Braves evaluate options during Meetings’ first day

Braves general manager Frank Wren confirmed adding  a power-hitting outfielder remains on his wish list.  But while meeting with a small group of reporters Monday afternoon, he said his only true roster need is to find a backup shortstop.

The Braves would like to add a veteran to serve as a backup infielder and provide insurance in the event that Tyler Pastornicky proves he is not ready to serve as Atlanta’s starting shortstop.   Their free agent targets include Nick Punto and Ronny Cedeno.

Jack Wilson’s offensive woes hurt his candidacy and Edgar Renteria is no longer deemed durable enough to serve as an insurance option who might have to  play on regular basis.

“We feel like we do have a 95-win team,” Wren said. “When you have a 95-win team, you don’t look to do a lot.  You look for guys to maybe bounce back from whatever held them back the year before or fine tune. We’re still in that mode.

“If we did nothing more than sign a backup shortstop, we feel really good about our team going into Spring Training.”

If the Braves make a significant acquisition, they will likely do so via a trade involving either Jair Jurrjens or Martin Prado.  But as the first day of this year’s Winter Meetings neared its end Monday, it remained unclear whether the Braves will move either of these players.

CBS’s Jon Heyman tweeted that Reds were showing interest in Jurrjens.  But it does not appear the Reds have shown any interest in the right-handed pitcher.

Nothing has really changed in relation to Prado and Jurrjens.  The Braves are only going to move them if they are gaining a significant return.

“There’s an adrenaline rush to making a deal,” Wren said. “But the bottom line is, does it make us better? We’re not going to make a deal just to make a splash at home.  We’re not going to make a deal just to make a deal.  We’re looking to get better.  We’ve identified some areas where we think we can get better and that’s our whole goal here.”


Jack Wilson isn’t a candidate because of “offensive woes”? I didn’t really see him get a lot of at-bats last year, but what I saw on the field from his dazzling defensive gems, I’d be more than willing to sign him back with us, even if it is to be a backup infielder. His BA only dropped 20 points last year. Rother? Bill? Don’t you guys want to see Wilson back in a Braves uni if only to be a backup? If they are serious about giving the job to Pastornicky I mean.

“We feel like we do have a 95-win team” — Did he mean the collapsible team that won 89 games last season? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll win 95 games now that they have to compete with the improved Phillies, Marlins and Nats. Sure, I believe.

Frank Wren lives in the land of Oz. Everything that comes out of his mouth is pure, unmitigated crap. I don’t understand how he ties his shoe laces with that brain. If you put his brain on a razor blade it would look like a BB rolling down a 4 lane highway.. After the do nothing GM sabotaged our late season prospects, how does he get to keep this job??? I am really curious about what his late season defenders have to say now that he blew our chance at last year’s playoffs. Am I hearing crickets??? Come on dim boys, take a stab at this.

So Bill, I’m guessing from your answer….that you don’t care? Me personally, I think it would be a good gamble keeping Wilson on the team. He’s a good enough defender you don’t want the Phillies to grab him, and well…i don’t know how much in salary he could demand for another year. It might be a better to bet on his bat since we already saw what happened to Alex Gonzalez’s last year when his main quality was his defense instead of his bat. I mean, you are one who is usually saying that the late inning subs should be generally noted for their defense. (at least I think you said that. I’m not sure). From what I saw of him, i wouldn’t mind seeing him come in on a sub basis or late inning replacement in a tight game if Pastornicky doesn’t pan out. I’ve never seen Pastornicky in action either though. Well, I would be worried about his health but in a backup role, I wouldn’t think that would be a problem. Shouldn’t this be a sound cautious move for Atlanta that would be in line with their behavior of buying cheap instead of expensive? (like i said, im just guessing since I don’t know what Wilson’s salary was for 2011. If someone knows better, please enlighten me.)

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