Braves trade Lowe to the Indians

The Braves have traded Derek Lowe to the Indians in exchange Minor League left-handed pitcher Chris Jones.    With this cost-cutting move, the Braves will save $5 million.  The Indians have agreed to pay $5 million of the $15 million still owed the 38-year-old pitcher as he enters the final year of his contract.  <p>

It’s quite safe to say Lowe did not live up to the expectations the Braves had when they gave him a four-year, $60 million contract in January of 2009.  The veteran hurler posted a 4.57 ERA in the 101 starts he made during his three seasons with Atlanta.

Lowe created optimism when he went 5-0 with a 1.17 ERA in his final five starts of the 2010 season.  But after being named the Braves’ Opening Day starter for the third consecutive season this year, he posted a 5.05 ERA in 34 starts.

With an additional $5 million to spend the Braves will now have some more flexibility as they attempt to sign a shortstop and potentially upgrade their outfield this winter.

Jones posted a 3.36 ERA in 43 relief appearances for Class A-Advanced Kinston this past season.  The 23-year-old southpaw recorded 65 strikeouts in 72 1/3 innings and limited left-handed batters to a .143 (12-for-83) batting average.


Frank Wren man. Freaking Frank Wren.

Not sure if this is a positive post or negative post…

Mark, might want to check the math. If the Indians are gonna pay $10 million wouldn’t the Braves save $10MM?

Got it. Thanks Bill.

if the Indians are paying $10 Million aren’t the Braves saving $10 million instead of 5?

Wrong the Braves are eating 10 of the 15 million.

WOWOW! this is awesome!

Not sure, but read in a couple places the Braces save 5 Million and/or paying 10 Million. Not paying only $5 million. Wish and hope we are only paying the $5 million though.

Murph, the Braves will end up paying $10 million.

Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy about this trade Derek Lowe is garbage and im glad they dumped him on the idians

2 years in a row we are paying a pitcher roughly $10 mil to NOT pitch for us. Awesome.

So I’m confused. We had 10million to spend this season. Were getting 5M off this so that would give us $15 million but we bought out Nate and were keeping Eric so now we have in the ball park of $12?

I’ve said all this before, but I think it fits here. In his three years as a Brave Derek Lowe went 40-39 with a 4.57. At $15 Mill per year that’s pretty bad, but let’s keep in mind that we had him as a 36-38 year old. People can trash Lowe, but none of us would have said no to that money. It didn’t work out, and Wren probably shouldn’t have given him more than a two year deal.

But it could have been worse.

During that stretch AJ Burnett went 34-35 with a 4.79 while making $16.4 Mill per year. A lot of people were desperate for us to sign AJ over Lowe.

A lot of fans seemed comfortable trading prospects to get a Jake Peavy who has gone 17-13 with a 4.49 in his three years in Chicago and will be making $17 Mill this coming season.

What were our other options? Jon Garland? Smoltz? Glavine? Over his 3 years here Lowe pitched 575 innings, more than any of the guys I just mentioned other than Burnett (and more than any of our other guys during that stretch). I’m glad Lowe is not pitching for us next year, but I thank him for being a horse for us the past three seasons.

I have a feeling that our off-season is going to be done early.

If Jones ends up suring up our bullpen in the near future, this is a great trade. If not, this is good enough. Lowe was one of the best available when we got him. At least he was a veteran guy we could depend on for average-above average performances. Now on to getting a SS….

Why is Delgado not being mentioned as a candidate for the fifth starter spot in the rotation? I keep hearing Minor and Teheran as the two guys leading the pack but Delgado was very impressive at the end of the season.

Derek will fit right in with the Indians, Great Lakes Brewing is right across the street. Now if they can just find a chicken vendor who will deliver to the dugout, he will be all set.

And the most offensive thing about that post was STILL the fact that their team is called the Indians.

Maybe one of the reefgirls from your picture will do the delivery

I am soooo happy to see Lowe gone. Don’t worry to much about the bullpen. Everyone seems to forget but we also got Kris Medlin back this year. He will do a good job as a reliever in the bullpen or even as an emergency starter. Frankly, I expect him to give a Minor, Delgado and Teheran a run for their money for that 5th starter spot.

I don’t get why the Braves didn’t ask for a SS or LF like Trevor Crowe or Mike Hannahan?

Wow, this happened so quickly I almost don’t know what to think; I mean, I’ve never been given a gift on Halloween before. Thanks, Santa Wren!

Francouer and Infante are free agents!

Does this trade make us even with the Indians for the Len Barker trade?

So we freed up 5 million and got a class A untested relief pitcher that may or may not ever pan out. Ho Hum deal IMO.

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