Wish List Starts With Greinke

The Braves will keep their starting rotation in place with the intention of spending the next two weeks determining how aggressive they should be leading up to the Trade Deadline.   Barring a drastic change during this period, they will enter the All-Star break interested in the potential to land Milwaukee’s Zack Greinke via a trade and then sign him before he would be eligible to hit the free agent market at the end of this season.

With Tim Hudson and Tommy Hanson currently standing as the only reliable assets in their starting rotation, the Braves will likely make landing a starting pitcher a priority before the Trade Deadline.  Greinke, Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster and Edinson Volquez would be among their potential targets.

But if the Braves reach a point where they are committed to land a starting pitcher they will target Greinke, who would be the top-of-the-rotation asset that could capably replace the injured Brandon Beachy and have the ability to compete in a postseason setting.

The Braves would like to avoid giving up the prospects that would be required to land Greinke.  But they will likely be tempted to do so unless Jair Jurrjens spends the next couple of weeks proving last Friday’s  start against the Red Sox was not a fluke.

But even if the Braves enter the break confident that Hudson, Hanson and Jurrjens will solidify the front end of their rotation for the remainder of the year, they still might be tempted to add another veteran presence to their rotation.

If the Brewers opt to trade Greinke, the Braves’ interest would hinge on being able to lock the former Cy Young Award winner up with a long-term contract.  They are not interested in landing the right-hander to be a two-month rental.  Under the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement, they would no longer be eligible to receive draft pick compensation if he exited as a free agent after this season.

This means the Braves would likely have to be willing to offer something similar to the contract recently signed by Matt Cain, who will be guaranteed $112.5 million over the course of the next five seasons (2013-17).

Though the Braves do not have much payroll flexibility this year, they have already discussed the potential of using the money budgeted for 2013 to address their needs via the trade market this year.

With Chipper Jones ($14 million), Derek Lowe ($15 million), Michael Bourn ($6.84 million) among those coming off of the payroll at the end of this year, the Braves will have some money to play with this winter.  But some of these funds will be needed to either re-sign Bourn or acquire at least one more outfielder.


Mark – If we sign a $115M pitcher, do you think we have any realistic chance of re-signing Bourn? It’s so great having him in the lineup and out in center… but I guess the better question is do we have a realistic chance of re-signing him either way…

I prefer Garza in that case

If we can’t get Zack then what about trying to grab Dempster and Alfonso Soriano for a couple of top prospects provided the Cubs pick up the majority of their contracts.

dont forget about McCann. To me, signing someone like Greinke for $100M+ would send a signal that the Braves do not plan to extend McCann. And how does that leave us to sign other Arb players like Hanson and Pado (not sure when Hanson is Arb eligible)

To my previous post: 2013 First time Arbitration Eligable players include: Jason Heyward, Tommy Hanson, Jonny Venters, Cristhian Martinez, Kris Medlen. Third time eligible players include: Jair Jurrjens, Martin Prado, Eric O’Flaherty

Yeah, a trade for someone who we won’t have to sign is best. Braves don’t need pitching longterm; we need outfielders. If we have to use Bethancourt to get someone like Garza, so be it. McCann needs to be a Brave for life, so he’d be blocked anyway. Try to sign McCann now while his stock is low, get him for about 5 years, $70-80MM, so we have some cost certainty going into the offseason where we NEED to sign Bourn.

McCanns agent isn’t gonna let him sign now on the cheap. He has been way to consistently good throughout his career. McCann is prolly AL bound anyway where he can play 150-160 games a year, catching and DHing. Bourn is a whole other issue. We should be getting another CF prospect ready(maybe Constanza) or a high level trade so that at least we don’t appear desperate heading into negotiations with Bourn,. Time to trade some of our inconsistent young pitching talent, Minor is first choice, for something we need. Delgado is less of a worry to me, not nearly the head case, Minor is. We need to make some bold decisive moves, not this wait and see, how Jurrjens does, or the pathetic pickups FW does throughout the season. I mean, find out if Greinke wants to be a Brave. Find out if Liberty will pony up a few lousy dollars for anything. get rid of the huge mistakes(Juan Francisco and Jack(no stick Wilson). I mean our bench is pathetic right now. Diaz and Hinske are probably past their useful life, as much as I loved each one before they were. Somebody needs to help Jonny find his sinker again.Minor and Delgado need to be sent back down and someone needs to start making smart coaching decisions. Fredi seems to think, throwing stuff against the wall to see if it works is managing. I am ecstatic that someone finally lit a fire under young Jason, but this team has many more fundamental problems than that.

