Braves willing to trade Jurrjens and Prado

The Braves gained some financial flexibility by trading Derek Lowe to the Indians earlier this week.  They are now exploring the possibility of gaining more flexibility while talking to clubs interested in trading for Jair Jurrjens and/or Martin Prado.

A Major League source said the Braves have informed some teams they might be willing to trade Jurrjens and Prado.  Both players could see their respective salaries rise from the $3 million range to the $5 million range through arbitration this offseason.  <p>

The additional funds gained by trading Jurrjens or Prado would aid Braves general manager Frank Wren in his search to land a shortstop and add some more power to his outfield.

The Royals are among the teams the Braves have approached about Jurrjens.  The Braves are interested in a number of Kansas City’s highly-regarded young prospects, including outfielder Wil Myers, who has spent the past few weeks impressing in the Arizona Fall League.   <p>

Along with Myers, the Braves have also talked to the Royals about Lorenzo Cain.  With centerfielder Michael Bourn’s contract set to expire at the end of the 2012 season, the Braves will spend time this winter looking at  Cain and other similar players who could serve as Bourn’s replacement.

There are concerns surrounding Jurrjens (right knee) and Prado as they come off disappointing seasons.  At the same time, there is reason to wonder if the Braves can comfortably part ways with either of these players.

With uncertainty surrounding Tommy Hanson’s shoulder can the Braves remove Jurrjens from a rotation that is already projected to include two pitchers with less than two full seasons of experience.

Prado might not stand as the long-term replacement for Chipper Jones at third base.  But if he is traded, the Braves will certainly have  to find a reliable backup third baseman for the upcoming season.

Check and later for a more detailed story.



I understand the business side of things, but Prado is so valuable when healthy…he can play LF, 3B, 2B, 1B…the kid can hit…I wouldn’t let him go because of an average season. This would be a bad mistake.

Jurrjens on the otherhand has star potential as well, however the young arms can compensate for him leaving.

I would hope if the Braves were to give both up it was be to free some payroll up to get a guy like Reyes to play short. Could you imagine the top of the lineup with Bourn & Reyes?

I love the idea of trading for a young outfielder as opposed to signing some old retread of player. With both Minor and Teheran major league ready, Jurrjes is easily expendable.

Thinking way out of the box here, but a trade of Jurrjens and Prado frees up around $7-10MM, gets us a couple of almost MLB ready prospects, and gives us payroll to pursue someone like Michael Cuddyer. Think about that. Not saying I’d advocate a trade of either, but it’s possible.

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Prado has hit above his head and 2010 showed what he is really all about. Prado’s and Jurrjens’ trade values won’t be this high again, so now is the time. I doubt the Royals would part with Wil Myers, but that would be huge to add him to the outfield. His bat is legit.

The Braves could very well get a lot of value of either. Prado had a down year, but as great of a utility type player that he is, that has now become a regular, he just does not provide enough pop for a LF, he is blocked at 2B where he really needs to play, 3B he is average and he can’t play SS. Jurrjens is a pitcher who just knows how to win, when healthy. Both could bring some great prospects, hopefully position prospects either 3B or corner OF type players. We have several SS prospects who will be coming up in the next few years so we are set there and at C, and obviously with pitching in the Minors.

Boy-Id sure hate to see BOTH of these guys go but one would make sense. Jurrjens in particular. His trade value wont get much higher. His numbers last year IMHO were fools gold and he just cant stay healthy enough to be depended on. Prado’s value may get higher, but his versatility makes him an asset the Braves should keep. Although he had an off year, its hard to judge becuase of the staph infection thing. He never seemed to be quite right after that. I’m uneasy about going out of my way to get prospects from the Royals, but I like the idea of going after Cuddyer. In the end, the Braves will need more SP and at least ONE hitter that doesn’t consistently swing at the first pitch he’s offered.

Since they started their careers in Atlanta, Jurrjens has been my favorite pitcher to watch, and Prado my favorite player. Seeing Martin rise from obscurity to everyday player and All Star was a real joy, and acquiring a near ace like Jurrjens reminded me of the glory days of Schuerholz’s wheeler-dealing. But, both have shown tendency to break down over the course of a major-league season (in their mid-20’s, no less), and I would like to see the Braves stick to the tried-and-true philosophy that it’s better to part with a player a year too early rather than a year too late. A move to an A.L. team like K.C. might benefit them both. Martin is as versatile as players get (in addition to playing multiple positions, he could DH anywhere in a lineup if he needed a rest from playing in the field), and Jurrjens sure looks like he could use the guaranteed rest of never having to take an AB. I know this is just at the rumor level right now, but this deal seems too likely to not eventually get done in some form over the coming weeks. Here’s hoping that whatever OF the Braves get in return isn’t named Melky or Frenchy!

