Day 2 of Braves MLB Draft Coverage

Last night the Braves made right-hander Lucas Sims from Brookwood High School in suburban Atlanta the 21st overall pick of the First-Year Player Draft. Today, the Draft resumes with rounds 2-15.

I’ll be providing coverage of the Draft today, here on the blog and over at We’ll be updating this post throughout the day as the Braves make their selections. Their first pick of the day will be at No. 85.

So pull up a chair and get ready for another fun day of MLB Draft Coverage.

-Teddy Cahill, Associate reporter

Recapping the first five rounds

The Braves have collected a wide variety of players with their first five picks of the 2012 First-Year Player Draft. Scouting director Tony Demacio picked local high school right-hander Lucas Sims with the 21st overall pick last night and has so far picked a college left-hander, two high school position players and a college outfielder this afternoon.

The Braves’ first two picks – Sims and Georgia left-hander Alex Wood – fit in with their longstanding tradition of selecting area talent. Their next three picks show a desire to inject toolsy players into the system. Center fielder Justin Black is especially representative of this, as his high school in Billings, Mont., doesn’t even have a baseball team.

The Draft continues with 10 more rounds this afternoon and rounds 16-40 Tuesday beginning at noon.

Round 2, LHP Alex Wood, Georgia

The Braves stayed local again with their second round pick, selecting left-hander Alex Wood from Georgia. Wood was the Bulldogs’ ace and often throws his fastball in the mid-90s.

Wood is a redshirt sophomore after missing 2010 while he was rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.

Wood went 7-3 with a 2.73 ERA this spring and struck out 100 batters in 102 1/3 innings. Coaches in the Southeastern Conference made him a second team All-SEC pick.

Round 3, C Bryan de la Rosa, Olympic Heights HS, Fla.

The Braves picked high school catcher Bryan de la Rosa with their third-round selection. De la Rosa is a native of Puerto Rico but played for Olympic Heights High School in Florida this spring.

Listed at 5-feet-8 inches, de la Rosa is slightly smaller than most catchers, but he is known for his strong arm and defense.

After taking a pair of pitchers with their first two picks, De la Rosa is the first hitter the Braves have taken in the Draft.

De la Rosa is committed to Florida State.

Round 4, CF Justin Black, Billings High School, Mont.

After picking three players from the Southeast at the start of the Draft, the Braves went way out West to Montana to pick center fielder Justin Black in the fourth round.

Black attends Billings High School, which does not have a high school baseball team. To make up for that, he has played with the Langley Blaze, a club team in British Columbia, this spring. He also played American Legion ball last summer and was selected to their team for last year’s Tournament of Stars, an elite event for high school juniors held at the USA Baseball Complex in Cary, N.C., in June.

Black is known for his speed, but remains very raw at the plate and in the field. Already 19, he is a bit older than most high school seniors. Black is committed to Nebraska.

Round 5, RF Blake Brown, Missouri

With their fifth-round selection, the Braves took Missouri outfielder Blake Brown, their first college position player of the Draft. Brown has played center field at Missouri, but the Braves took him as a right fielder.

Brown was an honorable mention All-Big 12 selection in back-to-back seasons. He hit .302 with 10 home runs this spring and led the Tigers with 17 stolen bases. He sometimes has trouble making contact, however, and struck out 61 times in 225 at bats this season.

Brown was the Pirates’ 48th-round pick in 2009 when he graduated from Normal (Ill.) High School.

Round 6, C Josh Elander, TCU

The Braves selected Texas Christian catcher Josh Elander with their sixth-round pick, making him the second catcher they have taken in the first six rounds. Scouts have at times questioned Elander’s catching ability, but he drew rave reviews last summer when he served as Team USA’s catcher.

Elander has hit well throughout his college career and is hitting .316 with a .442 on-base percentage and 10 home runs this season. He has helped the Horned Frogs reach the Super Regionals of the NCAA Tournament this weekend.

Before the season, there was some buzz that Elander could have been a first-round pick. Ultimately, it appears questions about his defense pushed him down draft boards.

Elander was drafted in the 37th round by the Nationals in 2009 after graduating from Round Rock (Texas) High School.

Round 7, LHP David Starn, Kent State

The Braves took another college left-hander with their seventh-round selection, picking David Starn from Kent State. Starn is a senior and has been a big part of the Golden Flashes deep runs in the NCAA Tournament the last two years. He will likely start the first game of Kent State’s Super Regionals matchup at Oregon on Saturday.

