Beachy exits with apparent right arm ailment

Brandon Beachy was in complete control before being forced to exit Saturday night’s game against the Orioles with what appeared to be a right elbow injury.

Beachy exited after allowing the Orioles to produce their first base runner of the night courtesy of a two-out walk issued to Chris Davis in the fourth inning. The Braves pitcher did not appear to be comfortable when he opened the plate appearance by throwing consecutive curveballs in the dirt.

Beachy, who leads the Majors with a 2.00 ERA, felt some elbow discomfort after his June 8 start against the Blue Jays. After seeing his velocity drop during the final inning of that outing, the Braves opted to give him three days of extra rest leading up to this assignment against the Orioles.

Before throwing the consecutive curveballs to Davis  in the dirt, Beachy was constructing a gem. He threw first-pitch strikes to nine of the first 10batters he faced and recorded five strikeouts during this span.



Not good, I guess Medlen may get his chance after all. Very disappointing as Beachy is a great story. Maybe not too serious.

I am so amazed at the incompetence of our training staff. Last year they couldn’t diagnose Martin’s staph infection(trainer in Miami caught it), they ignored Huddy’s back ailment until the season was ready to start, they have butchered Chipper’s knee/ leg problems for 2 years now, They can’t figure out that JJ is hurt,they screwed up Shafer by never finding a solution to his broken hand, they can’t seem to find eyewear solutions for BMac and Freddie and now they send Beachy back out to ruin a fine young arm when HE knew he was hurt. The management of this team is in shambles. What was one a finely tuned management team from top to bottom has now become a virtual nightmare. For the first time in over 20 years I have quit watching the games. I can’t bear it.

Well Bill, have you put in your resume to them yet? I’m sure with your “can-do” attitude and your knowledge and wisdom you’ll have this team turned around in no time.

I’m not tryin to start **** with ya Bill, but its just that I’m tired of all the negativity. I have not heard a better idea out of you in a while. Its all pessimistic crap. You have to have a positive attitude for success. All you keep shouting in the wind that “we need new management, new owner new staff, etc” That’s not an answer. Ok, so we need new management….ok, who? Give us some names. Who do you want to see take the reins? I’m just praying to god you don’t turn into Nobravesfan and start throwing a lot of ridiculous names in the bunch like trading 4 mediocre players for 2 superstars. I think that little boy finally learned his lesson since he finally shut up with all the stupid trade ideas. Teams (and by extension your everyday guy/gal) don’t get very far with having bad attitudes. Can you imagine the discussion in the clubhouse if they echo your sentiments? No team ever wins when they don’t think they have a chance. I’m not trying to spew a lot of new-age touchy feely crap, but have you ever said ONE thing that was good about this team? Well, I take that back, you have harped about some players (Prado, Conrad, Medlen) being good, but are you just a fan of those players or are you a fan of the TEAM? Is there ANYTHING you even LIKE about the Braves? Other than running here and shouting how disgusted you are with them? I don’t like it when they lose either, but if you’ve ever listened to any player interview, you know that there is a lot of baseball left in the season. Baseball is the sport where anything can happen. We ain’t out of this thing yet. You used to sound like a smart baseball fan, but lately you sound more and more like Randy Quaid’s character from Major League II. Come on man.

Again Bill, I’m not tryin to start **** with ya. I just want to hear something different rather than the tired old “This team wont do anything without new management” stuff again.

There is method to my madness.

Oh and we didn’t get no hit last night. How is that for positive?

Yeah Schafer’s broken hand is what screwed him up…lolol. The training staff should have used their miracle broken bone cure to help him. It’s their fault Chipper is old and has bad knees. It’s their fault Huddy is getting older and has back problems (he barely missed any time at all this year, so it wasn’t a big deal at all that they “waited”). The BMac and Freddie eye problems complaint is laughable. You’re really reaching here with these examples Bill. The Prado situation is the only legitimate concern regarding the ability of our training staff. This Beachy situation could end up being bad, but I think you’re sounding off a little bit too early about it, especially since you have no clue how the decision was made to let him start and whether or not Beachy wanted to go out there. Isn’t it you who makes fun of Heyward and others for taking time off to heal injuries to make sure they don’t turn into something bigger? Can’t make up your mind? I guess that’s why you always like to claim you’re right about everything. If you take both sides of the argument it’s hard to be wrong lol. Heyward should play when injured, but Beachy should sit. Hinsight is 20/20, and Bill has perfect vision.

Shut up Zippy.

