Odds and Ends: Jurrjens, Prado and Moylan

With Mark Buehrle and C.J. Wilson no longer on the free agent market, some have argued Jair Jurrjens is the best available starting pitcher for pitching-hungry teams. But the Braves still have not received a trade proposal attractive enough to trade Jurrjens.

The Yankees, Rangers, Rockies, Reds, Cubs and Red Sox are among the clubs that have been identified as potential suitors for Jurrjens.   The D-backs (trade with the A’s) and Marlins (signing of Buehrle) were more prominent members of this group most of last week.

With a number of teams still looking for starting pitching, interest in Jurrjens could increase over the next few weeks.  One definite influence is the market for Yu Darvish. Once clubs better understand what they will have to pay the Japanese hurler, they might show greater interest in Jurrjens.

There are some concerns about Jurrjens’ right knee, which has sidelined him during the latter stages of the past two seasons. But there might still be some teams willing to take a chance on him as he comes off an All-Star season with salary projected to be just north of $5 million.  The 25-year-old pitcher has one more year of eligibility beyond this year.

The Braves also have not yet heard an attractive trade offer for Martin Prado, who is also drawing attention from the Rockies.  The Tigers were quickly rejected last month when they offered outfielder Delmon Young for Prado.

The Braves are expected to non-tender Peter Moylan before Monday night’s deadline.  Given that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding his surgically-repaired right shoulder, it definitely should not come as a surprise to hear the Braves will not tender Moylan a contract and then be obligated to pay him something in the neighborhood of $2 million in 2012.

Braves general manger Frank Wren said last week that he plans to talk to Moylan about the possibility of returning to the organization at a cheaper cost once he starts throwing and gaining a better sense of how much he could pitch this upcoming season.

Saw some chatter about Brooks Conrad on Twitter this past weekend and it might have been sarcastic.  But for those of you projecting next year’s roster, I wouldn’t reserve a spot for Conrad.   He doesn’t seem to be much of a factor in the plans for next year’s club.


I thought Yu Darvish was dead-set on never pitching in America.

Wow is all I can say. Now see I can see the Braves asking for Nunez Maxwell and Gardner. As for the Rangers I don’t see them matching up unless the Braves ask for the Cuban OF Leony Martin and Craig Gentry. Rockies I would be asking for Fowler and Tommy Fields.

seth smith and nolan arencado for prado then sign nick punto, jorge cantu, and reed johnson inless the braves actually think costanza would be better. but one thing i know reed johnson is definitely better than matt diaz. platoon reed johnson with seth smith and let diaz do what he does best, pinch hit or trade him…..and for moylan if you cant get him cheap dont. but definitely sign mike macdougal.hes good he has good stuff…… if not cantu u could get greg dobbs……. but one thing braves fans dont look at, if the braves trade prado then they have to sign a thirdbase free agent because there is no way chipper plays the whole year. and whats up with eric hinske he cant play third anymore.

If the Cardinals non-tender Ryan Theriot, do you think there’s a chance the Braves would sign him?

Kelly Johnson is still a free agent. Is Atlanta interested in signing him?

Do not trade Prado….mistake. Unless what we get in return is very, very nice. Seth Smith is not very, very nice. Stop thinking about getting a corner OF with pop, and work on Jason Heyward….

I want to believe that Heyward will come out of this, but have my doubts. He took that familiar Soph swoon from which most players don’t recover. The NL hurlers are exploiting his weaknesses and he isn’t adjusting while crying hurt. Not good signs.

We non-tendered Brooksy today and told him to check out FA status. What a moron QTip is. Best clutch PH guy Braves have had in forever. They actually acted like they might sign him to a Minor League deal. I guess we’ll see how long that last’s. Brooksy, all the best playing for a contender, you deserve it.

I just read an interesting article on MLBTraderumors.com and that the A’s and Braves are dealing pitchers to get something in return. A’s are looking at dealing Bailey and Gonzalez and the Braves are trying to trade Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado. So why not both teams make out a deal. I don’t see the Braves asking for Bailey but maybe work out a three team trade with maybe Boston.

Braves get
Cliff Pennignton
Gio Gonzalez
Jed Lowrie

Zeke Spruill
Junichi Tazawa
Oscar Tejeda

Red Sox’s
Jair Jurrjens
Andrew Bailey
Martin Prado

Hey everyone I’m I have been reading Mark Bowman’s Blog for quite some time now, But never commented. bobbyc, I don’t think that would happen for quite a few reasons.

