Braves use Prado to acquire another Upton

The Braves have reached a preliminary agreement to acquire Justin Upton from the D-backs in exchange for four players, including Martin Prado.

According to a Major League source, the Braves will get Upton and Chris Johnson in exchange for  Prado, shortstop prospect Nick Ahmed and right-handed pitchers Randall Delgado and Zeke Spruill.  This deal is pending the completion of physicals.

With this trade, Braves general manager Frank Wren provide his club the game’s best outfield.  He began this offseason by signing Justin Upton’s older brother, B.J. Upton to a five-year, $75.25 million contract.  His projected outfield over the next three seasons will consist of Jason Heyward and the two Upton brothers.

To complete this trade, Wren had to part ways with Prado, who is one of the Braves’ most popular players among the fans and his teammates.   But he was able to acquire Upton without giving up either of his top two pitching prospects, Julio Teheran or J.R. Graham.

The departure of the versatile Prado signals that the Braves will likely enter the  season with Juan Francisco and Johnson sharing the third base duties.

Upton has hit .278 with 108 homers and a .832 OPS since making his Major League debut during the 2007 season.  The 25-year-old outfielder was one of the game’s top outfielders as he hit .289 with 31 homers and a .898 OPS in 2011 with the D-backs.  A thumb injury limited him this year as he hit .280 with 17 homers and a .785 OPS.



With UpUpHey in outfield, it would be the best in the majors. Prado can concentrate on 3B. I agree with the Braves front office on this trade even though some of the coaches and players are reaching out for Bourn.

Anyone else refreshing the Braves site every two minutes hoping for the answer? Just hope they did not include Prado in the deal. If they did, I sure hope some is truely convinced Road Runner is ready for an everyday role. If he is, can you imagine the power potential from this team. A potential 90 HRs from the outfield. Another potential 90 from 3rd, 1st and 2nd. Add the speed of Simmons, Heyward and Uptons….. If this lineup can’t score runs, then there is just no hope.

Has anyone thought to add up the potential Ks in this line up? It’s going to be pretty breezy at Turner Field this year!

Oakland A’s led the MLB in K’s last year and look how they turned out.

Can’t believe we gave up prado. But to combine that with delgado AND 2 solid minor leaguers is just too much! I am depressed right now. Prado was the heart and soul of that offense.

You said it. The heart and soul of the Braves offense. But, this is a front office trade. Not a coaches trade. All about $$$

I know. I read prado was asking way more than they wanted to give on an extension. So instead of lose him to fa they traded him. I get that, but also delgado, ahmed, ad spruill. That is a LOT.

Bill, I’m working on getting Wren’s address. Sharpen your pitchforks.

Losing Prado sucks, but I really think this is going to work out great. Hopefully, some other guys will step up to fill the leadership loss, but I think there is a bit of an overstatement on Prado being the sparkplug of the offense. Would love to still have him, but Justin Upton more than makes up for his offense. This is going to be good. If not feel free to say you told me so.

Last year, prado had a way better season than Upton. Just saying.

I hate this because I’ll miss Prado. I love him, he’s been our guy for the last 5 years. I want him to love me as much as I love him and be willing to play for my team for a fraction of what he’s worth because he loves me so much and that’s PROBABLY never going to happen. They do not love us back.

Here’s why I like it:

A – Prado is about to get 7 million or so in arbitration, then 10 million on the FA market.  Chris Johnson will be paid less than 1 mil this year.  We keep some financial flexibility. Also, He wants 11-12 mil a year in an extension, and I just don’t see that for a guy with a 9 HR / 9 SB line.  Also, we were going to arbitration with him this year, which is an ugly process, over the difference between 7.05mil (which he filed at) and 6.65mil (which the Braves filed at).  Going through that for 400 thousand dollars seems insane. The relationship may have soured a bit. Or, he just realized he’s a 10 mil a year player and knows someone will pay that, and it ain’t gonna be us.

B – We’re losing Prado after this year anyway.  I think the reason he’s in the deal is because it’s become clear that he’s not giving the Braves any kind of discount.  He’s a FA after the season and will go to the highest bidder, which won’t be Atlanta.  So, basically if you look at it as Prado for Chris Johnson as a single trade, Johnson isn’t THAT much worse than Prado.  Slightly lower avg.  Similar power.  Not as versatile.  However, it’s one year of Prado for 3-4 of Johnson at a fraction of the money. We know Johnson will be with us for a while and Prado is gone.

C – It gets J. Upton in the lineup without giving up Gilmartin, Teheran, or Graham, Gattis, or Simmons. His upside is All Star caliber and he’s only 25. Our outfield is now a trio of 5-tool guys.

D – Dave O’Brien just reported that the braves should still have about 10 million to spend after shedding prado’s salary and adding Upton’s. 

E – They’re also reporting that the Johnson/Francisco situation at third will be a platoon, with Francisco hitting against righties and Johnson vs. Lefties…so I’m good with that.  Neither of them are full time players, I don’t think.

I think we’re better because of it…short term and long term.

Prado was a ghost in Atlanta after this year anyway.  We’ve got the Upton, Upton, Heyward outfield locked in for at least 3 years. And we’re not as lefty-heavy anymore.

