Report: Dempster still hoping to land with Dodgers

When the Cubs visited Turner Field at the beginning of this month, the Braves gained the impression Ryan Dempster wanted to play in Atlanta. But now that he has an opportunity, Dempster continues to weigh other options.

The Braves and Cubs agreed upon a trade on Monday that would send Dempster to Atlanta for right-handed pitcher Randall Delgado and at least one other Minor League player. But Dempster has the right to veto any trade because he has played at the Major League level for at least 10 seasons and with the same team for at least five seasons.

A National League source said Dempster has not yet officially exercised this right.  But as Tuesday progressed, the Braves had less reason to feel confident about this deal being completed.

According FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, Dempster is holding out hope that he will eventually be traded to the Dodgers.  The Cubs and Dodgers were unable to reach an agreement when they discussed a potential trade earlier this month.

Dempster has told reporters over the past few weeks that his first preference would be to play for the Dodgers.  The Braves are believed to be second on his wish list.

If Dempster does indeed reject this trade, it is unknown whether the Braves would be receptive to trading for him if the Cubs are unable to strike a deal with the Dodgers.  Over the next couple of days, they will likely turn their attention other starting pitchers available on the trade market.

Zack Greinke has been at the top of the Braves wish list over the past month. But with hopes of potentially keeping Greinke, the Brewers are asking for a significant return that would include Julio Teheran and at least one other highly-regarded prospect.

With this kind of asking price, the Braves will be more interested in attempting to sign Greinke as a free agent this winter.


Oh course Dempster is hoping to go with Dodgers. Who in their right mind would want to live in Georgia, even for half of 6 months out of the year?

Beats Philadelphia.
I had the chance to move to either place two yeas ago. I like Philly, but I’m still glad I chose GA.

SO thanks to Dempster its going to cost the Braves more then just Delgado for him.

We can only hope. But, hey, Atlanta – The Land of the Phenoms.

Good job on locking up Hamels by the way. Enjoy fielding an old crippled powerless team for the length of that contract. 14 games back ain’t so far down.

24 million a year. That’s close to an A-Rod contract.

Brandon, old crippled powerless team? Have you seen what the cripples have done in the last 3 games with Howard getting into form? In 2010 Phillies were 7 out on July 22 and finished 6 up or a 13 game turn around. They only need a 10 game turn around to over take the Braves. Will this get them into the playoffs? Who knows. But overtaking the Braves? Priceless. Besides last year’s Braves had the most epic collapse in NL history. Would have been the most epic collapse in MLB history but for the collapse of the Red Sox.

Oh, Cellar Pain, you are funny. You guys are too clueless to even be having a fire sale. Miami at least is bright enough to have accepted their fate. You guys are hanging on for fat boy and an aging decrepit pitching staff to pull this out. Good luck with that. you have won 4 in a row and your still 14 back, hello, McFly?????

I did watch the last 3 games. Both teams were awful. Phillies were able to take advantage of a woefully bad Brewers bullpen. A lot of teams have done that this year.

If only the season was three games long, you suckasses might be on to something.

I say stay away from pitching and go after a bigger bat like Upton Pence or Ross. The thing with the rotation is easy just move Medlen to the rotation and put Jair in the pen.

Pastornicky Christian Martinez Edward Salcedo to SD for Volquez and Headley then flip Uggla Headley Janish and Spruill for Upton Bloomquist and J.J Putz

I sure wish Pherris would go away and take ncbraves fan with him.

Put em both in a rowboat and play a game of “Sink that Boat”. Yes Tom, I can sink that boat with four shots…..

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