So much for getting Lowrie he went to the Astros

Yeah because THAT’S the reason that trade isn’t going to happen. Get a clue kid.

There’s good ole Bill, throwing in the towel because Brooksy won’t be on the team next year. Even if we did tender him a contract, did anyone really think he had a roster spot? I hope they resign Moylan. Give him a minors deal that’s worth $1MM if he makes the big league club, with $1MM more in incentives. Wren needs to get off his ass and start doing something, that’s for sure. We already let Jamey Carrol sign when we could have had a solid SS, and now we’ve let the best backup SS(Nick Punto) sign with the Sox. Trading Lowe was step 1 in about a 5 step program, Wren; you’re still on step 2, your move.

I agree with Brandon, Wren needs to get off his anus and make a freaking deal for someone and soon. I mean there two options I see the Braves doing and that’s either signing Yuniesky Betancourt or I saw on MLBTRADERUMORS.com that the Braves and Orioles are discussing a trade, so I hope Wren ask for either Robert Bernadina or J.J Hardy and maybe see how much will it cost to take Adam Jones away from them too.

Ummm I was reading on the 2012 free agent tracker and they had Hinske on the list did I miss something or did the Braves let him go?

Should of traded jurrjens at the ASB and got a kings ransom. Now we will end up with very little. Good move to get rid of conrad. He really has no place on a national league ball club – espicially one with such injury prone position players.

There is simply no place for prado on this team. He isnt a good enough left fielder either with the bat or the glove when compared to his value as a second baseman on the trade market (and can play elsewhere).

Obviously we need a big bat in the outfield. THis team looks good for next year. Depending how the young staff holds up of course.

Jesus Christ, give it up you moron.

Calm down. Well bought up people can respect opinions different to them without resorting to petty insults like “moron”.

I was right. We should of traded Jurrjens. I said it at the time. It was so obvious. Very shortsighted approach from Wren and people on here.

Damn, it’s the clueless convention. Nc, Zippy and Brandie. Nice brain trust there. yeah Qtip is working on another stellar LFer. Maybe a new Greg Norton or Garret Anderson. Those worked out so well. We lost Punto today to the Red Sox. Frank was right on top of that signing.

Trading Prado will not look that smart when Chipper misses his minimum 50 games and we have to start someone else at 3B. Who is that going to be??? Exactly, unless they can get some serious power in LF, they need to leave Prado in a Braves uniform. Someone with similar numbers as Prado is not as valuable.

Ditto Speedy, not to mention the work ethic and dedication Martin brings to this team. I’m ok with a blockbuster(snicker) involving JJ but Martin is a guy you build your club around. Can’t believe we weren’t in on Cuddyer. We are still shopping at the dollar store.

I agree on prado. I never had interest in cuddyer, is just a 3rd of that would be making more than our other 2 combined. I think crisp wouldn’t be a bad 1 or 2 year signing.

Uggs is gonna have a monster year next year. Can feel it in my bones.

I don’t see why Wren is convinced he needs to add a “power bat.” Fix the friggin ones we have. If Prado or Heyward would have contributed even the slightest in the second half, we wouldn’t be having this discussion(and go ahead and keep it in your pants Bill, never have I once said we should trade Prado, let alone in any of the above sentences; they guy hit .260 and barely had a .300 OBP, he was awful last year, give it a rest.)

Oh brandie I haven’t accused you of much else except a lack of understanding of the game.. I mean our training staff almost killed Prado in the middle of last year because they couldn’t diagnose a staph infection. I mean who would have thought you could get staph in a clubhouse,duh? Prado will return to usual form after recovering. One of the few times I have ever agreed with your keen baseball intellect, WE DON”T NEED ANOTHER POWER BAT!!!!! We need players that can punt/pass and kick. OBP, speed, clutch hitting skills. Gap power(fits our Ballpark) and defensive skills. Bourn is short term and doesn’t fit the QTip model of signing mediocre FAs after everyone else is done shopping.Georgie Costanza deserves another chance at making this Ballclub. I want some players that want it. Fredo and QTip don’t get that. They have assigned this mythical value to “veterans”s without distinction between the ones that still “want it” and those who are just collecting a salary. It’s the difference between a Billy Wagner and a Garrett Anderson. Our SS situation is gonna be a tragedy this year, mark my words. Wren is shopping at Saks with a KMart credit card. Doesn’t buy much.