The fact that we didn’t get no hit yesterday is a about the only thing positive even I could take away from yesterdays game Bill. But you didn’t answer my question. Is there anything you even like about the Braves? Do we have any good points in your opinion? You sound a lot like a former friend of mine who kept getting into arguements with me. He claimed to be a Braves fan, started ragging on them everytime we sat together, I told him pretty much what I said already to you and it pissed him off so much the m-f-er took a swing at me. Now that I got his ass sittin in jail on an assault charge, what do you LIKE about the team? Just that they have enough problems to keep you charged with negativity? What method are you talkin about?

Jim I haven’t been watching every game this team plays for 43 years if I don’t “like” them.I didn’t pay $1600 a seat to sit in front of Ted and Jane,in the WS at the Jake, because I don’t “like” them. But I am not about to be a homer who ignores our deficiencies, I am not going to ignore the shortcomings of our management and I am not going to endorse every FAT MAN bullpen guy because I am a fan ignorant of the details of the sport. As to you and your “friend”. Are you such a pussy that you got your “friend” locked up because he took a poke at you? Glad you aren’t my friend you little man. Can’t even handle a shot from someone you admit you goaded into taking the swing. You sir, are what wrong with America today. Run to the cops, hire a lawyer, maybe get your girlfriend to go out and try to calm him down. Geez son, man up.

Well I guess another good point about yesterday’s game is the fact that Venters pitched a scoreless inning.

Bill is a huge fan of himself…that’s about it.

Good to see the Braves do something bout Jair and glad to see him come up from Gwinnett now lets hope he can pitch like the Jair of old and not the new Jair.

well he wasn’t so much my friend, he was a friend of my friends and more an acquaintance to me. I never really liked him much and only put up with him because my friends liked him. And I wouldn’t say I goaded him. I used the same language I used in my previous long post to you. He was drinking a quite a bit that day and like I said, I never cared much for him since he always wanted to argue something with me. I wasn’t even the one who called the cops. It was his fault he did it in the sports bar where an off duty cop was acting as bouncer. Now calm down Bill. Im not like some of the other posters here you get into name calling matches with. Im too old for that kinda ****. I like coming here and reading about baseball. Sure you can find all the cracks in the armor, but what is your solution to deal with them? Again, names please. No, I don’t mean derogatory ones, I mean people’s names of who you want to replace them in order to do a better job. Its easy to play armchair manager, anybody and everybody with at least 5 minutes of spare time on their hands can do that. Sure, I’m sure you’ve been to yada yada yada, for 40-yada whatever, I don’t care. Its just all I hear is complaining. Once in a while, Prado or Medlen do something good and you act like you were the only one in the whole world who even thought they could do it and you were the one who discovered them. You might get your kicks by getting into name calling matches tryin to push peoples buttons, but the thing is…I don’t care. I really don’t. The arguements you have with Zippy, or Brandon or whoever, won’t work with me. All I care about is talk about baseball. Figured I ought to explain that at least once for ya.

Onto a different aspect, I do have one question for anyone who has some interest invested with the Braves,…why did we trade for that guy in the Orioles minor league organization who is 0-7 with an ERA north of 6 for cash? I am glad we didn’t give up any talent for him, but with numbers like that, I’d really like to know what was so overwhelming the front office had to trade money for him?

If you don’t like the majority of the players, don’t like the coaching staff, don’t like the upper management, you don’t like the owner, then what DO you like about this team, Bill? You seem to be a big fan of the past, which we all are, but things are much different right now. I’m guessing you’re just a fan of the “Braves” name and what it represents, and you’re upset that it’s being tarnished right now. Unfortunately (probably fortunately), you don’t have a say in what happens…and if you don’t like what that “Braves” name represents anymore, and all you can do is whine and moan which you know isn’t going to help, why do you still do it? It seems rather silly to me to hold onto an organization that you feel is so flawed. But to be honest, being a sports fan is kind of silly and childish in and of itself, so maybe that’s what we all love about it. It’s a return to our childhood, and that’s what the “Braves” name represents to you and you can’t change how passionate you are about the team. In which case it’s a shame, because you seem to hate every single aspect about the team that you are so passionate about. I would suggest just moving on, choose another team that you feel has the proper management, players, owners, etc…but I know that’s not how it works, I know it wouldn’t be the same, that uniform, the Ted, the city of Atlanta, they mean something to you. They mean something to all of us. Crying about things isn’t going to change it. Why don’t you just relax for once and try to enjoy the game for what it is, instead of pretending like you have the ability to change it?

Just read that the Braves were trying to move Livan, now who in there right mind no matter what package with him in it would what team take it.

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