionary.

What is up with Brave game attendance? 23085 attendance for a Sunday afternoon game? 9 out of 16 teams in attendance last year and 9 out of 16 in attendance this year so far. And you guys want to complain about the Phillies buying players? What are the Phillies suppose to do with all of the money they make? Any fan posting here who lives within 60 to 70 miles of Turner Field could probably rent a bus, affiliate with a group, get a group rate for tickets and run trips to see a game. And in the end the organizer would probably see a game for free and maybe even make a few bucks if so inclined.

The bourn addition is absolutly PERFECT. Even if he only stays for 18 months. You guys wait and see. I have watched the astros quite alot recently and this guy is better than pence. He is amazing. And wren didnt give up much. He gave up a failed player (schafer) and some lower level pitching prospects who are a long way from the majors really. So alot can go wrong with those kids irrespective of their talent. The phillies got a more overpaaid player and ended up giving away ALOT more. We needed a lead off hitter badly and we got him. So pleased. Frank Wren = genius.

Zippy= Idiot

Stop overexerting this Zidane. He’s a typical lead-off hitter. He’s going to get on base, and we’ll see what our offense can do with that. IMO. Hunter Pence is a better overall player with better tools.
Only reason Pence coming to our team wasn’t a good move is because we simply have no space for him right now.
The prospects we gave up weren’t long ways from hitting the majors. Clemons and Abreu could of easily made our bullpen next year with their A+ fastballs and decent breaking balls.
Frank Wren is not a genius. If he was, he would of gotten us Adams from the Padres and lessen the stress on our 3 headed beast.

Zippy why would a team give up a gold glove CF under control for another year and CASH for a “failed player and lower level prospects”? Guess they know more than you. (Yea Bill I know if FW was the Houston GM he would make that deal but only if they included McLackarmtummyhurts.)

Yeah, I would have made sure McRagArm was part of deal, and could you throw in Gonzo for good measure.

I am fully expecting us to pick up a player through waivers once we see what we have in Moylan….does anyone know how he is progressing?

He is throwing off the mound at 60 per cent last I heard.

GS.. Adams would have cost us one of the Big 4.

And.. I really can’t believe you guys are really not very excited about the Bourn deal.. “a typical leadoff hitter”.. or rather, one with 2 gold gloves and has led the league in SBs for 3 years. You sound like a whiny kid on Christmas morning who didn’t get everything on his list. “Waaaaaaaa! But daddy Wren, I wanted the 11 million dollar white corner outfielder with mediocre power and average defense!!! This guy you got can’t hit home runs! I hated the Tex deal but that isn’t going to stop me from wanting to sell our farm system for Pencey!! I also wanted those super expensive relievers from San Diego even though we have one who could be just as good that we traded Vazquez for! You know.. the trade I bitched about for a yeeaaarrrr!!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!”

Anyone scoffing at my remark of Heyward being almost as bad as Gonzo at the plate….Here’s a stat or two to chew on. Now, we all know stats don’t always tell the entire story, but this is interesting.

Last 10 Games
Gonzo – 12/40 (.300 avg), 8 K’s, 1 SB, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 0 BB
Heyward – 9/43 (.209 avg), 7 K’s, 0 SB, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 4 BB

Now, we can all agree that Gonzalez has no clue at the plate right now. But it doesn’t look much better for Atlanta’s favorite son. Heyward must get himself together, and soon. With his bat, we will be very hard to beat. However, if he continues on his current path…….well, we better have good pitching.

I guess my point is that Heyward has always had more offensive expectations than Gonzalez. While, I am not defending Gonzalez, I think it’s a bigger deal that Heyward is not hitting.

If would be amazing, if you could find out the stats of how many left on base during this span. Cause I think Gonzo’s would be staggering.

Hey, does anybody know where to get SP vs RP ERA’s these days. If you know where it is leave a link please.

Get to the Braves site at Hit “Stats” in menu bar. In drop down menu you will find “Sortable Player Stats” and “Sortable Team Stats”. Hit “Sortable Team Stats”. It will give you all MLB. You can select among ML, AL or NL, Once there you can select hitting, pitching or fielding. Once there you can select various splits including Starters and Relievers and the respective ERAs. By the way Phillies starting pitchers have thrown about 125 more pitches than Brave staring pitchers. However, the Braves pen has thrown over 1100 more pitches than the Phillies pen. My arm hurts just thinking about it.

