Health concerns could keep Braves from trading starters

The Braves arrived in Dallas prepared to be busy during this year’s Winter Meetings. But as the opening hours progressed Monday morning, it was still unclear what they might do.

There is certainly still reason to believe rumors and buzz will develop regarding potential trades of Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado. Multiple teams have shown interest in these players and the Braves might be willing to work a deal if receiving a significant return.

There have been many discussions regarding whether the Braves should be reluctant to trade Jurrjens when there is some uncertainty surrounding Tommy Hanson’s shoulder.

Now there are also questions surrounding Tim Hudson.

When Hudson underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back last week, Braves general manager Frank Wren said early reports indicated Hudson will be ready at the start of Spring Training.

But a Major League source said Monday morning that Hudson has told some close friends that he is not confident he is not sure he will be ready to be in the starting rotation at the start of the regular season.

Because there is impressive starting pitching depth with the likes of Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado and Kris Medlen, the Braves could certainly get by with Hudson missing a few weeks or the first month.

But Hudson’s situation seemingly provides even more reason for the Braves to be hesitant about dealing Jurrjens, even if the return is significant.



Hudson too? And the hits just keep on coming.

I really don’t know what Wren is getting at here. We have nothing to go on except we could trade Jurrjens and/or Prado, apparently he isn’t too worried about signing a utility infielder or shortstop, seeing as how anyone we could have maybe used(Jamey Carroll) has signed. Why would we, a team slated to compete for years to come, trade Jurrjens or Prado to get prospects and free up money if we’re going to sign apparently no one. Wren has something up his sleeve, and it’s not Seth Smith. But you never know, it could be worse; Like Pat Burrell worse.

I can see maybe trading Prado/J.J for maybe Carlos Quentin or maybe going for the untradeable Hanley Ramirez or I don’t see them getting Swisher. I wouldn’t mind seeing them go after Bay. I say keep JJ and trade Prado and some prospects to get a big RH bat.

I don’t know why Prado is being moved/ floated out there.

I just saw that the Blue Jays are looking at Prado so why not offer Prado and Bourne because if they feel like he wont sign a long term deal then trade him and get Rasmus. Then package Rasmus Jurrjens and some prospects to the Yankees for Swisher Nunez and Gardner.

Or the Tigers are looking for a lead off hitter so and i bet they would love to have Jurrjens back so why not send him Bourne and Hinske to the Tigers for Jackson Inge and Perlalta.

I have a better idea. Do not trade Martin Prado under any circumstance. He is an excellent hitter and was on a roll until the staph infection sidelined him last year. If Chipper gets hurt, who is going to play third base? At least Matt Diaz can play left field and hit. We have no one who can hit and has a decent glove at third base. Prado is a proven .300 hitter and a great team player. Even if we signed Beltran, Prado would see plenty of playing time filling in for injured players and could take over at third base in 2013 if regrettably, Chipper retires.

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