Odds and ends: McCann back in the lineup; Chipper’s thoughts about hitting second

With today’s early start, this will be a brief entry to update you on a few items and more importantly put something on top of yesterday’s “McCann, Prado enhance concerns surrounding Braves” entry.

One day after stranding five runners with a pair of strikeouts in the final four innings of Monday’s 12-inning loss, McCann returned to Turner Field Tuesday and looked nothing like he had while hitting .159 over the previous month.

With the assistance of some minor mechanical adjustments and the decision to use a little lighter bat, McCann enjoyed a two-hit night that included four impressive at-bats.  His three-run, sixth-inning homer proved to be the decisive blow in a game the Braves needed to win.

Dan Uggla, who set a new career-high with his 34th homer, Tuesday provided a good description of McCann’s homer.

“It wasn’t just a three-run homer,” Braves second baseman Dan Uggla said. “That was one of the biggest home runs we’ve had this season, as far as instilling confidence back in us and getting our swagger back.”

McCann was smiling again Tuesday night and before he left the stadium he exchanged a heartfelt hug with Braves Minor League manager Luis Salazar, who was getting ready to leave Atlanta after spending the past week as an extra coach on the Major League staff.

Just seven months earlier, Salazar had lost his left eye and nearly his life after getting hit by a foul ball off McCann’s bat during the Division Series.    Since then he has served as an inspiration to McCann and many other members of the Braves organization.

After catching the entirety of Monday’s 12-inning loss and Tuesday night’s game, McCann returned to Turner Field and was back behind the plate for Wednesday’s noon start.

Chipper Jones was also back in the second spot of the lineup for the sixth time in the past eight games.    He remains hopeful to move back to a run producing spot of the lineup before the season concludes.

Click here to read Jones’ thoughts and get an update on Tommy Hanson, who felt good during today’s bullpen session.

The Braves will host the Yankees and play them in the Bronx next year.  They will also visit Boston to play the Red Sox.  Click here to view the 2012 schedule.


Please someone tell Chipper that the #2 spot IS a run producing spot in the line-up! He doesn’t have to change his approach, he doesn’t have to be a “table-setter”. The traditional usage of the #2 spot has just been wrong.

Freeman deserves to be in the 3 spot as far as I’m concerned. He has the highest average other than Bourn, the most extra-base hits other than Uggla and the highest OBP overall. I love having Chip-Freeman 2-3. They’re hitting more doubles than anybody, and Uggla-McCann are hitting more homers than anyone. I wish Heyward could be in the 2-5 mix, but I really like the 1-5 we have right now.

Long story short, Chip, stay put.

I have been one of the big proponents of Chipper hitting second. Chipper has to figure out that if he wants to hit 3, 4, or 5 he needs to hit like it. Right now he is a guy with occasional pop with a good eye and high OBP. not to mention he will see better pitches with a number three hitter behind him instead of a number six or seven. Chipper is in a good place and needs to do the best he can to contribute. Also Chipper needs to figure out that it’s ok to be a run producer in the two hole. He will only have to hit second once in a game.

Chipper is a Prima Donna. His complaints have nothing to do with reality. The idea of batting 2nd just wears on his overflated ego. Sorry but I call em like I see em. I can’t believe that he would go to the press because he got put at 2nd in the lineup. Nice way to undermine your manager. What a back stabber.

Chipper is still our best hitter. Check the stats this year if you dont beleive me. Well he is second to mac i think

Bill – I’ve been looking for an article of Chipper complaining about the lineup change. Can you post it?

I was referring to the inference above. Maybe I was a little strong in the comments, but it still undermines Fredo.

Can anyone explain why Constanza isn’t starting and batting second? Heyward is lost at the plate.Constanza is a contact hitter and good bunter that would add extreme pressure on all opposing pitching staffs..The Braves were much more aggressive until they re-inserted Heyward. The Heyward experiment is over for 2011 !!

He didn’t really complain about being in the 2 hole, he more or less said he couldn’t wait for Prado to get good enough to be put there again so he wouldn’t be there. He said he isn’t a 2 hole hitter and that Prado is. And he’s right.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a new one. If you check the last post on the previous thread, the Great Zidane has stated that we are neglecting our farm system by not trading Jurrjens. Also, since we’re not the Yankees, Red Sox or Phillies, we shouldn’t try to win a World Series by keeping our best pitcher up to that point in the year around. Instead, we should throw in the towel and plan for the future by trading him away. “He who always looks toward the future will never enjoy the present.”

Not true. because as I have shown we would still of made the postseason trading JJ (1 win since the ASB). Then in the playoffs JJ wouldnt do that well. He isnt a dominat pitcher. Plus we have tehran who could come in for the postseason and dominate in his place. We have to look after the farm by trading players where we have alot of depth when their value is very high (alot higher than he is worth) and where we have no chance of signing him long term. JJ will never sign long term. Face it.

Yeah you’re a prophet. You KNEW JJ would get hurt, huh? And making the postseason doesn’t matter…winning in the postseason matters. Jurrjens on our staff, performing at full health, gives us the best chance to do so. So, you got lucky. Jurrjens got hurt which gives you a small amount of ammunition to back up your ridiculous claims. It gives you that nice 5 game sample size you wish to look at while ignoring the rest. (Hey guys! McLouth was 20 for 25 on 2nd at bats on Sundays when the Braves had a 2 run lead or better, in the first half of May, back half of June, and first and last weeks of July! See, I told you he was good!) Also, once again…no one thinks JJ will sign long term. That’s not the point, if it increases our shot at winning a World Series, who cares if we don’t resign him. We’ll still trade him in the offseason and get a high reward. Because unlike you, everyone else in baseball realizes how good he really is.

The moron thinks he’s right for the 1st time in his history and he’s not even close to right. Same old argument , same old idiot. It’s about being so delusional you can’t even imagine what the real world is like. I say this idiot is about 13 years old. Really. someone should be monitoring his computer privileges. Zippy, where is your mother? We need to talk to her.

New Math – 3 up with 5 to play. We must go 2 and 3 to tie. (and that’s if the Cards win out).

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