Braves trade Hanson to the Angels for Walden

Three years after welcoming Tommy Hanson to the Major League level as baseball’s top pitching prospect, the Braves have created some payroll flexibility by trading him to the Angels.

A Major League source confirmed that Hanson has been traded to the Angels in exchange for right-handed reliever Jordan Walden.

By moving Hanson and the approximate $4 million salary he will likely get during his first arbitration-eligible season, the Braves have increased their options as they continue to search for an outfielder who could serve as their leadoff hitter.

This move could open the door for the Braves to make a more aggressive pursuit of free-agent outfielder Shane Victorino, who could be targeted to play left field and bat in the leadoff spot.

With Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado both ready to fill one of Atlanta’s rotation spot, the Braves were hoping to be able to trade Hanson, who went 13-10 with a 4.48 ERA in 31 starts this past season.  The 26-year-old right-hander’s velocity has dropped over the past few seasons and his mechanics have created cause for concern throughout his career.

Walden compiled a 3.46 ERA and recorded 48 strikeouts while issuing 18 walks in 39 innings for the Angels this past season.  The 25-year-old hard-throwing right-hander has an overpowering fastball that has been clocked between 98-100 mph.  Control and command of his secondary pitches has been a concern.


Good move! Worried about Hansons delivery!

So do you think this could be a precursor to a push for Justin Upton?

Very underwhelming return for Hanson, considering Wren could have flipped him for Span.

Hanson is losing velocity and could continue to do so. He was not going to be close to enough for Span!

I agree. I am very disappointed. Hoped for fowler or span type return.

Tommy Hanson for Jordan Walden is a good deal. Depending on who we get to play LF with the money saved, it will be a GREAT deal. We all hoped for Span, but Fowler? Fowler sucks.

He probably did offer that if these two trades are this close together. But, this might be crazy to suggest.. The Twins didn’t HAVE to accept the offer.

wow is all i can say just wish they could have added Uggla to the trade.

Didn’t this kid make the AS game a couple of years ago as a rookie? Had a much of saves that year too as I recall. Maybe its not a salary dump but an upgrade.

a bunch (not a much) of saves…

No, he couldn’t.

Span would of cost Julio or Delgado.

My analysis: Jordan Walden is a good reliever who hasn’t quite “figured it out”, but has held his own while trying to. A power arm, he’s sure to boost the bullpen in a big way. He’s also not yet arbitration eligible, so if he doesn’t perform as expected, he won’t cost that much. Plus, if EOF leaves after next year for potentially bigger money, we still have a RH 7th inning/setup man. Tommy Hanson is a question mark at this point, and while he’s more risky than Walden, he’s sure to bring more to the table for a team. But, he’s set to make at least $3.5MM coming off a down year; that means he’d be getting expensive quick, especially if he bounces back. A Hanson trade would be inevitable next offseason if he performed this year, and while waiting could have brought a little more return, there is also the chance he could fail, and simply be a non-tender next year. There is a good chance he could be great for the Angels next year, but that is a risk the Braves can afford to take, still with 6 starters on the depth chart, 3 who are still not yet arbitration eligible, and another potential #2-3 starter in Beachy scheduled to be back around the All-Star break. A little more breathing room salary wise not only for 2013, but also for 2014 and 2015, make this deal a plus. As long as the Braves don’t spend the money irresponsibly, this deal could get even better.

No I would have added Uggla Salecdo and Ahmed for Waldon and Trumbo and that solves the 3rd base and frees up Ugglas money and go after Bourn and use him to play LF and leadoff.

Everybody was calling for a trade with the Dnacks to get the other Upton. One of the hurdles to that was needing to get rid of Hanson. Now Hanson is gone and everybody is complaining we didn’t get enough. Who cares??? We have cleared his salary and removed one potential hurdle in making the next big move. What did some of you expect to get for a guy who has been declining since he started. I like Tommy Hanson, but he is the Benjamin Button of pitchers. I am glad we were able to make this move and I am excited to see what the next move will be, whatever it is.

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like the move. Would love it if we can swing the Flying Hawaiian with the proceeds

I am just not sure how good he will be. Maybe ok year 1 but I h

I am just not sure how good he will be. Maybe ok year 1 but I think it will take 3 years to sign him. Not sure it will be a good idea.

Hear he has tons of multiyear offers. Braves shouldn’t be offering one. A speedy outfielder who is 32 years old coming off a way down year shouldn’t command that, but the market has made it so, and we should just let someone overpay for him. Love the way Bourn got screwed though. 2 of his 3-4 biggest suitors address CF, now less of bidding war. Suck it, Boras.

We pretty much DROPPED Hanson for Walden. We kind of need him, but have you seen our bullpen? We did it purely to get Victorino I’m sure.

I have a buddy who’s really into the D-Backs and he says that some sources feel that the Walden trade was to stockpile another piece at a run for JUpton….any truth to this?

It would make sense if the DBacks are looking to clear some salary the Braves could provide a couple of quality arms for Upton and Putz. Dbacks might want to make a run at Hamilton.

I guess the writings on the wall for Durbin. I strongly feel we are going to miss his 76 appearances and innings he was able to eat in a variety of roles.. We should get Victorino. Fowler ‘s would be OK but I’m afraid of his away from Coors splits. If that is related to factors other than the field (he might really like sleeping in his own bed)). I think that brother dynamic might backfire and hurt their performances. Plus his salary is higher than he has performed. Or the brother dynamic might be good for both of them and it could be great for us. I think we would have too much money at stake to take the gamble.

I can solve left-field in one suggestion and I can’t believe noone thought of and that is Pastornicky. I mean the guy can run so why not place him along with Upton in CF and Heyward, I think its not a bad idea. Or did what the Red Soxs did to the Dodgers you want Simmons take Uggla off our hands so the D-backs would get Simmons Uggla and Teheran for Upton Pennington and Keon Broxton.

Pastornicky 2nd/Lf if they don’t make the trade
Freeman 1st
J. Upton LF
Heyward rf
BJ Upton
Pennington SS

With the departure of Hanson and Jurrjens two more Brave phenoms bite the dust. Bring on the next candidates, Tehran and Delgado?

You can’t be serious. That’s your trash talk? Utley, Polanco, Howard, Victorino, Pence, Rollins… all Phillies players who have fallen off the wagon in the past 3 years. The difference between ours? We got a young, cost efficient power arm; you get to pay Howard $25MM annually for 5 more years.

Yes, the Phillies get to pay Howard but stacking all the Braves phenoms end to end isn’t enough to carry Howard’s jock. Let me know the next time one of the phenoms hits 30 HRS with over 100 RBIs. I am waiting.

wren, as usual follows a good deal with a stupid one. Come on Tio.

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

lets trade off some pitching to the royals for alex gordon. theyre hurting so bad a deal shouldn’t be too hard.

Leftfield dilemma: Are the Braves considering moving Pastornicky to 3B or left? Isn’t his hitting good enough?

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