Minor to start in place of an injured Jurrjens Sunday

Jair Jurrjens will have to wait a couple more weeks before attempting to halt the struggles he has experienced since the All-Star break.   The Braves have placed him on the 15-day disabled list with a right knee strain.
Mike Minor has been recalled from Triple-A Gwinnett to start in Jurrjens’ place Sunday afternoon against the Mets.
Jurrjens entered the All-Star break with a National League-best 1.87 ERA.   The 25-year-old right-hander has posted a 6.26 ERA and allowed opponents to hit .281 against him in his four starts since the All-Star break.
Jurrjens missed the final two weeks of the 2010 season because of a torn meniscus in his right knee.  He underwent arthroscopic surgery in October and had never previously indicated his knee has bothered him this year.



I hope this is not a tiger woods/Rafael Soriano injury….(lack of performance related pain). I wouldn’t think so, but he has pitched so bad recently that an injury would be a likely explanation.

Bourne/Constanza > Schafer/McLouth….. Appears that way so far.

The team is always decimated by injuries. Man if we ever had our normal lineup out there for more than 50 games in a season, we’d be so much closer to the Phils.

Why is it that our pitchers routinely give up home runs to players who have 2-3 home runs for the season? Hanson just made Thole look like Babe Ruth.

Wow – as I type that, Turner just doubled his home run total for the season tonight.

I think even Molina would have a bad CS% if he had to catch Tommy. Bmac gets ragged on fo not thowing out runners but most of them are due to tommy being so easy to steal off

Wow. That observation made even Bravo look smart, I keed, I keeed. Bravo it’s the same reason we can’t hit pitchers that are chumps for anyone else. It’s a lack of fire in the belly. We have managers who are half asleep in the dugout and we have team leaders who don’t kick butt and take names. I’m sick of all this cap tipping and team camaraderie. I want some guys on this team to go in and destroy a cooler and bat rack. Someone who can wake up the sleeping giants. We have the talent, we need the attitude..

Julio lug.165 avg) pinch hits with 2 runners in scoring position. My point exactly, Fredi could give a shit whether we score. Where’s the urgency. My god that’s bad coaching. I dont care if its lefty on lefty, Hinske and brooks both hit lefties better than Lugo.

Was thinking the same thing.

The roster expansion isn’t coming soon enough!

Oh goodie, The Scott Proctor Show has begun.

Scott Proctor couldn’t get through an inning w/o being scored on if my dog was hitting and my Grannie was pinch running.

Yo Monkey and Brandie. Ya’ll glad we didn’t trade, send to the minors or bench Uggla yet?

Do your famous archive research; I never once said anything about demoting/trading/whatever with Uggla. I always said he would come out of the funk in time, and demoting him was not the right answer. If you talk shit, do it right Bill.

How soon they forget. It’s that attention span in some 19 yr olds. Shorter than a gnats Unibrow. I ain’t going to look for anything for you Brandie, make book on that. Everyone remembers.

Don’t come to play ball without a glove Bill. Playing the tough guy routine and yet are suddenly too good to go back and quote someone like you’ve fearlessly done in the past? If you wanna keep your rep up around here so all the guys on the playground think you’re keewl, you’re gonna have to come up with something better than an unflattering excuse to cover up that you’re too scared of being proven wrong. And please keep up the “Ya’lls” and the “I ain’ts.” Your stupidity has always been in question as much a Pherris’, and you’re handing me more ammunition.

Most people when braves players do well are happy they help the braves. Bill is different. First thing he thinks when brooks/schafer get/got a hit he thinks “YES! I can use this to get 1-up on people on an internet baseball blog!”. And when people bill has berated do badly then bill is happy even if it hurts the braves. Bill’s main concern is points scoring on this blog AND NOT the braves. Pretty sad really. Such a troll.

How big of a hypocrite can you be? You did the same exact thing EVERY time Schafer had a bad game or McLouth had a good one (which wasn’t very often) and again when Schafer was traded. Sad indeed.

I definitely wish that everyone would actually talk baseball. I say we just all ignore bill, zidane, and anyone else who talks shit about others. Talk ball, ifsomeone doesn’t agree with your opinion don’t call them names. Make ur point and move on. GROW UP GUYS!

You remind me of the teacher who punishes the entire class rather than taking the effort to figuring out who the real culprit is. I expect to get flak here with some of my posts. But there is a certain person here who is all about denigrating all other posters as if anything and everything they post is invalid. The sad part is that others then join in not unlike junior high schoolers on the playground getting in on the “fun”. I will not mention names but I will give you his initials – BillReef. He is the consummate cyberstalker who enjoys the anonymity of the internet. Why Bowman has not given him the gate is beyond my comprehension considering if he pulled the same crap on the street he would either have his ass handed to him or have experienced multiple arrests.

Well pherris, I agree. Bill is the worst of everyone on here. I mentioned him and zidane because I feel they are the 2 biggest culprits. One out right treats others like crap and the other, well, he just can’t make up his mind how to be or to treat people. I didn’t get too specific because we could all get drawn into the fray if somthing strikes us wrong. Hey, ill tell u tho, ur demeanor has changed dramatically on here. U have began to state your opinion without degrading our team or fans. I appreciate that.

Pretty much spot on. I never do anything. But occasionally I feel the need to defend myself vs personal attacks. Wrong maybe. I should probably just ignore the troll. And calling me a hypocrit is laughable. I never abuse people on this blog

Why do Brave starters throw so many pitches in so few innings?

Why do none of our players stay healthy? Why is Scott Proctor still employed? These are the questions that haunt my dreams.

Now would be a good time to try and pick up a bullpen arm off the waiver wire…

Sniffle, sniffle. Mean old Bill……..Whahhh, Whah… Bill uncovered my stupidity. Poor little bloggers….

Now that was the 2010 Heyward.

Heyward hit the ball hard on two occassions. Hopefully this trend continues….

Our pitching is so bad lately we can’t even get the opposing pitchers out…

That was a fun 5th inning. Gonzalez off the second deck and Constanza joining the ranks.

About time Gonzo started hitting. What a drive for Constanza. Looks like we’ve found our 4th OF for the future.

I don’t know if Gonzo has started hitting as much as he guessed correctly….that’s the reason (IMO) he looks so bad on most pitches. When he does guess correctly, he can hit it a ton.

I went looking at Yunel Escobars number after I saw a Buster Olney tweet, and my God; .303/.383/.442 line with 10 homers. Combine that with great range and one of the best arms in the majors. He just had to get in Bobby’s doghouse… I could only imagine if he was even remotely fast. Just imagine if he added 20 SB’s to that line.

Great win today. Nice to see Heyward contribute – OBP around 800 today. I love Constanza, but I know they need some more HR power in the lineup. If he is the 4th OF, he can get 3 starts a week – one for chipper, one for Heyward, and one for either Prado, or Uggs.
Still looking for the hole in Georges game?? Throwing arm?

Craig Kimbrel since June 14th. 0.00 ERA, OBA .080, 6 hits and 6 BBs in 23 innings. I ain’t never seen nothing like this from a rookie closer. He is a full 0.80 ERA less than Brian Wilson who has been widely considered the best closer in the game. They have the same number of saves. I think it time to start calling the Rolaids people every other day.

The Rolaids Award is not a vote, it’s a point system.


And the fact that it ranks Wilson ahead of Kimbrel this year, shows what a joke it is. I still think it is time to start calling the Rolaids people everyday. I have heartburn with their ranking system.

No wonder you are so disliked on this blog. Even when facts are presented, you can rationalize anything, can’t you?
You remind me of a character in a movie to whom it was said: “It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you’re the smartest person in the room.”

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