Completely agree with that, had 178 hr’s last year and ranked 3rd in NL. Need good situational hitter with doubles power and plate discipline. I also lmao, with the Saks, and K mart credit card thing

The Braves need that power bat that can shell out 40 hrs and 100+ rbi in that lineup to go along with Uggla. But my feelings are is too build around Uggla McCann and Heyward. Why not get another speed demon to play LF to hit behind Bourne like Pierre, Span,Morgan or Elsbury.

The braves finished 2011 with 173 Hrs, 3rd in the NL and 20 ahead of the vaunted Frillies.We don’t need anymore power, we need guys to get on base and hit in the clutch.We play in a pitchers park, when are we gonna get away from “the launching pad” model of building a team? we were 10th in Runs scored, the only offensive stat that matters. The Cards hit .269 as a team with 2 out RISP. The Braves hit .226

We just need to hit the ball. We don’t need a power for if you look at the two teams in the World Series they had one thing in common they lead their league in batting average. How many times did we have the first two guys on and then Gonzo and company killed us? Too many. Bill was that the thrift store FW got the rule 5 draft Fish (hope he is not like the first baseball we had named Fish) considering we have to keep him on the 25 man roster and he has never pitched in the majors. Guess he takes Sherril’s spot.

The Yankees won the rights for Nakajima so why not make a deal for him. I am not saying trade J.J or Prado for him someone like Hicks and J.J Hoover for Nakajima. The guy hit 20 hrs last year just think what he can do for us batting second behind Bourne and in front of either Freeman or McCann.

That’s your best idea yet although that’s not saying much. Depending on what it would cost us I actually wouldn’t mind giving that a try although I think the length of the contract that he’ll want will scare Wren away.

umm are u talking bout what i said or something else?

Wow, Zidane, even DOB get it; “No GM trades best pitcher (JJ was 1st half) while trying to make playoffs. RT @conjpat: @ajcbraves @jmoody85 should have traded jj last June”

I read that and actually thought that jmoody was Zidane.

Zippy had us trading for everyone on the team at one point or another. Even a clock is right twice a day.The idea that he was prescient is ludicrous. He has an understanding of baseball limited to what he read or conjured up yesterday. Pinhead.

Like it or not Bilbo but I was 100% right on jurrjens. It was obvious. I live 3000 milies away from the USA and I still manage to out-knowledge people like you on baseball. Owned.

Onto you Brandon – I think saing you dont trade a top pitcher in the middle of a penant run is just lazy analysis from everyone on this blog and from Wren. SOmetimes you have to think outside the box to be really special at something. Clearly Wren plays “by the book” instead of taking risks which the braves need to do to really compete with teams who have more resources. Owned.

Trade Jurrjens and another pitcher to Marlins for Rameriaz to join back up with Uggy. Sign that Saunders kid from Diamondbacks to take Jurrgens spot in rotation.

Monkey, you are 100% wrong whether your in Antartica or siberia. Everyone else on here knows you’re wrong and always have been. Take your keen insight back to the rotosoccer blog.

wren if you could have got the same deal the padres got from the reds for jurrjiens and you didnt, that is going to be the biggest mistake ever for the braves.alonso,grandal,volquez,and boxberger.man u have to be retarded to not take that for jurrjiens.im still in shock that the reds gave up all of that for just latos. but the braves could have got alonso who can play left.if u didnt want grandal you could have got cozart and volquez. if you had to take grandal thats fine the braves need a backup when ross is gone or trade grandal with prado and get your big bat.the w-sox would have took a catcher prospect because pierzynski is getting old and they could use grandal. prado,grandal pitching prospect for quentin and prospect.there is alot of things to do with the package that the padres got for one pitcher that is ridiculous reds. but one good things that will come from this the braves texiera trade will be over looked now since the reds just made the biggest mistake ever in a trade.

the reds came to the braves first because they wanted jurrjiens more than they wanted latos. meaning the braves could have got the same trade the padres got or even better.man im still pissed off really. quiet trying to make your team better right now by trading. you trade veterans to make your prospect list better. you sign free agents to make your major league better.think about it you get alonso,grandal,volquez,and boxberger. for cheaper than jurrjiens. and then sign your free agents. you get great prospects, and free up moey and by the way volquez has the potential to be better than jurrjien. volquez had one bad year who hasnt.hell take that trade and then turn around and trade volquez.man thats crazy how did that trade get away from you wren that was a no brainer.

