Bourn replaces Desmond on the NL roster

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez called Michael Bourn into his office at Citizens Bank Park late Saturday afternoon to inform him that he has been added to the National League roster to replace injured Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond, who is dealing with a strained left oblique muscle.

Bourn was disappointed when he did not earn a selection when the National League and American League teams were announced on Sunday.  Then after finishing second in the Final Vote balloting process, he was prepared to spend this upcoming week in Houston.  But it’s safe to say he was thrilled when Gonzalez informed him that he had gained his second All-Star selection.

“It feels good, it’s just a different scenario for me,” Bourn said. “Things happen in different ways some times.  I thank God for it. It’s always an honor to be an All-Star and a blessing to be around the kind of caliber of players you get to be around.”

Bourn has batted .305 with 23 stolen bases and a .809 OPS in 83 games for the Braves this year.   His only previous All-Star selection came in 2010.

Bourn will join Braves teammates Chipper Jones, Dan Uggla and Craig Kimbrel in Kansas City for this week’s All-Star activities.


From April 7 to May 7 Chad Durbin had ERA of 7.62. May 7th to July 7th ERA of 1.27. Way to turn it around Chad, didn’t think you had it in ya.

Hey Bill, which team in the majors has lost 100 games the most times over the years? It was either Phily(A’s) or Phily(Phillies) I know they have 24 seasons between them in the seasons they spent in the city of getting it on with your brother.

Cellars and sellers? I guess 5 ain’t 14 is it Pherris.

Hopefully, he has finally gone away. Something tells me that if Philly pulls one out today, we will be hearing from him like they just won the world series.

Has anybody ever seen a player on the Braves get into slumps the length Uggla seems to encounter the last two years. I know he hit 36 HRs last year, but I think he tallied a 230 BA and only 90 RBIs. I tend to think his OPS could not have been greater than 750-775. This year it may be a little better since he is taking walks. At $15 million per year, he has not turned out to be a bargain. His Defense is below average and he does not steal bases. I hope the remaining 3.5 years of his contract, he shows his value… They would probably have 5 more wins if he had just gone 260 with 15 and 50.

He is coming to bat now with Freeman on base so let’s see if he can come through.

As I pushed submit, he hits one over the fence. I will try this on his next AB as well – GO UGGS..

I wish Wilson had hit instead of Hinske. You can’t help the team if you don’t make contact….

Just when things start to settle down, we lose another one…. Another hand injury that will impact his hitting long after he comes back. UGGGHHHHH!

2 things. 1) Man – what happened to the Philly fans? I guess all that smack talking about our 1 world series championship has them eating a a little humble pie…
2) JJ is 3-0 with a -3.00 ERA since being called back up. I like the trade stock he is rebuilding. Pull the trigger, Frank!

Well, I’d relax a bit on the Simmons news… players get hurt, and this is minor in the long list of possible injuries out there. Plus, we get a free recovery week with the All Star break… not ideal, but not devastating. I know, I know, it’s always easy to say “could be worse,” but I think in this case, it fits.

In other news, I’m honestly a little excited to see what Sheets can do tonight in Mississippi. Maybe that’s because the only thing competing for my excitement is the HR derby… but that’s another story.

I know Mark has mentioned Sheets a few times in these posts and in tweets, but this whole development seems to be happening completely under the MLB radar. He’s throwing in the low 90s and seemed to have a pretty successful debut despite giving up 4 runs…. If Sheets proves to be solid (for #4 or #5 spot standards), what a pickup that could be. If not? No loss!

Four weeks in a cast

Glad to hear AS didn’t have to have surgery on his hand, but if I read the MLB Braves press say one more time, it ” was a broken pinky finger’ i am gonna puke. He didnt break a finger for god’s sake. He broke a bone in his hand. The 5th metacarpal is located between his wrist and his knuckle. I mean the Braves MLB site say pinky finger about 12 times since the injury, can someone clue these guys in? Mark?

You still relaxing weaksnyc??? At least a month he is out. A month of Pastornicky…..

Haha, i knew this comment was coming. Fair enough…

Let’s hope the Reverend was praying for salvation while in the minors. That QTip, always the one with an eye for talent.

Hereeee commmeesssss Sheeeets haha. I know I’m probably being overly optimistic about what Sheets can accomplish, but I love the story, and nobody else seems to care so I will continue to talk about it😉 Question is, if he gets shelled on Sunday how will I feel? Not sure yet…

he hasn’t pitched in 2 years. if he gets shelled it’s irrelevant. What matters more, is how is his stuff.

what happened to Jack Wilson? I was giving tryin to fix supper for my nephew and missed it.

well, screwed up that comment, soon as I posted that, finally heard the TV guys finally say what happened.

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