Looking at Vizcaino’s arrival and Proctor’s departure

Once Scott Proctor nearly cost the Braves a game within which he did not even throw a pitch, it was obvious that it was time to finally cut ties with the veteran reliever.   Thus there wasn’t any reason for surprise this morning when it was revealed Proctor had been given his unconditional release.

However it was somewhat surprising to learn his roster spot would be filled by Arodys Vizcaino, who is considered the organization’s second-best prospect.   The 20-year-old right-hander’s ascension to the Majors  has understandably generated excitement among Braves fans.

Those who have seen him display his above-average fastball and knee-buckling curveball understand why he is considered to have so much potential.  Those who have simply seen that he has recorded 100 strikeouts and issued just 28 walks in 97 innings this year are looking forward to getting their first glimpse of how he will fare at the Major League level.

Vizcaino is every bit as impressive as Julio Teheran or Randall Delgado, the organization’s other prized young pitching prospects and there is little doubt that he has a bright future as a starter or reliever (I’m sticking with reliever) at the Major League level.   He certainly has the stuff to serve as  closer or top setup man.

But there’s still reason to wonder if he has been rushed to the Majors.   He began this season in Class-A Advanced Myrtle Beach’s rotation and did not start working in Double-A Mississippi’s bullpen until about a month ago.   He was promoted to Triple-A Gwinnett about a week later and two more weeks later he finds himself at the Major League level.

It won’t surprise me if Vizcaino proves to be a key ingredient and the valuable extra right-handed reliever the Braves have needed for more than a month.  But given that he has made just 17 appearances (nine as  reliever) and completed 56 2/3 innings above the Class A level is he ready for the Majors?

The answer will be revealed over the next couple weeks.  Regardless,  the Braves definitely needed to add another fresh arm for tonight’s series finale against the Marlins.  Craig Kimbrel will be unavailable and if possible manager Fredi Gonzalez wouldn’t mind having a chance to stay away from using Jonny Venters.

Of course Gonzalez likely wouldn’t have as many concerns about his bullpen had Proctor simply cruised while trying to protect a five-run lead in the ninth-inning of Monday’s series opener.  Once he allowed the Marlins to cut the deficit to three runs, Gonzalez had to call upon Kimbrel to record the final two outs.

This led Gonzalez to want to stay away Kimbrel Tuesday night and use Eric O’Flaherty and Venters in the final two innings.  Thus he asked Anthony Varvaro to get the final out of the seventh inning and paid the price when the rookie reliever allowed a game-tying three-run homer that eventually forced Kimbrel to return for a third straight day in the 11th inning.

Proctor proved effective during his first month with the Braves this year.  But he struggled in almost each of the final 18 appearances he made dating back to June 16.  He posted a 9.16 ERA and allowed opponents to hit .329 with a .422 on-base percentage during this span.

Proctor’s finest moments with the Braves came July 26, when he tossed three scoreless innings and produced the decisive grounder that ended a 19-inning win over the Pirates in controversial fashion.

It’s unknown what the future holds for Proctor.  But I think you can guarantee he won’t be getting any sympathy cards from veteran umpire Jerry Meals any time soon.


How is it that Proctor cost the Braves the a game in which he didn’t pitch? I don’t follow…

Mark, how is bringing Vizcaino up a surprising move? When they moved him to Gwinnett–and didn’t trade for a right handed reliever before the deadline–it seemed that their intentions of bringing the kid to Atlanta were pretty clear. Everyone else down there (AAA) in the pen is pretty mediocre at this point.

Also, Scott Proctor 07/26/11 NEVER FORGET:


You’re a little slow on the uptake there, huh, hoss? LOL. Go back and re-read that part of the blog and I think you’ll see the excellent point that was made.

Basically, if Proctor had done his job in Monday’s game, Kimbrel would’ve gotten a day off that night and would’ve been available for last night’s game. If Kimbrel had been available last night, Fredi Gonzalez could’ve used O’Flaherty to get the final out in the 7th rather than put Varvaro in that tough spot that he’s not accustomed to being in. However, since Proctor was unable to do his job Monday night, Fredi was forced to use Kimbrel (for a third consecutive day) to close out Monday’s game, Fredi then went into last night’s game with a plan to use O’Flaherty and Venters in the final two innings, allowing Kimbrel a day off (he wound up using him anyway once the game went into extra innings). All that also ends up pushing Kimbrel’s day off to tonight. All could’ve been avoided if Proctor had done his job in mop-up duty Monday.

