Chipper already ranks among the elite of the elite

During a recent airing of MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk”,  former Major League reliever Mitch Williams said Chipper Jones will not be a first ballot Hall of Famer if he does not end up with 500 career homers.

Given that Jones would have to play at least two or three more seasons to record the 47 homers that he needs to raise his career total to 500, this is a milestone the 39-year-old third baseman may never reach.

But those who believe Jones needs 500 career homers to gain a first-ballot induction simply do not understand that his body of work (thanks Scott Boras) already puts him in an elite group that is limited to the greatest of the great hitters to ever play the game.

Jones has batted .305 with a .403 on-base percentage and .534 slugging percentage in 2,375 career games.  He has totaled 523 doubles, 453 homers and 1,556 RBIs.

This makes Jones one of six players in Major League history to hit .300 with a .400 on-base percentage, .500 slugging percentage, 500 or more doubles, 400 or more homers and 1,500 or more RBIs.   The other five are Stan Musial, Babe Ruth, Manny Ramirez, Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig.

Williams and others are entitled to their opinions of what constitutes a first-ballot Hall of Famer.  But the fact that Jones fits in this incredible list appears to be proof that he already ranks among the elite of those elite players who have been granted the honor of a first-ballot selection.

Among switch hitters in Major League history, Jones ranks second in batting average and RBIs;  third in slugging percentage, doubles and homers;  and fourth in on-base percentage.   His .936 OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) ranks third behind Mickey Mantle (.977) and Lance Berkman (.954).

Among third baseman in Major League history, Jones ranks first in slugging percentage and OPS; third in doubles, homers and RBIs;  and  fifth in on-base percentage.   He needs just 40 more RBIs to pass Mike Schmidt and George Brett and also assume the lead in that category.

Jones is a seven-time All-Star whose career accomplishments include a batting title (2008) and a National League MVP Award (1999).   This is his 17th full season with the Braves and within the next couple weeks, he will likely celebrate a 13th postseason berth with the club.

The voters will determine whether Jones is a first ballot Hall of Famer.  His credentials  indicate that he has surpassed Hank Aaron, Dominique Wilkins and John Smoltz on his way to becoming the most successful professional athlete in Atlanta history.

Speaking of Hall of Fame, former Braves manager Bobby Cox recently revisited Cooperstown with his wife.  It was something they planned after going there in July to see his good friend Pat Gillick inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Click here to see some pictures of Cox’s visit.  It’s pretty cool to see him holding one of Musial’s old bat.  Stan the Man was his favorite player.

Now that the Braves have won a couple games and kept their 4 1/2-game lead in the National League Wild Card standings, it’s once again time to debate who manager Fredi Gonzalez and pitching coach Roger McDowell will decide to put in their postseason rotation. 

Tim Hudson and Brandon Beachy are the only locks for the playoff rotation.   The other two spots will likely go to Derek Lowe, Mike Minor or Tommy Hanson.

With Hanson, it’s simply a guessing game.  While his shoulder has been cooperative lately, time is running out for him to be prepared to make a start in the Division Series.   Plus, it was tough to gauge exactly how excited he was after completing his most recent bullpen session Wednesday.

Based on the way he felt yesterday, Hanson might be able to provide some more clarity today.  But even if he were to go to Florida early next week to begin throwing in some Instructional League games, it still seems like a long shot for him to be ready for the playoffs.

So it seems like a better bet to see Derek Lowe and Mike Minor in the final two spots of the playoff rotation.  Gonzalez said he is not too concerned about the lack of experience Minor, Beachy or any of his other young starters might bring to the postseason.

“You’re not afraid to run them out there,” Gonzalez said. “They seem poised.  Sometimes those young guys don’t know any better.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  They don’t even know who some of these (opposing batters) are.  They’ve probably seen them on Xbox or PlayStation or something.”

While Beachy and Minor have never pitched in the playoffs, Lowe has thrown the second-most postseason innings (95.1) among all active pitchers.  The only current  pitcher with more playoff innings is Yankees closer Mariano Rivera (139.2).

Lowe will oppose Chris Capuano in tonight’s series opener against the Mets.  When Capuano tossed a two-hit shutout on Aug. 26, he seemed to be facing a group of Braves players who were not focused on the game.  Some had been forced to return to their Manhattan hotel that afternoon to get their luggage once they found out they would be playing just one game because of Hurricane Irene.

Going to have to guess there will be a little more focus placed on tonight’s matchup against Capuano.






Sorry Mitch Williams, but your opinion is void, because you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

Agree with Brandon, Williams sound like the guy would vote for a Cy Young based only by looking his wins total. I’m sure there are members of the 500 HR club who’d loved to have the overall career numbers that Chipper has. I really hate when people underestimate great achievements by pointing out that he should acomplish more. IMO Williams just blew another one.

I’m confused as to how Chipper has surpassed Hank Aaron… unless it’s because he compiled a lot of his big stats before the Braves moved to Atlanta.

I love Mitch Williams. Mainly because he let up the 93 homer to Joe Carter, which is one of my favorite childhood moments as well as the only moment of Williams’ career which is worthy of note in the hall of fame.

Frank Wren tells David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that no decision has been made about Alex Gonzalez’s future with the Braves, but both the club and the shortstop sound open to Gonzalez returning in 2012. Gonzalez is popular in the clubhouse and would be an ideal bridge at shortstop to prospect Tyler Pastornicky.

Frank Wren is the biggest idiot on the planet. OMFG!!!!!

I read that a little bit earlier… I would not mind having Gonzalez around as a utility guy off the bench, but I was under the impression that THIS year he was bridging the gap to Pastornicky.