Yes, it probably is difficult for you to count that high. Your head probably hurts worse than your arm. Don’t sweat it Pherris. Time is approaching.

Okay viva, I guess I did underrate Bourne. He’s a great lead off hitter. But your also underrating Hunter Pence. He’s going to plain out shine in Philly. And as I stated on my post, I’m not mad we didn’t get Pence; he would of never panned out here anyways with our hitting coach and just plain out no room.
Viva, I’m sure you know by now prospects are a gamble. If we’re going to use Vizcaino as a reliever, we can’t we trade him for a bonafied reliever in Adams? He has established himself as one of the premier set-up man in the league, and Vizcaino is still trying to establish his presence in AAA and still trying to control his curveball.
You think Bourne’s going to resign here? The place he has no absolute connection with, and we don’t even have Bobby anymore. Oh, and did you hear, HE’S A BORAS CLIENT. Unless we cough up Crawford money, he’s not staying.

NO i just read on DOB blog for the AJC that the Braves are gonna back JJ eighth and the Constanza in the nine hole.

Ops – a hit straight away. This team is about to get funt o watch. Finally a lead off hitter

It appears to me that with the acquisition of Bourn that the Braves are getting an early start on next year rather than a push to win it all this year. Why else would the Braves acquire a LH leadoff hitter when they need a RH power hitter?

because we dont need power we need a lead off. And because the right handed bats were all overpriced and the braves arent like the phillies. The phils have more money than sense

Uhhh, not trying to compliment the Phils, but they made a significant improvement, and there’s no doubting that, no matter how much I hate them. They just solidified their line-up from top to bottom and is now balanced LH and RH; something we needed, and didn’t get. During the playoffs, it’s going to show how bad we are against LHP as teams will probably pour them onto us.

PapaBear, it is you Brave fans who have to do the high counting. If memory serves me correctly, you were the one praising all the faith the Braves had in their BP. as to why it was used so much. Changing your tune now? Haven’t seen Kimbrel used in a save situation for well over a week now. Of course it probably has to do with save opportunities which are few and far between for the fading Braves. But truth be known, I am still pulling for the Braves to win the wildcard and the Braves doing the coast to coast thing again. By the way, how did that work out last year for the Braves? Were you one of the 23,085 Brave fans who turned out this past Sunday? Didn’t think so.

Damn WeinusWane, I didn’t see you guys in the WS. I must have been dozing. Or perhaps you guys got spanked by our Left Coast brethren. You know the ones who squeaked by us because we didn’t have anyone who could walk come October.

Funny, I didn’t see the Braves in the league championship series. You know, the Braves who just squeaked into the playoffs but who might not be able to do it this year despite all of the Phenoms or is that Phantoms?

We went 4-3 last week. In each of the four wins, there was never a chance for a save (2 games went to extras at home, 2 games where the lead was too great).

Pherris, you have to actually carry a lead into those late innings to see that crew. The Braves have gone through one of those stretches where they have not had the lead in the late innings. Guess you haven’t been watching.

Ugh.. you’re CRAZY if you think Bourn will fetch a Crawford-esque contract. And as to him not having any connection to the Braves.. he just got here today! WTF? How can that even be deemed as a logical part of your argument? We COULD NOT HAVE KEPT PENCE, because we COULD NOT AFFORD HIM. Now let’s say it all together! There-Is-Not-Enough-Cap-Roooom-For-Hunter-Pence! Yay! Also, where would he play next year? In right? Last time I checked we have a right fielder.. In left? Prado is out there. We have power bats with Uggla, McCann, and Freeman. The ghost of 2010 Heyward is out there somewhere. We need guys to get on base so we stop hitting all of these solo shots. An upgrade offensively AND defensively in center was desperately needed and we improved as much as you possibly can in that regard.

ADAMS. It would have cost Vizcaino AND another upper echelon pitching prospect to get Adams from the Padres. Vizcaino is projected to be a reliever, with his 2 out pitches–fastball, curveball–and really no other secondary pitches he is pretty much already what we need (a la Neftali). And that is precisely why he was moved to the bullpen in Gwinnett. Vizcaino in early-mid August and Moylan in middle-late August. Would we be better now with Adams? Of course. Will w be as good with Viz/Moylan? Yes.

constanza, He can get on base. I love that he got his chance. He should of been in frontof schafer. Braves need to rewaard good performance in the minors. I wanted constanza up 2 months ago

Shut up idiot, you were crying for McRagArm to play. We were all here. We remember that like we remember you promising to leave.