@Gordon, Mark explains what he meant in the last 5 paragraphs of the article

Tommy Hanson to the DL??? Perhaps more Teheran?

Where did ya here that Speedy?

Damned DOB stole my Kimbrel post from 2 days ago for his blog. This isn’t the first time either. ROTFL.

I like what Constanza brings to the lineup, even if he has little to no power. Pesky hitters definitely have a place in this game.
However, I am rooting for Heyward to turn it around. Otherwise we’re back to having a lack of OF power.

Man he looked clueless at the plate tonight. I mean absolutely lost. It wasn’t mechanics either it was way up in his head. He can’t tell a ball from a strike right now if his life depended on it.

Agreed Bill, Heyward looks exasterbated at this point…..I heard Tommy was flying back to ATL for an MRI on his shoulder. That’s why I put a “?” next to the DL post….Hanson could use the time to focus with the way he has pitched lately…

Word I heard was that Hanson would NOT be dled. MRI was neg. got a cortisone shot and they are hoping he takes his next turn


That’s kind of like when you are real frustrated with the Download speed on your porn. Exasterbated.

You had to go there, huh, Bill… you just HAD to…

If you asked me in spring training that in 2011 Uggla would either… a) have the worst batting average in the NL at the ASB, b) lead the Braves in homers, c) tie the Braves franchise record for longest hitting streak, or d) all of the above. How many people would have chosen “all of the above”? Pretty crazy year for Danny.

Good Lord Fredi, even I can tell Huddy is done, get the hook before we have to get Kimbrel up AGAIN

Martin is a great 3B for a LF, or is he a good LF for a 3B?

Anyone still clamoring for Heyward over Costanza over there on that SABR blog (AKA Kelly Johnson fan club?) Viva?

Too funny. You better be careful though, I’m sure Peter has his spies.

That site is just a bunch of stat heads complaining non-stop about Fredi because he doesn’t subscribe to SABR to run his ball club. Even if we won the world series they would all be complaining over there because Fredi played a player who’s WARFIPBABIP wasn’t high enough… or low enough… or whatever. They lost me when they wrote an article about how better this team would be if Kelly Johnson was playing left field. That’s when they lost me. I made a comment on how silly that was (may have been a little rude) and I was banned from the site.

Petey doesn’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to stats. He left MB’s blog in a huff when I started giving him a hard time about stats. And he loves him some KJ. He makes my Schafer/Conrad man crushes look like a one night stand. He wanted to leave Martin on the bench so KJ could play second, WOW. That would have been the biggest mistake a manager could have ever made. I was banned before that site ever launched. He’s blowing someone at ESPN so they keep linking to him. God love him.

They are bringing in Vizzy Dean.

tough debut – but man, his stuff is electric, isn’t it?

Yeah, he’ll be fine. got those b’flies out of his system. He was just pumped.

You remember Medlen’s debut? He was also much wilder than normal too and he worked out really well. cant wait to see this kid get some more work in.

The pitch he struck out LoMo fell off of a table.

Yeah, I’m still clamoring for Heyward over Constanza, though at the moment it’s definitely a good thing to give Constanza as much playing time as possible. You know, if they benched Uggla during his struggles, would he be doing what he is doing now? Play Heyward or send him to Gwinnett for a week or two if they want to play Constanza instead. He won’t get out of his slump in a batting cage.

Its a little too late in the season to hope Heyward breaks out of his slump. If we had no one else performing then I would be all for it but benching a guy hitting over .400 for the present version of Heyward is asinine. I’m all for sending him down though. I agree he shouldn’t just be sitting on the bench.

And yeah, you don’t think the Braves would have been better off with Kelly Johnson playing left field last year? Or at least having the option over Matt Diaz, Melky, etc? And complaints about Fredi usually have to do with idiotic batting orders (1. Schafer, 2. Gonzo), bunting all over the place, badly timed hit and runs, more bunts, etc. The team is winning because of the players, and the decisions of the manager aren’t adding any value to the team.

wow, really? just, wow.

No one is clamoring for anything over at CAC lately since they disabled commenting. The explanation for doing so is long-winded, self-aggrandizing, and fairly ridiculous. You can read it in the “commenting policy” section and maybe get a chuckle, as well.

Hey, who’s not excited about our new crop of “baby Braves”?

We need to get Vizcaino plenty of work in the next month. He looked fine last night, he was just overthrowing. Well, we all know D Lowe and Hanson will go about 6 innings so there should be plenty of opportunities to work in the 6-7 innings.