It’s not like there is much of an alternative. We have no idea what we would get out of Pastornicky starting SS for the 2012 season, but at least we know what we’re getting with Gonzo(not a lot, but my point stands). I was hoping we’d go for Marco Scutaro or Rafael Furcal. Someone who can play above average defense but bring more than the occasional homer to the plate. And also take a walk. But I wouldn’t pay either of them a dime over $3MM.

Looks like Lowe looks awful again. Anyhow, the options for postseason bullpen should be Delgado, Hanson and Minor. Not sure why Lowe is an option the way he has pitched. I know they would love to move the $15 million, but it won’t be easy.

At least the cardinals are at the phillies this weekend. If we can win 2 out of 3 this weekend then its pretty much going to mean we make the playoffs.

Shut up zippy, you are an idiot.

Can’t watch the game right now but caught the score/box score… anyone want to clue me in on wtf happened? Is Lowe hurt?

Yeah, he’s got Drunken Pitcher Palsy.

lol you really hate on this guy for that… look he sucks on the field right now, the off the field crap is irrelevant.

Closest race in MLB right now is the NL Wild Card.

If we somehow make it, Derek Lowe should not be left anywhere near anything resembling a starting playoff rotation. Last 3 starts, 10 ERA. Why should we think he will suddenly turn it around?

Rewrek Wrowe sucks! – Kenshin Kawakami

Hudson looks determined. I’m liking it. Derek Lowe could learn a thing or two about pitching from him.

Schafer is tearing it up in Houston. Cant believe we let him go. He is platooning and still hitting .190 in september!

You know Monkeybutt, he hit .250 yesterday. What does that have to do with the price of lettuce? How many goals did he score? How many chicks did he sleep with? A lot more than you could ever dream of, I am sure. Little dweebs don’t get much do they pinhead?

Chipper with the go ahead single, and Mitch Williams can suck it.

I mean It was against the mets. Chips favorite team to torment.

Big Win. Nice to see Huddy go eight.

Chipper is our mvp.

Zidane, do you know what a troll is?

Find a comment of mine which isnt baseball related then. Look at the 3 above. I commented on chipper, on schafer and on the fixtures this weekend. Do you know what a troll is? Stop following me around commenting on everything I say> Its boring.

Shut up Zippy, you’re an idiot. Doesn’t your mom need for you to take out the trash or something?

WTF is a “fixture” pinhead? You mean like a sconce, or a chandelier? Your knowledge of this game is limited to what you read on Baseball Reference and i guarantee you, that ain’t jack shit. Do you really think anyone here wants to hear anything you have to say?

Well, all we need out of our starters is about 6-7 innings with our bullpen….I think Huddy has solidified himself as our ace over the past couple years

I missed the game. College FB and all. It appears huddy had the sink. Kimbrel is still amazing me though. Damn, kid.

Ahem, Zidane…I suppose you answered my question. You do not know what a troll is. Here is a definition for you:
“One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”
You think bringing up Schafer every other day isn’t trolling? Or commenting that Chipper is our MVP, which is an obvious attempt at getting a rise out of Bill? (And before you try to grab for straws, I am in no way saying anything bad about Chipper. In fact, I think it would have been a lot more appropriate to make a comment about what a fantastic day Chipper had, and how well he is doing this season. Instead, you chose to use it as a way to troll and to “deliberately provoke” Bill. And if you deny this, then you’re a liar.)
So yes, your posts do have to do with baseball. Unfortunately for you, that doesn’t disqualify you from being a troll. In fact, it makes you fit the description quite well, does it not? Can you honestly deny that?

I think u used too many big words. How on earth can u expect him to understand the definition when u use words such as one, and, of, a, or. Ur asking far too much methinks.

So stating anything which might be the opposite of what a well known rude individual thinks is trolling now is it? Do you want to argue that chipper isnt the best hitter on the team still? Just because you seem to worship the ground bill walks on doesnt mean I have to avoid posting what will annoy your hero.

If u think I agree with much of what bill says u are fooling urself. But on that note, ill just ignore u as best as I can from now on. Its useless to argue with ignorance. Of course I’m sure I will fail at ignoring u but I’m ok with that. Sometimes u just can’t ignore certain things.

I am looking forward to the end of the season where I don’t have to listen to this moron.

How do you not get this? It’s now WHAT you state, but it’s HOW you state it! You do it in such a way as to deliberately provoke people (mostly Bill). You are a troll. Period.
And I find it very humorous that I clearly stated I wasn’t saying anything bad about Chipper, and I suggested you’d try to grasp at straws to twist my words to seem as such. I told you where the bait was, and you still took it. Hilarious. As for your comment about Bill…I couldn’t care any less about him (no offense Bill :D). He may be rude and opinionated, but at least he isn’t a TROLL. He is willing to talk baseball intelligently, but he doesn’t continuously beat the hell out of dead horses for the sole purpose of instigating. A rude person creates many enemies, but NO ONE likes a troll.

Hey, easy on the compliments there, Koovoon. i don’t know if I can handle all those wonderful things you are saying about me. :>]

How do you walk the pitcher with the bases loaded. Recipe for disaster.

Guys… I think Gonzo is becoming clutch…

Not Bill’s seabass dp specialist. It must be hard for Bill to see him hitting so well

I love to see him hitting for the 1st time in 2 years🙂

Is it possible all of the bullpen work is catching up? We needed more innings out of Beachy. He just didn’t have it today.

Should of traded Jurjens. Now look at us. We might not make the playoffs.

Shut up idiot and spell the guys name right, you look ignorant when you don’t even know the name of a guy you’ve been talking about for 3 months.

Brandon, I tried to tell you.

I’ve figured it out. He is schizophrenic and his bad personality was the guy who played the troll in that ernest halloween movie, and he’s actually a philly fan!

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