Hanson placed on the disabled list

As expected, the Braves activated Brian McCann from the disabled list Sunday morning.  At the same time, they announced Tommy Hanson has been placed on the 15-day disabled list.

The Braves have not announced who will start Tuesday in place of Hanson, who is experiencing  right shoulder discomfort for the second time this season.  An MRI exam performed last week indicated that he is once again dealing with tendinitis.  This is what he was diagnosed with when he was placed on the disabled list in June.

Hanson returned from the disabled list in late June and made three strong starts before the All-Star break.  But he has posted an 8.10 ERA in his five starts since the break.

The Braves also announced right-handed reliever Scott Linebrink has been activated from the disabled list and right-handed reliever Anthony Varvaro has been optioned to Triple-A Gwinnett.


Hanson should take all the time he needs to recover. There is no need to rush things…we have a 5 game lead in the wild card, which is pretty substantial considering that if the teams chasing us for the wildcard actually caught up, they’d actually overtake first place in their respective divisions and knock the current first place teams down. I think we have enough pitching, regardless of the recent struggles, to get us into the post season where Hanson can hopefully rejoin the staff completely healthy. A fresh Hanson would be pretty disgusting. With BMac back in the lineup and Larry Wayne sticking it out, our offense is finally what we once thought it could be. There is no reason the wild card should even be close, with or without Hanson. As for the division, we may as well concede, it’s over, so we don’t need Hanson for a division title run.

As much as I hate conceding the division to the Phillies, I agree completely. Getting to the postseason should be doable. Once we’re there we’re gonna need a completely healthy Hanson and JJ to make any noise. Give them as much time as possible to recover while also giving Minor and maybe even Teheren a chance to get some experience down the stretch.

No sense in conceding anything to any one. Braves just need to keep pace with the Phils and ether take care of business when they face them next and/or the Phils catch a ruff patch due to injuries etc. You don’t want them just coast into the playoffs without any pressure, rest their regulars and give them home field advantage without a fight.

I agree with wis here. Wehave to put pressure on them to at least keep performing at as high a level as they can. Otherwise the can rest everyone and if we face them in the post season it would just be another advantage they would haveover us. Let minor and teheran get some work and keep pressuring the phils. We really need jj and big red healthy in the ps.

Bill is right on hansen. He is going to be injured more and more. We should trade him in the offseason.

I love constanza and bourn

Man, the cubs are a bad ballclub

This was the most disappointing loss in a long time. I like the Braves announcers, but I need to take my frustrations out on some on. Last call of Prado’s AB. Direct Quote – “Prado may as well look for a breaking ball, he has nothing to lose”. Well maybe looking for a breaking ball was not the best idea as he swing at a pitch a foot outside. Sorry guys – poor call. Maybe, he should have been given a take sign with McCann on deck or been a little smarter. Tomorrow will be another day.

Well, I mean, if you know something’s coming, take a hack if it’s where you want it. My problem was that Prado took a real pitiful swing at it. A real swing puts it in the gap.

Well it’s just great to have Linebrink back off the DL. What did we do w/o him?


NC and Nomad – Coasting into the play offs is not really a great thing. Historically, the teams who have won divisions and have “coasted” have difficulty turning it back on during post season. Look at all the wildcard WS Champions over the last few years. They’re grinding it out and never slow momentum. Hell – how many of our division titles were runaways? A LOT! We rested our players for the postseason and played meaningless games. Then, we flaked in the postseason while hotter teams went deeper. Let the Phillies win the division by 10 games. It’s out of reach. We just need to keep fighting and keep battling. I think it will serve us well in October.

I agree with you. It was NC and Wis that didn’t. My main concern is getting Minor, Delgado and Teheran some experience while resting Hanson and JJ as much as possible so that they can get back to their pre AS form before the playoffs begin. If we get those 2 back, along with Huddy and the way our offense has been heating up, I think we could definitely make some noise in the playoffs.

You’re right. My bad.

I didn’t disagree with either of u except on one point. The semantics of the word “concede”. I feel likeif we concede the division to the phils it takes away some of our intensity. That is what I want to guard against. We lost the game yesterrday imo because of a lack of intensity. We got a big lead and then they stopped fighting. After that the rust of bmac and linebrink caused big mistakes we couldn’t afford since we didn’t keep piling on the runs. Its just my opinion but to me it was the intensity that was lacking. Kinda like a fighter who doesn’t have the killer instinct.

If u actually look at the body of my comment u will see that while I said I agree with wis my main point was about getting jj and big red some rest. For me the agreement was just on that word, “concede”. I just don’t want the braves feeling like they have the wc in the bag and letting up.

Hell, reading it again myself I see where u came up with what u did tho.

The big issue for me is how do we get our pitching back on track? The rest for jj and big red should help those two big time I hope. Lowe though? Our bullpen? Except for jv and kimbrel that is.

I agree with Teheran and Minor, but the couple of starts I’ve seen Delgado, he appears to be a bit behind the two previous mentioned guys.
As for Linebrink, the presence of Vizcaino makes him obsolete. Once Moylan returns, Linebrink will be regulated to mop up duty.
McCann looked like a guy that has been on the DL for a couple weeks. Once he gets back up to speed I think it will make our lineup that much more dangerous.
Also, what is Fredi’s infatuation with using Chipper as a defensive replacement? If you give Chipper the day off, use him as a pinch hitter if anything.

Mac’s offense wasn’t the only thing rusty. He let two pitches by him on defense yesterday that pretty much cost us the game. He should have blocked them both. And he’d be the first to admit that.