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Both Jurrjens’ and Prado’s value is low at this point after coming off disappointing/injured seasons and also going into arbitration. Jurrjens is expendable as we have younger, cheaper, and more talented options (Minor/Teheran/Delgado) and trading him would free up room for the young guys.
Prado on the other hand is blocking anyone and provides a ton of value to the team, as ECUBrac said. He is also going to be the third baseman in 2013 and if you think we could find someone better to play the position then you are kidding yourself. Trading Prado would be a mistake. I wrote a post about that on my blog just now if you are interested:

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Lorenzo Cain and a minor leaguer?? That’s it? No need to part with these guys for that in return. Shocking, the Royals want to deal. That never happens….


Are they talking trading both Prado and JJ for Cain or would KC be willing to part with Billy Butler because he can serve as a corner outfielder/1st base back up and maybe move Freeman to third or isn’t Joe Terdoslavich drafted coming out of college a 3rd baseman? So who would be replacing Chipper at third in the near future?

Jesus Christ NC, haven’t you realized every trade proposal you’ve ever come up with is idiotic?

I think he may be something like a Philly troll who comes here often just to annoy, because these are moves someone might try pull in a video game, and the way he is so often ragged on, he has to know he’s ridiculous, so I think he’s trying to be annoying. He’s a troll. Ignore him

Is your last name Terdoslavich? You are a one-man booster club for King Terd, like he’s your uncle or something.

He does this every time a prospect starts getting attention.

Prado lacks the run production and defensive skills to play 3B; at best, he’d be a poor man’s Placido Polanco (and the solution ain’t gonna be to put him back at 2B and move Uggla to 3B–ol’ Iron Hands simply lacks the quickness to play the hot corner). If the Braves didn’t need to rely on Prado so heavily this past season, he would have assumed the super-sub role vacated by Infante (and Prado still couldn’t play SS, even in a pinch). This team needs more work than the Braves seem to be willing to admit in order to be anything more than “competitive” in 2012 (I mean, hell, the Pirates were “competitive” for a few weeks this year): A real LF (i.e., a more-than-occasional HR threat); a SS who has some sense of command over his batting skills, and a legit back-up SS who can play other positions and hit a little; a suitable middle relief corps who can help shoulder the burden of the bullpen work. Then, of course, there’s the work that needs to be done with McCann’s catching and throwing, Uggla’s slumping, and Heyward’s whole skill set.

Yeah, I mean all we need is a perfect team with no flaws and we are good. Maybe new ownership and a new stadium on top of that and we are in the right direction.

No, not perfection, just an eyes-opened management that doesn’t hope against hope that playing people out of position and above their skill levels is somehow going to work out just because this organization established a winning tradition 20 years ago. The water in Atlanta doesn’t make Kool-Aid taste any better than the water anywhere else–there’s no magic in it.

Here’s hoping that if the deal as it is written in Bowman’s post gets done (I know it’s just supposition right now, but hey, it’s Hot Stove time), that it nets Myers and another important piece, like an effective middle reliever. Cain’s ceiling is pretty well established–good glove, lots of doubles, and no other power or run production. Myers, however, has a much higher ceiling, and seems like exactly what the Braves would need in LF. Two brittle All Stars for a high-ceiling, middle-minors prospect and a good middle reliever would be a fair deal. Oh, and by the way, Myers was just converted to OF this year–before that he was a catcher for 2 years, which would give the Braves the Bobby Cox seal of approval for having an emergency 3rd catcher on the 25-man roster.

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Pure stupidity … unbelievable

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I know this isn’t going to be a popular trade but what bout sending Jair, Prado and Hicks to the NY Yankees for Swisher and Justin Maxwell?

When did you finally learn how to spell and use punctuation? Mom finally take that finger out of your nose?

NC, You are the founding member of the DA Club.

King Terd is a 23 year old in high-A ball. That speaks volumes. We WON’T be trading Prado or JJ for a starting outfielder. Prado will probably become super-utility and JJ is traded to replenish the farm system. Then we will take a chance on a starting/4th outfielder through free agency with a 1 year deal, whose name is probably not going Grady Sizemore–though I hope it is.

