Braves might be thankful to keep both Prado and Jurrjens

There have been numerous times during this offseason when I have been convinced the Braves would eventually trade either Martin Prado or Jair Jurrjens.   Early on, there was reason to wonder if the Rockies would eventually package one of their young outfielders in a deal to acquire Prado or Jurrjens.

By the time December’s Winter Meetings concluded, there seemed to be a greater possibility of the Braves striking a deal with a pitching-hungry team that had not landed Mark Buehrle, C.J. Wilson or Yu Darvish. The belief was that once these pitchers were unavailable, there would be greater interest shown in Jurrjens.

The theory made sense.  But over the past month some of these pitching-hungry teams have shown they believe their were better options  —  Mat Latos, Gio Gonzalez and now Hiroki Kuroda  — than Jurrjens available.

So with a little more than five weeks remaining before the start of Spring Training, I’m now leaning toward believing both Prado and Jurrjens will be with the Braves at the start of the season.  Yeah, I know I jinxed it, right?  They’ll now probably both be dealt by the end of the weekend.

But seriously, I just don’t see it happening now.  The Braves entered this offseason thinking they would only trade Jurrjens or Prado if they were blown away with an offer.   As Spring Training nears, the odds of this kind of offer being made lessen.

It made sense for the Braves to at least evaluate what they might get in return for these arbitration-eligible players.  But they might have been a little optimistic to believe Prado and Jurrjens still possessed the kind of value that would warrant a significant return.

Coming off a frustrating injury-plagued season marred by a staph infection, Prado still has the potential to hit .300 with 10-15 home runs on an annual basis.  And his value increases when he once again becomes  versatile infielder who primarily plays second base or third base.

Some clubs  including the Tigers and Rockies have shown interest in Prado, but not enough to provide the Brave the kind of return they are seeking.

The same can be said in reference to Jurrjens, whose trade market value quickly diminished once his right knee became a problem after the All-Star break.   Still I think it would have made more sense for the Reds to gamble on Jurrjens’ knee than Latos’ makeup.

But it really doesn’t matter what I think.  The only thing that matters right now is that it appears both Prado and Jurrjens could be with the Braves at the start of this season.

This brings us right back to where we were in early November, when we discussed the great gamble the Braves would be taking if they traded either Jurrjens or Prado.

It’s great to have Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado and a wealth of young starting pitching.  But with Brandon Beachy and Mike Minor the Braves projected rotation already includes a pair of pitchers with less than two full seasons of experience.  This combined with health-related questions surrounding Tim Hudson and Tommy Hanson seemingly only increases the need to keep Jurrjens around a little longer.

Prado will never provide the kind of power clubs often hope to receive from a corner outfielder.  But few will be surprised if he quickly regains the form that equates to consistency at the plate and the ability to produce the  kind of quality at-bats that he produced before struggling with his confidence this past summer.

Some believe Prado’s struggles were a product of fatigue and others within the Braves organization believe he struggled under the direction of former hitting coach Larry Parrish.  Either way, he was not the same guy he had been the previous few years.

After watching Prado take a number of first-pitch fastballs down the plate, a baffled Braves coach asked him what was happening.   When Prado replied that he was “looking for (the pitcher) to hang a curve”, the coach walked away even more baffled.

In more ways than one, it was obviously a lost season for Prado.

Still thinking of the Porters:  It was great to hear Braves head athletic trainer Jeff Porter returned to Turner Field this week to start preparing for the season.   It was even more encouraging to hear that his 19-year-old son David returned to Auburn University this week, just a little more than two weeks after he and his father were involved in the fatal car accident that killed his mother, Kathy Porter.

There were many occasions over the past decade when I saw Kathy Porter with Jeff.  But since learning of the New Year’s Eve accident, most of my memories of her have focused on those days when she would shag baseballs as Jeff pitched to a young David in the outfield grass,  long after most everybody else had left the stadium at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex.

As the Braves arrive for the start of Spring Training next month, I will occasionally think about those days Jeff and his wife enjoyed with their son many years ago.

