Walker to be named Braves new hitting coach

Greg Walker has been given the opportunity to return to his native Georgia to serve as the Braves new hitting coach.

The Braves have hired Walker to serve as their third hitting coach in the span of three years.  Larry Parrish held the position for just one year before being fired two days after the end of this past season.

Walker spent nine seasons as the White Sox hitting coach before resigning at the end of this past season.   Veterans A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko have credited much of their success to the tutelage he has provided over the years.

Walker hit .260 during his nine years as a Major League player.  The 52-year-old native of Douglas, Ga. is an avid hunter who has gone on a couple hunts with Braves veteran pitcher Tim Hudson.


I hope this time next season, Jason Heyward is crediting Walker for much of his success.

I hope we hired this guy for some other reason than, He can shoot a deer at 125 yards.If he was Ozzie’s HC I don’t even know how to interpret his credentials, that one is out of my pay grade. I’m still wondering why we don’t give Dismuke a sot at this. Could he be really any worse than the last 2 choices?

I was wondering if the Braves are thinking bout maybe converting
Christian Bethancourt or Joseph Terdoslavich into Outfielders?

Christian bethancourt no, no reason to. Joseph Terdoslavich maybe but more likely a trade chip or kept for depth purposes.

With Freddie at first, Terd would most likely get some time in left field if the Braves consider him a legit prospect. He is old for his current level (high A) and strikes out a lot. But who knows.

If Terdoslavich makes it to the bigs and proves to be a valuable power hitter, his nickname has got to be “King Terd”!!!

Hopefully,this coach was given a One year contract???

Why not make Bethancourt an outfielder because with McCann being the Braves everyday catcher why not have him switch positions maybe have him try SS i mean catchers are known for their arms and it wouldn’t be the first for a catcher to change places look at Biggio he changed positions from Catcher to 2nd base to CF I bet Christian can do the same I mean he is young enough it may work.

Bethancourt is probably two years away. They’re is no need to rush him. Once he gets up in the upper minors then maybe a position change could happen.

Same ol’ NC.
Biggio had experience at IF in college, so it wasn’t a hard change to move him to 2B. We don’t know the same about Bethancourt.

NC. Punctuation. Try it out sometime.

You make a decent point with the Biggio statement, but I literally skip over most of your posts because the grammar of your posts are bad, even for a blog….

I don’t think it is fair for us to try and gauge how well a player progresses in the minors. Most of us are making shots in the dark, or going off what we heard from someone three degrees of separation from the issue. MLB team, sure, we watch them play everyday, and for the most part, can analyze their play. But do many, or any, of us watch Bethancourt to a degree where we can make an educated guess about how well he is developing. Unfortunately, we are forced to trust our Minor League system to prepare him for the majors. It stinks being a fan in that situation, but you have to let the professionals do their job.

I am a firm believer of “the cream rises to the top”. If Bethancourt is good enough for the majors, the job of Wren/Fredi is to find somewhere for him to play.

I feel what your saying Speedybream I am just making suggestions that is all. I mean i look at what the Braves need in 2012 and I look at what the Braves have and look and see okay the Braves already have their catcher 1stbaseman 2nd baseman and third base man okay so the hole is at SS so is Pastornicky MLB ready who knows so why not use him and have someone in the wings just in cause he doesn’t work out like maybe Christan Bethacourt or someone else.

Why cant chipper be the hitting coach next year and we just get a 1 year guy for this year.

Your still an idiot, Zippy.

If Walker proves to be an asset, why would we want to? Plus, I’m not a big fan of a guy who’s never been a coach stepping directly into a MLB role.

I’d settle for either Larry Jones in the role of hitting coach.

Did Brooks Conrad give fielding instruction last night?

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