Odds and ends from Braves camp: Friday

When the Braves near Opening Day, they’ll once again start hearing about last year’s miserable conclusion.  But after spending the past five months fielding questions and being reminded about how everything suddenly went wrong last year, they are set to spend the next four weeks playing games and preparing for a season that they hope ends different than last year’s.

It won’t have the same feel as Opening Day and the nerves that are present throughout the regular season will likely be absent.  But there will be a sense of anticipation when the Braves host the Tigers to open the Grapefruit League season on Saturday afternoon.

Mike Minor will be the first big league pitcher to throw a pitch to Prince Fielder wearing a Tigers uniform and Tyler Pastornicky will get a better feel for what he will experience when he becomes a Major Leaguer and Atlanta’s starting shortstop next month.

There will be plenty of story lines to follow over the next month as Jason Heyward and Martin Prado attempt to rebound from their frustration-filled 2011 seasons.  Heyward’s struggles were influenced by a physical ailment (sore right shoulder) and the bad habits it created.  Prado’s problems were enhanced once he developed a staph infection in June.  But in a story that will run Sunday, he will explain how he was as messed up mentally as he was physically from the start of the season.

Gonzalez chose not to reveal which relievers will pitch Saturday.  His choice.  That’s all.

Anyhow, the other starting pitchers the first time through the rotation will be:

Julio Teheran/Randall Delgado @ Tigers Sunday

Jair Jurrjens vs. Astros Monday.

Kris Medlen vs. Nationals Tuesday.

Brandon Beachy @Tigers Wednesday

With Tim Hudson expected to miss at least the regular season’s first month as he recovers from back surgery, Delgado and Teheran are battling for the rotation’s last spot.   Their second turn through the rotation falls on March 9, when the Braves are scheduled to play the Yankees and Mets in split-squad games.

Tommy Hanson will likely make his exhibition season debut on March 11, when he will piggyback with Medlen.

Freddie Freeman jogged around the field once today without any problems.  His steady progress leads me to believe he will miss closer to a one week than two.

Gonzalez plans to use the designated hitter every game through March 18.  Matt Diaz will serve in that role on Saturday.





Who do I need to talk to about possibly meeting players at an away game either before or after a game. My wife is a big braves fan and a Chipper Jones fans. Since this might be his last year, I would love to give her a surprise birthday gift by meeting Mr. Jones. We live in Phoenix and will be going to a Diamondback-Brave game when they are in town.

Was wondering if there are any promotions for the Braves vs. Astros game on March 16th?

Maybe getting to watch baseball????


So is it time to throw in the towel and trade everyone who didn’t get a hit today?

WooHoo. Atlanta picks right back up from where they left off last year. If Harry Doyle were covering this tribe he would once again say, “One hit?! That’s all we got?! One God damn hit?!”

Just how do you only get one hit (a single immediately erased by a double play in the 8th inning) in a SPRING TRAINING GAME? I guess the pitchers are way ahead of the hitters. Wait a tick, the Tigers had more than 10 hits.

Wow. Today was worse. Guess Delgado and Teheran ain’t all that just yet.

which is why I am absolutely crazy that Medlen isn’t competing for a starters spot. Man this front office is clueless. Medlen is a proven commodity who got hurt, these other guys are “prospects” with virtually no ML credentials.

Hello, this is only spring training. What do y’all not understand? It seems it is the “training” part of the equation. The naysayers ought to give it a rest until the season actually begins at which time you can say your nays.

For once, I actually agree with you.

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