Viva, I should have been more clear. I fully expected Vizcaino would be up at some point this year. But I was thinking more like the final week of August. Figured he was going to spend most of this month with Gwinnett.

Ah ok yeah that makes more sense. I was surprised yet extremely relieved to see him called up and Proctor DFA’d about 5 months too late. Hopefully he shakes off the nerves so we can finally have a reliable right handed arm out of the bullpen for the first time since.. well.. last season i guess. This is obviously excluding Kimbrel who only pitches in the 9th, or maybe in extra innings, but only if we have the lead or all other relievers are exhausted..

Boy, that shit on CAC is funny. I know it wasn’t intended as comedy, but it is like a hysterical rant. Wow.

Yeah. He could have summed it all up in a couple of sentences instead of spending hours putting that together. “Hi. My name is Peter. I have a life sized poster of Billy B. Holding a calculator on my bedroom wall. Due to ESPN sending traffic to my blog, I can no longer spend as much time looking at it as I used to. I am smarter than you, and there were just too many comments disagreeing with my philosophy, therefore I can no longer allow anyone to comment.”

Bill you sound like a hater talking about peter. Hater = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

Who’s starting crap now?

As annoying as he gets, you are absolutely more annoying. You instigate his instigation of Bill like you’re paid to do it. Something about 2 wrongs don’t make a right or something….

Oh jesus Brandie, stove meet kettle, you are at the center of more stupid crap than anyone on here. This site is so much more tranquil w/o you and your little soccer sycophant. Get over yourself. Nobody has been trash talking for 2 days until you and the monkey come roaring back.

I love this quote from Peters Sabremetric Manifesto:
“So I wrote. Not nearly as well as I do now, and I’ve forgotten more than I knew about baseball way back then, but the important thing is I was writing. I kept doing it despite extremely skimpy traffic and hardly any comments because for some reason it made me happy. It was therapeutic and I enjoyed it.”

Wow, ego run riot. That ESPN affiliation has really created a little monster.

What website are you guys referring to?

Capitol Avenue Club. They disabled commenting.

Oh yeah, I’ve seen their blog posts. They are absolutely batshit insane. The use of sabermetrics there is mind numbingly stupid. I can see how using some sabermetrics like WAR to compare 2 similar players of the same position can be useful, but I’m not gonna try and compare the WAR’s of Freddie Freeman, Danny Espinosa, and Craig Kimbrel to decide rookie of the year or something of that magnitude.

Hypocrisy is what I was pointing out to your little girlfriend that’s always playing the victim, Brandon. I find Bill just as annoying as the rest of you when he gets going. Zidane always playing the victim is much more annoying though.

Zidane > NC and Bill. You must not have been here when the original NC was posting every day about how we should trade Scott Proctor, Nate McLouth, Jose Constanza, and a ham sandwich for Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun.

I agree that NC was the original idiot. I’ve been reading for years, just never bothered to comment. Either way, I’m done with the drama.

Goddamn, it’s almost as moronic in here as at the AJC. Bravo, don’t quit your day job if you have one; you’re not funny.

Well just like Jesus I am back from the dead. Now trading Proctor would have been a good idea maybe throwing him in the Bourne trade would have been nice. But I am glad that we got a leadoff hitter still mad that we didnt get Pence and if I was running the Braves yes i would have given up one of the New Three as I call them and would have asked for both Pence and Bourne.

U do realize sometimes that a player is soooo bad u have to pay someone to take them. Case in point: scott proctor!

Georgie, Georgie…

Anyone still wanna start Heyward over Georgie boy?

Anybody missing Heyward yet?

Miss what might have been, but lovin Constanza!

Anyone besides m feel like he has almost guaranteedhimself a roster spot next year?

Dan Uggla was ready to take that chicken shit Zambrano down.

Haha this game rules. Uggla, Freeman, and Hinske looked like they were about to kill Big Z.

Heyward was staring Zambrano down pretty good as well.

Is it me or does Minor look a lot more relaxed and confident tonite. Best I’ve seen him pitch. Of course a 7 run lead helps.

Simpson and carey just quoted me almost verbatim. Too funny.

I was just going to say the same thing. 7 run lead and the Cubs’ puny offense, but it’s nice to see him make it through the 6th which has been his probl… oh here we go..

Two extremes on the CLASS ometer tonight-Bobby and Zambrano. Timmons a good job to control that.

