Odds and ends from Braves camp: Sunday

As long as health stays on their side, the Braves have should have enough dependable arms in their bullpen to lessen the strain placed on primary setup men Jonny Venters and Eric O’Flaherty this year.  Kris Medlen is capable of handling any role after the fifth inning and Arodys Vizcaino has the capability of being a dominant reliever once he continues to develop.

But as Venters prepares for a new season, he is already attempting to make adjustments with the hope that he will not struggle like he has in September during his first two Major League seasons.  The hard-throwing left-hander produced a 5.11 ERA and 1.86 WHIP this past September.   His only other monthly WHIP above 1.27 was posted in September of 2010, when he produced a 1.77 WHIP.

Venters began his throwing program about three weeks later than normal this year and as he looks toward the regular season, he is planning to spend more time in the weight room.  He believes he will be able to stay strong a little longer this year if he is able to maintain some of the muscle he added to his legs and shoulders this winter.

Getting back to Vizcaino, it will be interesting to see what the Braves do with him at the start of the season.   He’s certainly talented enough to be a part of Atlanta’s bullpen and he would be valuable if given a chance to pitch on a regular basis.  But as some of you have pointed out, it might not be wise to throw this kind of prospect in the big league bullpen if there is a concern that he will not get the innings he needs for his development.

Check out Braves.com today for stories on Brandon Beachy and Joe Terdoslavich, who experienced a thrill Saturday when he had the opportunity to take groundballs alongside a fellow switch-hitting third baseman named Chipper Jones.   There is also an update on Tommy Hanson, who played catch and jogged in the outfield today.  He’ll undergo another concussion impact test Monday and possibly be cleared to begin Spring Training workouts on Tuesday.



What about the other guys trying to make the bullpen I sick of hearing about vizcaino he did not prove anything last year. Let’s here about some of the other guys that have a good chance to make the bullpen.

DOB posted a great blog about Freddie Freeman today. Picture in the blog shows how completely Freddie clears his hips during his swing. I love this kid. Dumbass Crapstats somehow say he is below avg. on defense which couldn’t be further from the truth. He is a slick fielding mother at 1st.

He is a good fielding first basemen. But this is the major leagues. Most the guys are good fielding first basemen. In fact alot of them are exceptional. Maybe thats why the stats say freddie is below average.

The fact that you can make that comment shows that you didn’t watch many of his games last year. He saved the infield countless errors last season. The only negative thing I’ve seen concerning his defense is his range. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the kid’s glove.

He can dig a ball out of the dirt about as well as any 1B I have ever seen in 50+ years. Maybe you statheads need a stat like DETOOD(Digs errant throws out of dirt). Maybe we could invent one that measures SDPRW(starts double play really well) or DOEHHW(digs out everything hit his way). I’m pretty sure we need a bunch of new crapstats to replace the last round of crapstats.

So ignorant…

All defensive “range” stats are subjective in that a nerd in the stands (or more likely watching television) determines how far he went to get to the ball and maybe how hard it was hit as well. Of course, they have no idea what play may have been on, how the defense is set to cheat on a particular hitter, or any other nuance of the game that actually factors in to everything that ever happens on a baseball field.

I’ll take Freddie Freeman at 1B 162 times every season.


I think the movie “Moneyball’ has emboldened the stat heads. They think it has lent credibility to advanced sabremetric crap. According to that line of thinking, they probably believe in blue people as well since “Avatar”.

Really I dont have an opinion. I always thought he was an amazing 1b. But the stats dont lie. Sorry. So I am going with the stats whenever its stats vs fans. The stats are objective and have basis in fact

The stats are crap and you Zippy, are too young to realize that stats really mean very little in baseball. You might do well to park your tongue and watch more of the game. The lesson is in the observation, not in the calculation. Pretty much, why EVERY ML team still uses old school scouts. It’s because they observe and evaluate things that the stats will never capture or convey. It ain’t about stats vs fans, it’s about stats vs ability not captured by any statistic. Watch and learn, if you are patient enough to do so.

Scenario…runner on first bluffs a steal as the pitch comes. SS breaks to cover, and a grounder gets through the hole between 3rd and short, 5 feet to the right of where the SS was originally positioned. What gets recorded in the SABR defensive stats for range?

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