My reservations are entirely emotional, I’ll miss Prado. But it’s a smart, front office move and I’ll get over it come playoff time.

I agree with a lot of that, but a couple things. Johnson makes 2.3 mil this year according to cots. And according to splits, both Johnson and fransisco are much better against righties than lefties.

I am glad w kept our minor league pitchers, esp graham.

I am glad we kept some salary room, but not 10 mil, more like 3-5 considering the incoming is about 5m more than prados

Pretty good analysis Josh. And it was also pointed out to me that you have to remove Bourn’s 150 strikeouts from last year’s K totals. It’s a wash.

Upton was dealing with an injured thumb last year, much the same way Heyward was the year before. Add to that the bad blood that has been brewing between him and the leadership in Arizona not surprising he was off. Knowing the dynamics between him and his brother just tells me this is going to be special.

I am sad that baseball $ works the way it does. Prado will be a huge hole in the two spot, but maybe how he will most be missed is in his flexible defense. When we are in the Dog Days and some kid who can’t hit a curveball is filling an injury hole in the IF, remember Prado. He will be missed.

You are right about that.

So who will bat lead off? Simmons? He seems to be the only viable option.

Other option is BJ. He said in statement after his signing he was dedicated to improving his average and cutting down on strikeouts. Don’t like that kind of pressure on Simmons this year anyway.

So uggla gets hurt…what then? Janish?

Prado duh…. Oh wait… Just kidding. I think someone will emerge to be that versatile guy. Not sure who that will be. but lets not forget that when Prado was brought up to play 2B nobody was expecting him to do the job he did. I think it is a lot easier to find a solid utility player than it is to put together an outfield like we will have.

I like the deal. I hate to see Martin go. I liked him a lot. However, he will be successful in AZ, and we have a team that will play good defense, get some runs, and put men on the mound that should pitch well enough to win a large majority of our games. Go Braves!

Come back from the ledge there Braves faithful, this deal is better for the club than many of you are giving it credit for. First, let me acknowledge what Prado meant to this club. The guy is a class act, can play several different positions, and play them well while swinging a solid bat. However, he was in the last year of his deal and wanted at least 10 million a year. Atlanta was not going to resign him at that clip. So it was likely to be just one year of Prado. Now, prior to last year’s thumb injury and problems with management, Justin Upton was viewed to be in the same pedigree of a Matt Kemp or Andrew McCutchen. Those are MVP contenders. As good as Prado is, he is nowhere near being an MVP caliber player and never will be. Atlanta did not give up any of their most heralded prospects in this deal, have Justin under contract for multiple years, and now have an outfield full of 20/20 (at minimum) guys who will hit for power and represent a threat on the bases. I think this will be the most exciting Atlanta club we have seen in years.

10 million a year he wanted and what are we going to pay his replacement 38.5 million over three years. While I like Prado I noticed that near the end of the season it appeared that some of the players (Freeman, McCann, Chipper) were starting to get tired of his water and dirt celebration. However I would have liked it they gave up Uggla to Arizona instead

ol frankie is far from perfect, but you gotta give him an A for effort here in my opinion. This is a smart move on paper… Prado was gone next year anyway. We’ll see how things work out.

Prado and one or three Brave Phenoms for Justin Upton and a platoon player? Seems the Braves got the short end of this stick notwithstanding the bloviating of baseball pundits or the posters here.

Look suckass. The Phillies have done nothing to get better this offseason. All you can do is come on here and bash the Braves’ moves. Just assume your normal position at the bottom of the NL East. Your little five year run you were so happy about is over.

Braves are young and dangerous. You ready for another 14 straight division titles? Braves organization is the best in baseball.

haha, pherris you crack me up. You should have quit when I thought you were just an annoying philly fan… now I see you as an ignorant crybaby. Your opinion, which is consistently wrong, is pretty worthless. But thanks for the extra little smirk now that we all know this trade got under your skin.

Fillie at least you get hanging Chad back. How about those sellout crowds you had at the end of the season which was just like your seat EMPTY

Another 14 divisions titles with one WS to show for it? I hope so. Even the Marlins did better than that by accident. Wren stands the old aphorism addition by subtraction on its head. Subtraction by addition. Must be a southern thing. In all sincerity, I am so glad the Braves saved the Phillies GM Ruin Tomorrow Jr. from himself by signing BJ Upton and I am so glad Prado is out of the NL East regardless who the Braves got in exchange. And, in the case of Upton, the Younger, for Prado, it is a wash for both the Braves and the Phillies.

Oh weinus, it’s so good to have you back. This is the only time of year you can crow, because the season hasn’t started yet. We have more important things to worry about and they are called Nationals. Please send their troll over if you see him.

Here we go again…. Another report of the same assclowns cheating the game. Obviously, the 50 game suspensions are not enough of a deterent. Ban these repeat offenders for life. Nobody is going to get me to believe that Pete Rose betting on his own team to win is more detrimental to the game than these cheaters. It is high time that MLB puts a stop to this crap!

Looks like the Upton and Johnson for Prado and the passel of Braves’ “Phenoms” just got better for Arizona as the Diamondbacks signed Prado to a 4 year, $40 million extension.


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