Minor looks to further encourage the Braves

While waiting for Brandon Beachy’s MRI results and the start of a three-game series against the red-hot Yankees, I’ll attempt to brighten your day with the revelation that the Braves’ starting rotation has posted a 2.50 ERA in the first 14 games of this month.

For now, the Braves can only hope Beachy will miss just a few starts.  But if they learn he needs to undergo Tommy John surgery or another surgical procedure that cost him the remainder of the season, all would not necessarily be lost.

Sure Beachy leads the Majors with a 2.00 ERA and has been the most consistent member of the Atlanta rotation since the start of the season.  But Tommy Hanson has once again taken on the appearance of a front-line starter and the Braves have enough depth to survive much like the Cardinals did without Adam Wainwright last year.

Over the course of this week, we’ll might get a better feel for who might be capable of stabilizing a Beachy-less rotation.  Jair Jurrjens will get a chance to prove himself at the Majors again on Friday, when he fills Beachy’s turn with a start against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.   There will be many fingers crossed when Jurrjens faces big league hitters for the first time since being demoted in late April.  His velocity has been up a tick and minus the one start he made while sick earlier this month he has recorded encouraging results recently.

Maybe Jurrjens will surprise in the same manner as Mike Minor, who seemed to be pitching for a chance to stay in the Majors before turning in the most impressive start of his young career last week against CC Sabathia and the Yankees.  When he exited with a 4-0 lead and one out in the eighth inning last week, he certainly did not look like a pitcher who had produced an 8.84 ERA in his previous seven starts.

Minor’s reward is this opportunity to pitch at Yankee Stadium for the first time in his life. Sounds like a nice perk until you remember Minor has surrendered the second-most homers among NL pitchers and the Yankees have hit more nine more home runs than any other Major League club this year.  And of course we’re at Yankee Stadium, where even Rafael Belliard might have had a chance to go deep every once in a while.

But if you’ve watched this game long enough you know things seldom develop exactly like you expect when first looking at the matchup.

While losing six of their past seven games the Braves have compiled a .249 batting average and hit just .170 with runners in scoring position.  They squandered a number of opportunities while recording 10 hits and four runs in the seven innings that Sabathia completed in Atlanta last week.

The Braves have not provided any updates regarding Brandon Beachy’s MRI exam.  Check Braves.com and MLB.com for updates.

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Wish you were right about being able to replace Beachy. Problem with the Cardinals reference is they had hitters last year (and especially the Big P) that far surpassed the performance our guys have shown last two years. The team needs to get tougher mentally which means two key things 1) win without Chipper since he clearly has other things than baseball at the top of his priority list and 2) stop taking time off for every little malady. Freeman is the latest in a long list (headed by Chipper his ownself) of guys who think that it is fine to take time off when they dont feel 100%. Our bench is not strong enuf (not Diaz or Hinske or Wilson) to play everyday. We need to put Prado at third and get another hitter in left which of course is what we should have done over the winter.

My wondering is both Minor and Delgado are scuffling how come they weren’t sent down but Jair was. I mean these two are young and can benefit from being sent down Jair on the other hand could have been sent to the Pen and be used in lighter roles or maybe used in the later games.

Bill’s response is “yawn”? I guess there aren’t many easier ways to admit you’ve lost an argument or don’t have any valid points to contest someone’s statement. I suppose “Shut up” is another way of doing it, but it takes a bit longer to type. You may be passionate about the team, Bill, but you’re also arrogant, pessimistic, and stubborn, and a lot less intelligent then you portray yourself as. You crave attention, which is why I hesitate to even respond because I know it’s what you want…But for all of your complaining on this blog, and all of the negativity you spread, your comments are really very empty of any substance.

Braves have scored 1.7 RPG over the last week. Kev, I don’t even read your diatribes any more. If I’m your intended audience, you need to find a new one.

hey Brandie, try this one on. Nate McDone- BA.140 OBP.210 SLG.175 OPS.385. Your Mancrush Nate leads BC by .004 in OPS. Whoopsie.

Meanwhile Jordan Shafer is at BA .246 OBP-.317 SLG-.327 OPS- .643. OPS of 258 points above McSlouch while stealing 13 bases to Blondies 0, and we all know playing superior defense, all the time smoking a blunt in the OF and clubhouse. Wow, how could the stellar Nate be so bad, well maybe because he is. But you with your keen soccer intellect, was so sure he would make a comeback. Whoopsie.

Did you say something? My eyes were distracted by the .075 batting average.

And the negative 5 OPS+. He has a NEGATIVE batting statistic. Wtf.

I wish the Braves would DFA Hinske and bring up from AAA Ernesto Mejia and put Freeman on the roster and bring up either Durango or Costanza

Jesus, Brandie I can’t even figure out what you are talking about, gotta lay off the weed, son.

Those are Conrad’s stats. I didn’t even know you could have a negative OPS…That being said, all three are worthless baseball players. Arguing which one is the best between those three is retarded. They all suck. You were both wrong. It happens. Get over it already.

Is there any hitters on the Braves radar for trades like Youklis or Carlos Lee I mean anyone that isn’t a pitcher the Braves are looking to add to the team?

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