Oh and yes, this organization is the same one who didn’t know if kimbrel was really an MLB reliever, because he was so wild. Tonight 12 pitches, 10 strikes 3 So’s. Yeah, he really has control issues. I guess that why his 1.29 ERA is so high.

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I hope we haven’t gotten to used to how nasty kimbrel is. There should be posts about him every time he pitches like that. He’s incredible. That is all.

How bout Minor, Pastonicky and Adam Russell to the Twins for Liriano and Casilla or Minor and Pastornicky for Garza or Minor Pastornicky and Diaz for Reed Johnson and Dempster? Bethancourt, Lipka and Venters for Greinke, Ransom and Carlos Gomez. Venters and Pastornicky and Hinske for Volquez and Mark Kotsay

How about you go back under whatever rock you have been hiding under all season?

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With Chipper retiring, the team needs to be very aware of who their veteran leaders are going to be. Yes, we have a guy like Hudson, but who are “career Braves” or will become so? I like McCann for that role, so whatever happens to shore up the pitching, the team should make sure McCann knows he’s “the guy”. Chipper’s presence in that kind of role has kept the team afloat during down years; I believe that’s why some teams just can’t break through their own glass ceilings. Lack of year to year consistency keeps your fan base apathetic and uninterested as well.

Beyond that, ownership needs to open up the purse strings a bit. We don’t have to spend like Yankees or Red Sox, but we can up it 10% or so and reel in some pretty good catches. Making trades for high profile players (and then keeping them) are easier when they believe they’re coming to a team that’s serious. Atlanta has seemed only “sort of serious” the last few years. Let’s get over that hump and show that we mean business…

So Bourn and Prado have been one of , if not the best, 1-2 tandem in baseball all season. And the last 2 nights dumbass Fredo has decided to screw that chemistry. Change one of the things that WAS working on this team by moving Prado to the 3 hole and moing heyward to 2. I am not denying that based on some short term performance that JH should be moved up in the lineup. MP is the quintessential 2 hole hitter. His swing is built and designed to move runners over. If MB doubles MP moves him to third. If MB singles and steals a base, MP moves hi to third with less than 2 outs. I mean, WTF, is he thinking. JH, isn’t really a contact hitter and his power is better utilized farther down in the lineup, anyway. I am beginning to think that fredi really doesn’t understand the game. This stuff is just getting plain silly.

We should be sellers this year not buyers I think. lets think long term.

Hey bill, you want to take this one?

Whatever Zidane. This team can score runs. Pick up a guy like Greinke and this team has a legitimate shot. We are only 3 1/2 back right now. Could be better than that after this weekend. Hopefully, we are not worse, either way no reason for this team to sell. Who would you sell anyways? The only high dollar player is Chipper and he comes off at the end of the year. Or are you suggesting we trade Chipper away in his last year?? Are you going to get rid of Uggla? The guy who will probably be the only Braves starter in the all-star game? Who else is there to make any real difference in payroll?

Oh come on, you know rational thought and Zippy don’t often cross paths.

In response to your outlook on the McCann situation, don’t think that it’s too farfetched that the NL will soon choose to adopt the DH rule. With the Astros set to move next season, giving each division 5 teams, it is going to make interleague play last through the entire season. If Torre is smart(he knows firsthand what it’s liked to have your pitcher get hurt running the bases and whatnot), he’ll at least throw the idea out there. It certainly make sense. I’m not that big of a fan of the DH rule, but if we have it, I’ve always felt if should be in both leagues. It would give the Braves a chance to develop Bethancourt, and move McCann to primary DH, or even do the “by committee” approach.

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