Alonso is overrated and would be only a trade chip or in a platoon with Matt Diaz in left with horrible defense. And Grandal and Volquez would be just more trade chips as well. don’t know much about Cozart and Boxberger. Lotos wasn’t made known that he was available until recently and the Padres weren’t openly shopping him all offseason.

What if the Braves trade Jair Jurrjens Prado Hicks and Medlen to Seattle for Felix Hernandez Brendan Ryan and Trayvon Robinson.

Seriously man just stop. Every trade you propose is just idiotic.

yeah alonso defense would be bad for left field but man i hate seeing all these others teams doing their trading and braves just sitting there doing nothing. i hopoe they are trying to get adam jones from the orioles or nick markakis.but the best bet probably now would be to trade the redsox. they always give up their prospects without any second thoughts about it. middlebrooks their 3rd base prospect wouldnt be a bad idea and bryce brentz, with reddick and another prospect. i say get more prospects for jurrjiens and sign a good free agent.trade for the future and get a free agent for now.

or other option rockies. seth smith, nolan arencado good third baseman guy can hit,and tim wheeler outfielder 33 homeruns last year.when chipper gets hurt play smith in left and put prado on 3rd. when chipper retires bring nolan arenado up to play third.looks and reminds me of evan longoria.the braves need power in the farm. they have pitching and middle infielders.an alright third baseman.

or jurrjiens,prado,spruill to the orioles for adam jones,josh bell,prospect adams 2b/3b.and either hardy or andino.other than that i havent the idea of how else any other trade would work out. i say keep prado and get prospects for jurrjiens to help later when the value is high for jurrjiens.the rockies is best bet or red sox, give one player get four for the future.if you have to sign a free agent starting pitcher to get through till the youngsters are ready for their load of the pitching do it. keep your young arms to see who is the best fit before dealing them away.

roto diarrhea.

Just how many damn names does this guy post under? Does he have a new name for every stupid trade idea he “thinks” up?

Maybe we can tell him to go “talk” to himself….

Unfortunately for us, he seems to enjoy talking to himself here so that the rest of us have to suffer.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about; I think his ideas are great! Now, if only we can trade our entire pitching staff for the rights to talk to Yu Darvish, then we’ve got something going on!

I am hearing that the Braves and Rockies talking bout Seth Smith again fro Prado. If this trade happens I hope someone else is gonna be along in the trade like maybe Eric Young Jr or someone or maybe using Smith in another trade.

I want nothing to do with Seth Smith on the team at all.

No thanks on Seth Smith. We already have a LH platoon option named Eric Hinske. An idea I think worth taking a shot at(and one I have mentioned last offseason) is to bring Andruw Jones back. He knows he’s a bench player at this point in his career, noted by signing 3 consecutive 1 year deals, he’d be just as good as an offensive asset as Cody Ross, and would cost less money and years. He could command the corners and maybe some CF(not sure how his knee is holding up these days), and if worst comes to worst, Heyward could log a few innings in CF with AJ playing RF. He’s not going to hit .300, no, but he is going to be a solid defensive asset with an above average arm who can hit for power, and as noted by his walk rate last year; pitchers still know he’s Andruw Jones.

Can someone who gives a rats ass about ATL baseball or even just baseball please buy this team??? This offseason is a monumental fail. We will trade both JJ and Prado for prospects, sign a couple of worn out hacks and get ready for a season filled with injury and disappointment. Liberty needs to go buy a record company or something. Their inability to field a team is getting ridiculous. Not to mention the added bonus, that if we get a new owner, Qtip will surely be measuring drapes elsewhere.

“The Braves made a run at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones earlier this month, according to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun. Connolly reports that Atlanta offered Jair Jurrjens, Martin Prado, and a pitching prospect for Jones, but the O’s “didn’t bite,” indicating how much they value their center fielder.” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! A centerfielder who can’t get on base and plays mediocre defense was worth giving up Prado, Jurrjens, and a prospect? Somebody needs to give Wren an IQ test.

I refuse to believe that rumor has any substance, I am actually waiting for DOB or Bowman to come out and say how wildly untrue it is.

mlbbowman Mark Bowman
#Braves were interested in Adam Jones, but never offered Prado and Jurrjens bit.ly/vVsSNm
2 minutes ago

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