Viva, I’m sorry but baseball is a game and there is only one Scott Boras. There is only one reason to have SB represent you. It’s so you get the max payday. No blame to MB, that’s just the way it is. I agree with you the Pence deal was stupid for us. Jesus Christ, Dan Uggla, en fuego. He might get this whole team going the way he is seeing the ball right now.

Its not like bourn was playing on his rookie contract or at league minimum. He will get a raise, ad whe the front office sees how much his abilities help us they will either find someone who can do the same job cheaper or they will pay the man. He will be a great addition. The real issue if we don’t make it deep in the playoffs is the underachieving players we have. We don’t have that one big power bat like some of u think we need but we do have a wealth of power spread thru the lineup and a couple guys on the bench who can launch one on any at bat. This is once I agree with zidane. We need base runners

Oops wrong button. We need base runners. 3 solo homers tonight. We just may have more solo homeruns than ony other team in the league. Hence bourn, a great addition.

Uggla is about to pass Heyward in batting average soon…..Is that good or bad?

Fucking Classic post Speedy. I cracked up.

I know for a fact, Bourne will get Crawford money. So getting rid of 2 of our surplus of arms would of killed us? Where we have NO CLUE AT ALL how well Vizcaino or Clemons will preform in the majors.
By connections, I meant like Heyward, BMac, Huddy, Ross, who are hometown players and are taking pay cuts to play for their childhood teams. Hell, even Teixeira said he would take a hometown discount but of course, our owners were being cheap and low-balled the crap out of him.
If we don’t have enough cap room for Pence, we might as well start a fire sell in about 2 years. Soon as JJ and Hanson hits FA, they’ll be long gone cause why?

Damn GS, tell us how you really feel.

Lets go Rockies….

Did someone tell JJ that it is not ok to leave the ball over the plate?? Maybe he ate some bad food during the All Star game?? He needs to get it figured out soon. The only saving grace of this team right now is Dan Uggla and Freddie Freeman. Hopefully Bmac recovers fully and can get back into the lineup. I think the biggest problem now is our starting pitching. We’ve got to get deeper into games (7 innings would be nice) and preferably not give up 4-5 runs/start.

We need to make this easy run of games we have coming up count. I think if the postseason started tomorrow then huddy would be game 1 starter, tommy game 2 and JJ game 3. On Bourne: I think we could resign bourne. He wont be crawford money. He will probably get a 5/6 year $50/60m contract

You are an idiot Zippy.

You know, this is the Dan Uggla we hired. Crushing balls and making throws into the dugout. Wouldn’t it be a dream if we could have 1st half Danny Defense all rolled up with 2nd half Danny offense. That would be a beast. I almost think that he goes out into the field and is so distracted by the idea of getting back up to the plate that he can’t focus on defense. God, I love that singularity of purpose.

I have enjoyed watching Uggla play. Even though I was by far his biggest detractor on this blog, I have appreciated all along his approach and his all out effort. He is most certainly a “gamer” and has proven that he can be a game changer. That he is about to pass Heyward in BA is both good and bad, Good for him, bad for Heyward, I am fascinated by Uggla’s production numbers most of all. There is NO comparison to Heyward. One more test for Uggla to pass, and I will enjoy the largest plate of crow I have ever eaten. (And I will gladly eat it!) That is I am waiting to see how Uggla performs against the Mets and the Phillies. Let’s hope he stays hot. I am looking forward to eating the crow.

You know that last year we were 7 games up on July 22nd and we finished 7 games back of the Frillies. A 14 game swing, after tonite, we will be 6 back. Piece of cake.

Make that a 15 game swing now. Good luck with that

Meant 7 games up on Jul 22nd of LAST year.

GS: “Hunter Pence is a better overall player with better tools.” I misread or missed your post after that about him not being a good fit w us. My apologies. All I’m saying is that yeah, he’s a Boras client, but in 2 years our rotation and bullpen are projected to be pretty damn good and almost all of the starters and significant relievers will be making around league minimum. We will have league minimums in RF, 1B, and SS (assuming Pastornicky pans out). If Prado does indeed become the future at 3B, 2B, and C set, we will have money to spend on LF and CF. Bourn will get big dollars, yes.. but not nearly that of a Carl Crawford contract. Come on. Bourn will not get 20 million a year for 7 years. That’s crazy.