When something like this happens, you wonder how you might react if forced to deal with the same tragedy.  I can only hope that I would have the same kind of strength David showed at the funeral home viewing, just three days after the accident.

As he stood next to his father that evening, young David showed that he had become the kind of young man that would make his mother proud.





Mark … touching words about the Porter family. I can’t imagine the pain and void that they feel. They will never return to a normal life, but I am glad to hear that they are trying to get started with life again.

They will remain in my prayers.

Can you write about your thoughts on the OF free agent market next year? Perhaps that is what the Braves are waiting on? Josh Hamilton, Granderson, Victorino will be available and the Braves have Chipper’s and Lowes’s salaries coming off the books to the tune of $24 million or so. Maybe we finally make a splash that the big boys usually make and sign a stud. Thanks

Don’t want to but in, but I’d think Bourn would be priority #1 for the Braves. I’d think the smartest thing is to think Chipper will exercise his 2013 option, so don’t count on his money coming off the books. Granderson will be out of our price range – if Bourn bolts, and Hamilton should get a healthy bid from his rich ball club, while Victorino might have the same coming. However, I see Victorino as the best fit for the money, if we can’t get Bourn. Victorino is going to get a nice pay day, but nothing in the range of Hamilton/Granderson, while we’d also be taking him away from PHI. The Phillies will be dealing with trying to re-sign Hamels – who’ll get a $130M+ deal – so Victorino might be collateral damage. Either way, we’ll have, from what Mark has said in the past, somewhere around $40M to spend, without a budget increase. I’d like to think we’d have a little more, hoping that Liberty Media – now they have the right to sell the franchise – will try to boost the budget in hopes of inflating the price of the Braves – much like that the Marlins and owner Jeffrey Loria are doing right now and over the next 2-3 years.

JJ, I have written about that many times and there’s no doubt they are looking forward to next year, when they may have closer to $40 million to spend. Next year’s projected outfield market is very attractive.

Nice write up Mark… it’s been a challenging offseason on many fronts for Braves faithful. At the end of the day, all we lack are a couple bounce back years from some key contributors. Our roster is incredibly enviable at this point. I would feel very comfortable if no move is made.

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I say the Braves trade Jaye Chapman Brandon Hicks and Martin Prado to the Rays for Zorbist Elliot Johnson and Sean Rodriguez

With McCann due to get a raise in 2013 and other arbitration eligible players due to get raises (Heyward, O’ Flaherty, etc.), we won’t have as much free money as you might think.

Yeah, I forgot about McCann’s extension looming. Not going to be a pleasant number.

I agree it is easy to be starved for a “Big Stud” signing, but the Braves are in the process of getting at least two of them through the system instead with Heyward and Freeman. FA is sexy, but it is not the only way to do it, and quite often the return on investment is minimal, see Beltran, Worth, any number of pitchers, and everyone than has ever come from Japan not named Ichiro. Honestly, Maddox is the only FA I can remember the Braves ever resigning after the original contract. Think of all the guys in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Damasso Garcia, Len Barker, a bunch of FA guys that never made it in ATL.

The free sexy big stud agent?

I sincerley hope both are on the roster opening day. I am thankful that Wren has not pulled the trigger. Prado will bounce back….289 17 HR’s 72 RBI’s .365 OBP is certainly adequate. As far as Jurrjens, the club has depth, and maybe his value at the deadline will be off the charts? Personally, I am more encouraged and optimistic aboutr Delgado than the young guns. He showed tremendous composure, and great stuff down the stretch. I could see him in the rotation on opening day, especially if Huddy isn’t ready. So ready for pitchers and catchers to report!!!

ATL fan in TN, my total accounts for McCann’s raise and also estimated the figures Heyward and O’Flaherty could make through arb. Obviously those numbers could change. I was projecting at least $30 million in early December. I’ve since been told the club believes they will have closer to $40 million to spend.

I sure hope so.

The Braves did not sign Len Barker as a free agent.
They got him from the Indians in a horrible trade.
The Braves got scalped badly. Maybe worse trade than the one for Texeira.

