Chipper to replace Kemp on NL All-Star team

Chipper Jones will not have to wait to see if he gains an All-Star selection via the Final Vote balloting process.  The Braves third baseman has been added to the National League roster to replace injured Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp.

Jones received word just before he and his Braves teammates began Tuesday night’s game against the Cubs at Turner Field.   This is the ninth All-Star selection for the 40-year-old third baseman, who will retire at the conclusion of this season.

“I’ve savored each and every one of them,” said Jones in reference to his eight previous All-Star selections.  “It’s a tremendous honor.  Making All-Star teams, in a certain sense, is a popularity contest.  But when you go to a bunch of them, you separate yourself as the elite of the elite.  Everyone who dons a Major League uniform is an elite ballplayer.  But when you get to an All-Star Game, that puts you in a different category.”

This year’s All-Star Game will be played next Tuesday night at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium.   This is the only current ballpark in which Jones has not played.

National League manager Tony La Russa said earlier this week that he was hoping Jones’ veteran presence would be added to his roster.  The former National League MVP has batted .291 with six home runs and a .828 OPS in 45 games for the Braves this year.

“When I’ve been in there, I feel like I’ve played well,” Jones said on Sunday. “I just have not played a lot. Are there more deserving people? But I also get why I’m on the ballot.  If people want me to go, I’d love to go.”


This is what the All-star game is supposed to be about.. Getting to see the best ballplayers play for their respective league. This will be the last time a lot of people get to see one of the greatest players of all time play. I feel he should’ve been included in the original all-star lineup, but regardless I’m so friggin happy we don’t have to depend on the fans to choose him..

Agreed. I think the fans would’ve chosen Bryce Harper over him too which would’ve been ridiculous. That kid has 15 all-star games ahead of him, this is Chipper’s last shot.


It was an honor to be in attendance last night to see this 40 year old allstar go five for five at the plate, steal second base, and turn in a defensive gem at third. One could just sense he was going to have “a night”, and he certainly did. Great performance old man! It was also great to see the fans get the opportunity to appreciate the moment. Classy move by Fredi to pull Chipper in the eigth and let those in attendance show their love.

Now if I was La Russa I would start Chipper as the DH.

If you were LaRussa you wouldn’t be as retarded as you are now.

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There’s no need for your constant stupidity either but that hasn’t stopped you yet.

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