Braves reach agreement to acquire Dempster

The Braves reached an agreement to acquire Ryan Dempster from the Cubs.  But the trade has not been officially completed.

Because he has played in the Majors for at least 10 years and been with the same team for at least five years, Dempster has the right to veto any trade.  After arriving at PNC Park on Monday afternoon, he said a trade had not been completed.

Dempster has the potential to serve as the stabilizing asset the Braves have been seeking to add to their inconsistent starting rotation.  The 35-year-old right-hander has posted a 2.15 ERA in 15 starts this year and a 3.63 ERA in the 147 starts he has made since the start of the 2008 season.

Once Jair Jurrjens struggled again during Sunday’s loss to the Nationals, it became more apparent the Braves would aggressively pursue the acquisition of a starting pitcher.  Their rotation has posted the third-worst ERA (4.34) in the National League this year.

Dempster will be a free agent at the conclusion of this season and he is owed approximately $5 million for the remainder of this season.  It is not known whether the Braves will be responsible for the entire portion of this figure.

When the Braves began evaluating ways to improve their starting rotation, Dempster and Zack Greinke sat at the top of their wish list. But as the past few days passed with the Brewers have providing clear indication that they are willing to move Greinke, the focus fell on Dempster.

To get Greinke, the Braves would have had to likely part with top pitching prospect Julio Teheran and at least one other Top 15 prospect.  Now they will likely simply pursue him on the free agent market this winter.


I like the move and oh yea 1st

Don’t even think about pulling that 1st crap in here.

If it’s just Delgado for Dempster and cash, I love this trade. A throw in wouldn’t be bad either, but if we gave up any decent amount of minors talent, this deal is more likely to look bad this time next year. He’s not going to be our version of the Brewers acquisition of what C.C. Sabathia was, or what Grenkie could have been, but Dempster has been excellent on the road this year, and we need the stability he represents more than we need an ace that would require 1/3rd of the farm. This pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for JJ though, and that might be a good thing. He’ll obviously be non-tendered this offseason, but in the meantime, he needs to spend the rest of the year in AAA to get his head on straight. He needs to realize he’s gonna have to be a finesse pitcher, ala Tom Glavine, to extend his career, and to do that, you have to not only practice it, but also be in a certain mindset that you cannot transition to when you’re trying to kill your arm to help your team in a playoff race. If he can go down and start working at that, there’s certainly reason to believe he could be effective in the future, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring him back on a Minors deal next year.

Then again, I could be wrong about JJ, like I was about McLouth.

It’s not like JJ doesn’t have the stuff to become a consistant pitcher. He got a buttload of movement on his pitches, just moving to the wrong places of the plate…

Mark –
Are there any indications of whether this will be a 2012 rental or something more? Either party interested in prolonging the deal into 2013 and beyond?

its been reported dempster wants to go back to the cubs after this season, but things could change.

I can tell you what will end up happening right now; Braves would be mildly interested, offer one year deal, Dempster will hit free agency, will sign with Los Angeles for 2 years/$25MM with a club option.

What does it say about our pitching staff when a sub .500 pitcher is considered an upgrade? I will say that this is an improvement over Delgado, but that still leaves us hoping that Minor, Jurrgens and Sheets will contribute. Although I’m thrilled that Sheets has given us 2 solid outings, we can’t honestly think this will continue. Minor has been average, at best. Jurrgens is a shell of his former self. I honestly think by the time it’s all said and done, Medlen will be/should be in our rotation. He’s a bulldog on the mound and goes after hitters. Hopefully, after this season, the Braves can go after a legitimate #1 pitcher. However, when you think about having to replace a CF and LF as well it doesn’t look promising. Maybe Gilmartin and Teheran will help us sooner, rather than later…if not, we’re going to be hovering around 2nd place again this time next year, when we should be sitting atop a division with an aging Phillies team, an overpaid/under-performing Marlins club, a financial disaster in the Mets, and a Nationals team who is close to shutting down their #1 pitcher. Frank Wren has done more with less since he’s been put in charge of decision-making, but until we get out from under the cash-strapped thumb of Liberty Media and the inescapable TV deal, we’ll continue to be a club that won’t ever be able to go after the big free-agent signings (ala Grienke/Hamels), and instead hope that our called-up AA pitchers can make the difference.

So why am i reading now that there is no trade

Not to queer the deal but what happens if he doesn’t want to come to Atlanta what would be the Braves next move?

Greinke probably and no Braves are not trading Freeman and Kimbrel for him.

From the looks of it the only people saying there is a deal is the Braves. Did Wren have a dream that he made a deal and thought that it actually happened? Or did he just do like ncbravesfan82 and carry out the transaction on MLB The Show 12??

If the Brewers gave a clear indication that they would trade Greinke, why did that then turn the focus to Dempster? I am very confused right now.

If we are really getting Dempster for Delgado, then I say go after Greinke and give up Tehran. I feel like that guy is a never was. I don’t think he is as good as the hype and it seems to me that he has been pouting since he didn’t get called up out of spring training last year. Even though he hasn’t really done anything with the starts he was given since then. I like the sound of Greinke, Dempster, Hudson and Sheets lined up in the playoffs.

I concu with katjam. If you can get Greinke who still has plenty of juice left in the tank, you give up the unproven Teheran without batting an eyelash. Only problem I would have is if the Brewers also wanted another top 15 prospect in the deal. I imagine once the deadline hits, Brew Crew are taking what they can get.

I concur with Katjam. Teheran unproven and could possibly never amount to much. Greinke a former Cy Young winner with plenty left in the tank. You make the deal in a heartbeat unless Brewers just want far too much to come along with Teheran.

Wow, where have all the phenoms gone?

Well, isn’t it lovely to have CellarPain with us once again.

If the deals gets pulled Wren should be on the phone to both Mil or Minn and be getting a deal done for either Grienke or Liriano. I doubt getting one of the two is gonna cost Teheran but if Wren smart and hes not I would dangle JJ and Pastornicky in front along with Spruill or Medlen. A package of Medlen Pastornicky could seal the deal for Liriano but Grienke would cost more

Poor guy! He was “blindsided” by trade. That’s why he hasn’t approved it. Translated: he doesn’t want to be here. The hell with him. Move on, Frank. Get Greinke. Dempster’s too old anyway.

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