Braves acquire Janish from Reds

The Braves have satisfied their need for a shortstop by acquiring Paul Janish from the Reds in exchange for right-handed pitcher Todd Redmond.

With Andrelton Simmons set to miss at least six weeks with a fractured right pinky finger, the Braves have spent the past week attempting to land a shortstop via a trade. Janish provides them a solid defender who showed some flashes of offensive potential.

Janish has batted .237 with a .332 on-base percentage in 49 games with Triple-A Louisville this year.  The 29-year-old infielder has not played in the Majors since batting .214 with a .259 on-base percentage and .262 slugging percentage in 114 games with the Reds last year.

In 221 games at the big league level, Janish has batted .221 with a .591 OPS.

The Braves will now have the option to use Janish and Jack Wilson to handle the shortstop position until the sure-handed Simmons returns.  Wilson dislocated his right pinky finger on Friday night, but could be cleared to resume playing again within the next few days.

Redmond has gone 6-6 with a 3.58 ERA in 18 starts for Triple-A Gwinnett this year.  The 27-year-old right-hander has been stuck at Gwinnett since the start of the 2009 season.  He was named Southern League pitcher of the Year after going 13-5 with a 3.82 ERA for Double-A Mississippi in 2008.


Dan Uglla, last month BA .103 with 1 HR.

Braves current pinch hitting core Francisco, Wilson, Diaz, Pastornicky and Janish. How pathetic is that? I’d rather have Hudson hit.

Another Q-tip solid.

Only two games ahead of the Cubs in the Wild Card. Pretty brave to show your face round these parts, boy. *spits dip*

Why get a SS at this point? We just got a Wilson duplicate, a sure glove with no bat. Just leave Prado at short and put Diaz in LF. Sure that diminishes our defense but i’d rather have Diaz bat over Wilson,Janish.

by the way, Francisco is a tool. I hope we trade him for extra eye black for Uggla so maybe he can see the ball.

You’ve got to wonder if someone like Tyler Pastornicky would interest the Brewers in a possible Grenkie trade. Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez, lost him for the year, and have now been using Cezar Izturis. Ouch. Package Pastornicky with a Minor/Delgado and one other plus side prospect and a throw in possibly. Since we no longer get prospects if Grenkie would sign elsewhere, the cost of these mid season trades will go down.

That was my thinking Pastornicky and Minor/ Delgado, but then they might want quantity since Brewers are Old Mother Hubbard and they don’t have sh!t in the cupboard. Ether way the Braves and Brewers match up well.

Welcome to Atlanta, Mr. Sheets!

What a start for a guy who hasn’t toed the rubber in two years! I was a little worried after both Hudson and Hanson did not work very deep in the previous two games, but Sheets was better than advertised! Awesome!

Sheets came through huge. Lots left to see, but game #1 was a beauty. Putting my “congrats” out there to Ben… welcome to the club.

I see Pastornicky Minor Lipka and Parraz to Mil for Grienke Ransom and either Gomez or Aoki. Then I can see Prado Constanza and Christian Martinez for Upton and Bloomquist

Your delusional !

Lay off the drugs, obviously you’ve been on them for awhile. Go play some soccer with zippy or something.

Greinke got yanked from his next start. It must be a done deal.

Brandon, Billybob/zippyisanidiot popped in at the Zozone and joined in our skewering of the Phillies GM. The implication of what he said is that his beloved Q-tip is superior, a point on which I won’t argue by the way, but it was so ironic to read Billybob/zippyisanidiot praising his so his beloved Q-tip even if by implication.

Your implication that we care what you say on this blog is pretty funny in and of itself. I don’t care how provoked you were, you’ve been a douche on here, and I’m sure if the Phillies weren’t a bottom dwelling team right now you’d still be acting like a douche. Oh wait before you get the chance, “ATTENDANCE!!!”

Yeah attendance, the thing that pays the bills? Oh, never mind..

Well, I guess if attendance is all you got left. PLAY THE ATTENDANCE CARD. Weinus, you are getting more than a little pathetic.

Weinus what are you smoking, son? Just because your best hitter this year has been the phanatic.I never said anything about how great Q-tip is. trust me, everyone here will believe that

Christian Martinez Prado and Salecado to Arizona for Upton and Ryan Roberts

Minor, Lipka, Pastornicky and Terdoslavich to the Brewers for Jeff Bianchi and Zach Grienke

nc i think you have a serious brain disease “Trade Tourette’s Syndrome.”

I think the heir to 3rd base next year and don’t think I am on drugs because I have seen it happen with alot of players is how bout moving McCann to 3rd and giving Gattis and Bethancourt a shot behind the dish. For those people think that I am an idiot for thinking this i got one hall of fame player that has made the move from catcher to 3rd and his name is Joe Torre

Your ideas are still idiotic.

Because one person did it, I guess that means everyone can.

Martin Prado will take over for Chipper….isn’t that somewhat obvious? Plus, what’s your deal with Lipka? You are awlfully eager to trade away young OF talent for a rental. Plus, the odds of us resigning Bourne are not that great.

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