Starn owns the Golden Flashes career strikeout and wins records and is 10-3 with a 2.01 ERA this season. He has 118 strikeouts in 107 2/3 innings and was named the Mid-American Conference Pitcher of the Year.

Starn doesn’t throw hard, his fastball often topping out in the upper-80s, but he is able to effectively mix his changeup and curveball to keep batters off balance.

Round 8, RHP David Peterson, College of Charleston

With their eighth-round selection, the Braves picked College of Charleston closer David Peterson. He is the third college pitcher taken by the Braves in the Draft, but the first right-hander.

Peterson is a senior and became the Cougars closer this year. He saved 10 games and had 40 strikeouts in 39 2/3 innings, while walking just 15 batters.

Peterson was picked in the 49th round by the Astros last year but elected to return to school.

Round 9, RHP Steven Schils, Florida Tech

The Braves took their third straight college pitcher with their ninth-round selection, picking Florida Tech right-hander Steven Schils.

Schils pitched in only 10 innings for Florida Tech, a Division II school, this season. He had four strikeouts and walked 13 batters and saved five games.

Schils began his college career at High Point, where he pitched for two seasons before transferring to Florida Tech, which is closer to his hometown of Cocoa, Fla.


I swear the Braves have Pitcher Tourette’s Syndrome. going into draft everyone was saying they were going to take position players high in the draft. What do they do? Start with two pitcher’s. Man….

they targeted two OF Tyler Naquin and DJ Davis but both were taken before there pick aswell as a lot of the high talent position players

Better to take two high end pitchers than two mid tier outfielders with your top 2 picks… all the standout OF’s were already drafted.

Well the idea, is not to get 2 “mid tier OF’s” The idea is to scout well and get what you want. We need more high level pitching prospects, like we need a hole in the head.

How is Jason Heyward 8th in All Star voting among OF’s, but Martin Prado isn’t even in the top 15?

Here, here. Martin may be the most under-appreciated player in MLB. It’s not often i agree with you Brandon, but you are spot on here.

I mean, I guess he’s still not a household name, but the man is having excellent at bats and putting the ball in play every time he comes up to bat, and he’s very underrated defensively in LF.

I am beginning to think Walker was the hitting coach we never had. Watching “Loaf” swing tonite I was really starting to see a return of an aggressive approach with plate coverage again.. His stats aren’t showing it yet, but his demeanor at the plate is changing considerably. He has become aggressive again and he is recognizing pitches. Too soon to shout for joy, but it’s encouraging.I didn’t jump on the bandwagon last year(and rightfully so) when he had small streaks, but I think there are some fundamental differences here.This team was so screwed up offensively under Parrish and Pendleton that I think it is taking time to get these guys trusting their swings again. But it seems to be happening a bit at a time. Now, if we could just get rid of Qtip…..(ahh, too much to dream of).

Wow, we all know that whomever the Braves pick is automatically a Phenom in waiting.

O pherris the only thing in favour of your posts on here is that you are a slightly better poster than Bill! You shouldnt be too proud of that though!

Zippy the only thing here that is as clueless as you is nc and his mindless trade scenarios and it’s a really tight race.

Your assessment is almost correct. Considering the Braves have been notorious in developing stars and turning nobody’s (Jonny Venters, Brandon Beachy) into stars for about 20ish years now.

And what has that gotten them. one WS? May such success continue for another 20 years.

And the Phillies attendance has won them how many World Series?

Very nice post from mark here. It is always interesting to see what happens in the draft. Hopefully we can get some good picks who can restock out farm system.

It was written by Teddy Cahill, Associate reporter

No Pherris it got us top of the league table for the majority of those 20 years

Let me school you, mate. World Series is to baseball as World Cup is to soccer. Now tell me the teams in the last 20 years who have made the World Cup tournament every year but who won only one World Cup?

Its not at all pal. The world cup is an international tournament between countries. The world series is a club based competition. So you aren’t schooling anyone!

Your analogy reeks of idiocy. Dude you seriously suck as a troll. How many WS have the Phillies won in that time span? Go away. You make yourself look stupid with every post. It’s embarrassing.

Any chances the Braves will stop drafting pitcher that will happen the day there will be peace in the Middle East. Any update on Jair, is he going to be trade and for who because I heard that the Braves were looking to get Dempster from the Cubbies but I rather see them pick up another OF/inf help like Bill Hall off the scrap heap, if they do intend to trade how bout someone a little younger like Garza.

