Odds and ends: Uggla not happy; Chipper not planning a team meeting

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez shuffled his lineup for Sunday afternoon’s matchup against Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels.  He moved Jason Heyward down in the lineup and stuck with his plan to keep Dan Uggla out of the lineup when he there is not a favorable matchup.

Gonzalez revealed this plan last Sunday before a matchup against San Francisco’s Tim Lincecum. But that did not stop Uggla from taking time to argue against this decision while meeting with his manager on Sunday afternoon.

“I hit a two-run homer off (Hamels) in the last game last year to put us up,” Uggla said. “It’s not a numbers thing for me, especially in September.  It doesn’t make any sense to me at all…Nobody agrees with not playing.  It’s just because I know what I can do, especially in September when I’ve been there before in big-game situations, especially last year.  It’s frustrating to say the least.”

As Hamels was making a three-inning postseason tuned on the final day of the 2011 season, Uggla drilled a two-run homer off his nemesis.  Still he has batted just .145 (8-for-55) with two home runs in his career against the veteran left-hander.

Uggla has recorded at least one hit in each of the past five games and homered twice during this span. Still he has batted .152 with a .276 slugging percentage in his past 73 games.

When the Braves face left-handed pitching over the next few weeks, Chipper Jones might continue to spell Heyward  in the third spot of the lineup.  During Sunday’s matchup against Hamels, Jones batted third and Heyward was moved to the sixth spot.

Heyward earned the opportunity to hit in the third spot while batting .293 with 18 home runs and a .990 OPS in the 80 games he has played since June 2.  But against left-handed pitchers during this span, he has batted .225 with four home runs and a .630 OPS.  Against right-handers, he has batted .349 with 14 homers and a 1.099 OPS.

No plans for a team meeting:  Chipper Jones made it known that he has found no reason to hold a team meeting with the hope it might halt the Braves’ recent struggles.

“Trust me, when I feel like something needs to be said I say it,” Jones said. “That’s my job. I don’t need to say anything right now.  I’m not going to harp on the past. I’m not going to harp on yesterday and I’m not going to harp on tomorrow.  We show up.  We play the game as well as we can today and let the chips fall where they may.  Any other approach other than that is not a good thing.”

The Braves entered Sunday having lost 10 of their previous 14 games.  Still Jones is among those from the baseball world who seem to believe team meetings can cause more harm than good.  <p>

“We are mindless numbskulls,” Jones said.  “We need to think as little as possible.  We’re routine oriented and regimented. Any break in that makes us start thinking.  That’s when bad (stuff) starts happening.”  <p>




Sorry that Dan is unhappy. I am not especially pleased with Dan’s strikeouts.

If he is so unhappy, he should try taking some extra BP and making contact in the games. I used to like Uggla, but with his attitude about the team he has lost alot of respect from many fans.

Wow. The Braves have packed it in. No hitting and poor pitching. The Phillies are still better than our Bravos, even after letting go some of their ‘stars.’ Gonzalez and the Wren should retire this year along with all Democrats and Republicans, the mgr and gen mgr if our Bravos miss the playoffs, which they will do unless their competitors also end their season early, and the politicians because of their foolish use of our money and willingness to incur immoral debt. Chipper had best NOT retire. Without him in the line-up this year, we would be at or under .500. “Detach, my fellow fans!”, and we will be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Congratulations goes out to Fredi Gonzales. He has managed the Braves into complete failure for two consecutive seasons. No lead will be safe as long as the Braves have him as their manager. Our only hope is that Bobby Cox decides to come out of retirement and lead the team so they can possibly make the post season. Again, congratulations Fredi.

Wow, any chance we can talk Danny Uggla into retirement, and entice Chipper to sign for another year? Prado can play 2B! Chipper is just amazing – putting the team on his shoulders AGAIN.

I understand Uggla wants to play but maybe he needs to work on his approach a little. The dude swings as hard as he can trying to pull everything. How about going with the pitch every once in a while? Maybe if his approach was more like a mid of the order hitter he’d be playing more. Time to layoff the weights Dan and learn how to be a hitter instead of a hacker.

uggla is upset about being benched. cumon Dan, the team is better served with Reed Johnson than you righ now. I hope you get it turned around, but drawing 70 walk with Janish and the pitcher coming up is not worth 15 million a year. You need to make adjustments at the plate AND stop swinging for the fences. If you were up instead of Prado yesterday, it would have been a strike out because good pitchers know how to get you out unitl you stay back on the ball and drive it up the middle.

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