With online balloting set to end tonight, here is a look at my All-Star ballot

With just a few hours left in this year’s All-Star balloting process, here is cheat sheet for you to use to ensure you vote for the most deserving players.  While there was never much reason to believe a Braves player would be elected to start in the upcoming Midsummer Classic, I think there is a good chance Julio Teheran and Craig Kimbrel receive selections.  I’d love to see Jason Heyward get a deserving selection based simply on the fact that he has been the game’s best defensive player this season. Along those same lines, it will be a shame if Evan Gattis’ name is not announced during the selection show.  While Gattis is sidelined with a bulging disc in his back, he certainly deserves a chance to at least enjoy the festivities surrounding the event.

NL Catcher:  Jonathan Lucroy

AL Catcher: Salvador Perez

Over the past few years, I always had the mindset that if Yadier Molina was healthy, he would be my choice to serve as the NL’s starting catcher.  But Lucroy has been that good both behind and at the plate this season.

NL First Baseman: Paul Goldschmidt

AL First Baseman: Miguel Cabrera

Despite enduring two long slumps already, Freddie Freeman  made this a tougher decision than expected.  Couldn’t go wrong with Goldschmidt, Freeman or Anthony Rizzo.  Edward Encarnacion has been great. But unlike Lucroy in comparison to Molina, he has not been that much greater than Cabrera.  Plus, he’s on the ballot as a DH.

NL Second Baseman: Dee Gordon

AL Second Baseman: Jose Altuve

I’ve always been an Ian Kinsler fan.  But after getting a chance to watch Altuve for a few days last week, I’m sold that he’s the kind of guy the fans need to see in the ASG.

NL Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki

AL Shortstop: Erick Aybar

Watching Andrelton Simmons match defensive skills with Tulo and then Aybar during a seven-day stretch in June was a treat.

NL Third Baseman: Todd Frazier

AL Third Baseman:  Josh Donaldson

If these two  were to be selected, I wonder what the odds would have been back in March.

NL Outfielders: Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen, Yasiel Puig

AL Outfielders: Mike Trout, Adam Jones, Jose Bautista

Carlos Gomez was the last omission in the NL.  The selection was a little more difficult in the AL.  Gave some thought to Brandon Moss and like with Heyward, there’s something special about watching Alex Gordon play defense.





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