No, he’s gonna get 7 years, right at 98 million unless he spits the bit in ATL.

Viva, also consider after 2012 EOF, Venters, Moylan, Hanson,and JJ are all Arb eligible. Those guys are NOT gonna be making league minimum. Count on 7-10 milion each given what they have accomplished. That’s about half of our pitching staff. Why do you think they will be making “league minimum”?

Let’s be honest, Boras doesn’t necessarily get “reasonable” money for his clients. Even his mediocre clients get big pay days. You have to admit, he gets big figures for his clients….

You know what? I think Zippy Monkey. is nc back from the dead without the trades. It kind of makes sense. Have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time?

“We need to make this easy run of games we have coming up count. I think if the postseason started tomorrow then huddy would be game 1 starter, tommy game 2 and JJ game 3. On Bourne: I think we could resign bourne. He wont be crawford money. He will probably get a 5/6 year $50/60m contract”

I mean come on. All the same grammatical errors. All the insane player moves. All the theoretical situations. The lack of capital letters. The Zippy is a 12 year old from NC sent here to torment us all.

Lowe does have experience as a closer in the playoffs, could be interesting experience if it comes to that…..

The line-up looked pathetic last night now that Heyward has become a 210 singles hitter. Drive the ball young jason. I do like Freddie’s idea with the two leadoff hitters. It didn’t quite work out due to Prado’s line shot DP or Constanza getting cut down on an amazing through. Nothing against Ross, but he is certainly showing why he is no McCann. He did have a late HR, but B-Mac would never swing through 2 fastballs down the middle. Oh well, time to stop it here. I hope Freddie leaves Constanza out there. It does not appear Chipper will be back this series either. Any reason why Freddie couldn;t hit Chipper and Hinske for Gonzo and the Pitcher? I know he has some respect for Gonzo, but he is a week link in the line-up. His 230 average would be around 150 if you only counted pressure situations. Great D though. All the injuries are catching up with them. I hope Chipper can come back this week and Mac next week although the later seems unlikely.

Chipper will be back on the dl before long. The guy is broken and you cant rely on him in any projected line up. He was back for 1 game before this latest injury. Constanza is doing really well. He should be given an extended run in the team.

Yeah and we should have traded Uggla like you suggested. moron.

Viva, it’s fine, long as you understand. But honestly, unless Liberty sells the team, or actually decides to put in money for this soon to be amazing team, expect us to lose both Hanson and JJ, and us clinging on to Venters and Kimbrel. I already know what FW is doing, we knows we aren’t keeping them, so he’s holding on to Tehran, Delgado, Minor, and Beachy. To help keep the bleeding in about 2-3 years to a minimum. Can we start a petition to put Agon on the waivers or even drop JHey down to AAA?

Let’s get something straight right now; Bourn is a Boras client. He will not make anywhere close to $90MM in free agency. I don’t even see him breaking $50MM by that much.

Spot on as usual brandon

Stop trying to suck up. Its embarrassing. And just because he says it doesn’t mean its true. I’m praying that it is and that we can resign Bourn but I wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t able to.

Shut your piehole Monkey. You know nothing and Brandon your intellectual partner is just dead ass naive and wrong.

I agree, boras will max his value but his value is no where near 90mil.

He’ll get 7 years at $14MM. Comes out to $98MM. You don’t know jack Brandumb.

Another hit for constanza. This guy is here to stay.

Is this Pastronoski poor at defense? I am trying to figure out why he can’t take over next year. I like Gonzo’s D, but not much else. Need both D and O today as well. What is the story with Constanza? He looks pretty good. That throw to the plate was off line, but it did appear to be a strong throw. Shame that Chipper was not placed on the DL last week. Now they are stuck playing short handed and he is not getting better. I am starting to think that they will be looking for a LF in the off season and the 3rd baseman will be Prado. I know Chipper would play if he could, but this is getting ridiculus.

He has been killing it in the minors this year (constanza) but the braves bought up schafer because they liked him more. I think they bought up schafer so they could trade him.

And the dumb get dumberer.

Nice to see Brooks back on the diamond. Do you know Brooks has a .990 Fielding percentage Dan Uggla’s is .980. So I guess Dan’s not an everyday player, huh?

Those were career 2B stats before someone challenges.


Boy constanza is here to stay!