There is still an 800 pound gorilla in the room. There used to be 2 of them. Now there is only one. Dan Uggla was one, but his ship is righted. The other is still Jason. Constanza has given us an option to go to, but still – Chipper’s bat out of the lineup yesterday, we needed Jason to be productive at the plate. He did make a WONDERFUL defensive play, and his arm is definitely a factor in right field. But his sub .220 average and non production are hurting the team.

Pass the Bananas please.

Zidane, I’m going to continue our previous discussion on this thread.

As much as I don’t want to stoop to insulting you, your logic (or lack thereof) almost forces me to do so. ALMOST. I don’t really blame Bill anymore for the things he says to you. As far as I’m concerned, they are well deserved.

If you think for a minute, or even a second, that Prado would ever be the “odd man out” on this team, you are insane. I don’t care of Constanza is hitting .800, there is no way he would ever get the nod over Prado. Everyone knows what George is doing is in no way sustainable. You seem to be very susceptible to the results that stem from short term variance. You give up on Uggla after a month, you say McLouth has turned it around after ONE DAY where he did excellent in a double header, and now you want to play a rookie with 20 or less games under his belt over our hardest working player? If Prado gets a day off to rest, then that’s fine, but there is no way he is sitting the bench. You’re nuts man…you wanna know why “riding him while he is hot” is a stupid conclusion to make? It’s a concept called regression towards the mean. It’s part of the reason Uggla has turned it around after such a horrid start, and it’s 95% of the reason Constanza is going to struggle here very soon. I’ll take last year’s team MVP workhorse who has proven to be nothing but consistent throughout his career, over some random “hot” kid who we HOPE keeps it up, any day of the week.

That being said, I’m not knocking Georgie at all, I love what he is doing. But for you to sit there and contemplate benching Prado to keep him in the lineup is ludicrous. If Heyward figures things out, then our wonder boy will sit his happy ass on the bench until he is called upon. End of story. That is the only option. To consider anything else shows a new level of stupidity that we didn’t even think you could reach.

Basically everything you write is exagerated or just plain false. You seem to have gotton a little worked up writing that little article. Maybe you should calm down and look at the facts. Prado’s “career” is basically 1 full season and 1 almost full season. Hardly albert pujols like is it. I think its a little premature to call a guy with 1 full season under his belt ultra consistant. I reserve that for guys with 5-10 straight years of production under their belt. Dont get me wrong, I love Prado. His versitility is great. But he isnt the second coming of chipper jones. He isnt untouchable in this line up. If heyward is being benched for the “hot hand”, then I bleieve prado would be too. And if heyward gets it together then we are talking about a guy who is going to be alot better than prado.

Your inability to not get worked up when someone has a different opinion to baseball than you (and then “almost” insult them) reflects poorly on you. Of course you think you are right. I wouldnt expect anything else. But to think a contrasting opinion to your own is worthy of ridicule is well……arragant, immature and generally pathetic. Some of us are bought up to respect other peoples views, and are brilliant enough people to be able to debate with those we disagree with in a mature way. How can you be so sure your views are correct? If you are such a god of baseball knowledge then why arent you managing in the big leagues. Why arent you some big league scout. I would of thought that with the amount of money in the game someone would give an individual of your great knowledge a job.

Shut up Zippy, you were ready to trade Uggla 2 months ago, even though he fits even your ridiculous definition of “consistant”(sic). You talk out of both sides of your mouth and can’t even remember what stupidity you spouted yesterday. You really sure you want to tear down Prado now? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen written on this blog.

Why don’t you leave “forever” again?

A) I’m hardly “worked up”. It’s laughable that you assume so based on a paragraph post where I state my case and show why yours is pathetically biased towards small sample sizes.
B) Prado has multiple years in the Big Leagues where he was not a starter, but used as a utility man. His consistency and reliability in that role forced the Braves to turn him into a starter, and he has not looked back since.
C) You are contradicting yourself once again by assuming Heyward’s potential. “If Heyward gets it together he will be a lot better than Prado.” Says who? I thought you reserved your judgement for guys with 5-10 years in the league? And even if he IS that much better than Prado, what makes you think Prado will sit? Prado is a lot better than Constanza, regardless if he is “hot” or not.
D) Your post did nothing to convince me of why Constanza would ever start over Prado, which was our original debate right? All I got out of your post is that you like to whine and pull random stuff out of thin air (like an Albert Pujols reference our of nowhere?). You said to look at the facts, but then you stated nothing. Your “fact” was that Prado has been a starter for a year and a half, which humorously enough trumps the sub 20 games Constanza has played, so I don’t know what argument you are trying to support there.
E) Look, I’m glad Constanza is tearing it up and that we’re finding places to put him in the lineup. But if Heyward was producing and Chipper was healthy, Constanza wouldn’t touch the field. If you disagree with that, then you’re just wrong. When Prado’s average dips to .220 then maybe you have a case, but until then, you’re standing on a soapbox preaching to an empty crowd, man. Prado will not sit to make room for Constanza. Period.

I still wonder what Frank Wren plans on doing about the RH bat off the bench.

He’s gonna sniff around a little bit and then say, now that Uggla’s gotten hot, we will stick with what we’ve got. He has been “looking” for a RH bat for 3 years now. I think he has dyslexic vision. He still thinks Freddie is batting RH.

There’s no real room off the bench right now for a RH stick anyway. Unless someone like Mark Derosa got released and we picked him up to replace Lugo. I’d be all for something like that.

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