Ross confirms that he has agreed to two-year deal with the Red Sox

Add backup catcher to the Braves’ list of offseason needs.  David Ross confirmed early Saturday morning that he has agreed to a two-year deal with the Red Sox.  The agreement is pending a physical.

Financial details were not revealed.  FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal was the first to report this agreement.

Regarded by many as the game’s top backup catcher, Ross entered this year’s thin free-agent market with the desire to land a two-year deal.  He said that he never gained a sense that the Braves were going to provide him what he was seeking.

With starting catcher Brian McCann likely to miss at least the first two weeks of the 2013 season while recovering from shoulder surgery, the Braves will need to find a  backup catcher who they can confidently utilize as a starting catcher during the early portion of the season.

The only catcher that could be deemed Major League ready in the Braves’ system is Christian Bethancourt, who could undoubtedly benefit from the opportunity to continue enhancing his offensive skills at the Minor League level.  Evan Gattis has positioned himself for a potential call to the Majors next year.  But Gattis’ defensive shortcomings as a catcher led the Braves to begin playing him in left field this past summer.

Gerald Laird, Brian Schneider, Rod Barajas, Miguel Olivo, Kelly Shoppach, Ronny Paulino and Matt Treanor are among the other free agent catchers who should draw attention from clubs seeking to add a veteran backup catcher.

Ross hit .269 with 24 homers and a .816 OPS during his four seasons with the Braves.  He was one of the most beloved and respected figures within the clubhouse.  His leadership skills and ability to handle the pitching staff will be missed.



When you snooze you lose, I felt from the get go Braves were dragging their feet but it is what Braves fans have come to expect. Total lack of communication between GM and players. it shows

Christian Bethancourt is not even remotely close to being major league ready. He can’t hit minor league pitching and he can’t hit winter league pitching. John Sickels estimates that it could be 7 years or more before he is ready for a call-up to the majors….if ever. Losing Ross over 3.1M is a terrible mistake by Wren.

Jesus, Wren is a fricking idiot. We have our no 1 catcher, who is approaching FA sidelined after shoulder surgery and we let the best back up catcher in baseball get away. That moron should be flogged.

So what let him go we still got Gattis and I have an inkling that in an upcoming trade a decent catcher will be thrown in.

Love to know if the Braves even tried to sign him. This winter is off to a dubious start with the pick up of Schaefferitit and the loss of Ross.. We had better be looking for something other than just a veteran who will be satisfied as a back up. Aren’t Napoli and Piercinski still available. I know they were not in the plans when we thought we had Ross but its a different story now. We’ll pay more than we were willing to pay Ross for screwing up and letting him go. bad decision by Braves.

I say trade for Salty why not wouldn’t that be better then signing someone and you can give Gattis and Bethancourt a year or more in the minors to get better.

Salty has not shown he can hit MLB pitching. We have to get some production out of that position.

We lost Ross? Oh sh*t…..

The marlins should have just lost every fan they have after that trade. Wow!

I would like to congratulate NC on getting the Miami Marlins GM job.

Haha, touche.

I got to give you that one Brandy. That was some funny shite.

He reportedly told the press he was sad that Uggla had not signed an extension with the Marlins, because Toronto needs a second baseman.

Bernie Madoff is alive and well in Miami

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