I TRULY believe by All Star Break 2012 the Braves will be VERY thankful they kept Jurrjens and Prado “in the family”.

I completely subscribe to growing talent in your own system and mortgaging prospects to make trades to improve your club. So much better than paying ridiculous $$$ to a player that will NEVER live up to the ginormous contract you get raped for. Name a player who has lived up to a long term epic contract. For every one named, I’ll give you 5 flops. I jut hate the message it sends. What incentive does a player who just inked an 8 yr deal at $20 mill a year have to take extra BP after a game? To work on his swing? Take some extra ground balls pre game? Maybe it’s just me… but If I’m hitting .275 and know I have 6 years left on my contract and this is the most $$$ I’m ever going to make, then I’m not hitting the cage after the game. I’m hitting the bed. Or the champagne room. Or Call of Duty. I’d rather have a team full of players who are playing for contracts. Not playing with contracts. The exception to that rule are players like Chipper. Loyal and valuable. You get a return on your investment from players like Chipper Jones, who are last of a dying breed. Let JJ build up his trade value, trade him to a desperate team, and fill an offensive need on our roster. Let his new team overpay for him and Boras.

QTip signs Jack Wilson to one year deal. Way to go Frank, resign some more players involved in the epic collapse, Wonder if anyone has picked up Kawakami yet?

dont trade Prado!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Wilson would be a more valuable player had he not been on the 2011 roster?

No, but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again and expecting different results. Wilson batted .220 in Sept, need I really defend why this is such a stupid move?

So you want a 300/330/450 guy to be on the bench? The only bad move with the bench was made year, the trade for Matt Diaz. His contract has prevented several strategies as far as LF is concerned.

Bill’s just mad Brooksy never got a shot at that SS job. Would have won a Gold Glove and hit 30 homers.

Stop pestering Mr Wilson, Dennis.

What people don’t understand is that we don’t need to overhaul our roster. I want a move as much as the next Braves fan, but the major moves we needed were taken care of through the process of addition by subtraction (see: Derek Lowe, Nate McLouth). We were an extremely solid team until the final month of the season, and this with extremely poor seasons (relatively) from our 2010 MVP and Rookie of the Year. If they (Prado and Heyward for those still confused) even remotely come back and return to form, we’re an easy 90+ win team. The average fan sees all the moves of our opponents and wants an immediate major response. Thank goodness we don’t run the team. Wren knows what he’s doing. The players just have to put it together.
Go Braves 2012

Not trying to spam here so if you don’t like it/there’s enough retaliation to it, don’t spam me please, I’ll take it down, but I just posted my view on the Braves offseason so far, please take a look for me on my new blog! Lemme know what you think, I’m sort of interested in a sports journalism career, would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

Anybody here who thinks Heyward=Big FA Stud. Is loopy. Right now his career track looks more like Francoeur than ARod.

Except he can’t play Defense as well as Frenchy.

Very touching words on the Porter family, Mark. Thank you for that.

Regarding Prado, you said, “And his value increases when he once again becomes versatile infielder who primarily plays second base or third base.”

My question is — when do you see that happening, and do you think it’ll be with the Braves or another club? Uggla will be at 2B for at least four more seasons. Chipper is at 3B next season and possibly 2013, and supposedly Joey Terdoslavich will succeed him when he retires. Or do you think Terdo won’t be ready that soon and that the Braves would move Prado to 3B and sign/trade for a LF?

Everybody who was worried about trading Prado for Seth Smith, he’s just been traded to the A’s, so you can relax.

I’m calling right at 6MMish for both Jurrjens and Bourn.

So why not call other clubs out there and see if anyone is willing to take Bourn off our hands and use Costanza in the lead off and trade away Bourn for someone else. I say go after McCutchen or get Gorkys back from the Pirates, or sending Bourn Hoover and Chapman to the Marlins for Emilio Bonifacio and Brett Hayes.

Gorkys?????Really??????Aside from being a name we have seen before, what has Hernandez done at any level since A ball with the Tigers to indicate a future in MLB as a starting CF? And that season was as much about being able to outrun the pitcher-catcher combos in A ball as it was about any “talent” he may have shown.