Monkey, Constanza will be riding the pine when Chipper feels better. You really know nothing, eh?

Can someone please remind me why we didn’t trade Derek Lowe?

Cuz no one wants his contract. He’s gotta go in the offseason. He hasn’t shown much of anything this season. Not that any of our pitchers are throwing really we’ll consistantly since the break, but lowe didn’t. Have it from the start this year.

I get that his contract is pretty untradable but when they’re was talk about possibly moving him all we heard from Wren is that he wasn’t available. I don’t know if that was a marketing ploy or not but he definitely wasn’t fooling anybody.

You know that Frank Wren is a “genius”. He has our highest paid player, a 38 year old meat ball pitcher, a “innings eater” who can’t get out of the 5th, who no one wants to trade for and, wait for it, we have a whole nother year after this one of carrying a 39 year olds 15 million dollar salary. Simply “genius”.

Get Lowe out of there for Chrissakes. What did I say about not getting out of the 5th.

What diod you say about schafer being braves cf for years to come? You know so much lord bill.; hahaha

You sure step on your dick a lot for someone who was backing McRagArm as the 2nd coming.

Time to move lowe to the pen

Another ridiculous idea by the Monkey. God it sure was nice in here when you were gone. Hey I think your movie is coming out this weekend. Rise of the Planet of the Apes or some such.

Making personal rude comments about someone on a baseball blog is how you get your kicks. I feel sorry for you!

You do the same thing, Favre. Quit acting like you’re better than anyone else.

Find where I am rude to people please. We can all spread lies. haha

“Gone forever”. I don’t give a rat’s ass how you feel about me Monkey. I just want you to go away.

Jeez, who pissed in Bills cornflakes more than normal? It’s hard for me to feel sorry for someone like Bill, but the man just used fielding percentage to gauge defense. What is this, 1984? Also, since when did Scott Boras as an agent = $100MM contract? You’re saying because Bourn is an above average player and has Boras as an agent he is guaranteed $90MM? So is Jurrjens guaranteed $100MM+? stolen bases and defense < home runs, RBIs, and batting average when it comes to the free agent market. Keep up with the times Bill. The only reason Jayson Werth got that contract was because Washington wanted to show everyone they can spend. His next best offers were 4-5 year $80-90MM range from teams like Detroit and Boston.

BrandStupid. You aren’t even paying attention. If you haven’t seen the contracts that Boras get’s for his clients, I can’t help you. How that smell where you’ve got your head? just to show everyone what a moron you are. Let’s take a look:
Scott Boras Clients:
Alex Rodriguez 10 yrs $275MM
Mark Texeira 8 ys $180MM
Robinson Cano(who?) 4 yrs $30MM
Rafael Soriano(we know him) 3 yrs $35MM
Matt Holiday 7 yrs $120MM
Kyle Lohse 4 yrs $41MM
JD Drew(for god’s sake) 5 years $70MM
Derek Lowe(from age 35 to 39 for god’s sake) 4 years $60MM
Carlos Beltran 7 yrs $118MM
Barry Zito 7 yrs $126MM
Adrain Beltre 5 yrs $80MM
Magglio Ordonez(surprised Boras screwed with this) 1 yr $10MM

Those were the only ones i could find that weren’t arb eligble
Average length of contract 6 years
Average yearly salary $17.65MM
If Bourne is an average Boras client he gets $107 MM over 5 years. I figure more because he is so young. He will prolly sign a 10-12 year deal worth. $170- $200Million. My $100MM estimate is way undervalued for what he will get. I guess Washington paid Werth $125MM for shits and giggles. I didn’t even use him as part of the calculation because as you so wisely pointed out they ” wanted to show everyone they can spend”. God, I swear it’s like a kindergarten class in here lately.

Since sarcasm doesn’t always translate with typing I figured I’d ask. You don’t really believe he’s getting a 10-12 $200M contract, do you?

No I’ll stick with my original estimate He will be 29 when he hits FA. He’ll prolly get 8 years right at $100MM. You can make book on that.

You must have missed the part where I said stolen bases and defense<batting average, RBIs, and homers. Everyone who you listed that wasn't a pitcher(who are all overpaid, Boras as agent or not) was at the time they signed the contract a top of class power hitter or run producer. Bourn is neither. Michael Bourn is not a superstar. He is a good player lost in the worlds hunger for the long ball. Since you've got all this free time to research, could you look at free agent centerfielders contracts since Andruw Jones signed his bust one? Could you also look at the list of Boras clients eligible for free agency after 2012, and also centerfielders who are free agents after2012? I figured Id ask you, seeing as you get all excited while researching numbers, except when you look a Jordan Schafers.

