Pictures of Chipper’s visit to Yankees Museum

Braves general manager Frank Wren does not expect to get an update regarding Brandon Beachy’s condition until early Wednesday evening.  Wren said Beachy was scheduled to be one of the last patients Dr. James Andrews sees on Wednesday.   Obviously leading the Majors in ERA does not earn you priority status with the renowned surgeon.

In the meantime, check out some of these pictures of Chipper Jones’ visit to the Yankees Museum this morning. It was a true pleasure to see the genuine joy Jones gained from holding bats used by Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth.  My esteemed colleague and Mantle expert Marty Noble will have a story on this afternoon.

Chipper’s father Larry Jones taught him to appreciate Mantle at a very young age.



Chipper holding the 42.5 inch bat Babe Ruth used.



Another look at Chipper marveling at the heaviness of Ruth’s bat.



Chipper looking at Ruth’s old jersey


Chipper looking at some memorabilia collected from the man most responsible for the fact that his own father made him a switch hitter.


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Go Braves. I am pleased, as the team should be, at the 2 of 3 series victory in New York. To break a hot team’s momentum on their field is quite an achievement. I am glad for Chipper! He is a good man. I hope that the Rays ‘do in’ the Nats tonight, and that the Braves can continue this success in the hot days of summer. Hang in there, men! Again, GO BRAVES!

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