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Source confirms it is highly unlikely Vazquez would approve trade involving Angels

A source close to Javier Vazquez said this morning that it’s “highly unlikely” that the veteran pitcher would approve a trade to the Angels or any of the other clubs that compete in the Western divisions of the American and National Leagues. 

As many of you know, Vazquez has a limited no-trade clause that allows him to veto any trades involving clubs that compete in these two divisions. 

So while the Angels might have more interest in Vazquez than Derek Lowe, there’s seemingly little reason to believe they’ll be able to work a deal involving the 33-year-old right-hander, who has made it known that he’d like to pitch in Atlanta beyond the end of this upcoming season, when his current contract expires. 

The Braves remain focused on their attempts to deal Lowe.

Just received confirmation that the Braves have signed Joe Thurston to a Minor League contract and provided him an invitation to big league camp.  Thurston hit .225 and compiled a .645 OPS in 124 games with the Cardinals this past season. 

Thurston could at least provide organizational depth as utility player.  He made 55 of his 66 starts as a third baseman this past season. 

Let the Lowe bidding begin

While the Phillies attempt to complete the Roy Halladay trade and the Red Sox debate whether the John Lackey acquisition provides an oportunity to improve their offense with the acquistion of somebody like Adrian Gonzalez, the Braves are preparing for the increased demand that Derek Lowe will now draw. 

Within a span of just a few hours today, the Angels learned that Lackey was signing with the Red Sox and that a division rival (the Mariners) might have added Cliff Lee to a rotation that already included Felix Hernandez. 

As I write this, there are some reports indicating that Lee might not be included in the Halladay deal. If that’s the case Ruben Amaro may want to have his people call some of the Turner Field engineers and determine how best to display four consecutive division titles.  

But whether or not Lee is included in this deal, it’s safe to say that the demand for Lowe will increase over the course of the next couple of days.   

With speculation that they would lose Lackey via free agency, the Angels have long been considered one of the more likely suitors for Lowe. 

Understandably, there were some who believed they’d first make an attempt to grab Halladay before exploring this option. 

But now that Doc H. will be pitching across the street from where Dr. J. soared to legendary status, the Angels will have to take a much longer look at the durability and dependability that Lowe could bring their rotation. 

There have already been some Braves fans asking that 31-year-old outfielder Juan Rivera be included in the return package.  While he stands as the affordable right-hander who could provide some pop to the Atlanta lineup, look for the Braves to also dig into the Angels farm system. 

When I ask about the availability of Brandon Wood last week, one Angels source said, “the more teams ask about him, the better I start to think he might be.” 

Over the next couple days we might learn more about a potential return package.  But it’s safe to say that the Angels have the prospects to deal for Lowe and seemingly the sudden need to bring him back to the Los Angeles area.

Just as a reminder, Javier Vazquez’s contract includes a no-trade clause that prohibits him from being dealt to the Angels or any other club that competes in the AL or NL East. 

To answer some of the hot topics on the previous post, I like most of you was shocked when I saw what it might cost to land LaRoche.  But as long as a middle ground is eventually reached before he runs out of options for the multi-year contract he certainly deserves, you can just chalk this figure up as a product of his agent doing his job during the early portion of negotiations. 

Also some of you have been talking about Milton Bradley.  Because I haven’t had the opportunity to be around him on a regular basis, I’m not going to simply assume he’s as bad as his reputation suggests. 

But I think it’s pretty safe to say that he has kept this reputation long enough to prevent the Braves from even taking a chance on the possibility that he would be different in the friendly atmosphere that Gary Sheffield enjoyed in Atlanta. 

If the Cubs are definitely willing to take on a majority of the $21 million Bradley is owed over the next two seasons, maybe you do take a chance on his power potential, which was really only seen during his one year playing the offensively-friendly confines that the Rangers call home.

But would you really throw Bradley on Bobby Cox during his final season?  Or would you take a chance on the kind of negative influence that he might bring while Jason Heyward is introducing himself to the Majors?

Braves not interested in Hart

The Braves see the Brewers as a potential suitor for Derek Lowe.  But contrary to a report on, they have never been interested in trading the veteran sinkerballer in exchange for Brewers outfielder Corey Hart. 

The report indicated that the Brewers seem reluctant to deal for Lowe because he is owed $45 million over the next three years.  While that is certainly understandable, the Braves have also provided indication that they are not interested in Hart. 

In other words, if the Braves end up having to trade Javier Vazquez to the Brewers, there’s little reason to believe that Hart would be part of the return package.

Indications are that the Braves don’t like Hart’s undisciplined offensive approach.  The Brewers outfielder, who could draw a $5 million salary via arbitration this winter, hit .260 with 12 homers and a .753 OPS this past season. 

As the Braves continue to explore their options with Lowe, they still think there’s a chance that the Angels may be willing to add the veteran sinkerballer to their young rotation. 

It appears that instead of getting a Major League-ready outfielder in return, the Braves would be more interested in digging into the Angels farm system. 

Braves not talking to Dodgers about Vazquez

If the Braves determine that they can’t move Derek Lowe, they will have to increase their efforts to move Javier Vazquez.  But contrary to a tweet posted by former Reds and Nationals GM Jim Bowden, they aren’t currently talking to the Dodgers about Vazquez. 

As many of you have already pointed out in this forum, Vazquez’s contract includes a clause that prevents him from being traded to any of the teams from the West divisions of the American and National Leagues. 

In addition, early Friday afternoon a team source said that the Braves and Dodgers aren’t currently in the midst of any trade discussions. 

Before moving Vazquez and the $11.5 million that he is owed next year, the Braves will concentrate their efforts on moving Lowe and the $45 million that he is owed over the course of the next three years.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that the Yankees might have some interest in Lowe. But it now appears that they won’t attempt to land the 36-year-old sinkerballer, who went 15-10 with a 4.67 ERA for the Braves this past season. 

It now appears the more likely suitors for Lowe would be the Brewers or Angels, a pair of teams looking to add a veteran front-line starter.  

But the Angels will first wait to get a better understanding about how much it might take to bring John Lackey back to serve as their ace.   If the highly-sought right-hander signs elsewhere, they could gauge the possibility of trading for Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay before turning their sights toward Lowe.

As for the Brewers, there has been some indication that they would be more interested in acquiring Vazquez. 

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