Braves, Mets postpone final two games of this weekend’s series

With Hurricane Irene making its way toward New York City, the Braves and Mets have postponed the final two games of this weekend’s series at Citi Field.   Friday night’s game will be played as scheduled.
There has not been an announcement about when Saturday and Sunday’s scheduled games could be played.  The teams share a common offday on Sept. 8.  There is a chance both games could be played as part of a doubleheader that day.
The Braves would be able to make the short trip to New York after concluding a three-game series in Philadelphia on Sept. 7.  They are scheduled to begin a three-game series in St. Louis on Sept. 9.
With the possibility that heavy rain and winds could begin early Saturday evening, New York City officials have announced the Subway will shut down at noon Saturday.


Doesn’t it feel a little weird to be so far from both first place and the team trailing us in the wildcard? (okay, we’re only 6 out of first, but a 9 and a half game lead in the wildcard race puts us in a really odd sort of no-man’s land.)

I was trying to figure out when a team has had such a huge wildcard cushion (knock on wood). Anyone remember when the As won 102 games in 2001 to win the wildcard by 17 and still trailed the Mariners by 16 in the division? We’re obviously not that far ahead (or behind) but I would love to become the first NL wildcard to win 100 games and NOT have to wonder on the last day of the season if we’re making the playoffs.

Huddy’s going to be on tonight. Just a feeling.

That does it. No more predictions from you!

What a great tag by uggs. He grabbed Pagans arm and dragged it to where he had snowconed the throw. Never seen anybody at any level do it, but it’s legal because he has the ball in his glove.

Man we have the next 2 days off, Huddy had thrown 110 pitches, was getting clobbered. Can anyone explain to me why Fredo sent him out there in the 7th?

Either way its mighty nice to play like shit and still not lose any ground to the feelies!

Of course a damn hurricane hits NY the only time I get to see us play up here.. and I’m not gonna be in town for the makeup series. Ugh. Well, at least I didn’t go all the way up to Flushing for last night’s disaster.

I was there… it was ugly.

I’m kinda glad the games got moved… now I can see all 3 haha

This will be the longest break Venters and Kimbrel have had all season. Too ba it took an act of God to make it happen…

I’ve got a bad baseball jones already. This isn’t right, 3 days off in the middle of a stretch drive. I hope it doesn’t screw up AGons timing at the plate!!!

A bad baseball Jones? Andruw? I kid, I kid…

That was terrible…….SMHL

Sounds like the Flailing Australian is close to getting back. He’s up to pitching on consecutive days, got to believe that is the last step.

@PeterMoylan “I will be pitching on Tuesday in Durham if you guys wanna come hang out. Then again Wednesday in Norfolk!!!”

Saw something on Twitter I had to pass along: ” ‘Hey, I wonder when Nate McLouth gets off the DL’? – no one”

When the KC Royals wins the World Series…

He’s probably been ready to come back for a while but with his lack of an arm and his anemic bat the might not put him back on the roster. At least not until roster expansion and even then I don’t see it happening.

He might get added to the September roster as a LF defensive replacement and pinch runner. I doubt he makes the post season roster at all.

Yu would think that a guy with a little speed and a hard time making contact would at least learn to bunt….

I have absolutely no comment. My mother always taught me if you don’t have something nice to say…..:) Meanwhile the Schafer kid reached 3 times tonite and has his avg. up to .249. Has 4 multihit games since starting for Houston. All that from a guy who “can’t get on base”.

Schafer has a good week; completely new hitter, cured. McLouth has a good week; it’s a fluke, he sucks always, he never does anything. No doubt in my mind Schafer is benefiting from Houston and being away from Mr. Parish, and hopefully his success continues, but spare the hypocrisy please. You can parade it all you want once Jordan wins that batting title that your prophecy foretold.

How funny.I am a hypocrite. Weren’t you the one who proclaimed McLouth cured after his only good day as a Brave? At least I waited a week, even after you came on and pointed out that Schafer went 0-3 in his debut.Too funny………Man you are so easy.

Hypocrasy abounds!

It’s not funny, and yes, you are a hypocrite. Do your background check, I never “proclaimed McLouth cured”, everyone just simply loved rubbing it in your face so much when he succeeded. Don’t be making stuff up now little Billy just because you’re butt hurt. Also, .319 OBP… the man is an OB machine, cured. But hey, I’m not making fun of Jordan, I’d be happy if he turned into the God you’d think he’s gonna be, I’m just saying now his OBP is better than Prados…

*insert ignorant comment by Bill insinuating that we should trade Prado.*

Some players benefit from playing in poor teams with no pressure but cant hack it for a contender.

Jeff Francouer, Melky Cabrera, etc…

Melky was actually pretty good for the Yanks so I don’t think he applies. McLouth seems to fit the bill though. Schafer really was under too much pressure with the Braves and had no business leading off. That’s not his fault. I wish the kid well.

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m going through Braves withdrawal. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that all this time off is going to be our downfall. Man I hope I’m wrong.

Get ready for the win streak, Bravo has a sick feeling….

Yep, Bill – take it to the bank – Thanks to Bravo the Braves will score big tonight and pitch well.

Why are we still fighting over Schafer and McClouth? Neither of them matter anymore.

Nah man, McLouth will come back strong in September, WS MVP. If only Bravo would predict this…

Human Fire Retardant just drew a walk, the apocalypse is nigh.

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