Bourn is a proven, elite base stealer with gold gloves. He is in his prime and solid as a rock at this point. Moving him to make room for journeyman minor leaguers like Constanza and Gorkys or the 50-100 clones they have that are all available for the league minimum any and every day of the year would be worthy of a Billreef Q Tip tirade.

McCutcheon would be a great pickup, but Pittsburgh is not moving him until his agent begins the 8 yr/$100million plus conversations. They aren’t there yet. When he rolled through Gwinnett with Indy a couple years ago, he was the best player I saw in a visiting uniform all season.

Rother, you’re wasting your breath arguing with that one. You would have better luck teaching astrophysics to a squirrel.

hey viva i got as much rights to post to the blog just like anyone else u dont like what i got to say then either blog somewhere else or just STFU

He said nothing about your right to post, he commented on the sensibility of your post, or lack there of.

You should really look in the mirror, and then read what you just wrote. You just suggested that we trade away Michael Bourn and go after McCutchen (not available), Bonifacio (one good season with an astronomical .374 BABIP), or.. wait for it…. GORKYS HERNANDEZ!

Surprised at the low salary and the high salary for Bourn, but it balances to around $13MM, so not too bad. If Bourn only got $6.8MMish in his last year of arbitration, he looks to be setting himself up for a $9-11MM AAV in free agency. No way anyone pays $12MM plus a year for him if he wants more than 3 years, so the Braves could get competitive with re signing him when Lowe’s full salary comes off the books(outside of the other further expenses next season).

Hmmm wonder what he get’s in FA? Sounds like a $100MM baby to me or pretty damn close.

I’ve never seen a player who averages 2.5 home runs per year make $100MM. Speed and defense aren’t the money makers. He’ll get paid, but not every Scott Boras client gets $100MM.

What r u talking about willis? Reyes who hits just 7 HR a year just signed a $106MM contract over 6 years. He’s injury prone, and the rest of his stats are almost an overlay for Bourn. This is the Mark Texeira ,might sign, argument all over again.

Forgive us for not taking your predicitions seriously bill. Your track record is laughable.

A) Bourn won’t get 6 years. B) Reyes is better. C) Reyes had market advantage. D) Reyes is more proven. E) Reyes averages 12 homers over 162 games. F) Shortstop is a more premium position. G) Reyes got more hype playing for the New York media. H) Reyes ONLY got $106MM. I) Reyes was coming off of a higher base salary before free agency. J) That salary would have been higher had he not signed an extension in 2006. K) Bourn has stiff competition. Do I need to go on? Prince Fielder wanted 8 years/$200MM and everyone laughed at him. That’s why he’s a free agent with 4 weeks until spring training. Boras can ask for whatever he wants for Bourn, but not a single sign outside of your brainless “Scott Boras = $100MM contract” prediction points to $100MM. That’s why Prince isn’t eating sandwiches laced with $100 bills. I’ll reference the Juan Pierre deal again; similar players and position, $44MM. Inflation has not doubled in 5 years. Also, Texeria is a different case completely. Using that as a reference basically hinders the little argument you have. Just to let you know.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

This could get interesting now that the Indians have lost a starting pitcher to the Dominican witness relocation program. They need a starter and a 1B, but have little money. We could provide JJ and one of our DH/1B hitting machines from AA/AAA to them. Who should we ask for? They have some young talent at the major league level in places we need help.


I’m not sure of who their top prospects are, but I don’t recall them having anyone to step in and fully replace Grady Sizemore the last couple of years, and they resigned him again. So they’re probably lacking there.

Reyes also just won the batting title and the Marlins admittedly overpaid for him.

See, I can fill up an alphabets worth of points. Everyone remember this next year when Bourn gets 4-5 years/$50-65MM.

Bravesman218, while I agree on no need to overhauling, I do think moves need to be made. You seem to praise the Braves for last season, but also dismiss how they fell apart – couldn’t stand the heat of the race. This team has done little to nothing in trying to have personal who could ignite and keep the team ignited.

