Braves believe Pastornicky is ready

Braves general manager Frank Wren and his staff will likely be quite busy during next week’s Winter Meetings in Dallas.  But instead of shopping to fill specific needs, they will likely spend much of their time listening to trade offers for Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado.

The Braves entered this offseason looking to find a replacement for free agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez and exploring the possibility of adding a power-hitting outfielder. They believe they could acquire the kind of impact outfielder they are seeking via the significant returns they will request from any club interested in dealing for Jurrjens or Prado.

As for the shortstop position, it seems like the Braves would be content to enter Spring Training with Tyler Pastornicky projected to handle the role.  They are currently looking to sign a veteran like Jack Wilson or Edgar Renteria to serve as a backup and provide insurance in the event that Pastornicky is not ready.

With Pastornicky and Andrelton Simmons in their system, the Braves are not looking to make a long-term commitment to a veteran shortstop.  Simmons, who is considered one of the game’s top defensive shortstop prospects, might be ready to make the jump to the Majors after the All-Star break.

While it will certainly be interesting to see if the Braves do indeed enter the upcoming season with Pastornicky as their starting shortstop, next week’s attention will primarily center around Jurrjens and Prado.

Over the past month it has become even more apparent that Wren has told all interested teams that they will have to provide a significant return to get either Jurrjens or Prado.

The demand for Jurrjens will likely increase once C.J. Wilson and Mark Buehrle, this year’s top free-agent starting pitchers, decide where they will be pitching next year. The Rangers, Yankees, Marlins are among the teams that are expected to talk to the Braves about Jurrjens.




OK now the SS is handle with the Braves taking a chance on Pastornicky but I was wondering on guys like Marcus Lemon and Matt Lipka where do they stand will they be use as trade chips in deals with Jurrjens and Prado or can they make the 40 man roster?

How bout Coco Crisp as the Braves option at LF?

With Pastornicky and Uggla up the middle the Braves bulldog to poodle ratio is certainly improving. That’s a plus.

How come Pastornicky didn’t get a lengthy September call up this year ala Freeman in 2010? He is obviously pretty close to being MLB ready with the season he had at AA/AAA, so they should have at least called him up to sit on the bench and maybe pinch-hit once in a while, rather than just sit at home after the AAA season finished. At the very least, he could have learned some of the off-field responsibilities of a major leaguer, to lessen the pressure if/when it comes time for him to play everyday.

He was called up in September. But being in a playoff race where every out counted, he was last in line as a pinch hitter so he didn’t see any action.

That is why I said lengthy call up. Being up for one game is not what I meant. But I just learned it was due to injury.

Plus, in the midst of the collapse A-Gon was just about our best hitter.

THE HUMAN RALLY KILLER????? You got to be kidding.

In September. I wanted him out of here as badly as anybody, but in September he was the only consistent hitter. Look it up. 12 RBI and a .367 average in Sept. In the games he played we went 8-11. In the games he didn’t play we went 1-7. He was out best hitter that month and, since we were crumbling to pieces, even if Pastornicky was available it would have been tough to justify taking A-Gon out.

And, come on, let’s not pretend there were any rallies to kill that month.

Pastornicky had injury(an ankle sprain) the last part of the AAA season and was not ready to return until after the MLB regular season ended. He was called up to the Braves on the last day of the season…I believe.


Yep, Here is a quote from an article about Pastornicky and his injury…

Pastornicky hit .314 combined in Double-A Mississippi and Triple-A Gwinnett this season and is known for being above-average defensively. He said he is back to 100 percent six weeks removed from suffering a high ankle sprain. He said he stole a few bases in the five games he played in Instructional League.

I want to know what the hell the guy on Capitol Avenue Club talking bout a good time to trade Venters, like why would that happen and if it did who would we get or could get?

Zippy can answer that which will be that Venters is going to hurt his pinkie and lose value.

All he was saying is that Venters value is at an all time high right now, and teams look willing to throw a ton of money at closers this offseason, so some teams would likely trade a ton of talent for Venters. And if a certain team wants to give up a huge package for him including an impact LF bat or SS, than it should be considered. He did not say he should be traded.

If Qtip had a clue I might be optimistic. I suspect that he will perform in his usual non-performance mode though. Picking up junk retreads and overpriced FA’s.

Well The Phillies signed Papelbon, Thome and trade for Wiggington and the Marlins sign Bell and Reyes, so what have the Braves done nada other then trade Lowe for some cap relief. Now Earth to Frank Wren if your gonna trade Prado and J.J better do it now and get someone big like well hell how bout Hanley Ramirez. I mean they are talking bout moving him to third to give Matt Dominguez one more year at third. So my thinking is why not give them a third base man and a CF, Give them Bourne Prado Pastornicky and J.J for Donnie Murphy Hanley Ramirez and Emilio Bonifacio. The line up for next year

Bonifacio CF
Heyward rf
Ramirez ss
Chipper 3rd
Uggla 2nd
Diaz Lf

Willingham/Fred Lewis/Endy Chavez

That is by far your most retarded trade proposal yet. Good job.

Well i figured that the Marlins aren’t going to give up anyone for Ramirez so why not give up Prado JJ and Pastornicky. Okay if I gave up too much here’s a better deal Prado Lipka and J.J for Bonifacio and Ramirez

Freddy Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez together again. Now THAT is funny. Seriously NCTradesFan82, please remember that people play the game, not baseball cards. Some of those REAL people do NOT get along, and can ruin any positive effect their “talent” may bring to the table. Insert Manny Ramirez, Milton Bradley, Soriano, Zambrano, heck, any Cub FA for that matter to see the result.

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