Boras average contract should say $107MM over 6 years

Only every time you throw a tantrum and decide to leave forever. Speaking of which, isn’t it about time for you to pull that again?

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for their 5th consecutive NL East title.

Our 5 game lead on the wildcard is now at 1.5. We are 4-6 in our last 10 games and 9-10 since the all star break. We need to get hot and soon. Hopefully Mac is coming back soon and Chipper can get healthy. Also – Lowe is going to give up at least 5-6 runs a game. It’s going to be a lot like it was last year in my opinion. Not knowing until the final week of the season.

Congrats to you and your faithful followers here for No. 1 position in Beat Writers category on Latest Leaders for July! | Let’s see how many fans start a WordPress blog at with MLB theme and try to join you on the monthly rankings.

I think the contracts furcal got are a good comparison. He got two 3 year deals at $37m and $30m. I think bourn will get 6 years for about $50-70m. It depends if the yanks or red sox are in for him. Because if they are then he will obviously get more. The redsox wont be with elsbury out in centre, and the yanks have granderson out there. Both of which they will want to keep long term. The phils have victoriano – who they will keep. So the market for bourn is immedietly alot smaller than it could be. Thats how business works – supply and demand.

Is that really how business works Monkey? With your vast business expertise I am always so ready to here your Whartonesque thoughts on the subject. Please expound so that those without your keen intellect can be enlightened.

l already said he was going to sign a 5 year deal. If you don’t call that longterm, it’s not my problem that you’re an idiot. “QUIT BOTHERING ME.” I’m sorry me being right bothers you. You could always go to your signature move of clasping your hands over years and yelling “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU BLAME NATE FOR EVERYTHING LA LA BROOKS CONRAD IS TEH GREATEST EVAR I DON’T LIKE STATISTICS HERP DERP”

There is no enlightening you so why should he even bother?

Bourne will probably end up getting 5 years. 6 if a team comes in and overpays like the Nats did Werth. I’ll call 5 years/$58-65MM.

You guys are just clueless. Did you see a 5year deal for a 29 year old anywhere in Boras’ resume? Pete and Repeat went up the hill, Pete fell down. Who was left?

Teams are always looking to pay 35+ year old center-fielders upwards of $12MM annually, I forgot. Look at Beltran. He was one of the best center-fielders in the game at age 27, when he signed his only 7 year deal. Now at age 34 he’s a right fielder. So you’re saying Michael Bourn, whose numbers are no where near what Beltran’s were and is no where near the player an age 27 Beltran was, is gonna get a year extra tacked on while being 2 years older? I’m clueless? I’d also love to hear who you think is gonna sign him for that.

Not to mention little Billy, that B.J. Upton, Shane Victorino, Curtis Granderson, and last but not least, a 28 year old Matt Kemp will be eligible for free agency at the time Bourn will be. 8 year commitment to Bourn, or 8 year commitment to Matt Kemp… decisions, decisions….

Brandumb and Monkey, You guys are hysterical. Yesterday Bourn was the 2nd coming, today he isn’t even gonna sign a long term FA contract. Too, funny. go ahead talk to each other AND QUIT BOTHERING ME.

I officially have a man crush on Dan Uggla. And what’s up with the Bizarro-Braves? How is it possible for the pitching to just completely suck since the allstar break after being the best rotation in the first half?

Zippy, wanted to trade him a month ago.

Favre already admitted to being wrong about everything he’s ever said. He wanted to trade him 2 months into the season after signing the big contract and eat the majority of the contract. Favre could be Wren’s apprentice.

On a side note, its nice to finally win a game again. What is it about that team that makes it so hard for us to beat them? That rain delay really saved us today.


I watched Moylan throw his bullpen session in DC on Monday. He looked comfortable and would definitely say he was throwing better than 60 percent. He can’t be that far off from returning. He is moving around well too. Of course he didn’t spend any time shagging fly balls during batting practice like he used to. He did his long toss, bull pen, then went back to the clubhouse.
It was cool being the for Bourn’s first game as a Brave, but losing sucks!!

Awesome, we need him in the pen

Appears Bourn is doing the job he is suppose to do.

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