As far as Heyward, why hasn’t his name been put out there for trade bait? His not wanting to play, but being jumped on by Chipper for it, is not what this team needs. A player like that only drags down the morale of a team.

5 years, 65 million would be more than enough to keep Bourn in Atlanta.

Yep. And I was being generous with the $65MM. that there is overpay.

He signs for at least 6 years at $90 Million( of course all of this revolves around a 2012 Bourn-like season). Chances of ATL resigning him are kind of like the chance that QTip had to sign a FA this winter. Slim, none and non-existent. Anyone that thinks MB resigns here, can get a piece of my bet, $100 bucks says your wrong. I love the Prince Fielder example while denying the Texeira example. Brandie you you can go thru the alphabet, but you will always get stuck at D for dumbass argument. Holy hell, it’s like I wrote the article. Read and weep Bill. And woah there, is Bill backing off the $100MM guarantee here? Already revising your argument? And yeah, give 6+ years to the guy who’s two best tools(speed and defense) will be severely diminished by the beginning of the 6th year, when he would be 35.

Yeah the same guy that wrote the glowing article about Nate.s return to prominence.The problem with you little boys, is that you believe everything you read.
I love playing with you Brandie. It’s kind of like shooting chickens off a fence

I looked up your prophet Axisa. No wiki entry, hell my dog has a wiki following. But I forgot, you have a soccer field somewhere with your number preserved for all posterity, but without a picture of this monument to your sports acumen. I guess they don’t make cameras in your part of GA. The bet still stands.

If there’s anything more amusing that stupidity, it’s arrogant stupidity. Hope you don’t kick it before we get the chance to watch you run and hide for a week once I prove you wrong… again… What ever happened to Brooks Conrad again? Did he play for us in 2011?

Same thing that happened to Golden Boy Nate McLouth. That was a real good prediction, that one. I remember you were a huge Gonzo fan, too. How’d that work out?

Did you even read the article? It says nothing even remotely close to predicting a return to prominence. It essentially states the numbers he put up and gives the impression that the writer thinks the Braves got hosed on the deal. He basically implies that the year in question is a make it or break it year for whether or not the deal was worth it, and whether or not McLouth is a legitimate big league player. How does this article back up your argument at all? If anything, it’s a fair assessment of what has been accomplished (or not accomplished) since the trade at that time.

Ignore bill I would mate. Its ammusing because he prediected nate wouldnt get a big league deal. He also predicted conrad would. His opinions are A JOKE

He doesn’t read; I’d be surprised if he finished grade school. He had to drop out of elementary school to help on the farm. If you really need any more evidence of his stupidity, check out his above comment where he “remembers”(imagined is the proper word) that I was a fan of Alex Gonzalez. Any regular here can tell you that I was second to only Bill in my dislike for AGon. But when it comes to bitching about a player, we’ll all be second best to Bill.

As an unbiased audience member to this debate, I just want to mention something: Bill, you have been faced with countless pieces of evidence that support the theory of Bourn signing for significantly less than what you initially predicted. How can you continually ignore these pieces of information? I mean, if you’re going to debate the subject at least try to make some intelligent points to back your argument (and no, comparing Bourn to a power hitting first baseman named Tex doesn’t count as an intelligent point). Comparing him to Reyes, however, does make sense. I don’t really know how much Bourn will sign for, and whether or not the Braves will re-sign him. It would be nice, though, to actually witness a discussion that doesn’t involve you ignoring all the great points your opponents make and instead replying with personal attacks and jabs. I suppose you lowering your price to 90 million instead of the 100 you guaranteed prior to this thread is kind of like admitting your opponents have valid points. And of course, you left yourself an escape route by casually saying this 90 million hinges on him having a “Bourn-like 2012 season”, which can be interpreted in so many different ways that if he doesn’t make 90 million, you will find an excuse as to why it didn’t happen (even though you GUARANTEED 100 million a short while back, without any of these hidden stipulations of “if’s” and “but’s”). It may sound like I disagree with your prediction, but I don’t really know one way or the other. What I do disagree with is your ignorance when it comes to having an intelligent discussion, refusing to believe that any thought that you conjure up could possibly be even slightly incorrect, or that any of your fellow fans with opposing viewpoints could actually have made a good point and be right about something. Instead of admitting when any of these are the case, you backpedal and start throwing around insults.

