Tosca voices displeasure over the timing of Mills’ firing

Carlos Tosca has been rather reserved and a man of few words since becoming the Braves’ bench coach at the start of the 2011 season.  But before Sunday afternoon’s game against the Dodgers, he made it known that he did not agree with the timing of the Astros’ decision to fire manager Brad Mills, hitting coach Mike Barnett and first base coach Bobby Meacham.

“Firing Brad Mills, Mike Barnett and Bobby Meacham is like telling Betsy Ross that she picked the wrong colors for the flag,” Tosca said.

Mills, Barnett and Meacham were relieved of their duties after the Astros lost to the D-backs on Saturday night and fell to a Major League-worst 39-82.  The Astros were just one game under .500 as late as May 25.  But a disappointing June combined with a flurry of trades led first-year general manager Jeff Luhnow to make these changes aimed toward building for the future.

Mills went 171-274 in 445 games as manager.  He was in the final year of his contract.

Luhnow was part of the Cardinals’ front office before being hired by the Astros this past winter. Many within the baseball industry spent the past couple of months expecting him to hand pick his own manager before the start of the 2013 season.  Mills was hired by former Astros general manager Ed Wade before the start of the 2010 season.

Tosca understood this line of thinking.  But he felt this is a decision that should have been made before the start of this season or after its conclusion.

“I think it’s narrow minded to (fire them before the season),” Tosca said. “But I can certainly see from a philosophical standpoint, if he doesn’t agree with that, that’s fine.  Do it then or do it at the end of the year.  To do it in August, come on.  Those are hard-working people.  Those are good baseball people.  What message are you trying to send to the industry?”

During his days as Toronto’s manager, Tosca employed Barnett as his hitting coach.







My guess would be that Tosca will not be considered in Houston.

If only we could be so brash.

Time for future of the rotation predictions–my guess is when it comes down, either Hanson or Sheets might be moved to the ‘pen. Tommy always seems like he has a hard time getting strike one and is always pitching behind in the count. It seems like he’s always over 60+ pitches in the 2nd and 3rd inning. Even though Sheets gave up 3 homeruns in a row on the first pitch, I think the Braves are probably going to give him more rope since he is an older pitcher. Although if you just go by the boxscore lines from Friday and Saturday, Hanson did get better results. The other starters we have, Minor, Medlen, Hudson, Maholm….I don’t see the Braves moving any of them to the bullpen when the 6-man rotation experiment is over at the end of the month. What do you guys think? Rother?

It’s really a toss up. Medlen is obviously the best reliever of the group, but his starts are so good that you can’t just yank him back. Hanson has lost some velocity, and it could help him in the long run to put him in the pen as a swingman, but you don’t know how he would perform in relief. Sheets is a career starter, and even after giving up a couple of homers the other night, you can still argue that outside of the longballs, he’s been our best starter for the last month, and he’s a lifetime starter, so you also don’t know what you’ll get there. Minor has improved tenfold over the last two months, and you hate to stop him in the middle of maturing into a great starting pitcher right now, because even when he was bad, it was always only for an inning or so, so I wondered at the time if he was reliever material. Maholm pretty much belongs in the rotation no matter what, and Hudson is doing exactly what Minor did early this season; pitching solidly while having one bad inning. We might have to get a better look at Hudsons ankle. In the end, it could involve DLing Hudson.

Well look who finally came around. Don’t worry we still had a spot on the Medlen bandwagon. I think Sheets is the ideal BP guy, you could let him rest a bit after just coming back and he would be ready for playoff duty.If Huddy needs a blow though that ankle might be the perfect excuse. Hudson is one of those guys that thrives on work though.

Bryce Harper is hitting .251 with a .326 OBP. How extremely… average.

Hey, Weinus Envy, did you get your Larry Jones Bobble-head doll last Thursday? Oh, that’s right, you had to attend the game to get one. Not to worry, no one attended so Walmart, the Macy’s of the South, will be well stocked.

Were saving up our money for October Playoff tickets. SWEET

Wow, Weinus Envy, you putting in extra shifts picking cotton for your trip to the big city?

How do you even know if any of us even live in Georgia, let alone the south? Lots of Braves fans all over the United States, but tell me how if you lived in Arizona you’d fly to Philly every week for games.

Brandon, Brandon. I know you live in Georgia. So, I just know you were there to get your Larry Bobble-head. Right? Did your mule throw a shoe again?

I also live closer to Alabama and Florida than I do Atlanta, so I’m sorry that in between all my normal every day responsibilities I can’t travel 7 hours round trip to make every home game. I’m sure you enjoyed the Hunter Pence bobblehead night… you know, the guy who doesn’t play for your team anymore lol. Classic.

Oh weiner, weiner, weiner. I live within a stones thrown of the tropical waters of the Atlantic. I can Fish and watch the Braves at the same time. The cooling trade winds make every evening on the deck a thing of beauty. Philadelphia, You either live in a redneck invfested neighborhood or a crack slum. And you want to talk about who lives where. Did you get your welfare check yet?

Weinus Envy, I have lived in redneck infested neighborhoods. They were called Georgia and Florida. Have they started to pave the streets yet in either of these places?

So let me get this straight…he’s upset that he didn’t get a Chipper bobble head and yet the Phillies are giving away a bobblehead for a player who doesn’t even play with them anymore? Hmmm…yeah that makes sense…if you live in filthy-delphia anyway..

Jimmy, Jimmy, your comprehension skills clearly indicate that you are one of the children left behind. Keep your eyes open because your Larry Jones Bobble Head will be arriving at the same time your new teeth are air dropped into your hollow.

Kris Medlen since Jul 1- 0.74. Ahem…..

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