Surgery to force Chipper to begin final season on the DL

Chipper Jones will begin the final season of his career on the disabled list.  The Braves third baseman will undergo surgery on Monday to repair torn meniscus in his left knee.

Jones  missed a little more than two weeks after undergoing the same surgical procedure on his right knee after last year’s All-Star break.   He has told Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez that he hopes to return from this procedure in time to play the  April 13 home opener against the Brewers.

Jones announced he would retire at the end of this year during a Thursday morning press conference that was staged a little more than an hour after he hurt his left knee while running in the outfield.

With Jones sidelined, Martin Prado will begin the year as Atlanta’s starting third baseman.  If the Braves do not make any acquisitions, Eric Hinske and Matt Diaz will platoon in left field at the beginning of the year.


Damon is available for LF

There’s a reason for that.

This is why 40 year old men shouldn’t stretch. It’s going to hurt regardless….. I’m kidding I’m kidding.

Well so much for thinking about the possibility for going out with one last amazing season. What a bummer.

Bill’s gonna have a field day with this one…Hope Chipper recovers quickly .

I am not one to say, I told you so, but……

Liberty needs to get out of the baseball business. They run a baseball team about as well as Bernie Madoff ran investment portfolios

So if Bourn is hurt we have an outfield of Hinske in right, Heyward in center and Diaz or some meat in LF(assuming Prado is playing 3B). This might be the worst defensive lineup in the history of Braves baseball certainly it’s the worst since the dreadful 80’s but I really think it is worse than that.What are these guys doing? Fredi has completely lost it, QTip is a babbling idiot and this team is a week away from starting the season. Hinske, Diaz and Wonder Boy are all hitting below Mendoza and if I hear players average in ST doesn’t make any difference again I am gonna strangle somebody.

It’s quite simple; we’ll get Prado to play 3B, LF, AND RF at the same time. CF is asking a bit too much.

It will be like when we were kids and were short a couple in our pick up games. Open field is an out!!!

Thank God, no one took QTIP up on his attempts to trade Martin.Can you imagine what a mess we would be right now if we had traded Prado for another pitching prospect.Anyone who pays any kind of attention to the game could see that last year was the outlier for MP. Not to mention what a great clubhouse leader he is. With an OBP of .413 and OBP of .914 I think I would start MP in RF ahead of Heyward right now if Chip is able to hobble out to third. Jhey is messed up. , needs a stint in the minors to get his head screwed on right.

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