I always love a post that starts with “As an unbiased audience member to this debate”. ROTFL. Too much. This mysterious newcomer “Kevin” who has obviously been following the blog for a while, hmmmm. CSI can we get your opinion on this?

Oh look Brandumb has another account.

Or maybe it’s your sibling, Zippy?

So Brandie you say Bourn will sign for $44 million, Juan Pierre money. Let’s make that the bet. You keep throwing out my estimate, stated once a while back, let’s make the bet based on your estimate, I’ll even up it to $500 on that bet. Bok bok, bok. Chickens on a fence.

I referenced his contract as a starting point for talks for Bourn, never did I claim he would sign for exactly $44MM you idiot. I have consistently said Bourn will sign, whether it be with us or someone else, within the range of $50MM-$65MM for no more than 5 guaranteed years. Put this in quotation marks and save it in a Word document buddy, that way you don’t look stupid when stating false information as a quote.

I’ve been reading this blog for as long as I can remember. I don’t comment much, but I get amusement out of reading everyone else’s. Some are informative, others not so much. Yours are becoming less amusing and a lot more pathetic…you still haven’t responded to any of the valid points everyone has made. You’ve resorted to throwing out a “bet” over the internet, and calling someone a chicken. Once again, real mature. How about responding to the issues at hand?

Oh “Kevin”, you like nc, try to disguise who you are to try to add credibility to your specious arguments. It’s way transparent and frankly kinda pathetic. Bad Saronna night? Hey where’s that soccer field picture? Anytime you want to make the bet real, just tell me and i’ll make sure it’s consummated.,Cluck, cluck.

Capt Wilson gets most angry when provided with facts.

You mean like Reyes 106 MM contract, Dennis? Loving those facts.

I am of the opinion that contracts are going to get shorter for a while, making a Bourn contract of 7/$100M hard to find. Prince is running into that now, and may well be the bell cow for the reduced contract lengths going forward, if the owners can make their statement.

Puhols is a completely different situation. The Angels are the LA Clippers of baseball. They have been the “other” team in LA for a long time. That said, they are buying much more than 40 HR and 100 RBI a season with Albert. They are also buying his 500th, 600th, and probably 700th HR. They are buying his 3,000th hit, and his 2,000th RBI. They are getting an Angels hat in the Hall of Fame. They are getting a guy that the LA Hispanic community can call their own. Like Reggie Jackson, Albert will pay for himself in logoware and seats filled. The Angels are buying the naming rights to baseball legitimacy in Anaheim.

You’re absolutely right. And the Tigers are creating a hole full of money and a potential logjam of DH bats in 2 years. Boras was somehow able to trick the Tigers into disregarding supply and demand and making them fork over $60MM more and 3 more years than anyone else would have given, just because VMart is hurt this year. Do they really expect Miguel Cabrera to be an everyday 3rd basemen, and do they really want Prince at 1B? Especially in 2 years. One of the worst contracts in MLB history(for a team) was agreed upon today.

Agreed. The Prince deal is horrible for the tigers. Fielder will break down before the end of the contract. And even if he doesnt then its a bad deal. Fielder isnt good enough for that kind of money. Shcoked by that deal. Thank god its not us.

I don’t know what’s funnier. Your false accusation…or the fact that you are so confident about it.

Or perhaps even funnier still: Changing the subject on several accounts when prompted to respond to the actual points brought up in the discussion.

There’s no discussion; there’s us making relevant and factual points, and then there’s Bill with his fingers in his ear going “LALALA I can’t hear you!”

All I can say about the Braves…really good players, not a very good team. You look up and down their roster and other teams should be scared. They just don’t seem that they fit together well. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.

