Laird agrees to a two-year deal with the Braves

Less than a week after losing David Ross, the Braves have filled their need for a backup catcher by reaching an agreement on a two-year deal with Gerald Laird.

Two Major League sources confirmed the agreement.  Financial details were not immediately revealed and the deal is pending a physical.

With Laird, the Braves have landed one of the best available backup catchers still on the free agent market.

The 32-year-old veteran  will serve as Atlanta’s starting catcher until Brian McCann recovers from shoulder surgery.  McCann will miss the first the first couple weeks of thee regular season and quite possibly all of April.

Laird has developed a reputation of being a clubhouse leader who is skilled in the art of handling a pitching staff.  In other words, he possesses many of the same attributes that Ross displayed over the past four years in Atlanta.  Ross signed a two-year, $6.2 million contract with the Red Sox earlier this week.

Laird batted .282 with two home runs and a .710 OPS in 63 games for the Tigers this past season.  He proved to be a valuable asset as Detroit’s starting catcher Alex Avila battled a number of different injuries this year.

In fact, Laird started eight of the final 17 regular season games played by the Tigers, who had to finish strong to overtake the White Sox for the American League East title.

Laird also started six of the 13 postseason games Detroit played.  This marked the second straight season that Laird competed in the World Series.

Laird made his Major League debut in 2003 and played each of his first six seasons with the Rangers.  He has played three of the past four seasons with the Tigers.   His only previous experience in the National League came in 2011 when he helped the Cardinals win the World Series.



I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the deal, I think Laird is an excellent bakup catcher. But, a guy named David Ros kinda exists. I heard reports that we weren’t willing to give Ross 2 years, but we give it to Laird? I mean, if it’s not $2MM on the dot or lower in total, it is an insult to Ross. David Ross was worth the $1.1MM net value.

Freeman Pastornicky Uggla and Jair to KC for Cain Dyson and Butler

Dyson Janish Salcedo and Hanson for Upton and Cliff Pennington

Cain LF
Prado 2nd
Upton CF
Heyward RF
Butler 1B
Pennington 3rd
Simmons SS

Freeman?? Seriously?? That’s up there with the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.


If you look who you are gtting in return its a good deal get a power hitting RH bat and a CF/LF

No crap. Rediculously good. Completely idiotic for the other team to accept. At least the second one was. The first was stupid for us. Stop doing this!

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