I’ve been hoping for Sizemore since MLB Network reported that he’d been willing to take a 1-year deal to re-establish himself. Atlanta would be a great fit for a guy like that with the supreme motivation of trying to become a multi-millionaire.

I’m predicting the offseason right now;

Jurrjens traded for a promising OF prospect and a throw in.
Prado stays in left, if he struggles, Diaz will see more AB’s.
Sign a veteran RH 4th OF(maybe Reed Johnson, like we should have last year).
Sign a veteran UTI IF(maybe Jack Wilson, Nick Punto).
Sign a 5th starter to minors deal as insurance in case one of the rooks falters.
A 7th inning type reliever like Dan Wheeler.
Re sign Alex Gonzalez for 1 year/$3MM.

Don’t worry bout JJ becoming a Royal because they just got Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants for Melky. So I wonder if the Braves be willing to trade JJ and Prado to the Giants for Darren Ford or how bout going after this Younis Cespedes from Cuba.

Sorry but I am watching a Youtube video of this Cuban Yoenis Cespedes and he is just what the Braves are looking for Rh power bat. From watching the video kinda reminds me of Sammy Sosa and Beltre, here’s the video.

can someone just ban him and put him out of his misery?

Actually I wish he would be put out of our misery. Every time he comments I feel more retarded for reading it.

Mr. Phelps why are you so hell bent on being a jerk to me? I am just a die hard fan that wants to help the Braves but its guys like you and not_the_old_nc that make me feel like I am not wanted if that is the case then either stop being an asshole or just don’t read my post. Now I saw on MLB Trade Rumors bout this ball player and think he could be a good fit to play CF for the Braves. I mean did you actually watch the Video? Watch and if you think I’m wrong then I’ll give up posting on here.

If they make you feel unwanted then they’re doing a good job…because you’re not wanted. It would be fine if you would think of more realistic trades and not try to trade away the entire roster but you spout nothing but nonsense. And the Braves aren’t going to outbid any team for Cespedes so why dream about it? Get more in touch with the real world and maybe you won’t find as much animosity when you post here.

Will the Braves ever try and go after a Japanese player again or did Kawakami leave a bad taste in the Braves mouth? So it’s safe to say any of the Japanese players that are going to be free agents aren’t going to be gone after by the Braves?

Actually not a bad question…If they ever do, I pray to the good Lord that they scout a little bit better.

They might think twice about signing with the Braves after the way Kawakami was “disrespected” when he was sent down to AA. I don’t mind them not signing any Asian pitchers in the near future.

Well with SS being a hole in the Braves armor I was wondering if they would think bout making a bid at Sebu Lions SS Hiroyuki Nakajima or maybe Cf Norichika Aoki and maybe have him play LF?

I feel disrepected for having to watch KK perform at the MLB level. I hope he liked Mississippi.

I keep reading that the Braves are interested in Seth Smith in a trade with the Rockies that would send them Prado. Wren better get a hell of a lot more than just Seth Smith, because trades of popular players are supposed to benefit your team (Rockies say Dexter Fowler is off-limits). Smith is a guy who doesn’t hit as well as Prado and lacks his versatility. Plus he’d be playing 81 of his home games over 4,000 feet closer to sea level, meaning he’d have to learn how to hit pitches on Earth again. (Anyone remember when Turner Field opened and people were calling it The Launching Pad II? Anyone still believe that?)

The Blue Jays are looking for a 2nd baseman and a closer so why not send Moylan Prado and Jairo Axencio for Moises Sierra, Darin Mastroianni and Henderson Alvarez

Because Alex Anthopoulos isn’t going to see a guy who is 27 with 13 major league innings under his belt as a closer, especially if he wants to contend in the AL East. If the jays were willing to settle for a nothing closer they could fill that from within.

Congrats to CK!

what bout trading prado to the jays for OF help?

Who in particular? Rasmus and Bautista aren’t going to be traded and Rajai Davis is a poor man’s Michael Bourn. I like Eric Thames, but I think the jays like him a lot too. Were you thinking Travis Snider? It’s possible that the jays are tired of waiting for him to emerge and would do a deal, but would we want to risk having another question mark the size of Heyward?

Unless you’re looking at their system, and AA seems extremely hesitant to deal away good prospects.

Actually how bout trading for Haniley if the Marlins sign Reyes?


Uggla would sh*t a brick.

Anyone who suggests that we should trade Prado is just plain stupid. Including QTip.

