Chipper provides Gonzalez a scare via Twitter

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez has often said, “Nothing good can come from Twitter.”

So there was even more reason to laugh on Sunday morning when he told reporters that he feared for the worst late Saturday night after his son, Alex, informed him that Chipper Jones  (@RealCJ10) had concluded one of his Tweets with, “Got a date wit the Doc tmrw. Go Bravos.”

When Gonzalez left Turner Field after Saturday night’s 2-1 win over the Phillies, he did have any reason to be concerned about Jones’ troublesome knees or any other aches or pains the 40-year-old third baseman might have been experiencing.  So it’s safe to say he had some trouble sleeping.

After returning to the stadium on Sunday morning, Gonzalez immediately went to the trainer’s room to check with trainer Jeff Porter.

“I said what’s Chipper going to see the doctor for and he said, ‘what are you talking about? ”  Gonzalez said. “So I tell him the story and I put two and two together and it’s Doc Halladay.”

Count this author among those who never thought Jones would ever do more than simply create a Twitter account to protect himself against imposters.  But he seems to be having fun with the social media outlet.  Plus, entering Sunday’s matchup against Halladay and the Phillies, the Braves were undefeated (4-0) since he joined Twitter.

Jones was back in Sunday afternoon’s lineup as the Braves attempted to sweep the Phillies for the second time this month.  So too was Dan Uggla, who has batted .110 with a .292 on-base percentage and .169 slugging percentage in his past 42 games.  The Braves have managed to go 26-19 during the 45 games that have been played since Uggla began this skid on June 6.

Uggla entered Sunday with 10 hits, including three home runs, and 10 strikeouts in 28 career at-bats against Halladay.


As Gonzalez debated how to construct his lineup for Sunday afternoon’s game, he thought about playing Jose Constanza in left field and moving Martin Prado to the shortstop position.  But with Tim Hudson, who owns a 1.24 ground ball-to-fly ball ratio on the mound, he opted to keep sure-handed shortstop Paul Janish in the lineup.

When Andrelton Simmons broke his right pinky finger on July 8, the Braves were hoping he would not miss more than six weeks.  Three weeks later, that hope is still alive.  Simmons hopes to have his cast removed next Friday.  At that point, he will be able to begin strengthening his hand and going through the rehab process that could make him available at some point during the second half of August.

Click here to view video of the benches-clearing brawl that Double-A   Mississippi was involved in during the ninth inning of Saturday night’s win over Mobile.   Click here for a game recap.




I love and hate the last couple days of the trading deadline. I will not be able to help myself from constantly refreshing the braves site to see if any deals are made.

Wow, 23,726 attendance at yesterday’s game! Score one for Jesus.

Humiliated by your division rival in a weekend series, and you resort to ticket sales as an argument?

There was no one there to witness the “humiliation” so how do you know?

Hey I like numbers too! Let’s start with 14.5.

…how about 174,538,938? That’s the number of dollars your last place team costs. How about 91,228,996? That’s the number of dollars MORE than the first place team is spending.

Fun game, thanks for playing!

Idiot savant, $92 million is the amount the Nats are paying. Not the amount the Phillies are paying more than them. And it is less than the Braves are paying as well . The Phillies can pay it because of something the Braves have never had – paying customers.

The only deal I see them making is for either Volquez or Beckett but I hope and pray that the one deal that is done involves Dan Uggla.

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