As a resident of suburban Detroit now, I am very glad I was sitting down when I head the news. 9 years? He’ll weigh 320 after 5 years, knees and back will go, and they will have 4 years and $100 million left to hide. The only rational thinking on the subject is they must not trust Cabrera’s sobriety long term. That said, the Tigers will be very formidable short term, until the rest of their players agents use Prince’s contract to “frame” theirs. The best and most interesting part is that the contract reportedly has no opt outs, for either side. Wow…just Wow.

Yes Rother, worst deal ever. Amazed. Espicially as there seemed to be little competition out there to compete with.

Won’t have to go to far to find Brandies quote that Fielder would never get $200MM, huh?

The Tigers better hope they win in the next two years, because they signed one of the worst contracts in MLB history. I’m even willing to say worse than Mike Hampton. And this has little to no reflection on your brainless prediction; this just goes to show how owners bypass what’s best for the team and spend out of their own pocket out of a panicky desperation. This was not a Dombrowski move, it was all owner Mike Ilitch. I think the Dodgers would much rather spend big on Joey Votto than Michael Bourn next year.

They have been doing it since the turn of the century, which is exactly why IT IS SO PREDICTABLE!!!!!! You keep claiming, Reyes, Fielder and others are the anomaly. When you really look back. with your gnat size intellect, you will see what I say is true. Owners have been overpaying for players since time immemorial, it’s the same thing they said when Ruth signed for 100K.

Reyes was overpaid in a subtle way. Only by say, $10MMish. Prince Fielder was overpaid by 3 years and $50MM all because VMart got hurt. Tell me who else would have given him more than 6 years/$160MM this late in the game? Boras somehow hypnotized the Tigers into believing that there was another team or something. This deal is nothing short of a mental malfunction. They would have been better off convincing him to sign 1 year for $30MM.

There is really no way they needed to go past 6 years. Boras always lies and says he has “unnamed” teams ready to go, and these GMs never call his bluff. I’ll set the over/under on years he hits 20 or more HRs during the 9 year contract at 6. His knees will be shot by age 32 just like every other man over 275 pounds out there. No opt out = 0 incentive to stay in shape = 0 chance he plays 9 full productive seasons. His weight may hit 300 before he ever does.

Yup, worst deal ever. They will be dirty for a few seasons though. That line up will be good this year and next. They have the heaviest corner infield combo ever now with cabrera and fielder!

That is the Jon Koncak deal of MLB for sure.

“The Braves have set a player payroll budget of $94MM for this year, leaving them with several million dollars still to spend.” They’re right; according to my math(with a lot of rounded numbers), the Braves have committed $88MM dollars(including Lowe) to 2012. Here we find a little wiggle room for a down the line acquisition if may need be. This extra money would be taken up next year due to arbitration raises, but the excess money(Lowe, Chipper, plausible Jurrjens trade) would open up about $30MM to spend. Of course, around $10MM will be needed to fill a few holes(Ross’, Diaz, and Hinske’s free agency, etc) But having $20MM to throw around is going to be nice.

BillyBob, so owners have been over paying players since the turn of the century? Since the century turned only 11 years ago, score one for The Reefer Man. Babe Ruth’s high salary was $80K. So I doubt anyone had too much to say about his making $100K. I guess prior to the 1970s players had off season jobs because they were so over paid. Is there no end to your drivel?

He will now proceed to personnally insult you. Probably with some clever nickname

You know how some people with Tourette Syndrome uncontrollably blurt out profanities and others guttural sounds due to there condition? Lucky for Bowman’s Blog Billybob’s condition results only in his blurting out inane nicknames.

From Wiki “but Yankees owners Jacob Ruppert and Tillinghast L’Hommedieu Huston offered an all-cash deal—$100,000 ($1,100,000 in current dollar terms)”. You twelve year old usually don’t know about anything that didn’t happen last and even then with a mouse sized attention span, you aren’t able to observe the facts. Grow up little boys.

Man, you really can’t read. The paragraph clearly states that was the price Boston sold him for, not his salary. Bill aims for the throat, but cuts himself in the knee.

