Sheets set to add to success against the Mets

When Ben Sheets gained the sense that he might have a chance to pitch in the Majors again, he first and foremost wanted to be with a team that could reach the playoffs.  The Braves fit this description and had the geographic advantage of being relatively close to his family’s residence in Louisiana.

While spending nearly two years under the assumption he was retired, Sheets developed an even stronger bond with his 10-year-old son Seaver and five-year-old son Miller.  Leaving them would be tough.  But the two young boys have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of their father’s improbable comeback.

Well everything but that one loss Sheets suffered when he allowed the Marlins three runs in 6 2/3 innings on Aug. 1.

“They’re pumped up,” Sheets said. “My oldest one cried after that one loss.  I was like dude, I went 4-10 in Oakland. Really dude? You’re going to cry over that one?”

Much has happened since Sheets endured his painful surgery-shortened season in Oakland in 2010. If you need a refresher click here.

As the Braves attempt to sweep the Mets tonight, a national television audience will be watching Sheets attempt to add to the wonder of this year’s most inspiring comeback story.

In his first five starts since the 2010 concluded, Sheets has posted a 1.41 ERA and compiled 32 innings.  While working into the eighth inning against the Phillies on Monday, he did not record a strikeout.  It marked the second time in his career that he has pitched at least five innings without recording a strikeout.

“Maybe it was luck,” Sheets said. “Maybe it was learning to pitch.  I don’t care.  I’m not going to question it. I struck out eight the game before.”

Sheets’ comeback began on July 15 when he limited the Mets to two hits over six scoreless innings.  As a matter of fact, the last run he surrendered against the Mets came courtesy of a Carlos Delgado sacrifice fly on April 12, 2008.    He enters tonight having not allowed a run in his past 17 2/3 innings against the Mets.



both of his sons might have been a little too young to understand exactly what they were experiencing.  But Seaver has certainly


The boys have straight up, nutted up, tonight. They had a chance to gain a game on the Nats and have choked. Terrible at-bats. Lousy defense. This can’t happen.

Both the Braves and Nats are playing great baseball right now. You’re allowed to get frustrated with a bad game, but nobody wins 162. We should want to win every single game, but expecting it is simply setting the bar too high. They’ve won 14 of 18 games… they’re taking care of business. It’s ok to watch the scoreboard after each Nats game, but the Braves have to worry about themselves first and foremost.

Not expecting to win all the games, but when you are facing a team that has only won eight of their last 28 and you have an opportunity to make up ground, then that is a must win game. Would have been easier to take if we didn’t look so lousy at the plate. No patience at all. Uggla looked like he took 20 steps back.

@Mark – got some stray text at the bottom there…

Uggla needs to go and go now I bet if Wren offers up Uggla and sells him to the Astros as there 2nd baseman/DH around a couple of prospects like Spruill maybe the Astro’s are willing to give up either Justin Maxwell and Tyler Greene I would use Maxwell as insurance if Bourne don’t resign in the offseason.

Dan uggla…..hard to pin down but overall that trade clearly hasnt worked. He has done TERRIBLE but not well enough to justify his monster contract (for the braves its a monster one anyway). We obviously need brooks conrad back or “guarenteed to be an all star in 2012” Jordan Schafer😛

Shut up Zippy, you really are an idiot. You and nc must have gone to the same ShortBus academy.

Another trade that should have never happen, Frank Wren needs to go and go now along with him Uggla and Fredi.

Dear Lord, you are an idiot

Now whos gonna replace Diaz on the roster?

Are you being serious right now?

Does the name Reed Johnson ring any bells?

Reeds already on the roster, Hanson will take the spot coming off DL. There is a whole article about it above. Not sure nc reads though.

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