Freeman expresses frustration about his blurred vision

Freddie Freeman is every bit as frustrated as the countless fans who have suggested that he could have received sports goggles or other effective corrective lenses had he simply gone through or visited a nearby LensCrafters.  But the Braves first baseman is doing all he can to remain patient while waiting to find a solution for the blurry vision problems he has battled the past three weeks.

Freeman has battled dry eyes since the Braves played in Colorado at the beginning of this month.  The young first baseman has been utilizing eye drops.  But his eyes have become irritated whenever he has put the contacts back in his eyes.  He is now waiting on the arrival of goggles with the hope that they will provide him the peripheral vision that glasses don’t provide with his somewhat closed batting stance.

“It’s going to take some time,” Freeman said. “That’s why I have taken the last couple days off.  One day, I take a day off and then all of sudden I put the contacts in and go back to square one with all of the burning and everything.  So I might as well take a couple (days) and take the drops like the doctors gave me and hopefully that works.

“It’s frustrating.  I’ve never had this problem.   I try to play through everything.  When I can’t play through something, it’s even more frustrating, especially the little stretch we’re going through.  You just want to be out there to help the team.  But I’m just helpless.”

Carrying the frustration that has built during a seven-game losing streak, the Braves were glad to welcome Brian McCann back to the starting lineup for Monday afternoon’s game against the Cardinals.  The six-time All-Star catcher was hoping to be able to play the entire game.  He is still trying to regain the energy he lost while battling fevers and a virus since last Tuesday.

But Freeman was out of the lineup for a third straight day and for the fourth time in the club’s past five games.  He believes the corrective goggles he ordered from both Under Armour and Oakley will arrive by Tuesday.  An order was placed with both companies to increase the odds of him returning to the lineup as soon as possible.

Both companies said it could take a week to make the glasses and ship them to Freeman.

“They said six or seven days because you’ve got to cut the prescription and everything like that,” Freeman said. ” They’ve got to get the eye pupil distance.  People think you just go and get goggles.  It’s not like that.  They’re going as quick as they can because they know it’s an emergency.”

Freeman had never experienced any problems with his contacts until the Braves were playing at Coors Field earlier this month.  Despite going 6-for-14 with a double, triple and two home runs in that series against the Rockies, he could tell something was wrong.

Freeman earned his second National League Player of the Week award of the year the day after the Braves left Colorado. In the 16 games that have followed, he has batted .150 with three doubles and a home run.

Through recent examinations to determine why his tear ducts are not creating moisture in his eyes, Freeman has learned his vision has changed. The power of the contact lenses he wore earlier this year were 1.5 in both eyes.  His vision is now 1.75 in his left eye and 2.00 in his right eye.







Is it just me, or does this team remind you of the 2010 Florida Marlins? Good Lord, we stink.

This is pathetic. The last I heard, the braves still have all there starting pitchers healthy. All of them have not pitched well. Venters – ??? What happenned? The following hitters have been pathetic lately – heyward, bourne, Hinske, Pastronicky, Uggs. I think the nationals had injuries and they did not lose eight in a row. Cumon guys, snap out of it…

Greetings and happy days to you all!
I am happy. Are you? I am going to bring my groceries home paper bags from now on. Where is the guy with the John 3:16 sign? Ugh. The Braves are right now almost as bad as the Cubs, who appear to be the worst in baseball. I have not been watching my team, except to see the final scores. Wow. At least when we were expected to be bad we had at least one good player on the field, Dale Murphy. Why is he not in the hall of fame? Whoever is paying to watch these home games should be reimbursed. Or, they have too much discretionary income. Don’t tax the millionaires, tax those who can throw money out to attend ‘major league baseball’ in Atlanta. Every day should be 50% off everything for Fan Appreciation DAYS. I am glad my expectations are low so that I will not be frustrated anymore. Regardless, I continue to be, since 1957, a loyal Braves fan. It’s just that I do not have the energy to watch them play so poorly, so regularly. Oh, do not blame injuries. If that is the problem, then the management should be fired for not putting quality subs on the bench.

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