You’re clueless. The point I was making was that idiots like you have been saying that owners overpay players. Owners have been “overpaying” since the turn of the LAST century. That was what they accused Ruppert of then. Kind of didn’t turn out that way did it. I feel like I am running a special ed class.

Smack Down League: Brandon 1-0; BillyBob 0-1. BillyBob, don’t be discouraged. This is only spring training and there is no doubt you will roll into true form by the start of the regular season.

I think we should just all give in and accept Bill as God, guys. I mean, how can a player with such star power as Michael Bourn NOT command $100MM? I mean, he hits 35 homers every year, bats .330, has an OBP above .400. I mean, if Prince Fielder can get a stupid contract, why can’t he? I mean, they’re practically the same player.

Back in reality, we are speaking of a guy who has made a living off of stealing bases and playing solid defense. He will be 30 years old going into the first year of whatever sized contract he gets next offseason. By year 5 of that contract, he will have lost about 2 steps in his game. He’ll still steal bases, yes, but he will be thrown out a lot more often, and will probably end up switching to a corner OF position. Everyone knows this; look what happened to Tori Hunter, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones, Carlos Beltran, etc. Michael Bourn is a GOOD player, not a superstar. He has a hard time getting on base and is a light hitter who is dependent on his BABIP. He does two things well; defend and steal. Name one guy on the $100MM+ contract list that got his contract for doing only those two things.

Hell, come to think of it, Tori Hunter only go a $90MM commitment, and he hits(or did hit) for power along with his defense.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have grown quite weary of checking in here, only to find the repetitious pimple faced Avatars from sweet Brandie. We really need to start a new dialog.Chipper is now claiming he is ready to play until the Whitetail come home, I’m pretty sure he will play until that career BA gets dangerously close to .299. And we are all heartened by the fact that he has taken young Heyward under his wing, much like he did with Frenchy, not so many years ago. I want a 3B who can play in ATL summer heat. I want a player who isn’t coasting for a contract. This team lacks fire. It destroyed them in September. I never want to witness a melt down in ATL like that again. NEVER.

Frenchy was hard headed like Andruw Jones and Gonzo. They take the fast ball and swing at the slider away which makes you wonder if they can see the spin on the ball. I do find it interesting that Heyward is working with Chipper after Chipper called him out last year. In one recent article Heyward again seemed to indicate he was not happy about being called out.

Well here’s some advice; quit bitching about the team so much and find another one to root for.

Well jhere is some for you, try an Avatar without the pimples.It get’s kinda gross having to look at that.

Oh, and isn’t this the 2nd offseason in a row where Chipper “stepped in a hole while deer hunting”. God, man where are you hunting? Are there lot’s of holes there? Who dug the aforementioned hole(PhillyConspiracy)? Is it possible to avoid a hole while deer hunting? I grew up deer hunting with my father. Neither of us ever stepped in a “hole”. Is it possible that these holes are ll in Chipper’s mind at this point? Perhaps a Freudian slip?

Sounds like what I said last May:
“They’ve replaced hitting coach Larry Parrish, a good guy who was old-school to the bone and got along fine with most players, but seemed incapable of communicating his ideas to some of his players, particularly a young one or two of them.”

Sounds like what everyone with eyes noticed last April.

We shouldnt plan our roster with chipper. He will play even less this year. Seems inevitable as his body is even older now. I suggest we keep prado on the infield. He will basically play everyday between 3rd base and other positions. Meanwhile I still feel we need a LF

Braves will be fine, at least for now. What money Braves have left might be needed by the deadline, hopefully not though.

@bill – honestly, with all the incredibly stupid comments posted by a number of frequent posters here, the only thing I’ve grown tiered of is you and your attitude. Give it up man… go get laid or something… smoke something and relax… you’re wound up so tight you won’t be around much longer if you don’t. At least the bad posts invite discussion, you’re about as inviting as a cactus. That eats people.

Nowwwww…. spring training is almost upon us folks… If this is the team we’re working with, I’m going to try my damndest to get excited about it. No sense bitching about everything, it won’t change anything… I’m getting behind this team.


NYer calling kettle black, how surprising.

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