It is funny how this idiot thinks the last five years completely erases 129 years of suck….

Here is a clue for you pherris. Your Phillies have won the last five division titles and have won the world series how many times? Oh yeah, once. The same number of world series wins the Braves had in the same span from 91 to 96. The Braves went on to win an additional nine division titles though. Your Phillies have already peaked and now you find yourself back into your more familiar spot. The bottom of the NL East. I figured you needed this history lesson, because you have probably only been a Phillies fan since 2009.

Moron, your team is not even playing .500 ball right now. I think you have other things to worry about than what is going on here.

You go katjam, couldn’t have said it better.

Here is a clue to you, since the Braves have been in Atlanta (1966), they have won 14 division titles, appeared in 5 WS, one of which they won. In the same period the Phillies have won 12 division titles and also played in 5 WS, two of which they won. I want to tell you that I have been a Phillies fan longer than when the best part of you dribbled down your daddy’s leg. Truth be known I have been a fan longer than when the best part of your daddy dribbled down your granddaddy’s leg.

Hey dipshit, try this, in the history of their respective franchises. Braves 22 div chamionships 3 WS won. In Philadelphia 14 div champs and 2 WS won. It took Frilly 97 years to win their 1st WS. I am sure you were alive for that painful journey as well.

You being that old just make your actions here all the more pathetic. Way to make yourself look even more retarded! Good job!

Now I know this is obvious but I just want to say it anyway. Simmons > Pastornicky! I’m loving watching this kid play.

With Michael Bourn apparently juicing, it looks like he’s creeping closer to the $100MM benchmark. Especially with the meh year Shane Victorino is having. He still faces tough competition if Cody Ross comes back from the DL as strong as he was hitting, Melky Cabrera is apparently for real now, Curtis Granderson is still mashing, B.J. Upton is looking good, and Victorino still could turn it around. It should be very apparent to everyone in the Braves front office that Bourn brings us a leadoff hitter we haven’t had since Rafael Furcal, and a CF that we haven’t had since Andruw, and that we don’t need to lowball him this year. It may not be as tough as it seems, considering the only commitments as of now for next year is Dan Uggla.

Is that the sound of a soccer “star” jumping back over the fence?

He’s still going to have a tough time finding >$65MM with all the competition. But Boras certainly has more leverage than he did pre season.

Hate to say it but bill was right about the contract bourn will get. He is such a good player

Kind of like Luke landing on Dagobah and finding Yoda?

On a completely different note, if i may, its nice that since Medlin has been sent to AAA to stretch out, how Delgado and Minor have pitched in each of their last games. I know its not a healthy thing to have going long term, but if this is what it takes to bring out better perfomance in them…each of them going out there, showing everybody what they can really do and kinda sayin “Don’t send me down. He’s the guy you need to send down”. I’m really looking forward to their next apperances.

That is an interesting point Jim. Medlen gets sent down to get stretched out. He didn’t deserve to be sent down, he went down for a specific purpose to help this team. I think regardless of how both of those guys pitch, one of them is going down when Medlen is ready. I suspect it is Minor. Even with getting the win Thursday night, he was not all that great. If Pastornicky was still at short, he probably takes a loss. But, who knows what decision will be made. Something has to happen though. I don’t think you can tell Medlen, psych, just kidding, back to the bullpen with you.

Just to clarify my original point, I do know that Medlen is coming back up to take either Delgado or Minor’s spot in the rotation. I just like that now we don’t know which of the two it will be who get sent down, that seems to have perked up their competition to not be the guy getting sent down when Medlen is ready to come back up. And with that added pressure to not be the guy who folds on his next start, they are going to be going up against the Yankees. “Yeah guys, no pressure in your next start, but just so you know, who ever loses or performs worse against one of the AL East giants will be sent down. ” Not the best way to run a club for a whole season, but it sure will put some fire in the boys when they come to play next. Should be very entertaining.

Seems like all the best baseball is happening on the East coast this year. The AL/NL Central and West divisions sure can’t hold a candle to the competitiveness on display in the East. (But I sure am loving the Cubbies in last place in baseball. I do wish that the Phillies would be sitting in that spot soon.)

I made that assumption from the article last week that Medlen was being sent down to get stretched out to join the rotation. I don’t see how it could be anyone but Minor or Delgado. It isn’t going to be Hudson, Hanson or Beachy.

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