Relaying some “old” jokes and info about Chipper’s knee

With Chipper Jones’ 40th birthday less than a week away Jamie Moyer notching a historical win for the aged on Tuesday night, the Braves clubhouse was a popular place for “old” jokes on Wednesday morning.

After reminiscing about the “comfortable 0-for-3” he experienced while facing Moyer during a 1993 Minor League game, Jones kind of smiled when reminded that he was preparing for his freshman year in high school when Moyer made his Major League debut on June 16, 1986.

“And I’m old as (heck), just ask (Eric) Hinske, he’ll tell you,” Jones said.

Abiding in the adjacent locker, Hinske jumped into the conversation seconds after Jones was told Steve Carlton was the opposing pitcher during Moyer’s debut.

“You faced Steve Carlton,Chip?” Hinske said.

As Jones laughed, Hinske said, “Ha, ha, that was funny.”

Jones replied with, “No but I faced Fernando (Valenzuela).”

With his back turned from the conversation as he sat on the couch watching television, David Ross concluded the conversation in fitting fashion with, Chipper turns 40 in a couple days, huh?

If Jones forgot he will turn 40 on Tuesday, his body reminded him when he awoke on Wednesday feeling the effects of playing three straight games for the first time this year.  Before returning from the disabled list last Tuesday, he had not played nine innings in a game since last September.

Thus it was easy to understand why Jones is feeling what he describes to be “normal soreness” with his groin and upper leg muscles.  The veteran third baseman just hopes his surgically-repaired left knee begins to feel a little more comfortable over the next few days and weeks.

“I’m obviously still concerned about the knee blowing up and still hurting,” Jones said.  “But the leg soreness and all of that, that’s normal.  I played two games and took a day or two off. Now I just played three straight and I get today off.  So hopefully today’s day off will give me some relief tomorrow.”

Jones rested during Wednesday afternoon’s series finale against the Mets and planned to wrap his left knee during Wednesday night’s flight to Arizona.  He is attempting to avoid a repeat of last week, when some fluid developed around his knee during the flight from Houston to Atlanta. His hope is to be ready to return to the lineup for Thursday night’s series opener against the D-backs.





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The comments on this blog are few and far between this year. It’s mostly just Bill talking to himself…

It’s just that the morons have moved on temporarily. We’ll get some “real” baseball fans back in here when the Braves heat up. After last season’s epic collapse, are you really surprised that traffic is down, Charlie Brown?

No Chipper in the starting lineup

No he was scheduled for his usual “spa” day after playing a couple.

If he homers every time he returns, let every other day be his spa day, I say. That would give us half of a better reason to keep Juan Francisco than we have at the moment(albeit he’s put a charge into a couple here recently).

Prado is money, with that throw to the plate. Sometimes I think we really take Prado for granted. He is the heart and soul of this ball club.

Mike Minor was dealing tonight. These last 2 games, he’s pitched, have been completely different from previous ML efforts. He is looking strong.Nice game Mike.

This team is playing the way they look on paper. I haven’t seen that in years. All of the potential actually being displayed on the field. Hats off to Greg Walker. Sounds like the players love him and he’s making a huge impact. I’m really hoping JJ can turn things around. At least to raise his stock high enough to trade him for a good return.

Chipper back in lineup. Looks right now like Qtip finally made one good decison with Walker as the hitting coach

Everyone is liking Walker as opposed to the total fail Parrish, Pendleton experiment.

Beachy is back. He is dominating the DB’d tonight. His stuff is electric. Welcome back to the majors Brandon, now if we could get Medlen back in the rotation.

Our offense is gross. This is more along the lines of the potential I saw in last year’s lineup (although we’re happily experiencing the upper end of variance finally). You’d have to believe it’s thanks to Parrish’ departure…there is a completely different approach at the plate. It looks like the hitters are actually thinking about their at bats before and during the game, and going in with a plan. Weird concept, how funny that it works!

Can someone please give some credit to Frank Wren. He had two weak spots on the team and sured up both. Chipper now has a cabaple back-up (Francisco) and the bullpen has much more depth. I know Durbin got off to a rough start, but that curve ball looks deadly. Medlin coming back will help as well. I think Kimbrel, Venters and O’f may be last in the bullpen in appearances. I know this will change and is more of a factor of lopsided games, but I would be very comfortable with Medlen or Martinez pichting the 8th inning.

The offense is incredible. Freeeman is looking like he will make an all star bid. The only concern is JJ, but hopefully he is healthy. If so, I have no doubt he will turn it around as well. How about Beachy and Minor?? Not bad for your 4-5 rotation guys (once huddy comes back). I guess they will still be in a dog fight due to the stacked division, but if I was on an NL East team, I would not want to face the Braves lineup. I think Past will pick it up as well. Just remember how horrible Freeman was the first month of his rookie year. Different game…

Even though rev isn’t getting many hits he is still more often than not making productive outs. Its huge that we have a line up right now that has everyone contributing in so many ways. Just pray everyone stays healthy. And as for the minimal site traffic right now (an earlier comment), no one wants to be attacked for sharing their opinion. Why sit around and be berated for mo reason.

*no reason

If you think Chad Bono is throwing a curve that’s nasty, you might want to check his ERA.And QTip needs some credit? Puhleeze, what has he ever done that has improved this team? We have great scouting and player development, it’s the only reason, we are competitive. Prado, BMac, Chipper, Freddie, Delgado, Minor, Hanson and Nicky Are these products of The Great White Hope’s expertise? Logic says, NO EFFING WAY.. And QTip sured(sic) up the Braves two most pressing needs?????? Can you spell RHed Bat? All that bubbly optimism after 2/3 of a month is grand, but this team still has to show that it can be consistent. I think the Walker move was huge, but then what do I know, I was incredulous that we had given the job to Parrish last year.As to all of the talk that Hanson had dramatically altered his delivery, which I pointed out long before he started having arm problems. Hanson’s delivery is virtually unchanged and i think that he is sliding back to original form with each outing. I really hope he can avoid further arm problems, but I am really concerned about it.

You pointed out that Hanson had an awkward delivery? You might be Jesus.

Listen pinhead. A huge deal has been made over the fact that Hanson had altered his delivery and YES you pimple faced little boy, I did point out the fact that Hanson was gonna develop arm troubles, long before anyone in the media or in the Soccer Blog ever even thought about it. I swear, sometimes you and your little soccer brother are so dense.

Anyone know any updates on Peter Moylan

Everyday jonny is back in form. What a pitch sequence.

And Kimbrel was absolutely filthy. What ever happened to the knock on him from last ST, that he didn’t have good enough control to join the big club? Whoops.

Fredi Gonzalez is an idiot. Walks a .167 BA no 8 hitter then your pitcher walks the pitcher and then the leadoff hitter hits a grand slam. game over.

Not to mention the fact that he decides to sit Chipper and Heyward the same day. Why? Because Heyward needs a rest, IN APRIL!!!!!!!!?????? Chipper I can see but a 24 kid, needs a rest in April, when your aging Superstar is resting worn out legs. Gimme a break.

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