Zambrano has always been bush league. My guess is that we are watching the last 2 months of his career.

Viva – “don’t quit your day job”? Seriously? 1985 called. Thinks that statement is awesome.

Never claimed to be funny… and I do have a day job so I guess I’ll take your advice and stick with it.

If we are watching the last of Zambo’s career, I hope there will be retribution tonight. I know it’s not his teammates fault – but someone has to pay for throwing at our captain and leader. Plus – it’s far worse to throw your teammates under the bus than to take the fastball in yourself. Of course, we are talking about a coward here – so maybe he would prefer letting his teammate take the heat in his place. I say we let Vizcaino come in with some marching orders and take care of business. Who knows when we’ll face Zambo again. Of course, it would have been much worse if Chipper was actually hit.

BMac is 1-3 with an RBI at Gwinnett.

Game is on CSS here in ATL . Mac has hit the ball hard all three ABs

Why Fredi uses Lugo as a PHer I will never know. Conrad as a RH PHer is about 5 times more dangerous than Lugo.

Television just announced the passing of Rrnie Johnson Sr.

Ernie Johnson

RIP Ernie. My fav.

Oh no. I don’t know how or where else to sendmy condolences to ej jr but if u ever read this ej, our thoughts are with u. Your family has been a large part of the lives of many braves fan for years and I sincerely say ourprayers are with u.

Wow. Vavaro looks good tonight. What a bunch of arms we have on this ballclub.

I really just shouldn’t comment until after a game from now on…

The curse of Bravo🙂

Too many fast balls in a row. We need to teach this kid a splitter!

Homer aside, Vavaro has not impressed me. Can’t wait until Linebrink is back(can’t believe I’m saying that…). Actually, I’ll be more glad when Moylan comes back.

Wow, Zambrano quit tonite. Told his teammates he was retiring. Good riddance, way to go out in style you POS.

+1. Mine as well retire. You just don’t throw at Larry Wayne Jones Jr. You just don’t.

Might at well. The Southern in me got out for a minute.

Drinking and Blogging again Brandie?🙂

So, if McCann is activated, where does he hit? I would guess 3rd and drop freeman to 5th and Chipper to 6th. Not too bad. This way, they don’t need to worrry about having two LH in a row.

Junior, when McCann returns we will have a very nice problem as far as the lineup goes. Having Chipper bat 6th is not too shabby.

Predicting lineup of: Bourn, Prado, McCann, Uggla, Freeman, Chipper, Gonzalez, Constanza/Heyward, P

I always liked McCann 5th… and I think Prado could use a day off. So I’m going with:
Bourn 8
Constanza 7
Freeman 3
Uggla 4
McCann 2
Chipper 5
Heyward 9
Gonzo 6
Beachy 1

Agreed with big mac in the 5 hole. I hope we go for this line up.

I love the lineup. I just think that you would have to chain Prado to a light pole in the parking lot to get him off the field right now. Dan Uggla is up there seeing 60 mph softballs right now. Lets hope that lasts until November.

Oh. and Constanza in the 2 hole is sick. Starts to look like a Frillies lineup. Ride that wave as long as it’s still breaking.

Has anyone ever seen anyone hotter than dan uggla. I never have. How can you hit in over 30 games straight and still mash 15 homers? Scary. Shame our offense has come together and our rotation has imploded

If heyward got it together and constanza stays hot then prado would be the one to miss out. Grandad jones is heating up nicely, and its good fredi is managing how often he plays.

Prado would be the one to miss out??? Do you mean he would be benched? LOLOLOL, wow, who are you?

Prado has underperformed this year, lets be honest. It’s not bad by any means, but he has lacked that spark for a consistent amount of time.

Who are you? You obviously have no idea about how good jason heyward could still turn out to be. If he starts to fulfill his massive potential then no way he is sitting. And no way Jones is sitting. So it would (in this hypothetical situation where heyward got it together) be between constanza and prado. In the long term obviously the choice is prado. But we need to ride constanza whilst he is hot. LOLOLOLOL, who are you?

Even with Prado under-performing this year, and I really don’t like him in LF, first year or not, he’s still miles ahead of Heyward in terms of production this year. While Heyward has the highest ceiling, it’s too late in the season to hope he rebounds. Either he’s on the bench til Constanza cools off, which I hope doesn’t happen, or he’s sent down to the minors for a bit, which probably won’t happen. If the choice is between Prado and Heyward starting this year, Prado has to be the obvious choice.

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