Jurrjens and Prado pleased to remain Braves

When asked about the fact that their names were linked to trade rumors throughout the winter, Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens reacted as expected. Both indicated that they are happy that they remained with the Braves.

But it appeared Jurrjens would have been the one who would have been able to better accept a trade.   Unlike Prado, he has actually spent a portion of his professional career elsewhere and got a taste of the shock factor when the Tigers told him he had been traded to the Braves when he was a promising 21-year-old prospect in October of 2007.

Prado has been with the Braves since signing his first professional contract in 2001 and he has developed a true love for the organization over the past decade. With this being said, he has prepared himself for the likelihood that he will not spend his entire professional career in Atlanta.

But when asked about the rumors Monday, his reaction provided the impression that he would have been crushed to learn he had been traded.

“I was shocked, but I knew it was going to happen, at least the rumors,” Prado said. “This is a business and I love the Braves. They are the team that gave me an opportunity. But I knew at some point of my career this was going to happen. I’m not thinking about that. This is something I can’t control. Whatever their decision was, I was going to respect that.”

Jurrjens’ reaction to the same question:

“When the rumors started, trying to take a nap was difficult because any time the phone rang, you think it could be somebody calling you to tell you, you’ve been traded. But it’s part of the business.   Everybody is trying to improve their team somehow.”

There has never seemed like many players were looking forward to finding out what the club might get for either Prado or Jurrjens this winter.

“A lot of people are talking about how there were not many moves made,”  Hudson said. “I don’t think there needed to be any moves.  I think the best moves were the two that weren’t made.  I felt like we had a World Series-caliber team last year and I feel like we do again.  We just had a bad month at a bad time of the year.” <p>

When asked about last year’s woeful September for the feature story that ran today, some of the Braves talked about how they started to get the sense they had been victims of the destined road the Cardinals traveled to a world championship.  Game 6 of the World Series certainly provided reason to wonder.

Then when Tony La Russa opted to retire just three days after the end of the World Series, I’ll have to admit I wondered if the Braves would have been able to hold off the Cardinals had they entered September with a 20-game lead.

Still while talk of “team of destiny” and “baseball gods” might make for good conversation, the Braves can’t ignore the fact that they simply didn’t get the job done.  This is what David Ross said after talking about how the Cards were seemingly destined to win.

“You can blame a hundred million things, but the bottom line is we didn’t get it done,” Ross said. “(The Cardinals) were hot and look at what happened to them.”

Hanson’s accident: As most of you likely already know, Tommy Hanson was involved in a one-car accident as he was driving toward the team’s Spring Training complex around 7 a.m. ET.  After making his way to the complex, Hanson informed the team’s medical staff that he was not feeling well.  He was then sent to an area doctor to be evaluated for a potential concussion.

If Hanson suffered a concussion, he will need to undergo baseline testing to determine the severity of the trauma and provide some indication as to when he might be able to return.

But the Braves did not seem too concerned on Monday.  It seemed like he was sent to the doctor simply as a precautionary measure.

I’ll provide updates when available.

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QTip really has never understood the game well enough to gauge the value of a Martin Prado. The stat heads will probably disagree, but the man was the Braves MVP 2 seasons ago and then we are gonna trade him in the offseason after he almost got killed last season by the training staff. Come on.

Your reaction is why there’s much relief in Braves Nation. We would have undersold, no matter what we got for him. He’s not going to be worth any more to another team besides ATL as long as we have Chipper at 3B struggling to get in 125 games per year. However, there’s not too many more spots we can upgrade in offense, so when Prado doesn’t hit average for his position (more power than OBP), that’s alright as long as he’s getting on-base. Last year, he wasn’t even doing that. Now, I think that was a fluke, but who’s to say that 2010 wasn’t his ceiling? That’s the chance you take with young players. I think he’ll do great, having a season of experience in the OF, some time to rest and relax, and being able to fully learn 1 position and hopefully in a set place in the batting order. ATL front office was just gauging the market by seeing if teams were interested. If they wanted to move him, he’d be gone.

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“Pleased to remain Braves”
This reads like the whole matter is finished. “Both indicated that they are happy that they remained with the Braves.” The reality is both of them may still be traded – at any time – unless they have been told otherwise by Wren. That would be some inside reporting.
Enjoy your naps JJ and put the phone on silent mode.

Prado and McCann are no more than ancillary parts to a good team. Both are sub par defensively But neither are players around which a good team can be constructed. Here’s to hoping the Braves continue to buy into their myths.

Well you shouldnt base an offense round a catcher for obvious reasons. But McCann is quality obviously…

Yeah, like Gary Carter, Johnny Bench or Mike Piazza. Similar to McCann in that Bench and Piazza both were All Stars in their 1st five five seasons. Muttonheads.

Did somebody just compared McCann to Johnny Bench and Gary Carter?
I have to laugh.

Must be cold in that shithole city up north. All of the frilly dweebs are looking for somewhere to troll.

Just getting a good laugh at the expense of the casual fans, one in particular.

Johnny Bench…..

MCcann WILL go down as one of the greatest catchers of all time. He’s just gettin started. Wait and watch this year barring injury.

McCann’s greatest adversary is the oppressive ATL heat and humidity thru the summer months. The fact that he propels thru it is phenomenal. Anyone who has ever played competitive sports, will understand this

Dude, McCann is a great player. But you don’t do him any favors when you campare him to the likes of Bench and Piazza. Bench was probably the best catcher ever and Piazza was the most prolific offensively by a ridiculous margin.
But anybody who pays any attention to MLB would understand this.

Just look at the numbers when mccanns career is over

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