Braves promote Vizcaino and release Proctor

MIAMI  —   Arodys Vizcaino has strengthened his position as one of the Braves’ top prospects and over the remainder of this season he will have the opportunity to strengthen Atlanta’s bullpen.
Vizcaino has received his first call to the Majors and is expected to be in the bullpen for Wednesday night’s series finale against the Marlins.  To create a roster spot for the hard-throwing right-hander, the Braves have released Scott Proctor.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Vizcaino since he impressed during this year’s Futures Game. ranks him as the Braves’ second-best prospect.   The 20-year-old right-hander was acquired in the Dec. 2009 trade that sent Javier Vazquez to the Yankees.

Blessed with an above average fastball and a curveball that has impressed many scouts and opponents, Vizcaino has recorded 100 strikeouts and issued 28 walks while combining for 97 innings with Class A-Advanced Lynchburg, Double-A Mississippi and Triple-A Gwinnett this year.  He spent the first half of the season as a starting pitcher with Lynchburg and Mississippi.

Recognizing that Vizcaino could aid their Major League bullpen, the Braves had him start serving as a reliever in July.  A short time later, they promoted him to Gwinnett, where he allowed one earned run and seven hits in seven innings.   In the process, he registered eight strikeouts and did not issue a walk.

Proctor has struggled throughout this season, posting a 6.44 ERA and allowing opponents to produce a .383 on-base percentage in 31 appearances.  The patience the Braves showed the 34-year-old right-hander was exhausted Monday night, when he recorded just one out while allowing two runs and issuing two walks in the process of attempting to protect a five-run ninth-inning lead.

Because Proctor was unable to get through that inning clean, the Braves had to call upon closer Craig Kimbrel to work a second straight day and for the third time in four games.   Wanting to give Kimbrel a day off Tuesday, the Braves opted to hold top setup men Eric O’Flaherty and Jonny Venters back for the final two innings.

This led the Braves  to call upon rookie Anthony Varvaro, who allowed a game-tying three-run homer after entering the seventh inning with two outs.  Kimbrel ended up being forced to work after the Braves reclaimed the lead for good in the 11th inning.


Ah, yes, Scott Proctor, the poster boy as to what happens to the careers of relievers when they are over worked. Just ask Joe Torre.

I feel bad for Proctor, but his continued presence on the roster was such a mystery that it was finally decided that he had compromising pictures of Frank Wren in a safety deposit box.

nice rendition.

Pherris you say over worked yet Nolan Ryan says they don’t work enough. Also please send a crying towel to BIll for his tears of joy

Proctor was worked pretty damn hard by Torre, agreed. But that’s not why he sucks. He’s a hard thrower with little to no movement on his fastball and mediocre command. His being a really good guy kept him here shockingly longer than he should have been around. Also, I’ve been waiting for this headline for a month.

166 games in 2 years. To say he was overworked is an understatement. He had something before he was beat like a rented mule.

He had decent movement before the surgery. Now that is all zapped. As Viva said, he’s a thrower, not a pitcher.

Agreed bravesnyc….. Can’t wait to see Viscaino get to work. I saw him in person in spring training and he was very impressive.

It’s a shame Medlen won’t be back this year.. Moylan is basically a ROOGY at this point, but a bullpen of Kimbrel, Venters, O’Flaherty, Vizcaino, Sherill, Linebrink, Medlen, Moylan.. that’s pretty impressive.

With Dan Uggla extending his hitting streak with a wonderful hustle single last night, I would like to officially announce that I have been proven WRONG in a most amazing and miraculous manner. Although I was the biggest Uggla detractor after he signed, and utilizing split statistics to try to bring some explanation for his half season long slumber, the Baseball gods have honored the Braves by helping Dan Uggla discover his true potential – ALL OF A SUDDEN beginning somewhere around the 4th of July. Never in the history of this great game has there ever been anything like this, and as I enjoy a heaping helping of humble crow pie, I am also enjoying watching Dan Uggla do something that I am quite sure has never been done before. I want to post a side note here that I have commented all through the season that I appreciate uggla’s approach to the game and the way that he plays. He goes all out. I am so glad to see him now, patient at the plate – not swinging at sliders down and away. It is nice to know that there is indeed a cure for Andruw Jone’s disease. “Danny” as Bill likes to say, may you have many successful seasons to come as an Atlanta Brave. God bless the “Beeg Boy”, Rico Carty!

Well, Thank you Barry for doing the right thing. Uggla is an amazing story all in one year. The Fish Rappers(Marlins announcers) were talking about Danny all night long. I hope he has a blistering Night tonight. I might
And as the Proctor thing goes, geez, you can lead Fredi and Qtip to water, but you can’t get them to do what’s obvious. Excited to see what the kid can do. His FB explodes (movement and late apparent velocity above actual). Can’t wait to see him on the big stage.
You know there is a blessing in disguise for the Braves. For the 1st time in 6 years BMac is going to be heading into late August well rested and with fresh legs. I don’t expect to see the falloff in avg. that he usually has. Think about it, he plays in one of the most consistent sweat boxes in the country and we are almost always still in contention up until the last day of the season. I can’t even imagine how it must be to have to put that gear on everyday(almost) in ATL august.

Go Danny get some hits. I want him to crush one, so people quit saying infield single this and ……

Quick poll: Who would rather have; Scott Proctor or Jesse Chavez?

I think Chavez. Proctor was just putting balls on tee’s for guys to smack him around.

Keep it up Huddy. Might be a good night to get Vizcaino an inning….

I was just coming to post the same thing. Let’s get the kid’s feet wet.

Bourne and Constanza have completely changed the face of this team….
Our situation shows why the NL is real baseball. We have to make the decision every night of what to do with Constaza/Heyward/Jones. If we were in the sissy AL we would just make Chipper DH…..freakin’ sissy league

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