Opposing teams sensing Braves will trade either Prado or Jurrjens

Braves general manager Frank Wren has said he does not need to make a significant trade this winter.   But scouts and executives from other Major League clubs are still getting a sense either Jair Jurrjens or Martin Prado will be moved.

Jurrjens would provide the more significant return, especially after C.J. Wilson and Mark Buehrle are no longer free-agent options for pitching-hungry teams.    Right now, some potential suitors believe the Braves are asking for too much in return for the right-handed pitcher.

With fewer options available for these clubs to fill their respective starting rotations, teams might be willing to provide more for Jurrjens.

There are a number of clubs concerned about Jurrjens’ durability.  His right knee has prevented him from pitching down the stretch during both of the past two seasons.   But he did provide himself and the Braves some confidence when he threw five strong innings while wearing a knee brace during an Instructional League game one day after this year’s regular season concluded.

By moving Jurrjens or Prado, the Braves would gain approximately $5 million worth of payroll flexibility.  But Wren has continued to stress that he does not have to make a trade for payroll purposes.

When the Braves hired Scott Fletcher to serve as an on-site  advance scout/assistant hitting coach, they revealed they would no longer employ an traditional advance scout who would travel to various cities to create reports on upcoming opponents.   This raised some eyebrows considering they had just hired highly-regarded Bob Johnson to fill this role one year earlier.

The Braves are simply following the lead of a handful of other clubs who have already adopted this method of having their advance scout remain with their own Major League club and prepare for upcoming opponents via video.

But according to a National League scout, this decision was also seemingly influenced by the fact that Johnson’s traditional way of compiling reports did not provide  manager Fredi Gonzalez what he was seeking in his advance reports.

Fortunately for the Braves, Johnson decided to stay with the organization to serve as a professional scout, who will monitor a handful of other organizations.   The veteran scout remains one of the more respected individuals in his profession.

Good to hear  J.J. Picollo is among the top candidates to become the Astros next general manager.  Picollo spent seven years in the Braves player development department before following Royals general manager Dayton Moore to Kansas City.


Hopefully it is Jurrjens traded and not Prado.

How about the braves go after H. Ramirez to play shortstop,since he doesn’t want to play 3rd base.

I wonder if and who will the Braves trade Jurrjens to and who will we get in return and I am dying to see if the Braves will make a go at Hanley because I would love to see him batting in the line up behind Bourne and Heyward.


Braves are not getting Hanely so just stop.

Really, Uggla would crap a brick if we got Hanley the Hiney in ATL. McRagArm just signed w/ Pirates. Don’t let the door hit him in his dyed blond rear-end.Bet they signed him for the minimum.

But, he got a major league deal, like I said. Watch him put up a big middle finger to us and be a 20/20 guy again

Yeah a major league deal with the Pirates, kind of like playing for any other teams AAA club. Good luck with that clueless prediction. And kind of funny that half of MLB has inquired about Prado. We really need to get rid of dead wood like that. Qtip’s got em all on the ropes now.

Hey hey hey, the Pirates were if first place for a day past the All-Star break last year. When was the last time you saw that in your lifetime? Pirates will only get better from here, and McLouth is only a platoon option. Good luck with your Bourn/$100MM contract prediction though. Jose Reyes can barely scrape that from a team who’s owner has been withholding money from the club for the better part of a decade.

Well that prediction has to pale in comparison to your reverence for a guy that just got a 75-90% per cent pay cut depending on whether you look forward or backward(my first guess). I suppose you can extoll the virtues of the Pirates, but frankly, I would like to play a little better than that.In case you haven’t noticed, whippersnapper, in my lifetime I have watched dominant clubs in both Pittsburgh and ATL. Guess that’s where our views diverge. One tends to gain a completely different perspective when they have been watching playing and coaching the game for 50 years. Frankly I think the Pirates overpaid for a washed up 4th OF.

Never said you haven’t seen a good Pittsburgh club, I asked how long ago was it? Almost two decades ago. I was 1 when they had their last winning season. And no doubt in my mind a $1.75MM guarantee is too much for McLouth, but if he performs close to 2008, or even 2009, it’s worth it. But it’s not like the $1MM overpay for McLouth is going to hinder them from winning a World Series.

Any chances of the Braves getting Pedro Ciriaco and Jeremy Hermida off the scrap heap? Ciriaco and Hermida can play LF and Ciriaco can play SS along with 3rd.

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