I agree, in part. I don’t think we should be shopping him. However, for the right price I would not be opposed; I just don’t think there’s any chance that we’re going to get anything close to “the right price”

I was just reading that The Reds were interested in J.J and it would be nice if the Reds be willing to give up Drew Stubbs and use him in L.F and when and if Bourne doesn’t sign make him the future CF.

Reds J.J Prado and Lipka
Braves get Stubbs Denis Phipps and Todd Frazier

It seems most are agreed that we’d like to see Prado stay. Actually, I don’t recall ever seeing anyone write that they wish he’d be dealt. I think a lot of us can relate to the guy who’s story goes like this: never got much notice in the minors, took a couple of seasons to establish that he’d be worth giving a shot at an everyday role, then when he was given the chance he shone as an All-Star, and then…became the odd man out when the Braves dealt for one of the few bona fide veteran 30 HR guys. And it was a hell of a deal: a utility IF (ok, the best utility IF in MLB), and an extra LH middle reliever. Hard to blame anyone for making that deal. They hoped like hell that Prado could make the transition to LF, but whatever he can or can’t do there defensively, he lacks the power production for a corner outfielder. Maybe they hoped Chipper would finally retire after this past season, and they could put Martin at 3B where, although he also lacks the power production of a corner infielder, he could still be of value like a Placido Polanco if given the chance to play there every day. That didn’t happen, and Martin has value in trade to other teams in a market where good available second basemen are few and far between. I don’t think it’s a case of Martin losing favor with the Braves; he just happens to be expendable, because of Uggla at 2B, and Chipper at 3B, and the need to get a lot more power at LF. Is Prado a better 2B than Uggla? Of course. Could Uggla be moved to LF? Only if you enjoyed the daily misadventures of Ryan Klesko would you answer “yes” to that question. Same things apply with Jurrjens; if they could give up spare parts and marginal prospects and get exactly what they needed back, they’d be happy to horde all the talent they could grasp. Budget concerns won’t allow them to sign a free agent or take on a big salary in trade. Here’s hoping that whatever they do acquire is better than what’s been rumored so far: Delmon Young, Seth Smith, Andre Ethier. All are in the same boat of having one good season to their credit (like Martin), and then a question about what else is left in the tank. I’d love to see the Braves partner up with the Marlins again and give up Prado for Logan Morrison. Florida could dump their problem child (who’s not really a problem: a good-natured, social-media-savvy, outgoing, corner outfielder with power who isn’t even arb-eligible until 2014), and they could get they guy they really coveted the most in the Uggla trade. I know they’ve signed Infante to a two-year deal, but he is best employed as a super-sub, and they have to know that by now.

I was just reading the article on the over 35 FA crowd. Isn’t it amazing how that market dried up (along with other things) with the “better baseball through chemistry” era went away. OK, went away for the most part. The days of 35 year old players getting 5 year deals for big bucks are gone. Without stocked medicine cabinets, it is almost impossible to produce All Star numbers at the advanced ages anymore. It is “clear” it will take more than flax seed oil to “cream” a basebalco beyond 35 these days.

I appreciate the play on words Rother, its pretty evident the effect meds had on the game….At least this may be proof that it has cleaned up (for the most part)

Here what the Braves should do with J.J and Prado

Dodgers get J.J Lipka and Gartrell

Braves get Gwynn Jr, Sellers, and Mitchell

Rockies get Prado and J.J Hoover

Braves get Eric Young Jr and Herrera

Has Bowman been fired from this gig or what? I know it is a slow time of the year but at least Kimbrel making ROY would have been worthy of an entry even if nothing else has happened since November 3rd.

I am wondering if the Braves and Giants work out a deal.

Giants get J.J Prado and Diory Hernandez

Braves get Darren Ford Mike Fontenot and Ryan Cavan

I’ve been wondering if the Braves will work out a deal with ____________.

_____________ get JJ and Prado.
Braves get ________ and __________.

This is how it works, right nc?

OK the Phillies are kicking the Braves asses in signing and trading for people while the Phillies just traded for Ty Wigginton and the Braves have done nothing. So Mr. Wren get the f*ck off your ass and go out there and make something happen.

How is picking up 2 DHs to replace 2 all stars the Phiilles kicking our butts? With Howard and Polanco hurt, the Braves combo of Chipper/Prado and Freeman is significantly better than what the Phillies have, or are trading for. Only a complete idiot would measure the Phillies’ new people against only new Braves people. NC, you need to switch to a keeper league for your Fantasy teams.

Movement does not mean Improvement.

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